The 21 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Speaking of comfortable wedding shoes for the bride, I think the time is now for weddings. You probably already have the ideal dress, are confident that your hair will be flawless, and have stocked up on waterproof mascara because weddings always make you cry. This is true whether you are the blushing bride, the mother of the bride, or a guest. The only thing left to do is find the comfiest wedding shoes that won’t make you wish you had brought your flip-flops. However, we always suggest keeping a few bandages in your clutch to treat any blisters.

The ideal pair of party shoes will feature a cushioned footbed and arch support, similar to choosing comfy sandals. Of course, lower heel heights, wedges, block heels, and even platforms tend to be more walkable than slender stilettos since they all offer more stability and balance (although we did find a few worthy pairs of the latter).

Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Bride

#1. Flat Pump Sandals

I never thought I’d discover the ideal comfortable wedding shoes for the bride, but I did. You can wear this to any wedding without carrying any other spare sandals. I walked, ran, skipped, and danced for several hours without getting a single blister. The block heel offers a tiny (but required) bit of height, and I adore how elegantly simple they are. A bejeweled strap didn’t blind anyone in the front row when my toes poked out from under my skirt.

#2. Aerosoles

Pastel colors are ideal for summer weddings, and these light blue slingback block heels from Aerosoles strike the perfect mix between the two.

#3. Birdies Shoes

If heels aren’t your style and you’re a bohemian bride (or bridesmaid, or attendee! ), these gorgeous closed-toe flats are comfortable enough to slip on and slide off as you move from one function to another.

#4. Flat Gigi Crystal Pointed Toe

Sometimes a little shine is needed for a bridal appearance. A champagne-colored gown will look stunning with these cream flats with crystal embellishments. The sides of these shoes are known to rub, so I’d advise breaking them in a little. However, after that, they should keep your feet warm and comfortable all night.

#5. Canvas Wedge Espadrilles Made by Carina 60

You should bring these stunning wedge espadrilles for both your beach wedding and honeymoon. The closed-toe canvas is perfect for preventing sand from getting into your shoes, and the lace-up feature is effortlessly chic for a boardwalk stroll.

#6. Birdies Cardinal

I’ve been to a lot of weddings where the bride changed into Converse right after the ceremony, so I know a decent shoe is essential for contemporary weddings. These all-white options from Birdies are a popular favorite if your affair is casual enough to permit sneakers throughout the day’s activities.

#7. Randall Loeffler

Fair warning: These lovely sandals are delicate, so if you tend to breakdance at the reception, they might not last very long. However, the lovely pink lamé straps on these heels will keep your heels feeling wonderful if you’re slow dancing.

#8. Kelly and Katie

These block-heel sandals from Kelly & Katie are a perfect alternative to the Dream Pairs mentioned above. They include a front strap embellished with pearls and a high heel that is sturdy enough to avoid ankle swaying.

#9. Sandal Garissa

An easier alternative to the Hildie Pump without a heel. I appreciate it, Jessica Simpson.

#10. Beacons and Bells

The Off-White Antonia

I’m constantly astounded by how firmly these mules grip my feet. These buttery leather Bells and Becks flats are snugs yet soft enough to wear for hours on end, unlike so many slip-on shoes that are prone to slipping off at the worst possible times. These are a great option for an understated, elegant wedding style.

#11. Paire & Porte

Leather Sandals with Weaving

Weddings are a great time to test out new trends. PORTE & PAIRE $295 AT NET-A-PORTER. These strappy lace-up sandals are a favorite for summer 2022, but the delicate straps and low heels make them perfect for daily use.

#12. Frankie4

These leather sling-back sandals are just tall enough to give you more self-assurance. Not to mention, a rooftop reception would look great with that tortoiseshell heel.

#13. Clovis Loafer

Consider a loafer over a boot for winter weddings. These leather platform shoes with a 2.5-inch heel and a gold chain lend depth to a traditional design.

#14. Sandal wedge Frita

What color and the ultra-soft wedge would be ideal for a backyard wedding? Before they run out, buy them.

#15. Dove Picnic Shoe

Mary Janes are not only appropriate for flower girls. A heart-shaped Swarovski buckle adds an extra touch of glitz to these adorable flats.

#16. Fantasia Sandal Slide

Perhaps you can’t arrive at your best friend’s wedding on a pool slide, but you can wear these ones instead, and reviews claim they’re almost as comfortable. Better still? Before the big day, there is no need to break them in.

#17. Grain Sandals

These lace-up flat sandals are the ideal island choice if you’d prefer to avoid heels for your upcoming oceanfront event. Bonus points for being strong and adaptable enough to go with a variety of post-wedding ensembles.

#18. The Meadow Traditional

On a trip earlier this year, I tested out these platform sandals and was pleasantly surprised by how cozy they were. My knees and ankles didn’t even buckle as I made my way between several engagements, and the high heel spiced up my otherwise casual appearance. They are now continuously rotating.

#19. Sable Sandals with Heels

These high-heel stilettos are well-made enough to tolerate far more movement than your typical dinner party, despite being noticeably more unstable than, say, a flat sandal.

#20. Flat in Batavia

These Journee Collection flats, another sparkling option for the glitter-inclined among us, also have soft mesh panels and a stylish pointed toe.

#21. Ingrid Flint

For those who want sophistication without running the risk of injury, the kitten heel has long been the perfect stiletto substitute. And this all-white heel is the definition of a classic bridal shoe.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Bride Flat

Even though we adore the height and glitz that comes with wearing a pair of stiletto heels, there is something so elegant and lovely about a pair of bridal flats.

In addition to being cozy and useful, correctly chosen wedding day shoes will also be absolutely stunning.

When choosing your wedding shoes, keep in mind that the day will be long, the terrain may be difficult (cobblestones, sand, muddy meadows), and at the end of the night, you’ll want to be killing it on the dance floor as well.

Do you not believe flat shoes may be worn to a wedding? Get ready to go shopping…

#1. Wedding Flats in Nude

The convenience of wearing a multipurpose pair of nude flats again after your wedding is its best feature. These barely-there wedding shoes will complement the rest of your ensemble for a chic look.

#2. The Skim Flat Rebecca Allen

These wedding-worthy ballet flats are available in four distinct hues of nude, which flatter various complexion tones. They have a memory foam footbed that cushions your step so you can stand all day.

#3. Ballet mules Zoe

If you’re going for a sleek, contemporary style, trendy slip-on mules are a chic choice. These ballet flat wedding shoes have a soft suede upper and a pretty grosgrain bow design. They are a backless variation of the traditional ballerina flat.

#4. Light Nude Satin Fringe Slide Sandals

An amusing and whimsical pair of fringe sandals are ideal for a seaside wedding. They can be incorporated into a boho wedding gown, then you can store them in your suitcase to wear again on the honeymoon.

#5. Lace Flat D’Orsay in Nude

This set of nude bridal flats is instantly charming thanks to a mesh and ivory embroidered combination. They are kept in position when moving and dancing by a small ankle strap.

#6. Kiersten Bow Patent Leather Ballet Flats by Kate Spade

These straightforward leather flats will quickly become a staple in your closet for the day of your wedding and afterward. The slip-on design features a little bow embellishment and a stylish patent leather finish.

Comfortable Wedding Shoe for Bride FAQs

Is it OK to wear flats as a bride?

Brides to keep in mind that they can continue wearing their flats after the wedding, regardless of their budget. Choose a style you’ll adore forever, and if you do decide to splurge a little, realize that your wedding shoes will get a lot of wear.

Can you wear flat shoes for wedding?

Can you walk down the aisle in flats? No doubt. Given how important comfort is on your special day, choosing flat wedding shoes makes sense. From walking down the aisle to welcoming your guests and dancing the night away, you’ll be on your feet for most of the day.

Which shoes are best for wedding?

Choose sand- and grass-friendly footwear, such as espadrilles, block-heel sandals, or flats, if you’re planning a beach or garden wedding. For formal ballroom weddings, closed-toe pumps or embellished sandals always make for a timeless choice

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