HOW TO MAKE A RELATIONSHIP LAST a Lifetime: Top 15 Secrets


It’s easy to be in a relationship, but it’s difficult to keep a relationship going. Sometimes love isn’t enough to keep a couple together. I’ve heard many people tell me about their unhealthy relationships, despite the fact that they still love their partners and chose to stay in that situation. I know it’s very possible to have feelings of love for someone even if you feel imprisoned. According to Reader’s Digest, 57% of people in unhappy relationships find their partner extremely attractive.

But you can’t just have a successful relationship with your partner based on three words and eight letters (I LOVE YOU). It is also important to recognize that “Love” is only one component of a larger whole because it requires other ingredients to be solid and healthy.

How to Make a Relationship Last

The most common relationship issues that couples face are somewhat universal. Knowing those will assist you in resolving conflicts when you are fighting or arguing in the early stages of a relationship. Let’s look at how to make a relationship last that most people will come across.

1. Set aside time for romance.

Though the phrase “date night” may sound forced, you and your special someone should try to have one at least once a week, if not more frequently. You don’t have to call it “date night” if that sounds too cheesy, but you should make it a point to spend quality time together without anyone else present at least once a week. This also contributes to the longevity of a relationship.

2. At least once a week, make love.

You don’t have to schedule it, and hopefully, you won’t have to, but you should make an effort to make love at least once a week, no matter how tired you are after work or how much you have going on that week.

3. Make time to converse.

Even if your schedules are hectic, you must make a concerted effort to communicate with each other every day, no matter how much work you have to do. You can schedule a time to talk during dinner or call your loved one if they are away. This is also a good way to make a relationship last.

4. Be truthful to one another.

To make any relationship last, honesty is essential. You should be able to be open and honest with your special someone in order to keep your relationship strong. You should be able to share your most private thoughts and feelings with your loved one; otherwise, you’re not communicating.

5. Learn to accept compromise.

In any strong relationship, being happy should take precedence over being right. If you want your relationship to last, you should learn how to make decisions with your partner; how to find a way for both of you to be happy with the decisions; or how to take turns giving in to each other.

6. Learn to say “I’m sorry.”

This is a critical point. If you want your relationship to last, you must learn to say “I’m sorry” on occasion. When it comes to a relationship, admitting you’re sorry is far more important than being stubborn.

7. Tell your loved one how much you appreciate him.

Never forget to say “I love you,” and never take your emotions for granted. You should tell your loved one that you love him every day—if possible, multiple times a day. Keep in mind that there is a distinction between “love you” and “I love you”—you should truly mean it when you say it.

8. Discover new interests to pursue as a family.

A relationship, like a shark, dies if it does not move forward. You should find ways to keep your relationship interesting so that your love does not become a part of your routine. Finding new interests to pursue together is one way to do this, so you have something to be excited about as well as a shared passion.

9. Keep it smelling good in the bedroom.

If you want to keep a healthy relationship, you must also keep a healthy sex life. Even if your lovemaking isn’t what it was in the beginning after five years together, you should still try new things in the bedroom so you’re still excited about making love with your partner and everything you do feels like an adventure.

10. Take a trip to a new location together.

Though a vacation is not a long-term solution to any relationship problems, going on a trip together can help you get out of your old routine and appreciate your love in a new way. Furthermore, planning a trip together will provide you with something new to look forward to.

11. Recognize contextual behavior.

You most likely met your partner at a time that was favorable to your union, in addition to chemistry. You could have been young and had a strong sex drive, you could have been on vacation, or you could have shared a powerful emotional experience together. This is an example of a positive contextual influence that can help your relationship last.

12. Acknowledge contextual behavior.

Accept that negative contextual influences cannot be avoided. When a person experiences a stressful period, such as illness, professional failure, or other sources of anxiety, he or she may act in ways that are inconsistent with the behavior of the person you know and love.

13. Recognize contextual behavior.

If your partner is unsupportive to you during a difficult time, such as after giving birth, being fired at work, or losing a family member, consider that it may not be him or her, but the situation that is causing those words. Consider contextual influences such as the weather. Other than tolerating them, there is nothing you can do about them.

14. Begin by forgiving contextual behavior.

In difficult times, forget and forgive a person’s behavior. Negative experiences are naturally preferred over positive ones by the human mind. Grudges for things your partner said carelessly accumulate over time and are a sure way to ruin a relationship. Differentiating between contextual and personal behavior is an art that can help a relationship last and thrive.

How to Make a Relationship Last a Lifetime

Nowadays, the number of sweet posts a couple has on social media is used to determine how happy they are. However, the happiest couples are often those who keep their relationship private. And it should be that way; relationships should be about the two of them, regardless of how society perceives or judges them because it is still their own lives at the end of the day. Couples should not do things simply because they are the norm.

We’ve always been fascinated by how long-lasting relationships can be, and we’ve always wondered how they do it. Whether you are currently in a relationship or are a single soul looking for the right partner. Here are some strategies for making your current or future relationship last a lifetime.

1. Never lose sight of each other’s worth.

Respect goes a long way, and not enough people understand what it entails; how to show, give, or earn it. However, it is most likely one of the most important aspects of a relationship. You are still two distinct individuals who may hold opposing viewpoints while respecting each other’s; perspective is a means of understanding each other’s differences.

2. Support one another.

You two have different goals and dreams in life that you want to achieve, and seeing your other half support you in your endeavors motivates you more. Always be there for and encourage your partner, no matter how big or small the task.

3. Be tolerant of each other’s flaws.

No one is perfect; we all make mistakes, and your partner is no different. Being flawed is what makes us human. You also want to spend the rest of your life with someone who accepts you exactly as you are.

4. Express gratitude and appreciation for the little things every day.

Always express gratitude for the delicious meal your partner prepared for you. Let your other half know how much you appreciate everything he/she does. You can demonstrate it through your words or actions.

5. Refrain from attempting to change one another.

You are currently with your partner because of who you are. You should not try to change your partner because changing him or her is not your decision. Why do you feel the need to change your partner if he or she accepts you for who you are, flaws and all? People will change when they want to, not when they are forced to.

6. Invest more time in your relationship.

Allow each other as much time as you possibly can. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give to someone, and your partner requires nothing more than your time. Spend as much time as possible with your partner; it is the only way for the two of you to grow as a strong team with a bright future. If you have a busy schedule, time management is essential; however, do not make excuses when it comes to love. You must always be “there” for your partner, no matter how busy your life is.

7. Leave bygones.

An argument with your partner is unavoidable when either of you has done something wrong. It’s normal in relationships; what matters is what you do afterward, which is to forgive. Forgiveness can be difficult to give, especially when you believe your partner is not doing enough to apologize. You should avoid being too harsh on your partner. Because neither of you is perfect, you must learn to forgive.

8. Avoid bringing up previous blunders.

Avoid bringing up your partner’s past mistakes because it is simply wrong to do so. You have already resolved that issue, so it is unnecessary for you to do so again.

9. Believe in your partner.

What’s the point of being in a relationship if you don’t trust your partner? When you love someone, you have to trust them. If you trust him/her, you won’t have to worry or overthink everything when he/she isn’t with you. Trust must be earned and then shared. And if your partner truly loves you, he or she will never do anything that will cause you to lose faith in him or her.

10. Be approachable to your partner.

People do not mind readers, so keep that in mind at all times. If something is wrong and bothering you, you simply cannot say “I’m fine” or “I’m okay” when you are not. Learn to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. They’re curious, and it’s a good way to build a relationship.

11. Acquire the ability to compromise.

Always. You should remember that you don’t always have to get your way. When you reach an agreement, it demonstrates how much you respect each other; enough to want happiness in the long run for the situation at hand.

12. Be there for one another, even when times are tough.

Your partner requires your presence just as much as you desire for him/her to be with you. You must be the primary support system for your partner. In difficult times, they require a strong person to listen to them, hold them, hug them, or simply be there for them. Be that person all the time. It will help a relationship last a lifetime.

13. Keep all important dates in mind at all times.

Do I really need to elaborate on this one? Remembering all of the important dates in your partner’s life, such as birthdays, date nights, and anniversaries demonstrates how much you care about them. This will, of course, prevent unnecessary squabbles with your partner. To avoid forgetting all of these important dates, write them in your planner, mark your calendars, or set a reminder on your phone!

14. Do not limit the number of opportunities you give each other.

People make mistakes; it is human nature to make mistakes, and it is also human nature to forgive those mistakes. Never be the person who takes away your significant other’s chances. They will make mistakes, just like you, and they, too, deserve opportunities to make things right and work harder for the sake of the relationship and your shared future.

15. Make good on your promises.

Promises are not meant to be broken; rather, they are meant to be kept. When a promise is broken, no matter how big or small, it begins to erode the couple’s trust, and it takes a long time to rebuild that trust. Be very careful and realistic with your promises; don’t just make promises for the sake of making promises. Make sure you only make promises you can keep.

How to Make a Relationship Last Long

So, if you believe that your current relationship is the one for you, you must understand how to make it last. The following are some suggestions for making a relationship last a long time:

1. Communication is essential.

Communication is essential in any long-term relationship. As a couple, you and your partner must discuss everything, from your joys to your concerns, your issues to your disagreements. You must also discuss your own personal goals so that you can understand each other in different ways.

Discussing issues that affect both of you and your relationship as a whole is critical to maintaining your bond. You may not always agree on everything, but communication allows you to channel your opinions in such a way that you come up with a compromise that allows you two to continue living together.

2. Recognize one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

Many couples end up divorcing because they fail to recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They either feel like they are competing against each other, or that one of them is weaker; they could become a burden at any time. Relationships do not work like that. They are formed out of love, trust, friendship, and respect, not out of convenience.

When you’re in a relationship, you should be brave enough to accept your partner’s flaws and work your way around them (and vice versa). This allows you to inspire each other to become better partners and individuals, allowing your relationship to grow and last.

3. Think outside the box.

People frequently believe that affairs are the root cause of a couple’s divorce. Yes, in some cases, but having an affair is often the result of something much darker. Or, to put it bluntly, something uninteresting: boredom. It’s human nature to become bored. We become bored with our daily routine, with the same activities; with the time to go to bed and the time to wake up. When boredom finally strikes, it causes us to think and does crazy things that surprise our partners, sometimes to the point where they believe they no longer know us. As a result, they depart.

So, yes, breaking away from your usual couple’s routine can do wonders for your relationship. Each other is taken aback. Travel to places you’ve never considered, learn a new skill together, and try new things to spice up your relationship. Your relationship will almost certainly end up in limbo if there is no spontaneity and occasional shock value.

4. Retain the sweetness.

Every couple benefits from a breath of fresh air when they exchange sweet nothings. It’s because they liven up even the drabbest days as a couple. And the majority of the time, they are free. You might want to write a letter to your partner expressing your love and appreciation for their efforts, and give it to them when they least expect it. If you want to be more romantic, you can surprise your significant other with flowers or small gifts even if there isn’t a reason to celebrate. But, in all seriousness, the simplest actions would suffice.

5. Be considerate of each other’s “me” time.

Couples these days make it a point to cling together like there’s no tomorrow; being apart creates the opportunity for unnecessary suspicion. If this describes how you feel in your relationship, it’s time to make some significant changes.

It is critical to learn to respect each other’s “me” time because, even if you are in a relationship, you are still separate, distinct individuals. Your partner has their own friends, and you have your own, and each of you has your own dreams to pursue; however, at the end of the day, you choose to hold each other’s hands and face the future together. That being said, don’t wallow in your separation. Consider it your time to grow as individuals while remaining connected in heart and soul.

6. Make contact with one another.

Did you know that touching conveys far more information than simply speaking up? It’s because holding hands, hugging, or kissing allows you to express your emotions to each other. When something is wrong or off, you immediately notice it, and this serves as your queue to communicate. Touching is also a form of comfort because it releases feel-good endorphins every time you give your partner a shoulder pat, a squeeze in the hand, or a kiss on the forehead. The sense of assurance provided by touching is strong enough to heal wounds caused by harsh words and arguments with your significant other earlier in the day.

7. Avoid playing the blame game.

Blaming each other for what has gone wrong is a recipe for a breakup. This is due to the fact that there is no need to find flaws in each other for the sole reason that you two are in this together. As a result, whatever happens in your relationship, good or bad, is a result of both of your actions.

Instead, you might want to talk things over with your partner and look on the bright side of things. Discuss your takeaways and lessons learned from what you perceive to be mistakes and mishaps, and look for ways to compromise. This makes problem-solving easier, not only because you agreed on roles and responsibilities, but also because you are resolving them on the basis of trust.

8. Listen.

Finally, if you want to make a relationship last, you should always be willing to listen. Not only do you hear your partner’s voice, but you also pay close attention to every detail. It is because when you listen, you not only consider your partner’s point of view, but you also take the time, patience, and heart to understand where they are coming from.

You learn what’s in your partner’s heart by listening, and they learn what’s in yours. You two then figure out how to improve your relationship and make it last for a long time; slowly but steadily, over the years.

How to Make a Relationship Strong with a Boyfriend

If you’re in a relationship and want to know what it takes to have a strong relationship with your boyfriend, this is the place to be. Use these essential ingredients to make your relationship last longer, stronger, and happier.

1. Exhibit daily affection.

It is not always enough to simply be loved; you must also demonstrate it. Holding hands, hugging, or kissing relieves stress, improves mood, and is associated with higher relationship satisfaction. Every day, feelings like love must be rekindled. It will be lost forever if you take it for granted and do not take the time to express it every day. So, to make your relationship last longer and stronger, be a better girlfriend and begin showing affection to your boyfriend as frequently as possible.

2. Be grateful.

“Appreciation” is one of the keys to a healthy relationship. Remember how you used to impress him when you first started dating? To maintain a fulfilling relationship, continue to actively appreciate your partner. If you’re at a loss for words, try complimenting your boyfriend by saying something like, “you look great today,” or “thank you for being there for me.”

3. Have a good time together.

Relationships continue to grow, especially when there is constant fun and excitement. One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is having fun together. It is a way to strengthen your bond and communication. Engaging in lighthearted activities that you both enjoy can bring you closer together.

4. Be selfless and willing to make sacrifices.

When you enter the kingdom of love, you must also understand its consequences, including the sacrifices you must make in order to keep the relationship alive. Some people avoid making sacrifices in order to play it safe. But keep in mind that there is no gain without pain. As a result, you must make sacrifices and endure pain in order to improve your relationship. Some of your alone time, privacy, the need to be right, and independent goals are just a few of the sacrifices you’ll make for love.

5. Fight for the sake of your relationship.

How you handle disagreements has the potential to ruin your relationship. Rather than battling your boyfriend, fight for your relationship. Remember that he is not your adversary. The true adversaries are the negative attitudes, habits, or characteristics that both of you must overcome. So, to solve any problem, always remain calm, listen to the other side, be willing to compromise, and reach an agreement.

6. Establish goals as a couple.

You are partners who should work together to achieve your relationship goals. Plan together, set goals together, and aim for those targets together to have a happy and healthy relationship. And when you succeed, make a big party out of it.

7. Recognize and accept each other’s flaws.

The sooner you accept your partner’s flaws, the sooner you’ll feel a stronger bond with him. Acceptance will also assist your relationship is moving forward and enjoying more things along the way.

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8. Be respectful.

Respect means that, even if you don’t always agree with your partner’s decision, you choose to trust them and put your trust in their judgment. Respect also entails the freedom to be yourself and be accepted for who you are. Listening, valuing, and speaking kindly are just a few of the respectful acts you should perform in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

9. Make room.

You want closeness in a relationship, but you also want space. The key is to find that sweet spot where you can feel the warmth that comes from being committed while also allowing each other space so that no one feels caged.

10. Use actions to express your feelings for someone.

It’s a wonderful feeling to say “I love you” to your special someone. However, doing acts of kindness while saying it is far superior. Bringing home takeout from his favorite restaurant, giving him a small gift, or preparing breakfast for him are just a few ideas for making him feel extra special.

11. Make use of the word “we.”

Couples who use the word “I” emphasize their separation and are more unhappy and unhealthy. To maintain a healthy relationship with your boyfriend, always use the word “We” because it makes the two of you feel more connected.

12. Maintain your faith and hope.

No matter how difficult things are in your relationship, hope will help you and your boyfriend see a light in the future. Faith will help both of you strengthen that hope because faithfulness entails not only positively anticipating a bright future, but also doing everything possible to ensure that such a future becomes a reality.

How to Make a Relationship Stronger

It goes without saying that it takes more than just love to keep a relationship strong, healthy, and long-lasting. Obviously, strong feelings for each other are required, but with so many responsibilities in life, finding quality time with your significant other can definitely take a back seat.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to provide your relationship with the care and attention it requires to last. Best of all, many of them do not necessitate a significant change in your daily routine or a significant investment. Here are ten easy (and enjoyable!) ways to keep your relationship strong, healthy, and long-lasting.

1. When you get home, greet each other.

First and foremost, say “hello.” This may sound like a cliche, but greeting your spouse when they return home is essential. It conveys to your partner that you are delighted to see them and frequently translates to “I missed you.”

Let’s face it, it’s discouraging when you arrive at an event and no one greets you or seems to care that you’ve even arrived. The same is true when your spouse returns home; so remember to greet them with a loving “hello” followed by a sweet kiss! Even a few minutes spent doing some daily activities can greatly improve the happiness of your relationship.

2. Organize a weekly check-in.

Running your kids from doctor’s appointments to practices to school and back seems to never end. We live in a constant state of “go, go, go,” which is why it’s critical to schedule weekly check-ins with your spouse. A weekly meeting may not appear to be the most romantic thing in the world. However, once the kids are asleep, pour yourself a glass of wine or meet for coffee during your lunch break.

There are numerous ways to spend 30 minutes each week simply checking in. This is a time for you to reflect on the previous week and make plans for the coming week. It’s time to let everyone know how you’re doing. If you feel as if you have nothing to say.

3. Don’t forget to go on dates with your spouse.

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t date, does it? In fact, you should be dating because you are married. It’s easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of waking up, getting a cup of coffee, kissing, running out the door, having dinner with the kids, passing out, and repeating. It is also very easy for your relationship to become very tired as a result of this. Set aside one night a week for just the two of you to spend with your husband. Go to a nice restaurant, see a movie you both want to see, and indulge in ice cream in the summer. There are numerous options for a fun, romantic date night that you both deserve.

4. Tell us about your daily highs and lows.

Something along the lines of “for better or for worse” was probably written somewhere in your wedding vows. When it comes to your relationship, it is critical to share the “good and bad” on a daily basis. Make it a fun dinnertime tradition to share a high and a low point from the day. This can even be something in which the children participate! Sharing one high and one low with your partner each day is an excellent way to maintain healthy communication between you and your partner.

5. Every day, find something to appreciate about your spouse.

This is a simple one because it is something that can be said or kept to yourself. Every day, try to think of at least one thing you like about your spouse. Even better, tell them! Tell your spouse how much you appreciate them bringing you coffee in bed. Let him or her know how much you appreciate it when he or she drives the kids to basketball practice after work.

There is no better form of encouragement than hearing from your spouse how much they value the little things you do. And reminding yourself of the wonderful things your partner does for you will undoubtedly come in handy when he is getting on your nerves a little more than usual.

6. Remind your partner of your feelings for them on a regular basis.

The early stages of a relationship are characterized by butterflies and constant verbal affection. The problem is that as time passes, those butterflies vanish, as do the “I love you because…” soliloquies. Of course, it’s natural to not be as “lovey-dovey” as you were when you first met; however, don’t abandon all verbal affection.

Tell your partner how much you adore them on a regular basis, but don’t stop there! Explain why you adore them. Whether it’s taking the kids to the mall when you clearly need some downtime, bringing you flowers on a random evening, or simply being him. Whatever it is, say it loudly and proudly!

7. Start looking each other in the eyes.

We were all taught as children to look people in the eyes when we spoke to them. Mom and dad were probably onto something when they said that eye contact is just as important in marriage as it was when we were kids! Whether you’re out with friends or talking to your kids, having the person you’re talking to check their phone or look around the room while you speak can be both rude and frustrating. It conveys the impression that the other person is uninterested in what you have to say or simply does not care. The same is true when you and your partner are conversing.

8. Spend time together away from technology.

When it comes to making eye contact, turning off technology every now and then is a great way to give your significant other your undivided attention. There’s no denying that technology can be distracting, so make sure you and your spouse spend some time without it. Make a no-cell-phone rule for date night, or leave electronics in the other room while you have coffee together in the morning. Spending time together without the obtrusive distraction of technology enables you and your spouse to give each other the attention and consideration you both deserve.

9. Minor displays of physical affection can go a long way.

Marriage does not automatically imply a cessation of flirting. A simple brush of the hands or a kiss as you and your spouse pass by each other is all that is required to keep the spark alive. A little romance and physical affection on a daily basis can truly be the icing on the cake of a healthy relationship built on communication and trust.
Hold hands in public, hug your husband or wife from behind while they are preparing breakfast, and give him or her a loving peck on the cheek as they read the newspaper. Regular physical affection, no matter how big or small the gesture, has a significant impact on the longevity of a relationship.

10. Surprise them on a regular basis, not just on their birthday!

Who said surprises had to be limited to holidays and birthdays? It’s time to go beyond the traditional birthday cakes and Valentine’s Day cards. We’re talking about unexpected surprises! A small gift simply because “I saw this and thought of you,” or a surprise date. You could even leave a love note on your partner’s car seat one morning.

A simple “Love you, have a wonderful day” with a few hearts here and there may appear juvenile or silly. But, hey, the sweet gestures of kindness and romance were effective at the start of the relationship, right? They still work after many years of marriage!

How to Make a Relationship Stronger with your Girlfriend

If you want to improve your relationship and make it last, here are eight tried-and-true tips that will help you both be better partners and make your relationship stronger. Simple Relationship Improvement Strategies

1. Rather than avoiding fights, try to resolve them.

Have you ever been caught off guard by a sudden breakup? Everything seemed to be going well until it all went downhill out of nowhere. You and your partner have never fought before, so where did this come from? Relationships aren’t about how frequently you fight; they’re about how well you recover. Although you may believe that ignoring minor issues is better for the relationship, problems must be addressed head-on or they will resurface when you least expect it.

2. Do Not Keep Grudges

Talk to your partner about anything that bothers you or hurts your feelings. You can’t expect them to read your mind, and you can’t expect them to change their habits on their own. You will resent your partner if you keep an issue hidden. Instead, you should confront whatever is bothering you.

3. Take some time apart

This may appear unromantic, but it is completely true. According to numerous studies, spending time apart and keeping your hobbies separate is the key to a healthier and happier relationship. As strange as it sounds, the more time you spend apart, the more you learn to appreciate the time you spend together. Nothing is better for a relationship than making those special moments count.

4. Discover Your Love Languages

Gary Chapman published The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate in 1994. He claims that everyone has a different love language and that cross-communication causes many relationship conflicts. Gift-giving, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service are some of the love languages. Everyone has their own way of expressing and receiving love, and learning the appropriate love language will vastly improve your communication abilities.

5. Find a Topic to Discuss

“When marrying, you should ask yourself this question: do you believe you will enjoy talking with this person into your old age?” wrote philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Everything else in a marriage is fleeting, but the majority of your time together will be devoted to conversation.” Always have something going on, whether it’s a shared interest, a television show, or a topic to discuss. If you’re running out of topics to discuss, find something new to be passionate about as a couple.

6. Pay Attention to One Another

Sometimes all your partner needs are someone to listen to them rather than someone to give them advice. Always be ready to lend your ear and listen to what they have to say. Always try to take an active interest in their day, asking them about work, how they are feeling, and what their plans are, and truly listening to and remembering what they say.

7. Making Love on a Regular Basis Will Strengthen Your Relationship

You should have sex on a regular basis, and if you don’t, it can cause extra stress in your relationship. However, if you wait for sex to happen on its own, it can be difficult to get into the mood, which is why many relationship experts recommend scheduling sex. Setting a specific time, as unromantic as it may sound, will ensure that you don’t get so caught up in the stress of work and family that you ignore each other’s basic needs. Scheduling romance sessions will assist you in reducing stress and reaping the health benefits of a regular sex pattern. Regular sex, rather than impulsive sex, will aid in hormone balance, making it easier for everyone to get in the mood.

8. Keep in mind that things aren’t always equal.

The majority of disagreements in a relationship are over money. It’s critical to approach your marriage as a whole, rather than as separate entities. Although opening a joint bank account isn’t always the most cost-effective option, you must treat your expenses as shared expenses. A five-dollar bill is the same value as any other five-dollar bill, regardless of who earned it. If you earn more than your partner, keep in mind that they work the same number of hours as you and cannot always match what you earn. When budgeting, try not to think about “your money” versus “their money,” but rather about how you will use what you’ve earned together to cover your shared expenses.

5 things to Make your Relationship Work

The truth is that most relationships can thrive and last for a long relationship if both parties are willing to work on them. Whether you’re in a 50-day or a 50-year relationship, here’s how to make your relationship last and actually work:

1. Empathy

Arguments can sometimes come to a halt because neither party is willing to listen to what the other is saying. However, listening to one another and attempting to understand how each other is feeling does not imply changing your own ideas or necessarily admitting you’re wrong; it simply means demonstrating to your partner that you care about how they’re feeling and that you’re willing to make the effort to meet in the middle if necessary. Even if you’ve known your partner for a long time, try to put yourself in their shoes and acknowledge that they may see things differently than you do.

2. Communication

It should go without saying, but communication is one of the most important skills in any relationship. Being able to express yourself clearly and consistently means that minor annoyances that might otherwise develop into something more serious can be addressed early on.
It’s also important to remember that communicating doesn’t just entail being able to make your own point well; it also entails learning to listen to what your partner is saying. When you’re talking together, try to use ‘active listening.’ Don’t just wait for your turn to speak; instead, pay attention to what they’re saying. Repeat back to them what they’re saying. Also, ask them to clarify things – don’t always assume you understand what they mean right away.

3. Conflict

People often consider arguing to be inherently bad, but if there is no conflict in your relationship, there is a good chance that someone is holding something back. Differences between you and your partner are almost unavoidable; what matters is how you deal with those differences. Sometimes it’s a matter of trying to argue more effectively.

Try a soft start that focuses on your feelings rather than attacking your partner, such as ‘I’m so sorry you forgot our anniversary,’ rather than ‘how could you be so insensitive, you didn’t even get a card!’ Try not to let things get out of hand: don’t say things you’ll regret later or simply trade insults. And be ready to forgive: only when both partners are willing to let go of their desire to ‘win’ the argument will it be possible to end it.

4. Commitment

Commitment in a long-term relationship entails being willing to work through difficulties together, planning for the future together, and clarifying and protecting the agreed-upon boundaries. This requires perseverance and hard work, but the rewards are well worth it. In the short term, it may also imply committing from one moment to the next. Even if you’re on a first date, it’s important to give things your full attention and show interest rather than wondering what else you could be doing or allowing your mind to become clouded with doubts.

5. Love

The Greeks had three words for love.

  • Eros: It’s erotic love. It means that they are attracted to each other. It’s the spark that keeps your relationship exciting and unique.
  • Philips: This denotes friendship. It’s the feeling of getting to know each other, enjoying each other’s company, and sharing common interests.
  • Agape: This entails going out of your way for the other person or putting them first. It could be as simple as assisting them with a task even if you’re exhausted, or as complex as caring for them after surgery.

A relationship with all three of the aforementioned individuals will thrive. However, if any of them is missing, you may find things more difficult. That doesn’t mean you can’t get there; however, it might be worth considering how you can focus more on what’s missing. If you believe you may require assistance with this – or any of the other relationship skills listed on this page – you may wish to consider Relationship Counselling.


Maintaining your relationship is frequently regarded as just another task on our never-ending to-do lists. Small, consistent habits are what keep your bond strong over time. You will not only strengthen your relationship, but you will also make it last, fun, exciting, and something to look forward to by following these simple tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the secret to a long lasting relationship?

The four Cs (communication, compromise, connection, and commitment) are important, but there are many other factors that contribute to the longevity of a romantic relationship. Consider the following additional secrets to a long-term relationship: Concentrate on having fun and creating good memories together.

What are some good relationship questions?

  • When It Comes to Dating
  • What are the top three items on your bucket list?
  • What are the three most exciting experiences you’ve had in your life?
  • What are two things you wish you hadn’t done?
  • What was the most difficult life lesson you had to learn?
  • What is your most cherished childhood memory?
  • What is your ideal job?
  • What do you consider your greatest achievement?
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