Halloween Date Ideas: 27+ Options for You in 2024 (Updated)

Halloween Date Ideas

It’s understandable if “romance” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think about Halloween. Instead, the holiday conjures up ideas of terrifying movies or creepy Halloween décor for most individuals, a date excluded. Nonetheless, it’s still a popular holiday among many and a good excuse to schedule a date night or two with a special someone.

We’ve put together a list of the top Halloween date ideas to inspire you to cross things off your October bucket list as a couple. You’ll find lots of suitable ideas here, whether you prefer the spooky side of things or are seeking more festive ways to spend the evening of October 31 (couples costumes, anyone?). The possibilities are endless.

Let’s set the ball rolling already… 

Halloween Date Ideas for 2024

Below are some spooky and pretty conventional Halloween Date ideas for any couple. 

Make your own candy

Even if you’re too old to trick-or-treat, it doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your sweet tooth! Make these handmade Butterfingers with your significant other for a date night activity and a Halloween movie night snack.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A trip to the pumpkin patch is one of the few things that scream “autumn.” Enjoy cider doughnuts while strolling around the fields, then take a pumpkin home to carve while watching a horror movie.

Participate in a Fall Festival

There is always at least one fair or festival in autumn. Whether you visit an old-fashioned county fair, a pumpkin festival, or an amusement park, you’ll be spoiled for choice regarding food and entertainment, one of the most excessively dope Halloween date ideas, if I might add.

Prepare a Halloween-themed Dinner Together

Make a menu of Halloween supper recipes, and then settle down for a memorable feast. Pro tip: Try a bourbon cider to warm up both of you!

See a Scary Flick at a Drive-In

On a fall Saturday, there’s nothing quite like a drive-in movie. Look for one near you, and watch for frightening movie screenings around Halloween—you’ll have tons of alternatives.

Put on your best outfit!

It’s enjoyable to dress up on your own, but if you bring a friend along, you’ll have a more memorable costume. Dress up as your favourite movie characters (you have many ’80s costumes to choose from!), or go for a food-themed coupling, such as milk and cookies.

Make Apples with Caramel Sauce

If you’ve never tried making caramel apples before, now is the time to do it. Try our Cookie-Coated Caramel Apple dish for a delightful way to end Halloween night.

Pay a Visit to a Spooky House

You can’t possibly visit a haunted house alone, which is why it’s one of the most iconic Halloween date ideas. Plus, there’s no better reason to cling to one another.

Take a Trip to a Corn Maze

Aside from the great fall setting, the nicest part of a corn maze date is that you may schedule it at your leisure. Many corn mazes across the country provide both midnight and daylight activities.

Visit a Halloween Breweries

Breweries are always a must-see for fall activities, but there are even more reasons to go around Halloween. Many establishments across the country provide Halloween-themed beverages, live music, and other events to keep you and your date entertained for the entire afternoon.

Go to a Halloween Theme Bar

Put on your best Halloween costume and drink a few drinks. Most pubs dress for Halloween and serve a few eerie drinks appropriate for the season.

Take a Road Trip to Get Out of Town

Take a fall road trip to see the fall foliage up close. Along the way, you can schedule a few Halloween-themed activities, such as a visit to a haunted house or corn maze.

Go to a Halloween Get-Together

Step out for the night to a Halloween party to celebrate the occasion. It’s the perfect opportunity to put that couple’s costume you’ve been working on to the test.

Carve a Pumpkin With Your Friends

Did you think you’d make it to the end of this list without seeing at least one reference to a Jack-o’-lantern? Grab your pumpkin carving equipment out, and create one of these grin-inducing masterpieces with your family.

Make Use of Any Candy That You Have Left Over

You’ll have to wait till the holiday is over to try this out, but it’s a great alternative for the day after Halloween. Candy-covered caramel bars, biscuits loaded with peanut butter cups, or Ree’s Concession Stand Crackers are all great ways to repurpose your candy collection.

Organize a Scary Movie Marathon for Two 

Make a list of your favourite horror movies with your friends (or opt for something lighter, like Hocus Pocus). Grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be terrified.

Distribute Candy

You two can work together to provide a memorable Halloween experience for the kids in your community. Pick up some candy from the shop, then wait for trick-or-treaters to arrive at your front door. The sheer cuteness of it all will knock you both out.

Watch a Scary Movie at Home

These frightening films terrify me, but hey, snuggle time (which I adore)! When I was a teenager, I discovered a classic tactic that was code for “I’m looking for snuggle action” when I had a date. I try to put up with it at least once a year to keep my spouse happy, despite the fact that I won’t be able to sleep in a dark room alone for three months afterwards.

Plan Halloween Costumes or Make them

We’re fortunate that we always have a couple’s party to look forward to, where everyone goes out, but even if we don’t have anywhere to go on the big night, it’s still enjoyable to snap some photos. 

Date With Bonefire and  S’mores

Find a place to make a bonfire and tell ghost stories based on your summer camp experiences. S’mores and frightening stories are still just as much fun for kids as they are for adults!

Listen to a Horror Podcast

There are many entertaining podcasts in the thriller, mystery, and even horror story genres. Consider another interesting place to visit.

Watch an  Old Halloween Movie

If you’ve ever been invited to a friend’s Hitchcock movie night, you definitely will become a little obsessed with the director. It could be low-key with plenty of frightening-themed cuisines. Trust me,  it’s a terrific free/cheap date that’s ideal to do alone or with a group.

Halloween Play 

Look into seats for a Halloween/horror performance at your local theatre! I guarantee you’ll come upon something weird.

Visit a Haunted place in Your Area

Locate the local urban legend and visit it. I can’t tell you how many sites in the mountains where I grew up were rumoured to be murder hotspots. We have a few ghost towns with ghost tours just two hours from Phoenix in Arizona, and everything has something. Look up the story, retell it, and then go to the site!

Attend an Amusement Park Haunted Night

These can be anything from cute to terrifying. On the other hand, a night of pursuing zombies while enjoying your thrills on rides is an all-around adrenaline rush!

Have a Picnic in the Cemetery 

Knowing your boundaries is important, but watching the sunset in an appropriate location is just frightening enough to make for an ideal romantic and scary Halloween date.

Attend an Event on Dia De Los Muertos

I adore how popular Dia De Los Muertos festivals are growing and how makeup is becoming a greater trend for Halloween costumes. They’re a lot of fun, and you may dress up or down for them.

They also make Halloween feel calmer and are a lovely way to respect ancestors.

Pull a Halloween Prank 

If you’re as spooky as I am, go scare the people you care about. I enjoy jumping out of piles of leaves, dressing up as ghouls to visit our parents, and putting up scary decorations, among other things. It’s sometimes just a lot of fun to be afraid and laugh a lot.

Build a Halloween House 

Why not construct a haunted house variation of a graham cracker gingerbread house for Halloween? There are tons of adorable haunted house decorating kits that make it so simple!

Are there any other ideas for a Halloween date night that we mention? What are some of your favourite Halloween activities as a couple? I’d love to hear about your creepy dates! Slide into the comment section and drop them…

Where Should I Go for a Date for Halloween?

There are a ton of options for Halloween Date nights, like visiting a Haunted location, going out for dinner, going to see a horror movie, and so on.

What Can You Do for Your Boyfriend on Halloween?

A very simple yet endearing gesture to your boyfriend during Halloween could be a costume of his favorite movie character

What Can You Do with Your Girlfriend on Halloween?

A couple of activities you could do with your girlfriend on Halloween include;

  • Going To A Corn Maze Or A Haunted Hayride
  • Doing A Zombie Apocalypse Scavenger Hunt
  • Going To A Drive-In And Watch A Scary Movie
  • Visiting A Haunted House
  • Taking A Class With A Halloween Twist
  • Going On A Haunted City Tour.
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