BACHELORETTE PARTY IDEAS: 12+ Must know Ideas in 2022


Thinking of bachelorette party ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is clubbing. Yeah, no doubt, that’s fun but beyond just fun, we always yearn for something out of the blues. Something that actually makes the idea stand out and of course Instagram-worthy. True, we may have already started straying deep into a fable or a dream but it could also be a reality. So let’s make one with the ideas listed below.

Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas

Most VBP ideas have been a resultant effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. They involve party ideas that can be executed without participants being in the same room. It literally leverages the use of our gadgets and of course the internet to whip up parties.

In other words, you could be in different locations due to the Covid precautions and still make it a memorable weekend. There are basically tons of video chat platforms at your disposal including Zoom and Google meet to make that happen. But let’s focus on the ideas themselves.

What’s fun than getting behind the Bar?

Alcohol is always one of the easiest and carefree ways to start every bachelorette but let’s get those nails a bit dirty. Spicing up the day with a simple mixology class and getting straight to business with shaking up your cocktails with a twist. And here’s the great part, it could be done over any of the video chat platforms. Imagine how crazy and fun that would be. I already do.

Let’s Tri-via Out

So who knows who is best? Is it the bride or the groom? It’s always a fun game for everyone. You share laughs and there’s always fun shaking this table. The loser gets one extra shot in the ultimate battle of trivia as you try not to get drunk first.

But here’s the deal, everyone has to get a bottle of spirit individually. Because it would be impossible to hand out a shot physically since it would be done virtually.

Either way, the rules need to be strict.

Only One Ice to the Heart

Ok, who says ice cream can’t work on a virtual party? Ice your bride’s heart with ice cream at her doorstep of course with a twist. How about rum and raisins with a side of tequila glazed donuts or a spruced frosty martini popsicle? These two would make perfect additives to any bachelorette virtual party.

So give it a try and let’s get feedback in our comment section. I am eager to hear your experiences and thoughts.

Funny Bachelorette Party ideas

It’s not all about making memories but memories that bring a smile to our faces and a sudden grin to our smiles.

Don’t think you Can’t Get a Tatoo

A little tattoo is actually a really fun way to go about the party. With hilarious inscriptions like “I’m a young bride and if I’m drunk, get me another drink” or “I’m in Cindy’s bachelorette party I’d probably talk to you if I’m sipping another tequila.” Temporary ones though, because no one wants to carry that on their arms forever.

But on the other hand, no one has to know they aren’t permanent.

Truth or Beer

I’m always a sucker for this game at any bachelorette party. Bottoms up don’t be a buzz kill. Your bride is probably hyped up already and in this game, there are no dares every one that answers takes one shot but anyone caught lying actually drinks the whole bottle of beer on the table. The first one who gets drunk pays for the drinks.

Effective, yeah, and cost-efficient.

Scavenger Hunt

This is sure to spice up the night if it’s getting too cold. Determining to play it safe and innocent or wildly and unpredictable is entirely up to you. Keep the ball rolling and have fun. You get the idea already.

What are you Wearing

For a thrilling and exciting game, every guest at the party gets the bride new underwear that best depicts her personality and the bride tries to picture and guesses the buyer. This actually causes a lot of laughs and lives a lot of funny memories.

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

What is the ultimate fun factor you are searching for that will definitely set the day? Let’s find out.

Drink if you dare

This is the ultimate bachelorette party game. A stack of cards around to every member of the table with different phrases written on them like “Drink If…. You’re the tallest person in the room or Drink if… you’re the best friend of the bride/groom”.

Let’s get on the Road

What’s more adventurous than a road trip with the girls or guys, a full day of unpredictability and limitless fun? Roadside bars, clubs, restaurants, and amazing spots to make the night memorable. Go exotic as you make happy memories.

Low Key Bachelorette Party Ideas

Low Key ideas are often based on the bride’s preferences. Chances are an introvert will always route for this

Movie Night and Chill

This is as simple as it goes. A lot of brides these days love their alone time so why not go for Netflix movies at a hostel room with her favorite snacks and meals. You can even go all out and make mug cakes or whip up simple microwave meals. Don’t forget the matching outfit; you can even decide to go retro with some old-school funk.

All fun with Brunch

Resolve all the pre wedding jitters with brunches. The fact that this would be in day doesn’t make it less fun. A bachelorette brunch is a perfect route for a low key bachelorette parties.

Hope this article was a big help. Reach out to the comment section to drop your thoughts and contributions

Bachelorette Party Ideas FAQs

Who normally pays for a bachelorette party?

The bridesmaids and maid of honor usually split the expense of the bachelorette party. The bridal party splits the bride’s expenses (including drinks, dinner, and transportation) evenly.

What is the maid of honor responsible for paying for?

When it comes to the wedding shower, the maid of honor is in charge of splitting the costs with the rest of the bridal party. All decorations, activities/games, food, and beverages are included in this price.

Does the bride do anything for the bachelorette party?

Although it is conventional for the bride to give a gift to everyone who attends the bachelorette party, it is not mandatory. All bachelorette activities are traditionally planned and paid for by the maid of honor and bridesmaids, while the bride spends her time preparing for the big day.

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