“How well do you know your partner?” Questions are a great way to find out how well a couple gets along or to learn something new about your partner that you didn’t know before. These quiz questions can be a fun way to put your partner to the test to discover how knowledgeable they are about your peculiarities, preferences, and habits. Whether you’re just meeting someone new or have been married for decades, there’s always something new to know about the other person.

How well do you know your partner? Quiz questions can give each individual in the relationship an idea of how attentive they are to their significant other. This is an excellent place to start if you’re wondering if a relationship is going somewhere or in the correct direction. Nobody wants to waste time on something stagnant or without promise. On the other hand, perhaps you’re in a long-term relationship and wonder how much your partner knows about you. You may be having difficulty determining where to begin. These quiz questions are a fun and lighthearted way to start a conversation with your partner.

Whether in a new or long-term relationship, “how well do you know your partner?” quiz questions are a terrific way to learn more about someone, whether you’ve known them for a long time or only a short time. Even if you’ve known your partner from childhood and believe you know everything there is to know about each other, there is always something new to discover.

How Much Do You Know Your Partner Quiz Questions?

Many believe they know everything about their partner, but when problems develop in the relationship, they are frequently astonished by what their partner does. Before you enter into a relationship or throughout the early stages of a relationship, you should ask some probing questions. These questions will assist you in grasping most aspects of your partner’s life.

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How Well Do You Know Your Partner Quiz Questions for Couples?

Check out the following list of quiz questions to see how well you know your partner:

Childhood and family issues

One technique to determine how well you know your partner is to ask them questions about their childhood and family. You can learn a lot about their childhood and what to expect when you get married and start living together by asking these questions.

Here are some childhood and family questions to ask your partner to get to know them better:

  • How many brothers and sisters do you have, and what are their names?
  • What are your parent’s occupations?
  • What was your favorite high school subject?
  • Where did you grow up, and where were you born?
  • What was your least favorite high school subject?
  • Who was your best childhood friend when you were younger?
  • How close do you think you are to your parents on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Which celebrity did you have a crush on when you were a kid?
  • When you were a kid, what TV show did you look forward to watching?
  • Did you have a pet as a child?

Questions about travel and activities

Inquiring about travel and their general pastimes is another set of get-to-know-your-partner quiz questions. If you want to know how well you know your partner, you should know how they react to these quiz questions. Here are some questions about travel and activities that can help couples bond.

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  • What are the top three places you’ve visited before? Which of these places would you like to return to?
  • Do you prefer to travel alone or with a group of friends when you travel?
  • What is your preferred way of transportation? A jet, a luxury automobile, or a train?
  • Where would you go if you were granted an all-expense-paid trip to anywhere in the world?
  • What is your ideal place to hang out with friends and acquaintances?
  • What is the most extended road trip you’ve ever taken?
  • When you want to unwind, how do you prefer to spend your time?
  • What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • What would you take if you were invited to spend a month in a room for a large quantity of money and only bring one thing with you?
  • Do you prefer watching dancers perform their art or going to a concert to hear performers sing?

Questions about food

Food-related quiz questions might also help you determine how well you know your partner. Knowing the answers to some of these questions is critical so that you are not surprised later.

Here are some food-related questions you should know about your partner and vice versa.

  • Do you prefer to eat out or bring your meals home when you don’t make them?
  • What do you do when you consume a meal that exceeds your expectations?
  • What is your preference for having meals at home versus eating out?
  • Do you bring your leftovers home when you eat out?
  • What are your three favorite meals, and how well do you know how to prepare them?
  • What is your favorite drink to sip at any time of day?
  • Which would you choose if you could have an unlimited supply of vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream for a month?
  • What is your favorite breakfast option?
  • Which meal do you always like for dinner?
  • What would you eat if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life?
  • What is the one food you would never eat, even if you had a gun to your head?

Relationship and Love Questions

If you’ve got doubts and questions about how well you know your partner, understanding what to ask them can also be about love and romance. Check out some questions if you want to play the do you know your partner” game.

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  • How old were you when you first kissed, and how did it feel?
  • What is your favorite body part that you will not give up on for anything?
  • Have you ever lived with your possible partner before, and for how long?
  • What is the most romantic getaway plan you have in mind?
  • What did you notice that led you to choose me as your partner?
  • Which would you choose, a little or a large wedding?
  • What is your deal-breaker in a relationship?
  • What is your definition of infidelity in a relationship, and do you believe it is flawed?
  • Who was your first boyfriend or girlfriend, and how did your relationship end?
  • What are your thoughts on public displays of affection? Is this something you’d be interested in?

Another technique to test your knowledge of your partner is to know them a work-related quiz question. These questions can help you understand what to expect when your partner attempts to strike a work-life balance. Knowing the answers to these questions will save you a lot of strife and worry in your relationship.

Here are some work quiz questions to see how well you know your partner.

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  • What are your top three favorite aspects of your current job?
  • What are your top three pet peeves about your current job?
  • Will you return to your prior employment if given the opportunity?
  • What are the top three qualities you want to see in every employer?
  • What is the one thing that could cause you to leave your current job?
  • Have you ever been fired before, and how did you find the experience?
  • What about your current job motivates you to get out of bed each morning?
  • Have you ever quit a position? Why did you leave your job?
  • Are you happy with what you do for a living?
  • What are the top three qualities you would look for in an employee if you were a labor employer?
  • Will you stay at home with the kids while I go to work?

Random questions

Aside from the topics listed in this post, such as childhood, food, travel, and so on, it is crucial to ask random questions to determine how well you know your partner. So here are some uncategorized yet critical questions to ask your partner.

  • Is it something you look forward to washing your laundry?
  • What is your favorite animal? Cats or dogs?
  • Would you prefer handcrafted or store-curated items if you were to give me a gift?
  • What football team do you support, and who, in your opinion, is the greatest player ever?
  • What is your favorite musical genre, and who is your famous singer?
  • Who would it be if you could bring a dead singer back to life?
  • Do you prefer going to the movies or watching them at home?
  • Do you like to watch documentaries? Which one is your favorite?
  • Which superpower would you choose if you had the chance?
  • Which color would you choose if you were to dye your full head of hair?

How Well Do You Know Your Partner Quiz?

Maybe you’ve been together for a week, or perhaps you’ve been together for years and are married. In any case, there are still things you may learn about each other. We prepared this quiz about personal preferences, memories, and opinions to help you fill in the blanks about your partner. Compare your answers to discover if your partner guessed correctly!

Questions Excerpt

What is your partner’s ideal vacation?

A. Trip to Paris.

B. Forest camping

C. Relaxing on a beautiful beach

D. Traveling across the country

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What is your partner’s least favorite color?

A. Pink

B. Brown

C. Yellow

D. Orange.

What was your partner’s childhood pet?

A. Rabbit

B. Cat

C. Dog

D. Others

What was your partner’s favorite school subject?

A. Math

B. English

C. Science

D. Art

What is your partner most frightened of?

A. Death

B. Spiders

C. Lightning strikes

D. small space

What is your significant other’s favorite pastime?

A. Book reading

B. Video game playing

C. Participating in football

D. Socializing with friends

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What is your partner’s favorite type of food?

A. Italian

B. French

C. Mandarin

D. American

How many previous relationships has your partner had?

A. None

B. 1 or 2

C. 3 to 5

D. More than five

What irritates your partner the most?

A. Dishwashing in the kitchen sink

B. Pet fur everywhere in the house

C. Food that has been tampered with in the refrigerator

D. You conversing on the phone for more than 5 minutes in their presence.

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What is the most idiotic thing your partner has recently done?

A. Shoplifting

B. Pranking a neighbor

C. Burning the steak

D. Being fooled by a door-to-door salesman


After going through these how well you know your partner quiz questions, you should have a solid sense of some essential parts of your partner’s life. You may also use these questions to assess how well your partner knows you. Knowing the answers to this article’s questions will help you better understand your partner, reducing disputes in your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who knows who better questions for couples?

Who knows me better than you?

  • What is my greatest fear?
  • Would I rather have money or power if I could only have one?
  • What do I care about the most?
  • Is it better to be an introvert or an extrovert?
  • What are my thoughts on marriage?
  • Do I intend to get married in the future?
  • Do I want to have children in the future?
  • What are my fundamental life values?

How well do you know quiz questions?

Here are a few examples of amusing “how well do you know me” questions:

  • Who was the person I looked up to the most as a child?
  • What is my favorite food, and how frequently do I consume it?
  • Is there anything I’m allergic to?
  • What if I had to eat the same thing every day for a week?

Why do I keep testing my boyfriend?

It is an indication of emotional insecurity, which is frequently rooted and developed in their past. However, most testers have good intentions. All they desire from their partner is a guarantee of love and validation. Testing is an indirect technique of getting what you need without actually asking for it.

How well do you know your partner quiz questions?

Do you think you know your partner? Try this quiz to find out.

  • Do you know what your partner is going through right now?
  • Can you name two or more of your partner’s grandparents?
  • Do you know what your significant other’s favorite film or musical recording is?
  • Do you know what your significant other’s favorite dessert is?
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