HOW TO MAKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND HAPPY: The Comprehensive List (Updated)


Do you want to make your girlfriend feel special and appreciated? You don’t have to work too hard to figure out how to make your girlfriend happy. Using these methods, it only takes a few minor details to transform yourself into the best boyfriend ever! It’s in a girl’s nature to be affectionate and loving. And when we’re in a relationship with a great guy, we appreciate being treated special. But, more often than not, a guy simply does not know how to treat his girlfriend properly, even if he is attempting to please her.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Making your girlfriend happy and loved is not a difficult task. In reality, it is quite simple. To begin, use these ways to make your girlfriend happy, to pamper and please her. And I can assure you that you will undoubtedly win the game of love.

#1. Keep important dates in mind.

This is near the top of the list because most men don’t seem to remember important dates. Why? I mean, it’s not that difficult! You remember game stats and so many other insignificant things, but you don’t think your girlfriend’s birthday or anniversary is an important date to remember?

#2. Make her friends envious of her

We all want our relationships to be perfect, but few of us work to make them so. Treat your girlfriend with love and affection, and attend to all of her needs, particularly when she is with her friends.

#3. Respect her opinions.

Respect is important to how we feel about ourselves as humans. We are unhappy when we are disrespected by someone important to us. This has the same effect on relationships as well.

#4. Be affectionate with her in public.

When you’re out in public with your girlfriend, make her feel special and happy. You don’t have to eat each other’s faces to show that you’re dating.

#5. Pay attention to her.

Do you stay close to your girlfriend and make sure she’s comfortable when you’re out, or do you leave her alone and catch up with your friends?

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy Over Text

Sometimes all you want to do is put a smile on someone’s face. Perhaps you’re attempting to cheer up a friend who is having a bad day. Or perhaps you’re texting a girl you like and want to make a good first impression. We’ve compiled some of our favorite text-based ways to make your girlfriend happy, so don’t be shy—send her a quick text and see how it goes!

#1. Lead her in with something that will make her curious.

Make her feel as if you are eager to tell her something. Starting a conversation with “Hey, what’s up?” or “WYD?” is tedious because it gives the impression that you’re sitting around with nothing better to do. Instead, start your text with something that will pique her interest right away, such as “Guess what I just did,” or “You won’t believe what happened at work today.”

#2. Ask her for a recommendation.

Let her know how much you value her opinion. It’s very flattering to ask someone to help you make a decision, especially if that decision plays to their strengths. You’re essentially saying, “I know you’re good at this, and I’d appreciate your feedback.” That’s a good opening line, so go ahead and use it!

#3. Compliment her.

Mention something specific about her that you admire. A genuine, well-timed compliment can make anyone happy. It could be something you noticed about her the last time you saw her in person or something you saw in a photograph of her, such as her smile or her amazing outfit.

#4. Tell her that something made you think of her.

Bring up a funny or sweet memory you have in common. If you’re out and about and see something that reminds you of a girl you know, tell her! It could make her very happy to know she’s on your mind. Take a photo and send it to her with a caption like, “Remember when we discussed this?” or “This reminded me of that movie we saw.”

#5. Make her laugh by doing something cute or funny.

Your upbeat personality will brighten her day. Talk about movies, music, or television; tell her funny stories; send the memes that you think will make her laugh—anything lighthearted. You can even tease her or make light of yourself, as long as you don’t come across as mean-spirited or self-pitying.

#6. Ask her questions about herself.

Allow her to express herself. When you ask someone a question about themselves, you are expressing your desire to learn more about them. Just don’t ask too many questions in a row—it can feel like an interrogation.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy Over the Phone

Everyone texts, but how can you make your girlfriend happy on the phone? Let’s learn how to make your girlfriend happy over the phone right now!

#1. Leave a voice note 

How can you make your girlfriend happy over the phone? Random conversation via voice note could make her happy. Telling her about something, telling her what you’re up to, or wishing her a good morning via voice note could be a nice idea.

#2. Make a phone call schedule.

You and she may be busy all day, so make a plan for when you can talk on the phone. You could contact her in this manner. Furthermore, you know how to conduct a pleasant phone conversation, such as asking her how her day was, allowing her to tell it, and sharing your own.

#3. Improve communication

I know it’s preferable to talk to your girlfriend in person, but if you haven’t been able to do so recently, practice communication skills over the phone. Text her to show her you care. Keep in touch with her to stay up to date on everything she’s been through.

#4. Be receptive

Some men may not enjoy talking much. This could make the girl unhappy. If she texts you about something serious or urgent, try to be a little more responsive to avoid some childish fights because you didn’t respond to the text quickly enough.

#5. Love in person 

We now use phones to communicate and connect with others. However, when it comes to a great relationship, please do more than just text her or call her. If you are not in a long-distance relationship or are not in quarantine, try to meet her as much as possible in person.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy After a Fight.

Your response can make or break your relationship. So, if you’re at a loss for words or actions, here are some suggestions to make your girlfriend happy after a big fight.

#1. Discuss the cause of the fight with her patiently.

Even though the argument is over, she is still enraged. Instead of restarting the fight, speak calmly to your partner. Examine the cause of the fight rather than what was said during it. Tell her your point of view and listen to her side of the story.

#2. Express your regret and affection for her.

It is not difficult to express regret. So, if you walked out of the house after the fight, call her and apologize, and tell her you love her. Instead of simply saying the words, try to sound apologetic. You must also demonstrate your affection for her.

#3. Demonstrate to her that the relationship is more important than the conflict.

You and your partner may have had a nasty fight with some harsh words and a lot of crying, but at the end of the day, you and your partner are in this relationship. After a fight, take some time to calm down before hugging your girlfriend. If she isn’t ready for a hug, tell her you’ve put the fight behind you.

#4. Give her a gift or do something nice for her.

Always get her a gift when you see her after a fight. The gift should be something she has always desired, rather than something random. Get her some flowers (if she isn’t allergic to them) and chocolates. The trick is to demonstrate to her that you are there to fulfill all of her wishes. This will make her forget about the fight and embrace you.

#5. Make-up sex, of course.

It is, after all, the best way to end an argument. It will allow you to release your pent-up rage and tension. The argument will have you both charged up, and you will alternate between emotions. It will make you feel better. However, make-up sex can not take the place of an apology. So, remember to apologize.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy After You Hurt Her

The following are some ways to make your girlfriend happy when she is upset with you.

#1. Put your ego aside and talk to her.

One of the most serious issues in any relationship is “ego.” Consider arguing with her about who is correct or incorrect. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, simply arguing with her has made matters worse.

#2.  Apologies to her.

The best way to express regret is to say “sorry.” It does not prove that you were incorrect, but it does demonstrate your values and respect for the individual. Even after you apologize, you may need to give her some time, but it works. It is one of the best ways to make your girl smile when she is upset with you.

#3. Pay attention to her.

Sometimes all you have to do is listen to make your girl feel better. One of the most effective ways to deal with relationship issues is to listen. Instead of arguing with her, let her speak and listen to her. When you acknowledge a girl’s feelings, she feels better and eventually smiles.

#4. Make her smile.

Humor plays an important role in a relationship. It is one of the most effective ways to sweep a girl off her feet. Even if your girl is angry at you, a few funny lines or gestures can make her forget her rage at any time.

#5. Take care of her.

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The same can be said for females. When their stomachs are full, the girls remain calm. So, if she starts to get angry, buy her favorite food, or take her out for a dinner date, her rage will eventually fade.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She’s Sad

Here are some easy ways to improve communication with your girlfriend, make her happy when she’s sad, and avoid angry stand-offs and silent treatments.

#1. Be gentle with her.

When she’s mad at you, the worst thing you can do is try to win the battle by outlasting her anger and emotional distance. Demonstrate that you can overcome your rage and work on your relationship. Instead of arguing, make sweet gestures and speak sweetly to her.

#2. Make her feel special.

Even amid an argument, a girl needs to know she is loved and appreciated. Rather than fighting back, show her respect and understanding by truly listening to her and acknowledging her emotions.

#3. Use her tantrums to elicit stronger feelings for you.

When your girlfriend is angry at you, it may appear to be a terrible thing. However, instead of becoming frustrated or stressed, use it as an opportunity to deepen her feelings of love for you. Demonstrate to her that you can maintain control no matter what type of tantrum she throws at you.

#4. Give her your best smile and look her in the eyes.

Instead of making an angry face at her, look her in the eyes and give her your best smile. Your smile can make her smile as well. It will give you a positive attitude that will make those around you happy and comfortable.

#5. Give her a bear hug.

Hugs and sweet kisses are extra special for girls. In times of rage, your touch can soothe and make her smile. Instead of arguing with her, be there to hold her hand and give her a warm embrace.


Sometimes the smallest romantic gestures can bring the biggest smiles. Use these tips to make your girlfriend happy, and she’ll love you even more for being such a special guy to her.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my girlfriend feel loved?

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

  • The traditional Good Morning Text. Nothing beats waking up to a text from your favorite person.
  • Remember different date anniversaries.
  • Provide a massage.
  • Send flowers for no reason.
  • Support her decisions.
  • Genuinely listen to what she has to say.
  • Take her hand.
  • Kiss her on the forehead.

How can I make my girlfriend happy in chat?

How to Make a Girl Happy Through Texting

  • Begin with something that will pique her interest.
  • Request a recommendation from her.
  • Make her feel good.
  • Tell her that something made you think of her.
  • Make her happy by doing something cute or funny.
  • Inquire about herself with her.
  • Tell her you’re here for her.

How can I make my girlfriend happy in mood?

Here are some ideas for making your girlfriend happy.

  • Tell her how much you adore her.
  • Leave sweet notes to make her happy.
  • Give your girlfriend flowers to make her happy.
  • Send her cute text messages.
  • Make your girlfriend feel special by pampering her.
  • Make her smile.
  • Thank your girlfriend for everything she does.

What make a girl fall for you?

Ways to Make Her Fall in Love With You Again

  • Pay attention to her.
  • Complement her appearance.
  • Do not be afraid of chivalry.
  • Accept her decisions.
  • Tell her how much you appreciate her.
  • Pay attention to her.
  • Feed the love between you.
  • Looks good.
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