Many cheaters claim to love the person they’ve hurt, but we usually distrust their sincerity. After all, loving someone means showing them trust, respect, and commitment, right? What does cheating reveal about a person’s character? When you cheat, it shows that you can’t commit, that you can’t be trusted, that you don’t care about your spouse, and that you don’t respect or love them. So, how can they still love you if they cheat on you? This article is about why people cheat on the people they love. So let’s get this party started.

According to statistics, “20% of married men and 13% of married women acknowledge they’ve engaged in sexual activity with someone outside their marriage” in long-term relationships. And as we get older, the percentages increase. Women are more prone to cheating in their 60s than men are in their 70s.

Why Do People Cheat on People They Love?

People cheat on their spouses in certain circumstances because they no longer love the person they are with. However, there are several occasions when a person deceives someone they love. Why do people cheat on each other? They may cheat out of rage, a need for something different, a desire to improve their self-esteem,, or sexual desire.

Cheating Is Described

Cheating is a broad moral term that encompasses a variety of activities in both individuals and couples. Most people, on the other hand, agree that being physically intimate with someone other than your partner is cheating. But things aren’t so simple in this case. Can you cheat on your partner if you practice polyamory or consent to a polygamous relationship? Yes.

There are numerous sorts of cheating, just as there are various reasons why people cheat:

  • Physical infidelity refers to bodily contact with another individual, such as kissing, hugging, or intercourse.
  • Emotional infidelity is defined as having a passionate or romantic relationship with someone other than your partner, as evidenced by talking to, texting, or confiding in the person, whom you are unfaithful.

Even though emotional affairs are more challenging to define and discover, physical and emotional infidelity is destructive. However, before we look at our list of reasons for cheating, there are a few more things to consider.

Is it Possible to Define Cheating?

It’s critical to realize that each couple must define what cheating means to them and what is and is not acceptable. Both couples need to talk about what commitment means to them and determine if they have any worries about it. Cheating can be easily recognized once these concerns have been addressed.

But if such boundaries have been agreed upon, why do people have affairs? What’s more, how do you know if someone has experience? Take a look at the first key symptom of cheating. Do you feel compelled to keep your activities hidden from your partner? You’re betraying your relationship and damaging their confidence by lying about your behaviors. And in all relationships, monogamous or non-monogamous, that’s a big no.

Why Do People in Love Cheat So Often?

Statistics on cheating show that most people do it at least once, with 57% of men and 54% of women admitting to cheating at least once. Even more alarming is that 45 percent of males and 35 percent of females have had an emotional affair. There is no such thing as a happy conclusion in a relationship. On average, it takes six months for a partner to find out about an affair. Their partners find out only 39% of men and 48% of women.

People usually cheat because they are no longer in love with their relationship. People have affairs for many different reasons, like being angry, wanting to try something new sexually, or just because the chance came up. They also claim to love their partner in many circumstances.

Why Do People Cheat on People They Love?

People can cheat the people they love. It’s a sad reality, but it’s the truth. On the other hand, infidelity does not always imply a lack of love in a relationship or that it is bad or unfulfilling. Take a look at the eight reasons why people cheat on the person they love.

People cheat on the people they love for a variety of reasons.

#1. Intimacy deficit

Because your wants aren’t being addressed, you hunt for fulfillment elsewhere. This isn’t how you deal with a relationship’s lack of closeness. Instead of looking for intimacy elsewhere, talk to your partner about your needs and what they can do to help you reclaim your happiness.

#2. Ignorance in a romantic relationship.

When you don’t feel like you’re a priority in a relationship, you’ll feel disregarded or irrelevant. Some people look for it elsewhere if their partner isn’t giving them enough attention. Both spouses must pay attention to each other; otherwise, your relationship will suffer greatly. While men need to know that their efforts are acknowledged, women must know that they are understood. If you’re not getting the attention you want, let your spouse know.

#3. Seeking a dopamine burst.

The dopamine D4 receptor gene, the neurotransmitter that mediates pleasure in the brain, was studied in 181 volunteers in a 2010 study. According to the data, half of those who carried the longer gene variant had cheated on their partner. People with the longer variant were also “more likely to be risk-takers and have addictive tendencies,” according to the researchers.

#4. Retaliation.

This is a dreadful method of expressing hurt and rage. Fighting fire with fire (i.e., if you hurt me, I’ll hurt you) is a mindset. However, cheating should never be used as a weapon.

#5. The opportunity presents itself.

Some people cheat just because they have the opportunity to. Why not take a chance on something that may never happen again? A scenario might include meetings. They were seeing someone and hitting it off at an event, drinking too much, or having feelings for a coworker.

#6. A desire for change

When people desire something different in their relationship or when they feel things have gotten too cozy, they cheat. They may seek variety in their sex lives as well as some form of adventure to break up the monotony of their daily existence.

#7. Commitment issues.

Commitment issues are not only a cause of cheating, but they are also a major factor in the demise of several relationships. Some people are afraid of commitment, so they damage relationships to avoid the difficult process of splitting up.

#8. Falling out of love.

Sometimes the person you love no longer loves you. It’s unavoidable. Instead of attempting to rekindle their love for you, they seek it elsewhere. It can be tough to rekindle romantic love once it has gone.

#9. Angry or resentful feelings.

This could be a reaction to your partner’s behavior, a work circumstance, or a general feeling about life. Anger might push people to cheat in order to let off steam and relieve the tension. This can also be linked to vengeance.

#10. Low self-esteem issue

When people don’t feel good about themselves, they look for external validation to boost their confidence and sense of superiority. Finding reassurance might lead to adultery when your partner doesn’t validate your feelings or makes you feel bad about who you are.

Here’s what to do if you or your partner cheated.

#1. Decide whether or not you wish to tell the truth.

Others may advise you not to tell your partner if you’ve cheated, especially if you’re not interested in continuing to cheat; you’d only be transferring your guilt to their pain. Other advice suggests telling your partner and demonstrating your desire for an open relationship in which you may express and work through your faults.

#2. Make forgiveness a habit.

If you cheated, examine your motives and determine why you did it in the first place. What made you decide to cheat? Was it a personal or a relationship issue that prompted it? Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the problem, you can start working on fixing it. After that, you must forgive yourself.

#3. Allow them to speak for themselves.

If you’ve been duped, try remaining calm and avoiding making hasty judgments. Listen to your partner’s story about their behavior, let them respond to your inquiries, and avoid physical conflict. It’s fantastic if you feel you can forgive them and move on. But remember that refusing to forgive might be harmful to your mental health even after some time has passed.

#4. Don’t blame yourself if your partner cheats.

If you have been duped, realize that it was not your fault. Whatever reason(s) your partner offers you to justify why they cheated, it is their responsibility, not yours. They are to blame since they choose to cheat on another person and prioritize their sexual desires over you and your relationship. Of course, it takes two to tango, but even if your partner’s reasons for cheating were personal issues, they ultimately decided to cheat.


So, even if they love you, why do people cheat? There are several reasons why people would cheat on someone they love. These factors, however, do not imply that someone does not love you or that you have done something wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you truly love someone and cheat on them?

Cheating is never a part of true love. Your partner should always want you to be happy and should protect you and look out for your best interests. If you’ve ever cheated, you can be deceiving yourself about your genuine feelings.

Why do guys cheat even if they love you?

Self-Exploration. Cheating is a technique for some people to explore repressed aspects of their personalities. These cheats don’t want to change who they are at their heart; they just want to get away from it for a little while. They’re not searching for someone else; they’re searching for hidden versions of themselves.

Do cheaters feel guilty?

After having an affair, 68 percent of men feel guilty. Most unfaithful men will feel bad and express remorse for their actions, even if they haven’t revealed the affair. You may observe small changes in their conduct that lead you to believe your spouse is guilty of cheating.

Can someone who cheated on you still love you?

Is it possible to love someone after they have cheated on you? Yes, unless you want it to be, nothing is ever truly over. It can be tough to rebuild a relationship after an affair, but it is doable.

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