SHOULD I GET BACK WITH MY EX? Quizzes & All You Should Consider


Whether you should try to get your ex back or accept his or her return is a very personal choice. After all, it is your life, and if you get back together with your ex, you will have to live with the relationship. Humans have a natural urge to love and be loved, which is frequently fulfilled in romantic relationships—which explains why breakups can be so painful. Following a split, you can go through a phase where you ponder getting back together with your ex, as many people do. Was it the right decision for you to leave them? Should you strive to rekindle the flame that once existed?

If you did, you wouldn’t be alone: According to a poll performed by the Associated Press, 41% of respondents have reconciled with an ex-partner. But whether or not that is the best option for you is another thing.

Just because you can reconcile with your ex does not mean it is the best option. When considering whether or not to return to the relationship, many considerations must be considered. Being separated or apart makes you realize you have a fantastic thing going on. However, the time apart might also let you realize how bad the relationship was.

Should I Get Back With My Ex?

First and foremost, keep in mind that you broke up for a reason. After a string of failed love relationships, it’s easy to develop relationship amnesia. Failed dates or hook-ups can sometimes leave us rummaging through our past and romanticizing old, familiar lovers. When we’re discouraged or, worse, desperate, we’re in a horrible place when it comes to making decisions.

However, an old flame that didn’t work out for one reason or another in the past may thrive now. You’ll need to ask yourself a series of questions to figure out which scenario applies to you. You might even want to enlist the help of a trustworthy, objective friend to investigate the answers:

  • What was the reason for your breakup?
  • Do you romanticize your ex-partner and/or your relationship?
  • What has changed in your opinion that makes you believe things will be different this time?
  • Since the breakup, what has your ex-partner done to improve as a partner?
  • Can you reestablish trust if it has been broken on either end?
  • Are you both willing to put in the effort to fix what wasn’t working before? What method will you use to do the task?

I’d like to draw attention to the third question on the list: So, what’s new? It’s all too often overlooked. Have you reconciled your differences? What kind of self-work have you done to assist you in enhancing your interpersonal skills? What kind of work did they do? It has been stated, “Wherever you go, there you are.” In relationships, it’s the same way. Once you’ve passed the honeymoon stage, you’re likely to run into the same troubles you had before.

Unless you have both done a lot of work on yourselves and have matured, gained new abilities, and learned new techniques, you are likely to end up back where you started before you split up. The path begins with reconciliation, especially if the breakup was controversial. When a relationship ends, it’s often due to a gradual deterioration in the connection and interactions between the two individuals.

Other times — and this happens more frequently — a precipitating event occurs. One person betrays another, hurtful words are spoken that can’t be taken back, addictions influence your relationship, one spouse fails to show up to support the other, and so on. Whether you were on the giving or receiving end of the behavior that led to the relationship’s end, you must make amends to go ahead.

When it comes to making amends or deciding whether or not to reconcile with an ex, I always look for the four Rs. A relationship cannot mend without these four vital steps:


The recognition of the harm you have caused leads to a heartfelt apology. It’s not enough to say “I’m sorry.” That’s just a bunch of words. A sincere apology expresses your knowledge of the harm you have caused and your regret for your actions.


Taking responsibility means accepting responsibility for your actions and their consequences, even if the hurt you caused was inadvertent. When you accept responsibility, you show the other person that you are aware of the gravity of the situation you have created and that you are aware of what you have done incorrectly.


It’s critical to create a space where people can talk about what happened and process their emotions. It helps people heal when they feel their grief has been heard.


The individual making amends must rectify the harm that has been done and take steps to prevent the wrong behavior from happening again. An excellent place to start is with a plan of action that addresses the causes that led to the person’s undesirable behavior. It may be necessary to give up social media, change employment, attend therapy, or enter rehab.

Should I Get Back With My Ex-Husband Quiz

There are a lot of questions racing through your mind right now. Should I get back with my ex-husband? You might wonder. You’re perplexed by what’s going on in your life. You’re undecided about whether there should be a chance. You may be stuck in an endless cycle of being on and off with your ex.

It can be difficult since your heart may desire one thing while your head suggests something else. This quiz may be able to tell you whether you should try to reconcile with your ex or if you should move on.

Questions Excerpt

Do you think of your ex as a friend now that you’ve broken up?

A. Yes

B. We still need to discuss some issues now and then.

C. Not at all

Do you think you’re lonely even when you’re not alone yourself?

A. Yes

B. Not really

C. Not at all

What caused your split in the first place?

A. Contextual

B. Deliberate

C. Cheating

Do you think you’ll still be with your ex in ten years?

A. Yes.

B. I think I’ll be able to see my ex for a few years.

C. Not really.

What is your situation when you miss your ex?

A. All of the time, even when I’m feeling successful.

B. On occasion, when I’m lonely,

C. When I feel like I don’t have someone to talk to

That was the one who called it quits on the relationship?

A. You

B. It was a shared experience.

C. Your ex

How long has it been since the breakup?

A. It was only recently

B. A couple of months ago

C. It was over a year ago.

Have you dated anyone else since then?

A. No.

B. Yes, but nothing lasted more than a few dates.

C. You’ve met a new person.

Has your ex-boyfriend dated anybody else since then?

A. No.

B. You’re unsure.

C. Yes.

Have any of you cheated on your partner while you were still together?

A. No.

B. I was flirted with but not duped.

C. Yes

Should I Get Back to With My Ex After She Slept With Someone?

There are hundreds of reasons for breakups, ranging from bad timing to adultery. If you’re debating whether or not to give your ex another chance after she slept with someone, here are five things to think about before jumping back in:

#1. What are your friends and family’s thoughts about your ex?

People who love and support you are likely to have strong feelings about your ex. Your friends will likely be delighted to express their thoughts on whether you should get back together, whether you were the one who broke up or the one who was left behind. Your loved ones, whether you admit it or not, may be better judge of character than you are. They can point out ways they have seen you change throughout the relationship, and they can recognize attributes that your ex may have that are easier for you to overlook.

#2. Are you certain you’re not simply settling?

You probably know your ex as well as the back of your hand. You know what they like and dislike, and they know what you like and dislike. Understandably, you miss them with that level of awareness.

Dealing with the end of a relationship might make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster of emotions. Some days you feel fine, but on others, you can’t seem to stop crying. You might be willing to do anything to stop the emotions on those particularly tumultuous days.

#3. Make a list of advantages and disadvantages.

As if making decisions isn’t challenging enough, deciding whether or not to rekindle your relationship with your ex might be a challenge. Between your intellect and your heart, there is a tug-of-war going on in your body. Your intellect is urging you to do the right thing, which would be to stay away, but your heart is screaming at you to try again.

#4. Love isn’t enough: Just because you still care about your ex doesn’t imply you should rekindle your relationship.

If you believe that falling in love is enough to keep a relationship going, you will continue to be hurt and in agony. Being in love with your ex isn’t enough to maintain a healthy relationship. It’s simple to feel love for your ex, but putting that love into action is the difficult part of a relationship.

#5. Consider whether your life is better with or without your ex.

If you’re hurt and alone, this can be a difficult issue to answer. Feeling anything other than sad and lonely would be a nice change, but you should consider whether you had more good days than terrible days when you were still together. Be honest with yourself: Did having your ex in your life benefit you or hinder you? Two people who are committed to bettering themselves and bringing out the best in each other make up a good relationship.

Should I Get Back to My Ex Who Dumped Me

One of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make is whether or not to take him back after they’ve broken up with you. It not only puts you in a perplexing predicament, but it’s also really aggravating. If my ex wants me back after dumping me, you better believe I’d have to sit down and work out a few things first.

You can’t immediately run back into their arms like they’re the most wonderful thing on the planet without first assessing your options and facts. Here are some things to think about while determining whether or not to get back with your ex after he or she has dumped you.

Reasons why you should get back together with your ex

As a result, he or she dumped you. While that is inexcusable, there could have been a legitimate basis for it. If any of the following applies to you and your partner, you should reconsider.

#1. There was no ambiguity in the outcome.

There was little drama, and everything moved quickly. He or she expressed what they needed to say and then walked away without being emotionally abusive or offensive in any way. This form of breakup simply demonstrates how much he or she loves and respects you. When it comes to end things, a guy or lady that cares about you will make it as simple as possible.

Knowing he or she wanted to make sure you didn’t have such a difficult time speaks volumes about his or her affection for you, and it’s a sign you might be able to work things out and reconcile with your ex.

#2. His or her justifications were reasonable.

Breakups are inevitable. Sometimes a guy or lady has commitment concerns, and other times it’s just bad timing. The idea is that he or she may have broken up with you for sound reasons, only to subsequently realize that they’d prefer to work through the issues to keep you in their life.

#3. Your prior relationship was in good shape.

Consider how your relationship was before the split. While many people have problems leading up to a breakup, this does not always imply that the partnership was unhealthy.

#4. You can forgive him or her.

It’s a big deal to get dumped. You went through heartbreak, longing, and ice cream buckets. It’s difficult to forgive and forget something like that. So, if you want to get back together with your ex, you’ll have to consider whether or not you can forgive him for abandoning you.

#5. You still care about him or her.

If he or she dumped you, this is typically the case. Otherwise, you would have abandoned them before they had a chance. However, he or she will periodically leave, and you will realize that your life is better off without them. You should not get back together with your ex if this happens. For the relationship to work, after you’ve resolved your issues, your sentiments must remain intact.


It’s a significant step to decide to reconcile with your ex. Make sure you’re being completely honest with yourself and your replies when you go over the items to think about. Also, keep in mind that you are solely accountable for your own life and actions. You should choose whatever option is best for you. It’s because they’re your ex that you should do what you need to do for your long-term happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ever a good idea to get back with an ex?

Another advantage of reuniting with an ex is being aware of how things have changed over your time apart. When dating someone new, you may be at a disadvantage because you are unaware of how they have evolved and changed positively over time. You get a better before-and-after picture with an ex.

Do exes usually get back together?

According to studies, 40-50 percent of people have reconnected back with their ex in order to begin a new relationship. On-again, off-again partnerships have weaker relationship quality and function than relationships that have never been broken. Due to residual feelings, people frequently continue relationships with ex-partners.

Why you shouldn't go back to your ex?

Don’t look for it in your past if you want a new, different, and better existence. You weren’t the person you wanted to be back then, and you won’t be that person today if you focus on the past instead of the future. Moving backward will just add to the amount of time it takes to move forward.

When should I give up on getting my ex back?

Signs That It’s Time To Give Up Trying To Get Your Ex Back

  • Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is in a committed relationship with someone else.
  • There were serious unsolvable deal-breakers in your relationship.
  • There was a lot of abuse.
  • You have no regard for one another.
  • They ditched you by vanishing.
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