Both spouses must care for, nurture, and work on their relationship. Distance makes things more complicated. Couples often run out of long-distance relationship activities. Sharing and doing things together develop a good relationship. Finding common ground when you’re apart might be difficult. You’ll drift away without it.

You’re “between a rock and a hard place,” so be inventive. You can survive a long-distance relationship with a combination of wicked and sweet activities. Let’s get started with our list of fun activities for long-distance couples to do.

Below find the 71+ long-distance relationship activities ideas that will keep you close to your S.O. no matter how far apart you are.

Long-Distance Relationship Activities

You overhear a couple deciding between burritos and risotto in the grocery store. You’re envious that your partner can go shopping. With modern technology, distance doesn’t prevent collaboration. Creativity is needed. Long-distance relationship activities:

#1. Movie night

Streaming allows people on opposite corners of the world to watch movies and TV. Start the movie simultaneously. One partner could view via webcam while the other plays the film, although this can be difficult.

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#2. Take up a hobby together

Hobbies challenge, entertain and relax. If you and your partner have ample time, consider

#3. Video chat!

For most couples, this is a simple “thing to do,” but for those who have met online and just seen photos, FaceTime or a webcam can be scary. After your first video conversation, you’ll see it’s not so bad. Phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, and ooVoo all offer video chatting.

#4. Share Recipes

Who says partners can’t cook? Your companion can’t envision your food without tasting it. Pick one dish a month to create together, then debate improvements and wine pairings.

#5. Special playlist

Custom Spotify playlists may wow as mixtapes did in high school. Curate your partner’s favorites, songs that remind you of your relationship, and new songs.

#6. Join Pinterest

Add “fun date ideas,” “travel bucket lists,” and other boards to your shared Pinterest account. You can remain in contact with Pinterest’s app.

#7. Care packages

In a long-distance relationship, gifts are very crucial. This mug can remind you of your partner every day. The t-shirt they sleep in can also bring them closer. This little gesture of affection works wonders.


#8. Take a fun quiz online

Taking an online quiz can offer up new long-distance relationship conversation topics. It can be relationship- or trivial-related. It might help you get to know your partner better and understand their changing views.

#9. Separately plan a trip

Another weekend with no plans? Plan a city-wide day trip. Explore that landmark, museum, or hiking trail on your bucket list. Same for your partner.

#10. Exchange scents

Sending each other perfumes and colognes can be comforting. You can smell each other whenever you miss them.

#11. Share digital photos

Smartphones make long-distance photo sharing easy. Share images on a shared phone album.

#12. Celebrate special occasions properly

Make birthdays and other holidays special even if you’re not together—Mark key dates, so you don’t miss them.

#13. Storytelling

You and your S.O. can handwrite or use Google Docs to co-write your love narrative. Include how you met and felt at the beginning and other memories.

#14. Florist

Sending flowers is a thoughtful gesture. Send a gorgeous bouquet from a local flower shop or online florist like Bouqs.

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#15. Online date night

FaceTime and Zoom make date night possible everywhere. Cook dinner and open a bottle of wine at the same time. Saying goodbye at nightfall will be difficult.

#16. Explore online

You may keep a long-distance relationship exciting by virtually visiting one of your bucket list places. Just look at photographs or videos of different hotels, cafes, and landmarks.

#17. Truth-or-dare

Online long-distance relationship games include truth or dare. Take turns spilling the beans or daring instead of spinning the bottle. Set a winner’s prize to boost the ante.

#18. Sunset watch

This is one of the mushy, romantic long-distance relationship activities you may do. Pick a scenic spot in or around your cities and enjoy the sunset via video call. If you’re in different time zones, do sunrise-sunset.

#19. Psychological tests

Take online personality, relationship, and compatibility tests to learn more about your mate. See how well you know each other or what startled you from the replies. Discover each other’s love language to communicate affection.

#20. Make TikTok or remix reels

Collaborate with your partner on remix reels and Tik Tok videos. They’re a fun method to interact and lighten the relationship. You’ll never run out of online challenges to do with your significant other.

#21. Fall asleep together

Sleep streaming is trending. Not only influencers or video bloggers. Hearing your lover sleep is calming and personal. This is helpful for worried or lonely partners.

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#22. Share your goals

Long-lasting relationships require mutually agreeable goals from choosing universities to settling down or your dream lifestyle. Compatible goals are vital and should be discussed in a serious relationship.

#23. Order delivery or takeout

Order your partner’s favorite dish. Sometimes they’re too busy or lazy to cook. Seeing their faces light up as they eat is priceless. Happy surprises boost your relationship. It indicates you care from afar.

#24. Charades

Playing charades is enjoyable. Miming movies, songs, or personalities might be the theme. Play truth or dare and use your imagination.

#25. Late-night calls

Pillow chat is crucial in any relationship. Intimate and vulnerable thoughts are shared during this period. In a long-distance relationship, late-night phone conversations can be similar.

#26. Enroll in a class together

Shared long-distance relationship activities include learning a new language, playing an instrument, or coding.

#27. Send voice memos

Send your love lovely messages from your phone. Saying “I love you” or reading a poem are examples. Your S.O. will appreciate hearing your voice whenever they need it.


#28. Takeout

Doordash, Postmates, and Uber Eats make it easy to send a long-distance companion a special dinner.

#29. Set reminders

Does your partner have a job interview? Set a morning reminder to text them good luck. Remember their mother’s birthday? Happy birthday!

#30. Match jewelry

Matching bracelets, rings, or necklaces remind you of your relationship. Engrave initials or a date on the pieces.

#31. Send thank-you notes

Texts or letters work. Even when they’re far away, expressing to your lover you appreciate them is romantic.

#32. Be honesty

It’s alright to recognize that distance is difficult. Long-distance relationships aren’t easy, so be honest about how you’re feeling, even if it’s negative. Sharing painful emotions will benefit you both in the long term, and you’re probably feeling the same way.

#33. Share daily successes

When you can call or video chat, tell your S.O. about your day. They’ll want to hear about your day’s highlights, whether you nailed a presentation or saw an old buddy. Just like in person, share.

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#34. Spend time together

When you’re reunited, bond over cooking or salsa dancing. Make memories you’ll treasure when you’re apart.

#35. Support each other

No amount of technology or care packages can replace face-to-face time. It’s crucial to be sympathetic and reassuring during stressful times. A healthy, honest relationship can survive anything, so keep the channels of communication open.

#36. Visit each other

Last, best! Nothing beats meeting in person in a long-distance relationship. When possible, visit each other. Do nice stuff together at home.

#37. Feel the touch 

In a long-distance relationship, couples miss touch and are close. Technology has a solution. Touch Bond bracelets light up and vibrate when your spouse thinks of you, making you feel loved.

#38. Love gestures

Finding activities to do together even when away helps you feel special and stay connected. So make extravagant loving gestures.

#39. Create a bucket list folder.

Long-distance relationship activities? Together, make a bucket list. This can lead to exciting and unexpected long-distance relationship conversation topics, from places you wish to visit 5-year ambitions.

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#40. Draw or write a note.

SketchToy is a free internet program that replays your drawings. Click “save” to share a replay of your drawing or copy the link. Use it to write nice notes or draw humorous pictures.

#41. Write out your feelings

Long-distance couples argue. If you and your S.O. are bickering and can’t discuss it in person, write out your sentiments so you’re calm when you call.

#42. Create a personalized ringtone

Download your partner’s ringtone to know when they’re calling. It might be their favorite song or one you both love.

#43. Take a funny online quiz together

A Google search will find many couples and long-distance relationship quizzes. Most aren’t scientific or accurate, but they’re a fun pastime you can do together remotely.

#44. “Go” to a concert together

Find a live online performance of a band you both adore. Most musicians stream their performances to YouTube, so you may video chat while watching. Imagine you’re both there.

#45. Visit your partner’s family and friends

Make time to see your partner’s friends and relatives if you live near them. They’ll appreciate knowing you visited their favorites.

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#46. Write poetry

Write a poem about your long-distance love. When you’re done, mail it or read it over Skype or FaceTime.

#47. Bake cookies

Send your partner homemade cookies (or other treats). Loved ones’ homemade baked delicacies are the best.

#48. Buy Your S.O. Drinks

Do you know where your partner’s pals are meeting tonight? Surprise them with drinks at the bar, and it will be like you’re there (plus you’ll score bonus points with the crew).

#49. Start a reunion countdown

There’s nothing nicer than being reminded of your reunion. You can customize a free countdown app to appear on your home screen.

#50. Make an infographic for your relationship!

Social media is full of infographics. Statistics are presented creatively for any topic imaginable. Why not a relationship? It’s a great way to show your partner how much you remember about them.

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#51. Online multiplayer gaming

Men adore (if not love) online gaming. Why not join your long-distance sweetheart in battle? Steam has made online gaming easier.

#52. Wear the same PJs

PJs are the most underrated couple item ever. When your pajamas arrive, take a selfie in them. Or you can Skype in the same clothing and screenshot it.

 #53. Special kind of cloud

Word clouds? Words are jumbled. Larger words are more popular. Wordle creates word clouds. You may construct a poster-quality word cloud using different fonts, colors, layouts, and other variables.

Incorporate a personalized word search into your next care package or letter. You can utilize specific terms from your relationship or hint at a surprise.

#55. Track the weather.

I wanted to compare Maine with Massachusetts weather (where Frank lives). I looked for a widget or website that could compare weather conditions side-by-side. When I wanted to know Frank’s weather, I looked up our forecasts independently.

#56. Create your dream home

My wife and I recently discussed our dream home. Size, number of rooms, floor plan, exterior.

#57. The daily panty update

You’ve presumably subscribed to SMS updates. Frank gets Red Sox inning updates via text messaging.


#58. Touch each other

Indeed! With Hey Bracelets, you give and receive mild squeezes. Everywhere Hey’s gentle squeeze replicates human touch.

#59. Time-capsule email

Schedule emails. These can be simple letters reminding them how much you love or miss them. This keeps communication routes open.

#60. Send each other flowers

Flowers may enhance your mood and environment. They have additional meanings. Chrysanthemums indicate loyalty and love, orchids adoration, and peonies passion. You can pick their favorite or design a bouquet with an online flower delivery service.

#61. Virtually embrace each other

Websites let you send virtual hugs worldwide. Some may find them frightening or corny, yet they might cheer you up. Using pillows, certain devices can simulate a virtual embrace.

#62. Playlists on Spotify or Apple

Sharing playlists is personal, especially when songs have memories and meanings. Share Spotify or Apple Music playlists with your companion.

#63. Do skincare together

Prioritize skincare before bed. FaceTime each other, or CTM. It’s good for your skin and makes you accountable.

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#64. Get crafty

DIY some things. You can send them or trade them in person. Handmade cards, woodwork, knitted sweaters, crochet dolls, home decor upgrades, and embroidered handkerchiefs are unlimited.

#65. Find out what the stars have to say about your relationship.

Astrology, tarot cards, and numerology are fun discussion starters. They are matching zodiacs or natal charts.

#66. Color together

Coloring isn’t just for kindergarteners. Adult coloring books are popular because they decrease stress and enhance creativity.

#67. Do a cleaning spree together.

If you need extra motivation, plan to clean together. Take a weekend to deep clean. You can declutter and organize with Marie Kondo’s method.

#68. Join the same book club

Read the same novels if you’re both readers. Joining a book club has benefits. It’s a shared aim. You can read it alone and then discuss it over Skype. Like watching a Netflix show, you can both invest in the same people. Some couples read to each other at night as if they lived together. This is brilliant!

#69. Take a bubble bath over zoom

Consider a long-distance bubble bath via webcam. Take precautions online. Your partner shouldn’t be exposed online. Bubble baths are lovely for sneaking a peak at your birthday suit if you haven’t gotten intimate yet. If so, you and your lover can enjoy the night as you like. Date night bubble baths are great!

#70. Send gifts to their workplace

Send your partner a sweet gift to the office. Today, nearly anything can be delivered. Flowers or chocolate could work. You could also order Uber Eats. You may even give them a personalized cookie. If you want to seem excellent, get a box for the office.

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#71. Have a karaoke night

A good karaoke session can cause belly laughs. Great if you can’t carry a tune. Share your lack of talent on your chosen platform. Put on a karaoke show by looking up your song on YouTube. Create a contest.

#72. Open a joint account

If you’re getting serious and agree on finances, try opening a joint account. You can both save the extra change for a home or bucket list trip. If you’re both financially responsible and on the same page, consider opening a combined travel credit card account.

How do you satisfy a man in a distance relationship?

Discuss your upcoming steamy encounter. Send flirtatious texts regarding your most recent encounter with your sweetheart if you’re missing them. Imagine yourself and your spouse being together again while imagining the things you would like them to do to you. Immerse yourself in the present.

What is the secret to a long-distance relationship?

The key lesson? She asserted that emotional support and connection were crucial in long-distance relationships. “A feeling of intimacy can be maintained by staying in touch and including each other in everyday emotions and circumstances.

What are the red flags in a long-distance relationship?

Relationships that span great distances call for additional planning and communication. Red flags are so frequently harder to spot in long-distance relationships. Long-distance warning signs can include reluctance to communicate, gaslighting, and continuous argumentation.

What is the hardest part of a long-distance relationship?

The one area where LDR are particularly vulnerable is mistrust. The physical separation between partners may make it harder for them to trust one another completely. Lack of trust can lead to partners drifting away mentally, which is more harmful than physical separation.

What is an unhealthy long-distance relationship?

Unhealthy behaviors include demanding password access to your social media accounts, leaving FaceTime on so your partner can see you doing your schoolwork or making sure you’re watching TV simultaneously, or even getting irritated if you don’t leave your video chat on while you’re sleeping. Sexual restraint.


This varied blend of long-distance relationship activities will keep you connected despite the distance. Don’t be afraid to try new activities to keep your long-distance relationship strong.

Keeping a long-distance relationship alive requires more than simple activities. Playing long-distance relationship games online or sexting won’t keep your relationship afloat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I have fun with my long distance boyfriend?

It’ll be nice to dress up and have dinner.

  • Dine out.
  • Question each other.
  • Game Night
  • Cook or Bake Together. 
  • Virtually travel.
  • Organize an Unboxing of Care Packages.
  • Have a Watch Party. 
  • Trip-plan together.

How do you keep a long distance relationship passionate?

To maintain sexual tension in a long-distance relationship, flirt via text and video chat. You should also make time for your relationship and virtual dates.

How do you rebuild attraction in a long-distance relationship?

Long-Distance Relationships: Keep the Spark Alive

  • Facetime or Skype regularly.
  • Care package for your partner.
  • Share online games.
  • Social media friends of your partner.
  • Send your partner a seductive photo.

How do you turn a guy on long-distance?

Discuss your next romp. Send seductive SMS about your recent date if you’re missing your companion. Describe what you want your partner to do to you when you’re next together. Be present

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