SOUL TIES: What Are Soul Ties & Effective Ways to Break Them!!!

Soul Ties

Soul ties aren’t a new thing. Although, it is probably something we have heard before still, do you really know all it entails? How does it affect us? How deep can a soul tie truly be? These questions would be simplified in this text.


A soul tie is simply a spiritual/ deep connection between two people. A lot of people believe that soul ties are formed between two people after physical intimacy. But in more recent discoveries, it doesn’t apply. In recent notes, a soul tie is said to be formed after an intensely close spiritual or emotional relationship.


Generally, they can be further classified into three. But under each of them, I’d classify them further into Godly and ungodly ties. These ties are;
1. Physical Soul Ties
2. Emotional Soul Ties
3. Spiritual Soul Ties

#1. Physical Soul Ties:

This particular tie was created by God. It is only meant to be formed through physical intimacy but only through marriage. The Godly physical ties here are formed between a husband and wife to foster unity among them. Ungodly physical ties here are simply formed by having sex outside of marriage. Plainly said, engaging in physical intimacy.
In most unhealthy relationships though, trying to leave is always really hard. Because a soul tie can be really magnetic. That is one of the reasons why sex outside marriage is a huge “no-no” in the Bible.

#2. Emotional Soul Ties:

These ties are formed by sharing emotional experiences and feelings with someone. It could be a friend though; it does not need to be a married couple.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.”

The Godly form of emotional soul ties is for support, encouragement, and protection for each other. But the ungodly form has to do with emotional manipulation or, plainly said, emotional abuse.

#3. Spiritual Soul Ties:

Every man on Earth is a spiritual being. As such, spiritual soul ties are not physically made but for our spirits. As such, the Lord has an education system. It is to educate our spirits to understand the purpose of existence. But, here comes the catch, the Devil does everything to keep us away from this realization. For example, he can introduce a totally exciting and intriguing sex life. But you are left to raise the child out of wedlock and drop out of college. Just anything to keep you from that realization.


Attachments are not as easy for men as it is for a lot of women. However, men can get this kind of ties too. They can feel deep connections and attachments sometimes too. So yes, it does affect men.


Generally, they can either be negative or in some cases positive. Such ties are formed;
1. Spiritually
2. Physically
3. Emotionally
4. Socially

Soul Ties


1. You feel a very deep connection on an intimate level. This is the first sign of a soul tie.
2. They elicit strong reactions from you.
3. They feel very familiar to you.
4. You get the feeling around them like they “complete” you.
5. Your relationship feels special and one-of-a-kind.


Breaking a soul tie can be somehow nasty because it is a very deep soul connection. It can however be broken into the four phases below:

1. Acknowledge it is there. It’s never easy especially if you are looking to break a nasty soul tie. But this is the first step.
2. Decide you’re going to do something about it. Do you want to get rid of it or not? You have to decide first before you can forge ahead.
3. Forgive. Basically, you have to forgive yourself and whoever you intend to separate/ cut ties with. Although, forgiveness can be a hard pill to swallow, “you gotta do, what you gotta do” right?

Breaking a soul tie is a very slow and gradual process and you should be ready for it. Learn to forgive yourself so you can heal.

4. Now it’s time to start to break that tie. But how? The first thing you have to do is eliminate all the things/ elements that can lead you back and strengthen the tie further.

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