LOVE LANGUAGE TEST: 5 Free Love Language Test for Singles & Couples (+ Free Tips)


On Valentine’s Day, how are you going to show your love to that special someone? Better yet, how do you show them your love on a daily basis? Did you know that we all have a dominant love language that governs how we feel loved? It’s never too early to figure out your own love language, as well as the love languages of others, including your children, so that every day is filled with love for all of you. Take the Love Language Test!

What Exactly Is A Love Language?

Consider it a second language, the language of love. A love language is a form of verbal and nonverbal communication between two people that improves their mental and physical well-being. Through one of the love languages, you receive both verbal and nonverbal messages of love. The language of discovering your own and other people’s love languages comes from Gary Chapman’s books, The Five Love Languages (single edition) and The Five Love Languages (double edition) (for your mate). Both books contain sections on children’s love languages.

Why Should We Discover Our Partners’ Love Language?

According to Chapman, our most basic emotional need is not to fall in love, but to be genuinely loved by another; to know that love is born of reason and choice, rather than instinct. We must discover the primary love language of the people in our lives if we want them to feel loved. We love them in their second language, the language of love, once we understand their love language.

Do Children Have a Love Language?

Children, indeed, have their own love language. They will use all five languages at first, but one will eventually emerge as their primary language. The way they express their love to others reveals their love language. You’ll be able to tell which language your children prefer if you pay attention to them. Take note of the things they value the most; these are likely indicators of their primary love language. It is critical to understand your child’s love language because it will influence how their self-esteem and self-worth develop.

Do We Communicate in Our Love Language?

According to Chapman, 75% of us speak the language we most want to learn. If we want gifts, we usually give them to others because what we really want is to be given gifts, and 75% of us will do just that. On the other hand, 25% of us speak one love language but would like to receive another.

5 Love Language Test

The love languages framework is a well-known tool for determining how a person expresses love and prefers to be treated in their relationships. This test will assess yours. What are your primary love languages? Indicate how well each of the following statements applies to you in the space provided below.

When we spoon, I feel more connected to my partner.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner buys things for me that I couldn’t afford to buy myself, it makes me feel loved.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

I enjoy it when people I care about give me a hug.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

Holding hands with my significant other is something I enjoy doing.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner tells me what they like about me, I feel loved.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

I appreciate it when my partner acknowledges and thanks me for the things I do for them.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner takes the time to discuss important decisions with me in depth, I feel appreciated.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner prioritizes getting me things that are important to me, I appreciate it.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner respects my intelligence, I feel safe in a relationship.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner takes the time to discuss my future goals with me, I feel loved.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner compliments my accomplishments, I feel good about myself.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner shares their true thoughts and opinions with me, I know I am appreciated.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

When my partner kisses me tenderly, I feel loved.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

I love the feeling I get when someone close to me assists me with my daily chores and tasks.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

I appreciate it when my partner plans special occasions, dates, and evenings for us to share.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

It gives me comfort to know that someone close to me cares enough about me to assist me with my tasks.

A. Disagree

B. Agree

Couples Love Language Test

We created a brief but effective free quiz to assist you in determining your and your partner’s love languages. Following the test, you will learn:

  • Your level of commitment to each love language.
  • A detailed explanation of each love language
  • Real-world examples of how to improve your relationship.

Excerpt Questions

I love it the most when my partner…

A. Gives me his undivided attention.

B. Gives me a hug or takes my hand in his.

C. Expresses how much they love me.

D. Gives me a lovely piece of jewelry as a gift.

Assume these services exist; which would you choose?

For ten minutes, someone tells you all the wonderful things about yourself.

A. Cleaning service that cleans everything you want for free for 30 minutes.

B. One time 100% off coupon for anything you like in your favorite boutique for under 20$

C. Someone who will listen to all of my problems for one hour.

D. Getting a free 30-minute spa massage.

What would make you feel unique? If you have a partner.

A. Made a list of the ten things they love about you.

B. Takes you to a posh restaurant.

C. Makes a delicious cake for you.

D. Cancels their plans in order to spend more time with you.

What characteristics distinguishes a great friend?

A. They offer genuine compliments.

B. I can rely on them when I need assistance, such as moving into a new apartment or caring for my plants.

C. They make very personal gifts that demonstrate how well they know and care about me.

D. When I need to talk to someone, they are always available.

What would irritate you the most? If you have a partner.

A. Dislikes saying sweet things to you.

B. Despises helping you around the house.

C. Never surprises you with small tokens.

D. Takes an eternity to respond to your text.

E. Is not a fan of cuddling.

What would make an already fantastic date even better?

A. Small love note.

B. Breakfast served in bed.

C. A romantic gift.

Which of the following characteristics do you look for in a partner? Someone like…

A. Person with whom you can have interesting conversations.

B. Is there to support and assist you whenever possible.

C. Tries to make you happy by doing small things that you love.

D. Enjoys sharing every moment with me.

E. It is affectionate and frequently kisses and cuddles.

Love Language Test for Singles

This precise Love Language Test will assist you in determining the language that you can use when dating. Surprise your partner with a romantic reaction that is appropriate for the situation.

What makes you feel more love when you wake up in the morning?

A. Hearing the words, “I love you.”

B. Having breakfast delivered to my bed

C. Bringing a beautiful flower from the garden

D. Looking into my eyes and caressing me

E. My favorite pastime is hugging.

You finally got a promotion at work after a long time. What do you hope to get out of your partner?

A. I’m going out for a night of dancing.

B. As a reward, I expect her/his to prepare dinner this week.

C. I’m expecting her/him to throw a big party for me.

D. I’m inviting you to a special dinner.

E. I like to be proud of my abilities.

You and your partner have decided to go on a trip. What types of travel do you enjoy?

A. A romantic and love-filled week in a hotel

B. Spending a relaxing week in an all-inclusive hotel

C. A trip where I can stock up on souvenirs

D. A trip away from technology, where only she/he and I are present.

E. I’d like to go somewhere where I can be closer to him/her.

What is the most effective way to motivate you at work?

A. Receiving love messages

B. I discovered a small note from him/her in my office supplies.

C. Receiving a bouquet or gift at work

D. Come to me during the lunch break and we’ll have a cup of tea together.

E. Taking my hand in yours and coming to work with me

Assume you were in an accident with your partner’s car. In such a situation, what do you expect from him?

A. I want him/her to be considerate and try to comprehend what I’m saying.

B. Taking the vehicle to be serviced

C. I’m expecting him/her to bring me a flower to calm me down.

D. I expect him/her to pay close attention to what I say.

E. I’m expecting him/her to simply kiss me.

What do you do to please your friends?

A. I am impressed by their abilities.

B. I’m attempting to assist them with their work.

C. I occasionally surprise them with gifts.

D. I’d like to invite him/her to coffee.

E. Make a back scratch for him/her.

What is your favorite weekend you’ve spent with your partner?

A. A romantic evening with an emotional connection

B. Cleaning the house

C. Attending a party

D. Going to the movies

E. Watching a movie while hugging each other

What do you believe the symbol of love is?

A. Appreciation

B. Considering one’s interests

C. Surprises and gifts

D. Each other’s undivided attention

E. Kissing and Hugging

What can your partner do to increase the rate of your heartbeat?

A. Sending a love letter by mail

B. Preparing my favorite dish

C. Purchasing something I’ve had my eye on for a while

D. Making a weekly date night a priority

E. While we’re out in public, he wraps his arm around me.

In a romantic relationship, what can break your heart?

A. Accusing others and providing negative feedback

B. Breaking her/his promise and failing to remember the essentials

C. Giving gifts that are not heartfelt

D. When I’m talking to him/her, I’m playing with the phone.

E. Refusing kisses and hugs.

Love Language Test Pdf

What if you knew exactly what to say or do to make that special someone feels loved? The key is to learn the appropriate love language! Get the PDF link here.


To summarize, understanding each other’s emotional needs is the key to any healthy relationship. Learning to recognize and use the five love language test will help you better express your love and affection and will make you a better person. After all, everyone’s story is unique, but this concept will help improve the focus on what’s more important in a relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 love languages?

  • Gifts. Some gifts are enormous.
  • Service Acts. “Losing yourself in the service of others is the best way to find yourself.”
  • It’s Quality Time. Spend quality time with the people you love about.
  • Affirming Words
  • Physical Touch. 
  • Communication.
  • Expression of Affection and Love

How do I know my partner's love language?

Learn to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

  • Quality time: Quality time is the first love language.
  • Words of affirmation: Words of affirmation are the second love language.
  • Gifts: The third love language is receiving gifts.
  • Acts of service: Acts of service are the fourth love language.

What is the hardest love language?

Words Of Affirmation

This is, in my opinion, the most difficult love language to identify and reciprocate depending on the person you’re dating.

What is the most common love language?

Quality time

Quality time is by far the most common love language for both men and women. In fact, it is chosen more than twice as frequently as the second-closest response, words of affirmation. For most men, second place was a tie between physical touch and words of affirmation.

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