HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN SOMEONE LIKES YOU: 9+ Subtle Signs & Ways to Know


Although attraction to someone has biological reasons, the way it makes our brains and souls feel is heavenly. We encounter many people every day, but only one viewpoint captures our attention and leaves us pondering. We get butterflies anytime they are around us. Or we could go blank and have no idea what to say in front of them. And before we knew it, we’d grown to like them. When we begin to like someone, we want to know about their emotions as well. As your love guru, we devised a method to know when someone likes you! We know you’ve been waiting for them, so keep scrolling!

How Do You Know When Someone Likes You Back?

It’s exciting to realize you have feelings for someone. Whether it’s someone new to you or someone you’ve known for a while, you’ve recently found that your sentiments are a little more complicated than you anticipated. However, once you recognize you have those sentiments, you are left with one question: “How can you know if someone likes you back?”

The following are some indications that someone likes you back.

#1. They make direct eye contact.

Eye contact has long been used to predict feelings and attraction. However, just because someone looks at you and makes eye contact does not necessarily imply that they are interested in you. However, studies have shown that when we are interested in someone, we make more frequent eye contact.

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#2. They lean in as you speak.

Another sign that someone likes you is if they move closer to you while you’re conversing. They may invade your personal space by sitting next to you, turning towards you, or leaning in while you’re speaking. These are all signs that someone has feelings for you.

#3. They are amused by your jokes.

Humor and laughing can be beneficial in relationships. Women are more likely to laugh easily at the comedy of someone they like. Men also desire a woman who thinks they’re humorous and will laugh at their jokes.

If you notice that when you’re with this other person, you both laugh a lot, and they appear to catch up on your jokes, even if they aren’t amusing, it could be a sign that someone likes you.

#4. They recall the minor things you said.

If someone likes you, they may recall small facts you’ve shared with them. This is because people are interested in you and are paying attention to everything you say, especially your stories. You may recall minor and trivial things about yourself that you revealed.

#5. They strike up a conversation and try to learn more about you.

Someone interested in you will want to learn everything they can about you. They seek to engage you in conversation and ask you many questions to learn more about you without delving too much. If they are unsure of your relationship status, they may try to imply or ask questions to determine whether you are single or not.

#6. It’s heartfelt.

The amount or lack of touching between you two can show their sentiments towards you. People tend to want to touch the people they are interested in. This is not referring to inappropriate touching. They may, for example, casually touch your arm while you speak or rest their hand on the small of your back as you walk.

#7. They make you laugh.

When someone likes you, they may tease you a lot. This is their attempt to flirt with you and let you know that they like you. They might make a joke about you or poke fun at you. But not in a way that damages your feelings or makes you uneasy.

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How Do You Know Someone Likes You Over Text

Texting is wonderful for many reasons, but it does present some particular issues. For example, how do you discover chemistry if you can’t read someone’s body language? Fortunately, if someone is interested in you, they will usually send predictable texts—flirty, inquiring, and complementing. Read over their texts while keeping our tips in mind to know when someone likes you over text.


Examine the tones of the sentences to determine whether they are amusing, playful, or coy. Most people are unlikely to text anything like, “I like you; do you want to go out?” You’ll have to read between the lines and consider the tone of their texts.

#2. Frequently sent texts

Messaging you throughout the day indicates that they are thinking about you. Go through your messages and check when they texted you. If they sent you a message in the morning, many in the afternoon, several after dinner, and one before you went to bed, that suggests you’re on their mind a lot!

#3. Quick replies

Quick responses indicate that they are interested in you. Did you receive a notification after texting them? If this continues, they’re undoubtedly waiting by their phone and paying attention to your talk. This is a strong indication that they wish to speak with you.

#4. Invitations

They will invite you because they want to spend time with you! They may directly invite you to hang out together, or they may simply suggest that you attend something they are going to. In either case, it suggests they want to be near you.


#5. Compliments

If people like you, they will tell you what they like about you. They might text to tell you how good you look today or to commend you on something you did. “That color green looks wonderful on you,” for example, or “Ugh, I’m trying to work, but I can’t stop thinking about how you killed it during the game.”

#6. Distinctive behavior

If you’re still unsure, observe how they text other people. Even after reading between the lines, you may still feel perplexed, and that’s fine! Ask mutual acquaintances who can keep a secret to read the person’s texts to them. This demonstrates how they communicate.

#7. Date acceptance

Send them a quick invite to hang out. This is one of the most effective ways to find out if they like you. If they are interested in you, they will almost certainly say yes! If they aren’t interested in you, they may ignore the message or make an explanation. In any case, you’ll have a far better notion of how they perceive you.

How Do You Know Someone Likes You Quiz?

Do you have trouble deciphering the signs your friend offers you? Let’s take this quiz to see whether someone wants to be more than just buddies!

Answers to Questions

#1. Does he/she make an effort to see you?

A. At all times

B. Often

C. Infrequently

D. Never


#2. Is he/she making long eye contact with you when you speak?

A. Almost always

B. most of the time

C. On occasion

D. Never

#3. Is he/she paying attention to you?

A. At all times

B. most of the time

C. On occasion

D. Never

#4. Are you planning anything together?

A. Often

B. On occasion

C. Only very infrequently

D. Never

#5. Is he/she having an affair with you?

A. Almost always

B. most of the time

C. On occasion

D. Never


#6. Is he/she concerned about his/her appearance in front of you?

A. Almost always

B. Several times

C. On occasion

D. Never

#7. Is he/she divulging secrets to you?

A. Yes

B. A few of them

C. Infrequently

D. No

#8. Is she/he afraid of you?

A. Yes

B. On occasion

C. Infrequently

D. Never

#9. Is he/she telling pals about you?

A. Yes

B. I believe so.

C. I’m not sure.

D. I don’t believe so.

How Do You Know Someone Likes You Online

The trouble is, how can you know if someone on the internet is worth your time? Do you know whether you should go ahead and continue chatting? We’re trying to determine what indications we can look for to make the most educated judgment possible about whether someone likes us.


#1. They are usually quick to answer.

Someone genuinely interested in you will not make you wait. They frequently answer within minutes of receiving your message. They will inform you if they cannot do so due to a lack of time. A person who genuinely likes you anticipates speaking with you; they see no reason for you to wait or be left in the dark. They will make every effort to maintain open lines of communication.

#2. They communicate frequently.

They will always make time to talk to you or answer your messages, no matter how busy they are. You will get the impression that you are high on their priority list.

#3. They use Emojis

Even though communication is digital, emoticons can tell if someone likes you and how the emojis become more “hearty” over time. This is one method of determining whether or not someone takes the time to craft those messages and make them particularly memorable.

#4. They are attentive

We tend to be eager when it comes to conversing with someone online. We either send a lengthy chat or cover whatever we wish to discuss in discrete sentences. The simple fact is that the more thrilled and interested we become, the more likely we are to fill someone’s inbox.


#5. They are compatible with your preferred platform.

In our digital age, there are numerous ways to communicate with someone. You can text, send memes, chat, video chat, or phone each other. The decision to try any of these platforms is entirely about convenience. If someone likes you, they will appreciate and accommodate your preferred platform.


It’s challenging to know when someone likes you. In reality, knowing for sure if someone is interested in us is nearly impossible—unless they expressly tell us.

Small signals, such as how close they sit to us, how much they remember about us, how long they keep a conversation going, the way they smile, anxiousness, curiosity, and the amount of time they spend with us, can help us determine whether someone is interested in us or not.

A person interested in you may exhibit some or all of these indicators. However, if they don’t make a move and you’re still unsure if they like you, you can ask them yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if someone secretly likes you?

Make eye contact with him and watch if he maintains it.

Prolonged eye contact may indicate that he is interested in you. Catch his eyes the next time you see him and observe if he stares back or away. If he looks you in the eyes, he might like you. Because some people are uncomfortable with eye contact, he may still like you even if he looks away.

Can you really feel if someone likes you?

Keep an eye out for their gaze.

Eye contact, like touch, causes the release of oxytocin. When someone is attracted to you, they will strive to make lots of reciprocal eye contact. They do this to feel closer to you and to show that they are interested in you and what you have to say.

Can you sense when someone has a crush on you?

They are always drawn to you.

“Their willingness to spend time with you and be involved in your world and day is a positive indication that they are continuously thinking of you.” If you notice someone making excuses to be near you, it’s a solid indication that they’re crushing hard.

How do you know if a boy likes you but is hiding it?

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding His Feelings

  • Make direct eye contact.
  • Never let him use his phone around you.
  • Almost every day, he speaks to you.
  • He never mentions other girls.
  • Takes good care of your buddies.
  • He makes an effort to be near you.
  • Jealousy.
  • He’s encouraging. Amusing messages
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