BLACK FRIDAY GIFTS: Best Black Friday Gifts For Couples

black Friday gifts
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For maximum joy, the finest holiday gifts are meticulously picked, delivered on time, and elegantly wrapped. But none of these should stop you from getting a great deal on the items during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or end-of-year deals. In fact, you could argue that shopping for a super-special present for the super-special folks on your list during the post-Thanksgiving sales is not only acceptable but even thoughtful! Are we assisting you in any way? Yes, most likely. But we’re willing to live with allowing you to totally shower your loved ones in swag. That’s why we have dedicated this post to list black Friday gifts.

Black Friday Gifts

#1. A pair of Apple Airpods

“So far, these earbuds have been amazing. People complain about the price, yet there is a purpose behind it. I’ve never tried the prior version, but these ones pair with my iPhone, iPad, and Bluetooth transceiver practically instantaneously. They are really comfortable and do not fall out of my ears. I tested some less expensive Bluetooth earphones in the $50 range, and the difference was night and day. I’d gladly pay an extra $100 for the improved build quality and performance on them any day.” Chris Wadden (@ChrisWadden)

Check out all of Amazon’s specials and get them for $109.99 (originally $159).

#2. A Calvin Klein bralette 

“These bralettes are fantastic. They’re made of breathable cotton, which is crucial for my hypersensitive skin, particularly on hot days. They’re comfortable, and the racerback design prevents the straps from slipping down. They stretch in all the proper places, so they don’t bulge over or under the edges. The bralette also serves as a form of protection! Is it like an underwire bra in that it lifts and separates? No. However, I only wear them at home, on walks, and for gardening and yardwork (for the most part of my life), not out to dinner or with professional attire. I had to have another, and I’m thinking about getting a third. That’s right, they’re that good!” —LAS

It’s on sale for $19.60 (was $28) in women’s sizes XS–3X and 32 colours/styles.

#3. A Cuisinart stand mixer

“This stand mixer has my heart! The quality is outstanding! Steel, heavy, robust, silent, 12 speed. It’s a great kitchen appliance to have! You will not be disappointed! It’s a steal given the quality you get for the amount you spend!” —Esme

Get it for $159.96 (originally $365; available in five colours) and have a look at all of Wayfair’s offers, which are up to 80% off.

#4. A daily makeup staples set 

“I debated for a long time whether or not to get this set, and I was especially hesitant about the cloud paint, but I’m so pleased I did! This is my second clear buy of Boy Brow. It’s the ideal-eyebrows-but-better’ appearance. I’ve tried various brow creams similar to this, but none of them has been as effective. The Lash Slick is so much better than I expected (and I expected it to be fantastic), it gives you a flawlessly natural-looking finish that looks exactly like your own eyelashes, only better. It’s ideal for minimalists. I looked into the finest Cloud Paint hue for my skin tone (I am fair with pink undertones) for a long time before settling on ‘Puff’. When I put it on, I was pleasantly delighted because it appears so natural and isn’t as pink as I expected. It’s fantastic. Only a smidgeon is required.” —Rachel

Glossier has it for $30 (it was previously $50).

#5. A set of three pairs of gold-plated freshwater pearl huggie earrings

Stella and Hass is a Black woman-owned brand that makes just absolutely gorgeous accessories. (Psst, click the coupon before adding to cart to apply the discount!)

Get them from Amazon for $23.98 (originally $29.97).

#6. An Amazon Fire TV stick

“Months and months of deliberation have come to an end. I eventually made the decision to cut the cord and go entirely digital. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. This device comes with a variety of apps and ways to view TV, movies, news, sports, and local programming, among other things. I haven’t gone over all of the apps in detail yet. However, I’m quite pleased so far. It was simple to set up, and there is always something interesting to watch. I can’t believe I used to pay up to $200 per month for the same shows on Comcast.” —Greg

For $27.99, get it on Amazon (originally 39.99).

#7. Harry Potter

Get it from Amazon for $62.98 (originally $120).

#8. A Fire HD 10 Tablet 

Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (originally $149.99; available in four colours).

#9. Midi hoops

I’ve been wearing these earrings for almost a year now. With them, I’m showering. I’m going to bed with them. I’m having dinner with them. The whole shebang! They haven’t corroded in the least and appear to be brand new.

Mejuri sells it for $50. (up to 20 per cent off; available in two finishes).

#10. A cool-to-the-touch comforter 

This comforter is also very environmentally friendly. It’s made entirely of recycled thread and comes in vacuum-sealed virgin plastic packaging (which requires less fuel than a traditional shipping box).

“It’s a little thinner than I anticipated, but don’t let that deceive you. You’ll be a Buffy believer if you bunch it up between your legs. It’s so soft that it makes you feel pampered, yet unlike other fluffy comforters I’ve tried, it doesn’t get hot. I’m not sure how you can have this much luxury while being so cool all night.” Edward N.

It’s available at Buffy for $143.20+ (originally $179, three sizes).

#11. A pair of Madewell curvy jeans 

“In my 30 years on this planet, these are the best jeans I’ve ever owned. Because I have a small waist, I have incredibly curvy legs, which is generally an issue. These jeans, on the other hand, seem tailor-made for my figure. My curves are beautifully enhanced, and I’ve already purchased two pairs. I’m completely smitten.” —Nrmlgurl

Madewell has them for $39.99+ (originally $128+), and they come in sizes 23-37, petite, standard, and tall lengths, as well as nine colors and designs.

12. A game of Kan Jam

“This is a beach game that my friends and I have been playing since we were in high school, and it’s usually a big hit. The rules are straightforward: split into two pairs and stand across from one another. All you have to do now is throw your Frisbee at the ‘kan.’ You receive one point if your teammate deflects the Frisbee to hit the can. Two points are awarded if the disc lands on the kanon it’s own. It’s three points if your teammate taps the Frisbee into the kan. You win if you throw the disc RIGHT INTO THE SLOT by some lucky chance!” Heather Braga (Heather Braga)

It’s $32 on Amazon (was $39.99) and comes in six different patterns.

#13. A pair of plush joggers 

Get them from Aerie for $26.97 (originally $44.95, available in sizes XXS-XXL and in short, regular, and long lengths and six colours).

#14. An 18-karat gold vermeil necklace 

Get it from BaubleBar for $40.60 (originally $58, available in 12 stone styles).

#15. A Glamglow deep cleanse mask trio

Get a set of three from Sephora for $10 (originally $19).

#16. A weighted blanket

“I seldom write reviews, but after purchasing two of these blankets, I felt compelled to do so! Due to a tough pregnancy and baby, I haven’t slept through the night in about six years. It taught my body to sleep for only a few hours at a time. I tried everything and was blown away by how well a weighted blanket worked! It provides immediate relief from restless legs, sleeplessness, and anxiety. It’s draped over me as I type this, and it feels fantastic! Now is the time to buy!” —Jenny

It’s on sale for $39.15 (down from $79); it comes in 15 sizes/weights and 36 colours.

#19. Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

This vegan and cruelty-free clay mask also come with a brush for application!

(Don’t forget to click the coupon for a 20% discount!)

“Don’t believe everything you hear. I rarely, if ever, write reviews. Hormonal cystic acne is a problem for me. I first received this product as a sample in a beauty bag subscription, and it cleared up my acne and made my pores substantially smaller in just a few weeks. I was considering purchasing but was concerned about the price, so I decided against it and went with another choice. Nothing could ever bring my skin back to the condition it was in when I was using this product, so I bit the bullet and bought it. I have no regrets. It’s my newest holy grail item.” Chelsea

Amazon has it for $39.20 (was $49).

#20. A retinol serum

“I’ve tried various retinol and retinoids in the past, but the chemical scent and the impression that they were harsh on my skin turned me off. This isn’t it! It has a pleasant scent and absorbs into my skin rather than resting on top of it. It’s silky smooth and not at all crusty or sticky.” —Moxmoxmox

Versed has it for $17.59 (down from $21.99).

#21. A sheet set

Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Get it from Sheets & Giggles for $119.96 (originally $149.95, available in seven sizes and 11 colours).

#22. A Nespresso machine 

“I love my virtual next machine, especially the mini size, after pondering a Nespresso buy for a while. It doesn’t take up much space on the counter and is quite simple to operate. Coffee is, without a doubt, my favourite thing. One of the nicest coffees I’ve ever had was the intenso pod. Better than the majority of coffee shops. Every day, I am grateful for my excellent coffee. The only drawback is that I can’t get the machine to connect to Bluetooth. It doesn’t matter to me because I didn’t buy it for that reason. Strongly suggested!” —Lauren

It’s available for $146.30 on Amazon (originally $242.95).

#23. An eco-friendly Makeup Eraser 

Plus, if it gets too dirty, you simply toss it in the wash and rest confident that it will last for up to five years.

Positive feedback: “THIS. ITEM. IS. OUTSTANDING. I’ve never had clearer skin in my life. It does exactly what it says on the tin: it removes makeup. Whether it’s waterproof or not, it all comes off with a little water and scrubbing. This will never cease to surprise me. I will never buy another makeup removal product.” —Brittany

It’s $14 on Amazon (it was originally $20).

#24. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite 

“I never thought I’d discover anything better than my beloved Kindle Paperwhite, but I did… with this latest version. I only purchased an updated version since my original had a couple of pixels burn out after four years of heavy use (at least 20-30 hours per week) and was simply slowing down. So, Merry Christmas from me, a PaperWhite alternative. This one is a little smaller and lighter, and the flush front is well worth the upgrade. It all adds up to a more comfortable reading experience. I also appreciate the complimentary cellular service. Overall, a significant upgrade over what was already near-perfect!” —Shopper from Missouri

It’s $84.99 on Amazon (was $129.99) and comes in four colours.

#25. A pair of Powerbeats headphones 

“For me, these Beats headphones have been a game-changer. The sound quality is SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY CHEAP HEADPHONES, and it has greatly enhanced my gym experience. Now that my music is crystal clear (and I can’t hear myself wheezing on the treadmill), it’s simpler for me to stay motivated. I was concerned that connecting their Bluetooth settings to my phone and computer would be difficult (again, I’m not a fan of can openers), but the entire process is quite simple. And they stay connected for a long time – I can travel from my phone to the other side of the room without my music being interrupted.” —Editor at BuzzFeed, Emma McAnaw

Amazon is selling select colours for $159.95 (originally $249.95, available in eight colours).

#26. A Moroccan tassel area rug

“It’s really soft, yet it’s also well-made. The tassels lay well and there is no shedding. The hue is more of a charcoal grey than black, which I expected, but it makes me appreciate it even more. Everything goes with it!” —Megan G.

Rugs USA has it for $26.30+ (originally $49.25+, available in 12 sizes, five shapes, and six colours) (available in 12 sizes, five shapes, and six colours).

#27. A six-quart Instant Pot pressure cooker 

This Instant Pot is really a seven-in-one kitchen appliance! It’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yoghurt maker, cake maker, and warmer all rolled into one! Because #fancy, it can also be sautéed.

Positive feedback: “This is by far the best and most adaptable culinary tool I’ve ever owned. I like it so much that I bought two more for friends and family members. What is it capable of? ‘What can’t it do?’ Also, I believe the true question is. I genuinely believe you could use the Instant Pot to replace all of your hence, culinary appliances (including your oven and stovetop) and do everything with it. For my own use, I bought two sizes: a three-quart (which I use virtually every day for two-person dishes) and an eight-quart (which I bring out to handle my dinner party dishes). Everything I’ve tried so far has been excellent. There is no better investment in the world of kitchen appliances than the Instant Pot.” —Stereoman

It’s available for $79 on Amazon (was $99.95).

#28. An easy-to-clean canvas wallet 

Investing in a nice wallet has been the most adult-like purchase I’ve ever made, and I haven’t lost my Metro Card in *at least* a few months because of it. (That’s a very big deal for me.)

Get it from Dagne Dover $59 (originally $75, available in nine colours).

#29. A FOREO LUNA face brush 

This exfoliant also has a one-minute timer to ensure that you cleanse your face for the recommended amount of time.

Positive feedback: “I enjoy exploring new things as an esthetician! This is akin to an electronic toothbrush and is perfect for folks who don’t realize they aren’t washing their skin long enough.” Kirsten Warner (@KirstenWarner)

It’s $71.40 on Amazon (was $104.25, available in six colours).

#30. An Amazon Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 reacts to voice commands and can be linked with Audible, Amazon Music, thus, Amazon Video, and other apps and programs like Spotify, iTunes, and NPR, just like other Alexa-enabled devices.

Positive feedback: “For Christmas, I ordered these for my mother, brother’s family, and myself. It seemed like a simple way to communicate between Michigan and Indiana, where everyone was dispersed. The first several months’ usage was sporadic, but now it’s at least once a day. Thank you for creating such a simple solution that allows me to keep in touch with my family in person during these trying times!” —mike

It’s $44.99 on Amazon (was $89.99; two colours available).

#31. A three-tiered tabletop fountain

“So far, I’ve tried a few different fountains. This one is fantastic; the pump is quiet, and the water is as well; it simply has a really pleasant environmental impact on my workspace. I run it for up to eight hours a day, only use purified water, and clean it on a regular basis, and it still runs like new after several weeks. Although not all of the fountains I’ve tested have performed as well as this one, I’m thrilled and pleased with my purchase.” — I’m Rod, and that’s all there is to it.

It’s available on Amazon for $18.74 (down from $24.99).


Over the last two years, there has been a lot of upsetting changes. However, there have been a few constants that have brought joy most notably, all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers that swept the internet. Isn’t that enough? And, happily, this year is no exception. Some of our favourite department stores and DTC labels are showering us with discounts that will make us (and our bank balances) very happy, just like clockwork.


When is Black Friday 2021?

When is Black Friday 2021? The official Black Friday date for this year is November 26, 2021. The actual date shifts every year, but the day of the week stays the same: it’s always the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Last year, retailers kicked off Black Friday deals earlier than ever to create a safer shopping experience and avoid shipping delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This year, we’re seeing a similar trend with retailers launching Black Friday promotions earlier than ever to avoid potential shipping delays and stock issues.

What Black Friday deals can I shop for now?

Last year we saw Black Friday deals launch earlier than ever as retailers tried to create a safer shopping experience in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We also saw a move to the competitive arena of online sales, with more and more retailers on the web than ever before.

So what does this mean for the Black Friday 2021 sale? Retailers are gearing up for expected shipping delays, which means Black Friday deals are starting earlier than ever before.

How do Black Friday sales work?

Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving and is symbolically seen as the start of the critical holiday shopping season. Stores offer big discounts on electronics, toys, and other gifts, or at least the first opportunity for consumers to buy whatever the hottest products are.

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