ENGAGEMENT GIFTS: Best 11+ Gift Ideas

Engagement gifts
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Are you having a hard time deciding exactly what kind of gifts just scream love, warmth, or passion? Well, this post is for you. Most times, even the best of us romantics have a hard time picking lovely engagement gifts. And that’s totally okay. But, let’s make that decision a little easier.


Below are a number of ideas for couples you can try out when the need arises.

  1. LET’S CUT THAT CAKE: At this point, there is probably a cake in view, so you could gift that traditional golden cake knife and server. It’s usually safer to get a simple and timeless design they can use to cut their first official slice, and even way beyond the wedding ceremony. Trust me, they’d think of you anytime they cut a cake.
  2. LET’S FEED THAT SWEET TOOTH: Ever thought that one of the sweetest ways to say “congrats” is with a box of cupcakes. Most of the best engagement gifts are the edible ones and it is also perfect because it’s something the pair can share together.
  3. WHY NOT A VASE: You can’t go wrong with a nice embroidered vase. It’s also something most couples wouldn’t buy for themselves, which makes it one of the best engagement gifts. However, sometimes, it doesn’t seem to play out this way. Against our best judgment, they may have ordered for one. At this point, it would be best to find out if the couple has already registered for a vessel they love. Get the exact match. Trust me, this would be a memorable one.
  4. SCRAP- EVERY- MEMORY IN A BOOK: A really cool engagement gift most couples don’t even know they need is a scarpbook. Although, a scrapbook seems really simple and basic but it’s one of the few gifts they can personalize with memories from different times in their relationship. You could also give it a snappy title like Memories and Dreams.

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Ladies always need extra pampering so why don’t you get her an extra special gift that commemorates her engagement.

  1. EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH GOLD: Yeah she’s finally engaged but what do you get her? Well that’s simple. Show me a girl that can resist gold accessories and I’d show you a human with wings. Yes, you should get her a gold bangle, engraved with sweet phrases like “Congrats,” “Tie the knot,” or “Cut the cake.”
  2. DREAMS IN A PIC: Why don’t you gift her a cute photo display? Though simple but iconic. She could display portraits of her future bridesmaids or from the lovely wedding.


Contrary to popular perceptions, the guys also love some sugar too. So what do you want to get for him?

  1. MUSIC, MUSIC, AND MUSIC: A lot of guys tend to take music very seriously. That is why professional-level headphones aren’t a bad idea. They can deliver amazing sounds and sick beats so he can definitely kick back and relax amidst all the hectic wedding planning.
  2. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH BOOZE: Let’s face it, drinks and festivities go hand in hand. Getting him really fancy Martini, Tequila or even champagne is definitely a foolproof engagement gift for him.

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What could actually make an engagement gift not just special but one of the best things you could think of? Let’s find out.

  1. DATE NIGHT: The couple is usually stressed and on edge preparing for the wedding. Date Nightw always saves the day, although clubbing also sounds fun. Whatever the couple would prefer plan something special to surprise them.
  2. CUTE MUGS: Mugs are actually cute because it’s something the couple can use almost everyday. Although, some couples love getting matching tattoos but matching mugs can actually elevate their mornings. Just staring at it with cute engravings like “Mine & Yours”, “She said Yes” or “Mr &Mrs”.


It’s always fun to goof off and not take everything too seriously at times even when it comes to gifting the proper engagement gifts.

  1. CUSTOM MADE: Why don’t you get them customized socks or T-shirts even hoodies with their faces on it. Though it sounds silly and a bit cliche but boy, it brings all the memories. You could even get sneaky and add their goofy pictures so they can both share a laugh when they see it.

Yes, now you’re ready for the best engagement gift/ surprise you could prepare for.

Engagement Gifts FAQs

What is an appropriate gift for an engagement?

  Gift cards, a check, or cash are always well-received gifts. Bring a bottle of Champagne or prosecco as an alternative.

How much should you spend on engagement gift?

An engagement party gift should cost about a quarter to one-third of a wedding gift.

Who pays for an engagement party?

The engagement party is traditionally hosted and paid for by the bride’s parents. Today’s standards, on the other hand, have gradually rendered this rule obsolete. Many couples nowadays plan, host, and pay for their engagement party themselves.

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