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Are you curious about premarital counseling? From defining proper marriage expectations to future aspirations and even if you’d both like to have kids or not, these are reasons why premarital counseling is important and no question is off-limits. Look at it this way; the more you get to understand your partner, the quicker you get to say those two magical words “I do”. Research shows that a lot of couples go for counseling when dating. Sometimes even after they’re married. It strengthens their relationship and helps them understand each other better.


It is also known as premarriage counseling. It is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage, strengthen their bond, as well as help, understand what marriage is all about.


There are a lot of speculations when it comes to premarital counseling, the help of a good premarital counselor is undermined. There are questions you probably didn’t know need answering before saying those words “I do” like;

#1. What Do You Appreciate/ Admire Most about Your Partner and Your Relationship?

Do you like his resilience or her calm resolve? Well, you get to find out a lot of things your partner likes/sees in you and this usually helps build your relationship.

#2. Are You on the Same Page About Having Children?

Some couples don’t want to have kids while others might have just 1 or even 2 so you have to resolve what you both want.

#3. How Will You Handle Your Relationships With Your Families?

When disagreements among your families come up/will come up, how do you intend handling? Do you guys have one mind or she’d be more disposed to her family and him to his?


Christian-based marriage counseling has the same principles as traditional therapy. Here, the therapist believes in God and everything the Lord instructs about marriage. The Christian premarital counseling has to do with good, Christian living/marriage and raising kids in a God-fearing home.

Christian Premartial counseling


The internet has made life basically very easy, you don’t need to bother if you don’t know any good local therapist, and there are a lot of them online. You and your partner can have online sessions like messaging the premarital counselor anytime, and probably schedule a weekly phone, video, or live chat session with him/her.


Yes, I do, you want to say those words? Well, premarital counseling is quite interesting and helpful to anyone who intends to get married. Not all marriage counselors are suited to help all marriages. But that is not the problem you face in the church. A proper church does not support ideas like divorce or other tenets like that. Rather every aspect of this kind of premarital counseling deals with strengthening your faith to make the marriage work.

A lot of churches are quite generous. You don’t really have to be a member for them to help you with this. These counseling sessions are often limited in number, meaning that each couple is provided a set number of sessions free while in other churches the entire counseling period is free.
Premarital counseling in the church is often done as group therapy/counseling so you can be exposed to see the relationship of other people, not just you and your partner to help strengthen your relationship people love this because it gives them this sense that the other people there can relate to them or better said they might both be going through almost or nearly similar challenges if any.

In conclusion, a lot of divorces that spring up are because of intolerance or low communication that is why premarital counseling is quite important. It’s better safe than sorry.

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