11+ Best Tips for Unhealthy Relationships

We often hear statements like guys are scams; girls are scams; relationships are scams. Well, ordinarily, they’re not. There are just healthy and unhealthy relationships. And for the most part, unhealthy relationships are the result of the neglected guidelines for healthy ones. Only, sometimes they’re not neglected; most partners are just ignorant of them.

However, the records show that guys are usually the ignorant ones while the ladies neglect these guidelines with the idea, “It’s the guy’s job.” They fail to realize that being in a relationship involves two parties, so making it work shouldn’t be one-sided.

This article will help you avoid unhealthy relationships in the first place for guys and ladies looking to get into relationships. Below are helpful tips to help you avoid unhealthy relationships in general.

Look For Someone With Similar Values

People tend to get into relationships for several reasons that seem important to them without considering something more important; Do you have similar values and interests? Most times, values differ, making the relationship problematic and uninteresting.

Never Take Your Partner for Granted

If you’re okay with something, it doesn’t mean your partner will be too. You should make use of every opportunity to avoid making them feel neglected because when they do, they seek attention elsewhere. No one enjoys being neglected.

Stop Trying to Be Each Other’s Everything

You would need to first realize in a relationship that you can’t be anyone’s everything. Try to give each other some space. Do not suffocate each other. Build friendships other than just relationships. Trust me; it helps the relationship flow.

Show Your Appreciation Always

Either by words or actions, make your partner feel appreciated always. Little drops of water make an ocean. So, saying or showing little expressions of love and gratitude often yields significant results.

Little gestures like a hug, a kiss, holding hands, smiling at each other, complimenting each other’s effort, or even saying the words “Thank you” out loud go a long way.

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Meet Your Partner’s Needs

Love is not just about feelings; it’s about expression. In a relationship, partners should know each other’s needs and meet them. They may often not say they’re in need, but it’s important to know that they are and help out.

Don’t Just Settle For the Big Stuff

Sex goes way deeper than just orgasms. The sensation, intimacy, and emotional bonding outweigh the huge genitals. Consequently, you would realize that there are more important reasons for sex other than orgasms.

Don’t Forget to Keep Things Lively

At some point, partners tend to get over-familiar with the person they love. They take their love for granted and let the spice between them dilute, forgetting that keeping things lively has its advantages.

Activities like going out on dinner dates, going to the movies, and taking occasional vacations help keep things lively.

Reduce the Pressure on Performance

Oftentimes the concept of sex comes with a whole lot of pressure, such as orgasm with penetration or not. Partners need to expand their concept of sex beyond these things.

Other activities like bathing together, cuddling, watching a romantic movie, or series together, help reduce this pressure.

It’s Less About What You Fight On, and More About How You Fight

Most times, partners have issues between themselves for one reason or the other, but rather than fight between themselves, they should share their goals and fight together towards them.

On the other hand, while it may be almost impossible to avoid a fight in a relationship, you should not allow it to last for more than a day. It may get worse trying to justify the fact that your partner was responsible for the fight, so should apologize.

However, to a large extent, some fights can be avoided by not indulging.

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Try a Nicer Approach

Most Partners in relationships lack a manner of approach between themselves. Rather than criticism and blame, a gentle smile and a gentle approach should do the magic better.

Be a Team

Partners sometimes feel that the things they need the most are usually what their partners can not provide. It happens in relationships, so it shouldn’t be something to get worked up about.

Rather than getting worked up, it should be a cue to work together as a couple to achieve it. It helps with teamwork.

Take Time Apart

Half of the time, partners don’t realize how important it is to stay away from each other for a while. No matter how much you love each other, keep a distance at some point, it triggers an intense craving for each other more.

Don’t Abandon Yourself

Self-abandonment is usually a huge factor in an unhealthy relationship. Attributes like being late to appointments, looking messy, expecting too much from your partner, eating badly, neglecting your self-esteem, and many more prevent you from creating a healthy relationship.

Create a Fulfilling Life

Some partners are usually so busy trying to be martyrs or trying to sacrifice themselves in order to make the relationship work. They basically lose themselves in relationships, forgetting about their personal goals and ambitions.

Striving to create a fulfilling life for yourself helps you become responsible for your partner. Your wellbeing is just as important as the relationship.

Create a Fulfilling Lifeavoid the Notion That No Relationship Is Perfect.

Most importantly, this logic, “no relationship is perfect,” has done damages in relationships. Refusing to right a wrong cause you feel no relationship is without a wrong, lengthens the discord, and wears out the bond in a relationship.


Sometimes, we get too engulfed in our expectations that we fail to see how interesting our relationships are.

How it teaches and enhances us. Sometimes we try to drag things for the longest period of time. But in the end, some things are either meant to be or not, so just enjoy the journey and allow the aftermath to unfold itself

Unhealthy Reloationships FAQs

What do toxic relationships feel like?

A toxic relationship is one that no longer brings you joy and instead makes you feel sad, angry, nervous, or “resigned as if you’ve sold out,” according to Glass. You could be envious of happy couples as well. Negative changes in your mental health, personality, or self-esteem, according to Fuller, are all red flags.

What makes a partner toxic?

A toxic relationship is one in which you feel abandoned, misunderstood, degraded, or abused. You might even have to deal with toxic familial relationships. When your emotional, psychological, or physical well-being is threatened in any way, a relationship is toxic.

How does a toxic relationship start?

When a person fails to realize the negative dynamics they’re subconsciously looking to play out with a romantic partner, they’re in a toxic relationship. This not only creates an imbalance in the relationship but also inhibits personal progress.

When should you end a relationship?

If you feel like you’re acting, reacting and responding in ways that you think you should rather than in ways that are real to you, you should reconsider what’s going on. It might not be the appropriate relationship for you if you can’t be honestly yourself around your partner, warts and bad moods and all.

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