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The Soul Mate Conditions & Conditions

Users of the website The-soulmate.com are subject to the following terms and conditions.
The terms and conditions for users of the site The-soulmate.com, hereby referred to as the Site policy, are set forth in this Users policy Contract, which includes:

Terms and conditions for using materials on The-soulmate.com

The requirements for the materials of the articles on the website (including but not limited to text article materials, photos, videos, and blog comments) by users of the global network.


The-Internet soulmate.com’s representative office (hereafter referred to as the “website”) is a real-time interactive service system on the World Wide Web run by The-soulmate.com that contains information services and data given by The-soulmate.com and third parties.

The use of the Site by a Network user implies that the user of the website acknowledges and swears to follow all of the terms of this policy agreement.

The-soulmate.com has the right to make changes to this Policy Agreement at any time without prior notice.

Terms and conditions for using materials on the website The-soulmate.com

1. The website contains no copyrighted materials, no trademarks, and other legally protected materials, such as, but not limited to, texts, informative articles, entirely free graphic images, and image images.

2. Except as otherwise noted in the content published on the site materials, users of the-soulmate.com have no copyright to use the website’s text content (including the right to drag and select, rearrange, organize properly, and convert the data contained on the site, as well as to know of any of the data sources themselves).

3. The content shown on the site about The-activities, soulmate.com’s such as plans, messages, and so on, is property of “The-soulmate.com” and other third parties. It is not permitted to utilize such information for any purpose other than personal learning without The-permission. soulmate.com’s

4. The requirements stated in this section of the policy protect The-own soulmate.com’s benefits as well as the rights of third parties who own rights in healthy relation to the website’s (“content”). Furthermore, each of these rights holders is free to exercise the rights set forth in this Agreement.

5. Except in the case of using the posted text article in the amount of text not exceeding 200 (two hundred) characters without any punctuation marks, the Network User has no right to make any changes, publish recipes content, transfer to any third party site, participate in a sale and purchase, create derivative products, or otherwise use, partially or completely, the recipe content of the Site (the use of any photographic materials and images is not allowed without the ask of The-soulmate.com).

6. A Web user may only download (“Read”) materials from the Site that are copyright protected for personal use.

7. Unless otherwise provided by copyright and related rights legislation, copying, distribution, and transfer to third parties, as well as other commercial uses of text materials downloaded from the website, are not permitted without written permission from The-soulmate.com or another copyright holder.

In the event that permission is granted to reproduce, distribute, print, or otherwise use the copyright-protected materials on this site, such as copying, distribution, publication, or alternative application, it is not permitted without copyright notice or with a significant change or exclusion of the author’s name and trademark.

 Terms and conditions for online users contributing materials on the website The-soulmate.com

The Network User policy states that The-soulmate.com will only be used for legitimate educational objectives.

The site user must agree not to publish any text materials of the following sort on the website or send content anywhere via / complete the Site:

Violations of the law that contain hazards and insults, denigrate others, infringe on citizens’ privacy rights, and are obscene.

Violating the integrity and dignity, as well as the rights and beneficial benefits of others who are protected by law.

1. Any activities by a Network user that, in The-opinion, soulmate.com’s hinder or obstruct the exercise of rights by another Network user utilizing the website are prohibited.

2. Clients agree not to post any content on the Site or communicate through the site text materials that are based on advertising of any goods or services without first receiving The-authorized soulmate.com’s permission.

3. At the same time, the Web user bears the burden of proving that the Website customer’s placement of text content on the Site does not violate any of the charter, related, or other rights of third parties to the posted text article.

4. By adding materials to the Site, the Network user automatically grants The-soulmate.com (or assures and warrants that the copyright holder of such materials granted The-soulmate.com) the right to use the materials in the following ways without paying a fee: reproduction, distribution, bringing to the public, modification, editing, publication, translation, and/or inclusion of such materials in other works, on the territory of all countries of the world for no fee.