HOW TO PROPOSE: Best Romantic Ideas to Propose to a Girl (+ Free Tips)


Whether you met in high school, through a mutual friend in college, or through a dating app, you found love, and now it’s time to make it last. But, as you’re probably aware, figuring out how to propose is a major undertaking (hello, shopping for a ring, and memorizing that speech).

We enlisted the help of proposal planner Alexandra Uritis to ensure that your long-awaited moment goes as smoothly as possible. Uritis weighs in on what you shouldn’t forget to do before getting down on one knee to propose.

How to Propose

Are you ready to pop the question? Here are a few things to think about first.

1. Confirm that everyone is on the same page.

This may seem obvious, but before you start plotting, make sure you both have marriage on your mind. Discuss the future with your partner. Tell them you’d like to marry one day and ask if they see marriage in their future. Are you concerned that this conversation will sound too much like a proposal? Keep it broad by bringing up your best friend’s recent engagement as a starting point. Is it a difficult conversation? Yes. But, hopefully, you’ll leave with a sense of what your partner will say when you open that ring box.

2. Conversation With Their Parent

What about old school? Yes. Important? Maybe. It is entirely dependent on the family. If your partner has hinted in any way that you should ask his or her parents for their son’s or daughter’s hand in marriage, do so. However, this does not imply that your partner is anyone’s property. “I am deeply in love with your son/daughter, and we want to spend our lives together,” try saying. I intend to propose, and I want you to be a part of this exciting time.”

3. Purchase the Bauble

The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that your partner will wear every day for the rest of their life, so consider what they truly adore. Take photos of the jewelry they wear every day, look through their Pinterest boards, or ask a close friend or family member to assist you in narrowing it down. When it comes to jewelers, get recommendations to ensure you’re buying from a reputable store with excellent reviews and service. Last but not least, determine their ring size. Just ask if it’s not a secret.

Check your partner’s jewelry if you’re planning a surprise. Find a ring that he or she regularly wears (and make a note of which finger it goes on). Then take it to a jeweler or mark how far it fits on your own finger. Many jewelers can also make an educated guess at your partner’s ring size based on his or her height and weight. There’s also the option of resizing.

4. Make it Personal

It’s time to plan the proposal now that you have a ring. Consider what kind of proposal your partner would appreciate, whether it’s a grand gesture, an intimate moment, or a surprise surrounded by family and friends. Whatever your budget, Uritis recommends starting with a beautiful, sentimental location that you can easily glamorize to set the mood. “Find a cool place that has meaning for them. It can be your cozy living room but adorn it with a slew of candles and the entire atmosphere shifts “She gives advice. Personalization is also important, so avoid one-size-fits-all solutions.

5. Consider Hiring a Professional

You know your love best, but it’s sometimes worth it to hire a proposal writer. Companies like The Yes Girls handle everything from logistics to vendor sourcing; however, such a luxury will come at a cost. With thousands of proposals under their belts, these planners know what they’re doing when it comes to making your bent-knee milestone memorable and, most importantly, worry-free. “You can keep your cool and enjoy this time because it’s a big deal for you, too,” Uritis says. “We can handle everything on the back end so you can take all the credit and look fantastic.”

6. Make Observations

You don’t need to have your speech completely written out; however, spend some time jotting down what you want to say. Putting your thoughts on paper will give you some direction when it comes time to pop the question, even if you end up winging it half the time. When it comes to proposing, Uritis’s clients typically propose on their partner’s best qualities or even recount the moment they knew their partner was the one. “It’s just being genuine and making [them] feel so loved and excited at that moment,” she continues. “And it can be brief—just a couple of sentences. But the two best topics to bring up are what they like about each other and how excited they are about their future together.” Don’t forget to include the “Will you marry me?” line.

7. Arrange a Party

You don’t have to plan a full-fledged engagement party, but make sure you have a plan for how the two of you will celebrate the big day. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, keep some Champagne in the fridge, or have a few friends waiting in the wings.

8. Create a fictitious backstory

To avoid ruining the surprise, devise a foolproof ruse that diverts your partner’s attention slightly. They may suspect something is up, especially if you’re going on a trip or have unusual plans, but a phony game plan “keeps the proposer calm if he or she feels really insecure in this ‘lie,'” Uritis says.

9. Preserve the Ring

Keep the ring safe from the moment you get it in your hands. Invest in insurance and then find a safe place to keep the ring until the big day arrives. When you’re ready to propose, keep safety in mind. Make sure the ring is secure in a zipped pocket or safely in the box, somewhere you can easily reach without dropping it.

10. Keep a photographer on hand.

Whether you hire a professional or rely on your future sister-in-law and her iPhone, your soon-to-be fiancé(e) will appreciate you taking the time to document the occasion. You can expect absolutely epic reaction snapshots if they have no idea the proposal is coming. In fact, Uritis strongly advises her clients to hire a photographer, “especially in this day and age when you do it for the ‘gram.” You can even go all-in on an impromptu engagement shoot.

11. Place the Bauble Discreetly

Nothing ruins spontaneity faster than your partner noticing a ring box bulging from your pocket. To save the day, The Yes Girls devised the ultimate proposal hack: the Box Sock. This wearable accessory includes a small pocket and a tiny ring box, which are ready to be retrieved as soon as you stoop down to one knee.

12. Be adaptable

Life happens, so be ready to roll with the punches. Don’t rush the proposal because the sun is about to set or dinner is about to end; instead, wait until the moment feels truly right. And if you’ve planned something more low-key, you might have to wait a few days if your sweetheart is stressed out from work or the weather isn’t cooperating.

13. Don’t Be Hasty

You’re now ready to pop the question! Take a deep breath, get down on one knee, and deliver the sentimental speech you’ve probably practiced a million times. According to Uritis, it doesn’t matter which knee you kneel on; however, if you’ve hidden the ring in your sock, kneel on the opposite side. Allow your partner some space—enough time must be allowed for them to process/cry/hug it out. Then, once they’ve calmed down, they’ll decide when to officially put on the ring. Alternatively, your partner may beat you to the punch and extend their hand for you to do the honors.

How to Propose to a Girl

So you’ve found the woman with whom you’d like to spend the rest of your life. How do you ask her to be yours for the rest of your life? You should ignore your nervousness and remember that once you have a complete plan and know what to expect, you will be able to propose to a girl without making any mistakes at any stage. You don’t have to go overboard or crazy unless you think that’s what she wants and that’s what you want.

Make that grand gesture if you think she’ll appreciate it. The most important thing is that you speak from the heart and that you find the perfect way to express your feelings for her. Remember that you may want to, or be required to, ask her parents if you can marry her first; otherwise, they will be unhappy with you, and purchasing an engagement ring may be beneficial. Proposing marriage is a big step; begin with step one below.

1. Be self-assured in your relationship.

Though it’s impossible to predict with 100 percent certainty that she’ll say yes to you, you should have a strong feeling that your girlfriend loves you and wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Check to see if she’s hinted that she wants to marry (you), that she wants to live with you, that she wants to have children, that she wants to include you in her family, and so on. If she has never mentioned these things, you can engage in some feeler conversations to get a sense of her feelings; if she appears uncomfortable or deflects your questions, she may not be ready to marry.

2. Confirm that she is the one.

You’ve probably been thinking about it for a while. The most important thing is that she knows you love her and consider her to be “the one.” Make a list or write down all of the reasons why you want to marry her. This will be important for expressing your feelings for her at the proposal, as well as reassuring yourself that you’re making the right decision. When you see her, you should have the strong impression that you want to spend the rest of your life with her and that the time has come for you to tell her so.

3. Think about asking her parents for permission.

If her parents are traditional and your significant other doesn’t mind, you could ask her parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Although many consider asking a father’s permission to be old-fashioned, it hasn’t died out precisely because it’s a gesture that suggests you respect her and her family and that you’ll always be considerate of her family. It’s also a sign of politeness, which no family can deny. But, once again, it all depends on the girl and her family situation, so give it some thought.

4. Determine the best time to propose.

It’s critical to get the timing right, and timing is really only something you can practice. It is impossible to say that there are perfect times to propose, but it is critical that you propose when you are not rushed and when you feel calm, organized, and ready. When you’ve planned the proposal as thoroughly as possible, the time will come.

5. Decide where you will propose your proposal.

The location and atmosphere of the proposal will be remembered for the rest of your life, and the most important thing to remember is that you are the primary creator of the atmosphere! Naturally, you can propose anywhere, but it is best to choose a location that is meaningful to both of you and in which you can feel comfortable, calm, and natural.

6. Think about how you will propose.

Once you’ve decided when and where you must consider the finer points of how. Naturally, there is the ring to make, but what other elements do you want to incorporate into the mix to make this a particularly memorable and romantic occasion for her? Keep in mind that the way you propose will be repeated many times by her, so make it good! There are numerous options, and what you do is entirely up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Experiment with the traditional pose. Get down on one knee, take her hand in yours, and propose marriage. The beauty of this gesture is that it has become universally recognized as a result of film, and it can be performed anywhere. Just keep in mind that if other people are nearby, they will be eavesdropping (kindly!), so expect their interest and support.
  • Determine whether she prefers something public or something more private. In the movies, many women are proposed to in public, but in real life, most engagements are private. You may think it’s a good idea to propose to her during halftime, during a sporting event, or at an intimate party with a few of your friends present, but she may be embarrassed by all of the attention. Furthermore, if it doesn’t go well, you’ll feel even worse in front of a large group of people.
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  • Think about what might go along with the occasion, such as a quartet playing a song or a serenade, or a small fireworks display, etc. These kinds of extras aren’t necessary, and they’ll eat into your budget unless you have willing friends to pitch in; however, if it’s your thing, they can add to the atmosphere.
  • Keep the ring hidden. Another popular method of proposing is for her to find the ring first, and then you do the proposing. A ring can be hidden inside flowers, chocolates, or a special gift. Make sure to ask her to open the gift at the appropriate time, or you’ll be waiting a long time! And be careful not to hide it in a place where she might accidentally swallow it; that would ruin the occasion.
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  • Be inventive. If you’re not into tradition or don’t want to say the proposal yourself, there are a few other ideas for proposing that require a little more planning but can be really entertaining; as well as confirming for her that you’re the kooky guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with. You could make her a word puzzle or crossword puzzle with the final answer spelling “Will you marry me?”
  • You can do something small and cute with your family’s children or even a pet that you share.
  • If you have the means and believe she will appreciate it, you could have a plane write the question across the sky as the two of you walk along.
  • Another popular move is to propose while on vacation. Just make sure she says yes if you do this! Nothing will ruin your vacation faster than being rejected on the first night.
  • Use publicity, such as placing an ad in the paper that you know she’ll read, having her favorite radio DJ announce the proposal, or erecting a large banner with the question on it over a bridge that she drives under every day.

7. Select a ring.

If you know what type of ring she wants, that’s fantastic. However, if you don’t know or don’t want to ask, get a temporary ring and then get another after you propose; for many women, selecting their own ring is the preferred option. However, if you know exactly what kind of ring she wants, you should try to sneak out a ring that she usually wears to get it sized and to determine her ring size. She’ll be touched that you remembered what she wanted and got it in the right size! If you have no idea what kind of ring she wants, asking her “casually” about it will pretty much tell her what’s on your mind.

8. Be properly attired.

Dress as elegantly as possible for the occasion and location. This is something truly unique, and it deserves to be “picture perfect.” She’ll appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in. Naturally, this only applies if you intend to propose somewhere elegant and have time to change. If you’re proposing on the beach, on a hike, while skiing, or while skydiving, use common sense about what to wear!

9. Rehearse.

If you’re going to propose, it’s a good idea to practice beforehand. Practice asking questions and explaining why you love her so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. This will keep you from becoming tongue-tied when the big moment arrives. This isn’t to say you should put too much pressure on yourself. Even if it helps to make her feel extra special, she may only remember the words, “Will you marry me?”

10. Propose.

There is no better time than the present to carry out your well-thought-out plan. Bring her to “the place” and begin to lay out your plans. Make sure you’re not giving anything away by constantly touching the ring in your pocket or saying stupid things. If you’re taking her somewhere she’s never been before, or somewhere extra romantic, and you have a feeling that if you’re there for more than thirty seconds, she’ll figure out what you’re up to, try to propose as soon as possible, so you don’t lose any of the surprise factors.

How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Trying to come up with the perfect way to propose to your girlfriend can be extremely stressful. We love seeing newly engaged couples go on stag and hen parties… But the proposal is the most important thing to nail first.
Most women fantasize about their ideal marriage proposal from the time they are little girls until the moment you ask, ‘Will you marry me?’ Others, on the other hand, see it as nothing resembling a Disney film and have no desire to be treated like a princess. Knowing your prospective bride-to-be and what she desires is critical when planning your proposal.

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s all about the bride. Just because you want to flaunt your lady in front of a crowd doesn’t mean you should; she might find it embarrassing. Alternatively, she may adore the attention and be surrounded by her loved ones. The point is before she says ‘I do,’ you should really think about your proposal strategy. So here’s our pick of a few tried-and-true ways to propose.

1. Traditional Romantic Dinner Proposal

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. There’s a reason why so many first dates take place over a delicious meal. You’ll get a great meal in the right restaurant; the wine is flowing, and the dim lighting creates an ideal romantic setting. It’s the ideal setting to begin reminiscing about when you first met and the good times you’ve shared.
This can be combined with a variety of other options:

  1. Have the chef surprise her by incorporating the engagement ring into the dessert presentation.
  2. Take her to her favorite restaurant and request the nicest table (book well in advance to avoid disappointment); to create the ideal setting in a place she adores.

If you choose this option, consider whether or not the location is extremely congested. See if you can gain access to a more secluded area. You don’t even have to get down on one knee. You can ask while sitting down and gradually working up to the formality of taking a knee as you become immersed in the moment. It’s all about knowing what she wants.

2. Center Your Proposal On The Location

Is there a particular location that she enjoys visiting? It could be the top of a mountain where she enjoys hiking, her favorite rooftop bar or restaurant, or a cabin in the countryside where you and your partner spent time when you were first dating. Anywhere that feels romantic or special to her makes an excellent proposal location.
Just be careful dragging her up a tiring hill and asking her when she’ll be out of breath and sweating like a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs! She’ll want to take photos to remember the moment, and she won’t appreciate it if she’s in a shambles.

3. Including Her Hobbies

If she has a hobby or a pastime that she adores, thinks of a way to incorporate it into your wedding proposal. Of course, if her hobby is boxing or a quiet yoga class, you might not want to burst in and declare your undying love. But if she enjoys horseback riding, taking her for a ride through the countryside followed by your proposal is a no-brainer. Alternatively, if you both enjoy a quiet early morning run, a romantic proposal at sunrise might be a runner.

4. The Great Outside

If you’re looking for a romantic setting, parks, lakes, mountains, forests, and beaches can provide a beautiful natural backdrop. This is ideal if she enjoys being outside. Choose a time when the area isn’t overrun with tourists, and you should be able to make a great outdoor proposal.

While on vacation in Europe, one of our team members suggested a private cove in a sea cave that can only be reached by sea kayak. It took some forethought, but it resulted in the most romantic marriage proposal in a secluded and memorable location. A word of caution, however: keep an eye out for places where you might drop or lose the ring. If that ring falls off a cliff or sinks to the bottom of the ocean, it is GONE!!!

5. Write It Down

Make your proposal stand out by being creative in how you spell it out.

  • Slippery ice on the sidewalk
  • Carved into the ice on the windshield of a car
  • Enlist the help of a graffiti artist to create a unique design for her.

It’s eye-catching, it stands out, and it can be made extremely personalized with a little thought about location or message. She might appreciate it if she’s creative herself. If she is a graphic designer, photographer, or pastry chef, you can easily combine her passion and your love for her into a single solid proposal. If you have a job that requires you to be creative, you can put your own spin on the proposal, especially if she enjoys your creations.

6. Involve Friends and Family

This falls under the category of public or private to propose. A small group of close family and friends can be ideal for a lady who wants a little attention but not in the middle of a football stadium surrounded by hordes of enraged fans.

Any type of public proposal should be approached with extreme caution. They can go down like a lead balloon if she isn’t into them or if she is shy. However, if she is a family-oriented person and you believe she would love to say ‘I do’ in front of her nearest and dearest, then this could be a great way to propose.

It’s worth noting here that if she or you have children, involving them in your proposal plan in some way can be very special. It helps to demonstrate that you’re all part of a new family and that you all fit together. If she has children, you’re asking to be a husband and a stepfather; so you might be inspired by this sweet proposal made by a groom to his soon-to-be stepdaughter; asking her if he could be her father, and what it would have meant to the bride and daughter.

7. Proposals from the Public

When it comes to proposing marriage, public marriage proposals are a major source of contention. We see them all the time in movies and TV shows, but keep in mind that the majority of those corny films are written by men. In fact, the majority of women say they dislike public proposals. It’s not very intimate because you have no space or privacy to be alone after she has (hopefully) said yes, and it puts a lot of pressure on her to say yes.

Finally, make certain that your girlfriend enjoys public displays of affection. Watch some comedies together, and if she’s cringing and watching a public proposal with her hands; covering her face, unable to watch, she’s not that type of girl. If, on the other hand, she openly says “how cute” when he declares his undying love for her, she might be into them. Even so, it’s not an invitation for you to follow suit. She may find it amusing until she finds herself in that situation.

8. Intimate Home Proposal

Of course, the complete opposite of this is a well-planned romantic return home in which your partner walks into the house and finds it decorated with flowers, candles, and balloons and either finds you ready to ask the four magic words or finds the ring in its box facing her.

The main advantage of this is that it is intimate and romantic, but most importantly, the entire evening can then be transformed into dinner and champagne after the proposal. This is a genuine way of telling your partner how important they are to you.

9. Hotel Away Intimate Proposal

Plan a getaway with your partner and, when you go out for an evening of wine and dining, arrange for flowers, candles, and champagne to be arranged in your room by the hotel. Allow her to walk in first, and when she turns around, pull out the ring and kneel.

10. A Simple And Sweet Proposal

Have you ever seen the Simpsons episode where Homer sends Mr. Burns a box of chocolates with a picture of the family tucked inside? This is the same concept. Keep the message hidden in the dessert. Make sure the word “Marry” isn’t buried beneath the fruit and nut chocolate.

Otherwise, you can incorporate this into the restaurant concept by having the pastry chef spell the words; out for you on the side of the dessert plate. If you decide to include the ring in the actual presentation, make sure it’s clearly visible so she doesn’t take a spoon and swallow the bloody thing. It’s not very romantic.

How to Propose to a Man

When you’re ready to take the plunge and propose, keep reading for our eight proposal tips for men. Is it possible for a woman to propose to a man? She can, of course, propose. What’s the best part about proposing to your boyfriend? You get to choose when it happens. No more waiting for Mr. Slowpoke to get going. Even better, because this is relatively unknown territory, there are no pesky rules or protocols to follow; unless you want to ask his mother for permission!

Having said that, we sought advice from experts, including Paul Alden, president of Will You Marry Me? Proposal Planners, and Christy Anderson, who authored Down on One Knee and proposed to her boyfriend a year after he had proposed – unsuccessfully – to her (she wasn’t ready at the time and decided it was her turn to put her neck out of respect for his feelings). Women proposing to men, believe it or not, is not a novel concept. Many women have chosen to get down on one knee and ask the question themselves. Do you want to pop the big question yourself?

Here are our eight suggestions for how to propose to a man. Suggestions for Women Who Want to Propose to Their man;

1. Confirm that you are prepared.

First and foremost. Take the temperature of your relationship: Is it truly time to make it official? If you’re still feeling a lot of uncertainty, focus first on strengthening your relationship. If you and your partner are the models of a marriage-ready couple, proceed to our next piece of advice on how to propose to a man.

2. Be Transparent About Your Motives

Don’t propose just to see where your relationship is at. If you don’t know, be aware that what you’re hearing in your head is alarm bells, not wedding bells. Never propose out of desperation for feedback; resorting to such an ultimatum on such an important issue indicates that you aren’t ready to tie the knot. Also, do not propose out of necessity or fear of losing your relationship due to external factors such as military deployment, school, or job relocations.

3. Think about your partner’s posture.

Have you discussed the possibility of marriage? Have you talked about the possibility of marriage or your future together? Is he open to the idea of marriage, and if so, what are his reservations? Make sure you and your man are on the same page before popping the big question. Getting married should be a matter of when, not if, at this point in your relationship. You don’t want to take any chances. Only propose if you’re fairly certain he’ll say “yes!” loudly and unequivocally.

4. Know Thy Enemy

The most important aspect of planning a successful proposal is remembering that this is not your dream proposal, but his. You should tailor your proposal to his personality, just as a man should know better than to broadcast his proposal across a blimp to a girlfriend who is quiet and shy just because he thinks it would be cool. This is especially true when proposing to men because it is uncommon for a woman to initiate the conversation (Alden estimates that only 6 percent of his clients are women). If he’s traditional or dislikes surprises, parachuting into his softball game in a wedding gown is a bad idea.

5. Decide on a Meaningful Location

When it comes to women proposing to men, when in doubt, a private location for a proposal may be best. Do you have a favorite hiking trail or vantage point for watching the sunset? Consider where you had your first date or a location that has special meaning in your relationship. If that’s not your or your man’s style, it doesn’t have to be a widely publicized proposal.

6. Be Aware of His Ego

Congratulations on being the first to express confidence in your future together, but keep in mind that he may be irritated that you stole his thunder, whether he was planning a proposal or not. If this is the case, Anderson suggests reminding him that your proposal does not preclude him from proposing again when he is ready (with a ring)!

7. Purchase a Present for Both of You

On that note, don’t expect him to go out and buy you an engagement ring, and don’t give him a ring – or any other type of promissory jewelry – unless you also buy one for yourself. Alden’s clients have worn matching necklace pendants, I.D. bracelets, and simple gold bands, among other things. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be meaningful.

8. Think Outside the Box

Prepare a proposal based on your shared history. Choose a significant day, location, and theme, for example, and pay close attention to details. Take the time to make it special and personal so he feels cherished, and understood, and realizes you’re serious about this idea!

9. Remain Simple

Forget about the airplane banners and fireworks shows. Alden advises people who are planning their own proposals to keep it simple so that the proposer isn’t distracted by too many details. The goal is to savor the moment! After all, where and how you propose are important, but in the end, you’ll be all your sweetie sees when you ask, whether you’re sitting on the beach in Bali or on the corner barstool of his favorite local dive.

10. Make a Strategy for Success

Consider the logistics carefully: Plan ahead of time, have contingency plans in place in case Mother Nature or traffic decide to wreak havoc, and pick a day and time of day when he’ll be relaxed and away from any looming deadlines at work or school. It’s also a good idea to double-check reservations (restaurants, hotels, hot-air balloons, monkey costumes) and, if you’ve enlisted the assistance of friends or family, to ensure that they understand their “lines” or roles in the event.

11. Be Yourself

Yes, you may be a woman attempting to propose to a man, but at the end of the day, you’re just “you” proposing to your ideal man. Avoid getting caught up in gender roles and expectations, as well as other people’s ideas of what you should and shouldn’t do. If getting down on one knee and proposing to your man feels right to you, then go ahead and do it.

Good Ideas on How to Propose

One of the most important moments in your life is asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. As unique as it is, you undoubtedly want to make this proposal memorable and impressive. Adopt one of these ideas and inject some personality into it to make it distinct and one-of-a-kind. She’ll surely say yes before you know it! Explore 22 of our favorite creative proposals:

Ideas for creative marriage proposals in private

1. Employ a personal chef.

Plan a date night at home that includes a personal chef who prepares your partner’s favorite meal. There are numerous ways to use this creative marriage proposal idea, but one of our favorites is to have the chef place the ring on one of the courses. There are even companies that specialize in this type of thing, believe it or not. Proposal007 allows you to reserve “your personal chef proposal,” complete with candles, roses, and a three-course meal.

2. Decorate a room with photos of you and your partner.

Throughout your relationship, get prints of photos of the two of you. Choose a room in your house (or even a hotel room) and hang the photos all over it. You’ll be surrounded by some of your favorite memories from your time together while asking one of life’s most important questions.

3. Propose a ribbon proposal.

Tie a velvet ribbon from one end of your house to the other, with love notes and memories from your relationship every few feet. Be there at the end of the ribbon with your ring and your proposal. Bonus points if you have music playing during it, including some of your most special songs together.

4. Make your own puzzle.

Make a unique puzzle for your proposal. Once you’ve finished it, your partner will be able to read, “will you marry me?” Then, with your ring in hand, get down on one knee and pop the question!

5. Make use of a book.

We love the idea of having a book be the vessel of your proposal, whether you use a blank journal and write a love poem inside, or cut the inside of a book out and place the ring inside. If you want to get really creative, you can even make a custom book to completely surprise your partner.

Ideas for creative marriage proposals in the public domain

6. Include live music.

Attend any type of concert, such as live music or an orchestra. Bonus points if it’s an artist who means a lot to the two of you. You can even take things a step further by coordinating with the venue to see if you can propose on stage or reaching out to the artist’s team to see if they can stop the concert and make an announcement, allowing you to make your proposal.

7. Take advantage of your first date location.

Take your date to the location of your first date. It doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a park! Order the same thing you ordered on your first date (if you remember) and go out of your way to make the experience as memorable as possible. Share your favorite memory from your first date, and then pop the question.

8. Attend a trivia night.

This one can be done at a trivia night out or even at home if you host one! Allow the quizmaster to ask your partner’s team, “(Name), will you marry (name)?” Everyone involved will remember this as one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

9. Use a photo booth to capture the moment.

Take your partner on a date to a location with a photo booth. Pop the question during your session in the booth so you have a strip of photos of the exact moment you proposed. Make sure to test the timing of the photo booth ahead of time. The last thing you want is for your photos to be taken at an inconvenient time!

10. Visit a planetarium.

This is one of our favorite creative marriage proposal ideas. Please check with the planetarium ahead of time to see if they can project “(Name), will you marry me?” during the stargazing show.

Destination marriage proposal ideas that are unique

11. Take your partner for a walk on the beach and surprise them.

Take a trip to the beach as a group. Write “will you marry me?” on a small piece of paper ahead of time, roll it up, and place it in a seashell or an old bottle. Plant it in a location where the two of you will walk by and make sure that you or your partner notices it and picks it up. This is a great option if you want your proposal to be a complete surprise.

12. Go on a Vespa tour.

Take a Vespa tour of wherever you’re going on vacation. Once you’ve mastered that part, the proposal possibilities are limitless. One of our favorites is to place the ring box inside your partner’s helmet and get down on one knee to present it to them.

13. Arrange for an outdoor picnic.

For your proposal, plan an outdoor picnic in a beautiful location. Hide the ring in a picnic basket or a glass of champagne. And, as with any other proposal idea, think about hiring a photographer or videographer to hide and capture your proposal so you can relive the special day for the rest of your life.

14. Propose a proposal on an airplane.

Plan a vacation to a destination and, at the airport or on the plane, request to use the speaker system to propose!

Other inventive marriage proposal ideas

15. Plan a flash mob.

Having a group perform out of the blue, whether it’s a dancing flash mob, a singing flash mob, or something completely new, is a super unique and fun way to ask someone to spend the rest of your life with you. Don’t know where to begin? A website exists solely for the purpose of booking a flash mob.

16. Include your proposal in the curtain call.

Call around to various theaters (both plays and movies) and see if you can plan a proposal at the beginning or end of the show!

17. Propose to your significant other at an aquarium.

Proposing in an aquarium is unusual enough, but contact management and see if you can have a diver hold up a “(Name), will you marry (name)?” sign inside one of the tanks.

18. Make your own scavenger hunt.

Make your own scavenger hunt with a treasure map! Allow your partner to decipher clues that will lead them to various locations until they arrive at the final destination: you with an engagement ring! This can be done on a small scale, such as around your house, or on a large scale, such as around your entire city.

19. Make a website.

Create a custom website just for the proposal for the tech-savvy couple. Upload photos, stories, videos, and other media. Send the link disguised as something else to your partner. Maybe you say it’s a new restaurant you’d like them to try. It’ll be the biggest surprise they’ve ever had!

20. Engage the services of a street performer.

Hire a street performer ahead of time and have them prepare a special performance for your proposal. When you and your partner pass by, they will be treated to a magical performance and a proposal.

21. Create your own crossword puzzle.

Create a custom crossword puzzle for your proposal for the gamer. Make all of the clues about your relationship or make it look like a regular crossword puzzle — except one of the answers is the proposal.

22. Produce an audio proposal.

Record a song or a podcast episode in which you express your love for your partner and conclude with a proposal. Put it on their Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and so on, and tell them you found SUCH a great song/podcast that they must listen to.


If you only take one thing away from our top suggestions for how to propose, we strongly advise you to keep it simple and romantic. Proposals don’t have to be extravagant to be memorable, and the bigger they are, the more likely it is that they will be hamfisted and cheesy.
Make a special moment for your fiance-to-be that reflects who she is, what your relationship is, and where you want it to go in the future. She’ll appreciate your effort with any proposal you plan, and we’re confident everything will go as planned. Best wishes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you marry me propose lines?

I know my life will never be complete unless you are there to share it with me. I only see you when I look into my heart. We should spend the rest of our lives together if you can look into your heart and only see me. No one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than I will.

Which knee do you propose on?

When you decide to propose, your left knee should be on the ground and your right knee should be raised. Meanwhile, hold the ring box in your left hand and open it with your right. Some men propose by bending both knees, but we advise you to avoid doing so.

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