FEELING LONELY IN A RELATIONSHIP: How to Stop, Quotes & How to Communicate It


Did you know that even if you’re in a relationship, you can experience loneliness? Just because you are married or dating someone does not mean you are immune to feeling lonely in a relationship. What are the main causes of loneliness in a relationship, and how can you deal with it?

Is It Normal to Feel Lonely in a Relationship?

Loneliness can strike anyone at any time in their lives, whether they are in or out of a relationship. If you’re feeling lonely in your marriage or relationship, it’s time to think about why and how to recognize the signs of a lonely relationship.

What Are the Signs of Loneliness in a Relationship?

Loneliness is defined as a feeling of being disconnected, isolated, and disconnected from others. These feelings would apply to your spouse or partner if you were lonely in a relationship. Do you ever feel lonely even when you’re in the same room as them? Feeling lonely while watching television with your significant other is not the same as feeling lonely all of the time. Disconnection and disengagement from your partner may indicate that you’re in a lonely relationship.

What Factors Contribute to a Lonely Relationship?

Some of the factors that can contribute to feeling lonely in a marriage or relationship are as follows:

Intimacy fades:

Some relationships simply lose their luster. If you experience a loss of connection and affection, you may find yourself going through the motions. In order to feel deeply connected, intimacy is essential. Without this connection to your partner, you may begin to feel isolated and separated, leading to feelings of loneliness.


Couples who meet and discover they are not compatible may end up in a dead-end relationship. Resentment, intolerance, impatience, and unhappiness can take the place of what was once a happy existence. Loneliness may be among the emotions and feelings that bubble to the surface if you end up in a relationship like this.

Physical separation and distance:

When a spouse or partner is away for an extended period of time, whether for military service or for work, the physical separation can cause one or both partners to feel lonely.

Health issues:

Loneliness can occur in relationships when one spouse or partner has a chronic illness, is battling a serious disease, or is hospitalized.

Emotional issues:

Loneliness can be introduced into a relationship by issues such as substance abuse and depression. It’s critical that you work with your doctor, therapist, or counselor. They can assist in addressing all aspects of the relationship, including its causes and effects.

Physical or emotional abuse: 

Abuse in a relationship can certainly result in loneliness, but it can also result in depression, substance abuse, and injury. If you are experiencing or have experienced abuse, please speak with your healthcare provider, a counselor, or a therapist about it.

Quotes Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

Feeling lonely in a relationship meant for two people can be exhausting at times. When you believe you are the only one in love, you believe you are the only person in the world who gives to keep the love you both ostensibly share alive.

  • For those who feel alone in a relationship, here are some quotes to make you feel better than ever and help you decide what to do.
  • A broken relationship would make you feel even more lonely than being single.”
  • “A true friend doesn’t make time for you; they give it to you.”
  • “Ask me what loneliness is. It’s how I feel in your absence.”
  • “A lonely heart lies behind the phony smiles.”
  • “It’s really, really bad to be left out. But you can’t say anything without sounding envious or whiny.”
  • “Loneliness is like a storm without rain or crying without tears.”
  • “On my left is depression, and on my right is loneliness.” They are not required to show me their badges. “I’m very familiar with these guys.”
  • “I put on a brave face. Everyone thinks I’m fine, but when the lights go out and I’m alone, the tears start to fall.”
  • The worst feeling in a relationship is being lonely and unable to enjoy what you share.
  • I really wanted to be with you today, but you were too preoccupied with yourself to notice me, babe.
  • I was so sad today because I expected you to be here, but you left me alone, my darling.
  • “I’m lonely every day, but I’m too embarrassed to admit it to the people who love me.”
  • “I think what I need more than anything else in the world is to be told that a friend doesn’t know what they would do if I didn’t exist.”
  • “I’d rather be lonely by myself than lonely with someone.”
  • “I’ll never forget how good and bad depression and loneliness felt at the same time.” “It still does.”
  • “I’m lonely, and you’re lovely, and all I want to do right now is be with you, even if you don’t want to be with me.”
  • “It all started with a beautiful plan; we were in love and cared for each other, but you abandoned me.”

How to Communicate Feeling Lonely in a Relationship 

If you’re feeling isolated in your relationship, consider the following suggestions:

Speak with your partner or spouse:

It is critical that you express your feelings to them. You and your partner or spouse may be able to collaborate for the benefit of your relationship. Perhaps it’s time to plan a weekend getaway or a date night. Even a walk in the park with a friend can help alleviate loneliness. Make time to focus on each other, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Spend time with friends or family:

Just because you’re lonely in your relationship doesn’t mean you’re lonely when you’re with friends or family. Make plans to do things with others if the company of others helps to ease your lonely relationship. Check to see if these moments of connection can help you feel less lonely with your partner or spouse.

Consult a couple’s therapist:

It’s possible that your relationship just needs some tender loving care. If your partner is willing, some time in therapy with a couples’ counselor may help you and your partner explore what may be contributing to loneliness in your relationship or marriage. A therapist may even advise you on how to get past it.

Participate in activities outside of your relationship:

Spending less time with your spouse or partner may help alleviate feelings of loneliness while also benefiting the relationship. Volunteer opportunities, hobby clubs, running, biking, and workout groups are all possible ways to divert your attention away from your relationship and add enjoyment to your life.

How to Stop Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

If you’ve been feeling lonely in your relationship, here are some strategies for dealing with it.

Talk about your feelings with your significant other.

Remind the other person that you are not blaming or criticizing them, but simply want to express your feelings. Then express how lonely you are. Perhaps you both need to make some changes. This could also be due to feelings you have that predate the relationship and that you need to address.

Take a social media break

Make a phone call instead of texting your partner. Or, even better, meet them for a quick drink at your favorite café. Concentrate on connecting with your partner.

Make a nice gesture for them.

If your partner is interested in history, get them a Civil War book. Alternatively, offer to take the kids out for ice cream after school so your partner, who works from home, can take a break and play a video game for a few minutes.


Consider others and give back. If you both enjoy animals, you could both volunteer at an animal shelter. Alternatively, reach out to see if you can collaborate on constructing a house for Habitat for Humanity.

Give your partner a hug

Show physical affection. When you hug your partner, you release oxytocin (also known as the “cuddle hormone”). You will feel a sense of closeness when you touch each other. You’ll also feel a stronger sense of connection, bonding, and trust.

Nurture other relationships

Make a call to a friend or spend time with your sister. Don’t neglect your other important relationships. You’ll be reminded that you love others and that you are loved yourself.

Consider couples therapy.

By speaking with a couple’s therapist, you can learn tried-and-true techniques for bringing you closer together. Lean on this professional to advise you, either individually or collectively, on how to avoid feeling isolated within a relationship.

Feeling Lonely in a Relationship Messages

Feeling lonely in a relationship is a hazy sensation. People find it difficult to express themselves. Even being with your loved ones does not always make you happy. If you want to express your loneliness but can’t find the right words to do so.

  • We have lonely messages that will help you express how you feel in your heart. If you want to express your loneliness to your partner, these messages will assist you in doing so. I hope these messages about feeling lonely make you feel better.
  • I’m embarrassed to admit that I feel lonely even when I’m in a crowd.
  • This loneliness and feeling alone are going to be the end of everything for me.
  • Nobody gives a damn about me. Nobody will notice if I disappear today. I’m getting sick from loneliness. I just want my pains to be over with as soon as possible.
  • I wish I could be able to accept my loneliness and find peace.
  • Nothing in this world makes me happy anymore. Loneliness is what I’m dealing with right now, and I’m getting used to it. I’m hoping for better days ahead.
  • I sometimes feel as if I’m surrounded by darkness. I’m so lonely.
  • I’ve realized over time that I’m not alone, and no one cares. We are alone in this world, and it can be very depressing at times. I despise feeling alone.
  • I’m all alone here with my pains, and I don’t have anyone to share them with. The memories are haunting me, and there is no way out.
  • When I’m feeling lonely, that’s when I need to be alone.
  • Every day of my life, I am lonely, but I am ashamed to admit it to those who love me.
  • When you feel lonely and alone, and you can’t see anyone around you, and the world seems to be fading away, come with me, and I’ll take you to an eye specialist!!
  • Feeling lonely in your relationship can destroy you, weaken you, make you indifferent, harass you, or build your character. It’s all a matter of preference.
  • When you’re feeling lonely, remember that God is always there for you and that when you appear to be at your lowest point, that’s when your breakthrough begins.


Being alone and isolated can be beneficial. It can help you recharge and give you time to go inward by allowing you to meditate, read, or journal. Look for ways to help yourself and your relationship if you’re feeling lonely in your relationship, disconnected and isolated even with your partner. Make a positive contribution. The goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as well as with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main cause of loneliness in relationships?

Loneliness in a relationship is often caused by a lack of compatibility and dissimilar interests. When you are unable to share enjoyable activities, one or both partners may feel lonely.

What does it mean to feel lonely in a relationship?

When you are separated from your partner, you feel lonely in a relationship. There is a breakdown in emotional connection and intimacy. You might feel unloved and unable to communicate effectively with your partner.

What can I do if I feel unwanted in my relationship

Take some time away from your partner. Spend time with close friends or family members. They can provide you with understanding and solace.

Why am I in a relationship but still feel lonely?

If you experience a loss of connection and affection, you may find yourself going through the motions. In order to feel deeply connected, intimacy is essential. Without this connection to your partner, you may begin to feel isolated and separated, leading to feelings of loneliness.

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