We may have numerous setbacks in life, but that does not mean that we should sit around and dwell on them. Must continue on with our lives. We must seek out the finest possible future and solutions for our lives. We’ve compiled a list of 51+ quotes for moving on from a relationship.

It must be difficult for you to move on, but it is the best option when moving on from your past. You will begin to notice changes in your life. It is not a good idea to dwell on the past because it will just serve to remind you of your failure. So it’s best to go on and choose another choice that will make your life more attractive. These quotes for moving on after a relationship will make the process of moving on a lot easier.

It’s Time to Move On

We must let go of baggage from the past if we want to reclaim our happiness. Moving on from a loss, on the other hand, does not happen immediately. Here are a few pointers to assist you to break free from traumatic memories and emotions:

  1. Practice mindfulness and be in the moment.
  2. Accept that you may not receive an apology from someone who has injured you.
  3. Spend time with folks who understand and support what you’re going through.
  4. Practice self-care by learning to say no and setting limits.

51+ Quotes for Moving on for Relationship

Quotes for moving on from a relationship are included below.

  1. It is something that everyone goes through as they grow older. You figure out who you are and what you want, only to discover that people you’ve known for a long time don’t share your viewpoint. As a result, you keep the great memories but must go on. Nicholas Sparks

2. You must decide whether or not you will continue. It isn’t going to happen on its own. ‘I don’t care how difficult this is; I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me,’ you’ll have to say. ‘I’m on to the next chapter of my life.’ Joel Osteen 

3. If someone is constantly bringing you down, it may be time to rise and leave. Karen Salmansohn 

4. It’s exhausting to live under a ‘Me’ dictatorship, which is essentially a tyranny of others. Molyneux, Stefan

5. I had a sense of inner calm and gentleness. My Berlin Wall had been shattered, and my unhealthy relationship with that critical voice had ended. Penny De Villiers

6. There are a lot of things that can be changed. Things can be made better. However, many times, interpersonal connections cannot be healed because they should not be fixed. You’re on a ship about to take a sail, and the other person has either joined the inland circus or is boarding a separate ship, and you simply can’t be together any longer. Because you aren’t supposed to be. C. JoyBell C.

7. You have to recognize when it’s time to turn the page, girls. Tori Amos

8. Grudges are reserved for those who believe they have been entitled to anything; forgiveness, on the other hand, is reserved for those who are mature enough to go on. Jami Criss

Motivational and Inspirational 51+ Quotes for Moving On from a Relationship

9. To let go means to let go of the pictures and emotions, the grudges and fears, the past clingings and disappointments that bind our spirit. Jack Kornfield

10. In order to have the life that is waiting for us, we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned. Campbell, Joseph

11. Every day, you must make a conscious decision to let go of the past – whatever “the old” means to you.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

12. There is a significant distinction to be made between giving up and letting go. Jessica Hatchigan

13. Some people believe that clinging to life and persevering are marks of tremendous strength. However, there are instances when knowing when to let go and then doing it takes a lot more strength. Ann Lander

14. Forgiveness entails putting the past behind you. Gerald Jampolsky

15. The ability to let go of the familiar is courage. Raymond Lindquist

16. You must let go of something you adore. It’s critical that we forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. We must learn from our mistakes and move forward. Maraboli Steve

17. All of life’s art is a delicate balance of letting go and holding on. Havelock Ellis

18. I become what I might be when I let go of who I am. I obtain what I need when I let go of what I have. Tao Te Ching

19. To achieve Nirvana, one must put out the fires of the Three Poisons: greed, anger, and ignorance. It is possible to do this by letting go of unhappiness. Shinjo Ito

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20. You are genuinely free when you let go. To let go of something, you don’t need to be strong. What you really require is comprehension. Guy Finley

51+ Quotes for Moving on in Life after the Relationship Ends

21.” In order for life to progress, change must occur.” Helen Hollick

22.”We all have to let go of our history sooner or later.” Dan Brown

23.”You can over-analyze a scenario for minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months, trying to fit the puzzle together and rationalize what could’ve, would’ve happened. Alternatively, you can simply leave the pieces on the floor and continue.” Tupac Shakur

24.”It’s critical that we forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. We must learn from our mistakes and move forward.” Maraboli Steve

25.” Some people believe that hanging in there and holding on are indicators of tremendous strength. However, there are instances when knowing when to let go and then doing it takes a lot more strength.” Ann Landers

26.”The only thing a person can do is keep moving forward.” Take that giant step forward without a second’s hesitation and without looking back. “Forget about the past and focus on the future.” Alyson Noel

27.”You will discover that letting go of things is required merely because they are heavy. So, let them go, let them go. I don’t wear ankle weights.” C. JoyBell C.

28.” At some point in your life, you must decide whether to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it.”Shannon L. Alder, Ph.D.

29. “Because you can’t keep drawing these things out indefinitely.” You just tear off the Band-Aid at some time, and it hurts, but then it’s over, and you’re relieved.” John Green

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30. “Knowing when something has come to an end is always vital. It doesn’t matter what we call it: closing circles, shutting doors, or ending chapters; what matters is that those times in life that are over be left in the past.” Coelho Paulo

31. “Everyone goes through it as they grow up.” You discover who you are and what you want, only to discover that the individuals you’ve known for a long time do not share your viewpoint. As a result, you keep the great memories but must go on.” Nicholas Sparks

32.”I’ve got to get my life in order. The cure to chaos is order. “After the storm, there is peace.” Susane Colasanti

33. “Even a rock moves on.” Anthony Liccione

34. “Every day, you have to make a conscious decision to let go of the old – whatever that means to you.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

35. “However, being able to move on is an important element of surviving.” Alexandra Bracken

36. “Some of us believe that holding on makes us strong, yet letting go can be just as powerful.” Hermann Hesse

37.”The Graceful Exit has a trick to it. It all starts with the ability to see when a job, a stage in life, or a relationship is over – and to let go. It entails letting go of what has passed without diminishing its significance.” Ellen Goodman

38.” To let go, you don’t have to burn any bridges… There’s no need to ruin anything. You can simply cross over and continue.” Mrotek Marta

39.”I can sum up what I’ve learned about life in three words: it goes on.” Frost Robert

51+ Quotes About Moving Forward After Being Hurt from a Relationship

40.”Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to wake us up and show us that we are worth so much more than we are settling for.” Mandy Hale

41.” Though my heart has been injured, it will heal and be able to perceive the beauty of life once more. It’s happened before, and I’m sure it will again. Someone is about to leave because someone else is about to arrive. “I’m going to find love again.” Coelho Paulo

42. “Cry. Forgive.”  Learn. Now is the time to move on. Allow your tears to water the seeds of your pleasure in the future.” Maraboli Steve

43.”I had to stop lamenting what couldn’t be and start appreciating what was. And I’d start by attempting to heal the wounds of the past.” Cameron Dokey

44.” Emotional sorrow does not heal with time; you must learn to let go.” Bennett, Roy T

45.”Perhaps the human heart has a limit to how much grief it can bear. When you add salt to a tumbler of water, there comes a point where you can’t absorb any more.” Sarah Waters

46.”The strength of your heart is determined by how tenaciously it hangs on. Finally letting go is a test of your self-worth and faith. Your peace, on the other hand, is determined by how long you don’t look back.” Shannon L. Alder, Ph.D.

47. “Sometimes it’s impossible to let go of the past without reliving it.” Gail Tsukiyama

48. “Let go.” Why do you cling to your suffering? There’s nothing you can do about yesterday’s mistakes. It is not your place to pass judgment. Why cling to the one thing that hinders you from experiencing hope and love?” Buscaglia Leo

49.”It’s similar to crossing monkey bars to get over a terrible event. In order to move on, you must let go at some point.” Unknown Author

50. “I’m guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve, but I’m done when I’m done.” Turcois Ominek

51.”Take as much time as you need to emotionally recuperate. Moving on does not happen overnight; it requires a series of small efforts to be able to free yourself from your broken self.” Tere Arigo

52. “Forgiveness does not erase the bitterness of the past.” A memory that has been healed is not the same as one that has been erased. Instead, forgiving what we can’t forget allows us to recall in new ways. We transform our precious memories into optimism for the future.” Smedes, Lewis B.

53.”Don’t be too concerned about what went wrong. Instead, concentrate on the next step. Spend your time and energy on moving closer to the answer.” Denis Waitley

54. ” I have the option of allowing it to define, constrain, refine, and outshine me, or I can choose to move on and leave them behind.” Unknown Author

55. “Walking away and choosing not to engage in drama and poisonous energy at all is the greatest victory.” Delia Lalah

56. “Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting what happened; it simply means accepting what happened and continuing to live.” Erza Scarlet

57. “One of the most painful forms of pain is rejection. The worst thing that can happen is that you lose. “Until you allow yourself to go on, grief will plague you.” Angelica Hopes

58. “Sometimes the only way to uncover our real path is to let the wind of change carry us.” Mimi Novic

51+ Quotes About Moving On After A Breakup in a Relationship

59. “You have to recognize when it’s time to flip the page, girls.” Tori Amos

60. “She took a step and didn’t want to take another, but she did.” Markus Zusak

61. “You’ll evolve past certain folks,” says 61. Allow yourself to be free.” Mandy Hale

62. “To let go means to accept that certain people are a part of your past but not your future.” Maraboli Steve

63. “You understand, there’s no way you can hang on to something that wants to go?” You can only adore what you have while it is still yours.” Kate DiCamillo

64. “Isn’t now one of the ideal moments to figure out who you are and what you truly want from life? “Immediately following a breakup.” Mandy Hale

65. “He nods as if admitting that ends are almost always a little melancholy, even if there is something to look forward to on the other side.” Emily Griffin

66. “It was bizarre, to be honest. I felt I couldn’t live without him until a few months ago. “It appears that I could.” Gabrielle Zevin

67. “It’s just that certain birds aren’t designed to be confined. Their plumage is too dazzling, and their songs are both charming and wild. So you either let them free or they fly by you when you open the cage to feed them. And while the part of you that knows it was wrong to cage them in the first place rejoices, your home feels that more drabber and empty in anticipation of their departure.” Stephen King

68. “I lost the Earth and got the universe last night.” C. JoyBell C.

69. “Perhaps we attempted to leave as many memories of ourselves with each other as possible because we knew we wouldn’t be with each other forever.” Makoto Shinkai

70. “Don’t tie your heart to someone who doesn’t have anything to offer you. Allow it to go. It may hurt for a while, but after you get over it, you’ll notice that things are much better.” Orebela Gbenga

71. “Acceptance is never easy when it comes to love and loss. We can’t make someone realize everything we have to offer, love us, or change. All we can do now is get on with our lives and stop wasting time.” April Mae Monterrosa

72. “It’s difficult to be clear about who you are when you have a lot of baggage from your history. I’ve learned to let go and move on to the next location more swiftly.” Angelina Jolie

73. “You may meet someone who is exactly right for you, but he may not be the right person for you. You break up with someone, lose possessions, and never feel the same way again. But perhaps you should stop asking why. “Perhaps you should just accept it and get on with your life.” Winna Efendi

74. “Sometimes a relationship ends not because we failed, but because something bigger than ourselves says it no longer fits in our lives. So shut the door, cry a tear, turn around, and search for the newly opened door. It’s a sign that you’re no longer the person you used to be, and it’s time to transform into the person you want to be. It’ll all work out.” Goff, Lee

75. “Don’t be afraid to go on and let someone go if they don’t want to accept, respect, or believe in you. Many people adore and respect you just the way you are.” Amaka Imani Nkozasana

76. “The main truth is that when one person leaves your life, another will step in to fill the void. Never look back and let the ones who left in the past where they belong.” Snow Ena

77. “Just because you miss someone doesn’t imply you require their return. “Missing is a natural part of the process of moving on.” Mackelmore

51 + Quotes About Moving On in a relationship And Being Happy

78. “The mastery of pain is the secret of joy.” Anastasios Nin

79. “Holding on to the baggage of the past will make it impossible to be happy in the future.” Misner, Wayne L.

80. “Letting go of your dark past is the best decision you can ever make once you understand you deserve a bright future.” Bennett, Roy T

81. “I’ve been saddled with responsibility for far too long, and I’m ready to go on.” Rascal Flatts

82. “The big daring act that we must all undertake is to have the fortitude to walk out of our history and past in order to pursue our goals.” Oprah Winfrey

83. “We must learn to let go as effortlessly as we grasp, otherwise our hands will be full and our thoughts will be empty.” Buscaglia, Leo F

84. “In order to enjoy the life that is waiting for us, we must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned.” Campbell, Joseph

85. “Laughter provides us a sense of separation. It enables us to take a step back from a situation, deal with it, and go on.” Newhart Bob

86″Your arms are too full to embrace the present because you grasp the past too tightly to your chest.” Jan Glidewell

87.”It’s difficult for people to let go of their pain. They prefer familiar misery because they are afraid of the unfamiliar.” Thich Nhat Hanh

88. “Every day is a new day, and if you don’t move on, you’ll never find happiness.” Carrie Underwood

89. “In order to move forward, you must understand why you felt the way you did and why you don’t need to feel that way anymore.” Mitch Albom

“Don’t be sad about the past; it’s over.” Don’t be concerned about the future; it has yet to arrive. “Be present at the moment and make it lovely.” Unknown Author

91.”You should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve done something, but you didn’t. As a result, you proceed.”

92. It’s not supposed to be fair in life. Get out of your own way and help others.” Lockwood, Jonathan Huie

93.”Look again in your own heart when you are sad, and you will discover that you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” Kahlil Gibran


That is all there is to it. 51+ quotes to help you let go of the past while you’re moving on from a relationship. We hope that after reading these wise words, your personal baggage has lightened, and you are more prepared to welcome happiness into your life. Finally, if you want to better your life in a positive way, read and learn something new every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get over my relationship quotes?

“It’s sometimes necessary for excellent things to fall apart in order for better things to come together.” “Without a boyfriend, there are no issues.” “Live today for what it has to offer, not for what it has taken away from you yesterday.” “Accept what is, let go of what was, and trust in what is still to come.”

What to say about moving on?

“Life moves on, and we should move on with it”…

“The truth is, you can’t move forward unless you let go unless you forgive yourself unless you forgive the situation unless you accept the scenario is over.”

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