What Love Means: Best Definitions By Experts

What Love Means

Love is said to be pure, sad, sweet, and dreadful all at the same time. Love is, in fact, a basic requirement in everyone’s existence. To live a decent and healthy life, everyone requires love. It can be defined in a variety of ways. If you ask someone what love means to them, they will offer you their own definition. Love encompasses a wide range of emotions, feelings, and attitudes. For some people, it means more than just a physical attraction; it also involves an emotional attachment. In this article, we will learn what love means for those who are not in a relationship and those who are in a relationship at the table of a few relationship experts plus additional facts you should know.


Love is more of a sensation a person has for someone else. But then most folks often mix up love with lust. Being sincerely engaged and linked to someone or something is what love entails. The basic definition of love is to feel more than a passing admiration for someone. It is a relationship between two persons.

When starting a new relationship, there are a few things you should avoid, such as being overly demanding. You must realize that your partner had a life before you came along. You can’t ask them to give it up just because you walked in. They’ve established their priorities. Your partner cannot be available to you 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Recognize it and treat it with respect. Expect them to make some adjustments to their schedule to accommodate you.

Like we said earlier at the end of this post, you would reach a more communal understanding of love based on ideas from some experts across the globe for different scenarios. What they had to say about it is as follows: (their answers may surprise you).

Let’s dive in…

For People That Are Not in a Relationship, Love is:

The following are based descriptions from experts according to JoinOneLove.

#1. Love is Security

“Love is the most secure sensation for me.” Through every avenue in life’s path, love means having a companion, best friend, lover, partner, sounding board, cheerleader, advisor, and snuggle buddy.”

— From Ash D.

#2. Love is Indescribable

“Love is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.”

—Kurt S.

#3. Love is About Give-and-Take

“A healthy relationship is defined by completely opening up and sharing your feelings and experiences with them on a daily basis. However, it must be reciprocal. If one or more aspects of a relationship are absent on either side, the relationship will be unsatisfactory and unhealthy.”

—Dylan P.

#4. Love is Respect

“A healthy relationship, in my opinion, is built on mutual respect. Each one is aware of the commitment they are making to the other.”

—Skylar M.

#5. Love is Being In-Sync

“A healthy relationship can refer to a variety of different types of relationships, but being in sync is the most crucial aspect of being in a relationship.” It doesn’t matter if you talk every hour of your day or if you agree that you’re both busy and will just talk on the phone at the end of each day; what matters is that you’re both in agreement.”

—Zane P.

#6. Love is Commitment

“The daunting but essential effort of commitment is the key to success in a healthy relationship with someone.” A true connection necessitates being present for one another. When we fail to put up the effort, things with someone who could have been wonderful for us do not work out. Love can be the finest emotion one can ever have if you put in that additional effort for someone who can reciprocate it.”

Adam B. –

For Couples That Have Been Together For One Year or More, Love is:

#7. Love is Vulnerability

“Because love is dangerous, it’s effectively handing over a map of all your flaws and shortcomings to someone else and trusting them not to abuse that privilege.” And that can be so wonderful because it forces you to do the most difficult thing a human can do: be vulnerable.”

—Alex G.

#8. Love is “Growing Together”

“Things aren’t always going to be perfect. Your partner may do things that irritate you, but if you are prepared to see them as possibilities for growth rather than obstacles, you are truly in love.”

– Jared B.

#9. Love is Knowing Your Partner’s Love Language

“Knowing what makes the other person happy allows you to love them better. Back scratches and hugs are his favorite pastimes. It’s a verbal “I appreciate you” or “You look lovely” for me. Whatever it is, we’ve grown to love each other better because we understand what makes one other happy and strive to find new methods to make each other happy.”

—Vanessa S.

#10. Love is Healthy Communication

“I don’t mean text when I say communicate. I’m referring to phone calls and Facetime. Text, in my experience, presents a lot of potential for miscommunication, which leads to unneeded confrontations and trust concerns. So, if there’s one thing I can say about maintaining healthy relationships, it’s to trust and communicate.”

—Vanessa S.

#11. Love is Equality

“In my opinion, a healthy relationship is one in which two people are on an equal footing. We love, respect, and care for each other equally.”

—Amber H.

For Couples in Long-Term Relationships, Love is:

#12. Love is About Accepting Flaws

We’re all human, so we’ll never be the same, but being patient and accepting each other’s shortcomings is something that never stops us from progressing together.”

—Sasha M.

#13. Love is Patience

We’re not always going to get along. I never want to lose the sensation of testing each other’s patience and still coming home to love, kindness, and respect.”

—Preston N.

Other Facts You Should Know

The following are additional pieces of information you should be aware of when it comes to finding out what exactly love means.

#1. It Is Never Rushing Into Relationships

Give yourself and your partner some alone time. Take it easy on yourself. Know what they like and don’t like. Consider whether you would be willing to have a common bond in the future. Every individual has some habits that irritate them. Consider this: if you saw a person’s evil side, would you still feel the same way?

#2. It Is Not Being Jealous

In circumstances when true love is present, jealously and possessiveness have no place. Although it is natural to be protective in a relationship, there should be a healthy understanding. Being overly invested in a relationship might cause the other person to feel suffocated. They may have an ex-boyfriend with whom they have a friendship agreement, but it didn’t work out when they were dating. That is why they have moved on and are now with you.

#3. It Is Giving Yourself a Chance

It doesn’t mean things won’t work out just because you had a disagreement about anything. Give yourself a chance to succeed. It’s possible that your perception and your partner’s perception aren’t the same. That is, in some ways, what makes life thrilling!

#4. It Is to Stop Expecting

To stop expecting doesn’t imply that you’ve given up on yourself. However, don’t expect your partner to do exactly what you expect them to do. It’s not acceptable. Your relationship’s expectations may differ from what your partner expects of you. Respect the reality that they aren’t exactly like you. The more you try to modify someone and make them do what you want, the less attached they will get to you.

#5. It Is Maintaining Privacy

We prefer to discuss concerns over the internet more than we do in person, with social media readily available to share all your troubles and people eager to leap to your rescue. That is something you should never do. Maintain your relationship’s privacy. Discuss your concerns with your partner. Don’t utilize social media to air your grievances about something that isn’t right between you two. It’s necessary to give your relationship some privacy.

#6. It is Avoiding Misunderstandings

When there is a difference of opinion, it is easy to misunderstand. Try to stay away from it. Allow your partner the opportunity to express their point of view. If they’re incorrect, talk to them about why you believe they’re incorrect. Don’t make hasty judgments and add to the drama. This is quite harmful to your relationship.

Conclusively, accepting the other person for who they are is the essence of love. True love is encouraging your spouse to reach their goals while still appreciating each other. True love is a heavenly sensation that leaves you feeling whole. It is worthwhile to fight and put out effort for one another. Being there for one other through thick and thin is what love is all about. Love is difficult to define in words, but it may be demonstrated through acts. Love is being someone’s pillar of support, and it can be found in simple acts of kindness.

What Love means FAQs

What love really means?

Love involves loving someone without preconceived notions or beliefs that limit one’s ability to love. It entails genuinely caring for someone, putting their needs ahead of your own, and genuinely wanting them to be happy. Unfortunately, pop culture’s idea of “real love” has saddened and fooled the majority of people.

How do you explain love?

Being in love entails wishing for your partner’s happiness, admiring them for who they are, and feeling inspired to improve yourself. When you’re in love, it’s more than just a physical attraction between you.

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