Dating while separated but not divorced is a difficult topic. On the one hand, it’s natural to want to move on from your marriage and find companionship. On the other hand, you’re still legally married and have some ties. Some relationship gurus advise against dating if you are separated but not divorced. While it is true that you must be especially aware of your own wants and motivations, dating while separated is not difficult.

Separated but Not Divorced

Follow these guidelines to determine whether you’re ready to date while separated or dating someone who is separated but not divorced, as well as how to make the most of your dating experience if you decide to do so.

#1. Make your feelings known to your ex.

Before you consider getting back into the dating game, you’ll need to have some open and honest conversations with your ex. What do you both hope to gain from the separation? If your ex is looking for a reconciliation, they won’t like the thought of you dating and seeing someone new while separated but not divorced.

But is it possible to date when separated?

You can’t date until you’re both certain it’s ended and have no desire to get back together. You may not want to discuss your current dating intentions with your ex, but if you haven’t divorced yet, it’s not the most honest thing to do. If your ex is hoping for a reconciliation and you don’t want one, make it obvious to them. It will hurt at first, but it will be best for you both in the long term.

#2. Spend some time alone with yourself first.

Is it permissible to date while separated? Divorce is an emotionally draining experience. You’re experiencing a wide range of emotions, not to mention the practicalities of living apart from your spouse for the first time in years.

Dating is separated but not divorced is not necessarily terrible. However, don’t rush into dating. First, spend some time alone with yourself. First and foremost, you require some time and space to rediscover your love for yourself. Invest in some pampering time or perhaps a weekend getaway every now and then to give yourself time to mend.

#3. Ask if you’re ready to move on

Consider whether you’re actually ready to move on. You’re not ready for trial separation dating if you’re still expecting to get back together with your partner or if you’re still coping with a lot of pain and animosity over the split.

You must let go of the old relationship before you can move on to a new one. Sometimes it takes longer than intended to let go. Allow it to run its natural course and do much to nurture yourself as you progress. You’re ready to move on and start dating again when you feel whole and happy within yourself. Allow yourself enough time to get there.

#4. Take concrete actions toward divorce.

Should you date if you’re not divorced but separated? Divorce can be a lengthy process. If you or your spouse is dragging your feet on any aspect of it, it could be a sign that one of you isn’t ready to let go yet.

Be truthful to yourself. Are you truly prepared for divorce? It’s a big step, and it’s understandable to be nervous. On the other side, if you’re looking for reasons to put things off, it could be that you’re looking for reasons to hold back.

If you want to go on and date again, you must be prepared to end your marriage. It’s difficult, but if you’re both certain that reconciliation is out of the question, it’s the only logical next step. You can then begin dating while legally separated.

#5. Be cautious about the rebound

Rebound relationships pose a significant risk. When you’re on the rebound, you’re more inclined to make unwise decisions or enter into bad relationships. It’s natural to feel lonely and vulnerable after a divorce, but that doesn’t mean you should hurry into a new relationship. In fact, it’s a compelling argument not to.

You won’t make the greatest choices for yourself if you’re only looking for someone to fill the need left by your ex. If you actually like someone, dating while separated but not divorced is a terrific idea.

However, if you’re only looking for a means to feel less lonely, it’s an indication that you’re still in the process of healing.

#6. Be truthful from the outset.

What will it be like to start dating a separated married woman? Or how about dating a separated man who isn’t divorced? If you’re ready to move on and decide to accept a date, be honest with your possible partner right away. Will your divorce turn some people off? Yes, it absolutely will. But figuring out early on is the only thing that is fair to both of you.

Before you start dating while separated but not divorced, make sure your new date is comfortable with your current situation and understands that you are still legally married. You don’t have to tell them every detail of your divorce, but you should let them know that it’s in the works (if it isn’t, you should reconsider dating) and that reconciliation with your ex is not something you want.

#7. Avoid antagonizing your ex.

While there is no law prohibiting you from dating while separated, you should be cautious not to do anything that your ex or his lawyer could use against you. Consult with your divorce counsel, of course. Other than not publishing specifics about your dating life on any social networking platform, here are some other guidelines to follow:

  • Separate your dates from your children. There’s no reason to mix things up until you’re in a serious relationship. “If your new partner is spending time around your children, he/she may get dragged into a whole world of custody litigation,” warns Minneapolis divorce attorney Mike Boulette. So, until the divorce is finalized, plan days when your child will be with the other parent.”
  • Refrain from forwarding your attorney’s communications or involving your new partner in legal processes. “Communications between lawyer and client are confidential,” says Boulette, “which means your ex can never force you to divulge anything you and your lawyer talked about.” When third parties are involved, such privilege can be forfeited. In that case, a new partner may be called to testify regarding private conversations with your counsel.

#8. Make time for yourself.

This may seem strange, but it is critical for you to get to know yourself as a single person, to understand what you like about yourself and what you would look for in a future relationship.

Katie was relieved after the initial shock of her separation had worn off. Her nine-year marriage had been a disaster for quite some time. However, being in a poisonous scenario for so long had harmed her self-esteem. “I needed to start feeling good about myself and enjoying spending time alone,” she explained, adding, “I went on walks alone, to the movies, and even took a solo vacation to Club Med.” This was all very therapeutic for me.”

Create a support system. You need good friends and family at your side who can be relied on when you need a shoulder or an ear.

#9. Don’t mislead your dates.

There’s nothing wrong with meeting partners online or through applications these days. However, lying about your marital status on your profile or misleading others about that aspect of your background is unethical.

Sheila’s profile indicated that she was “divorced.” And when the 33-year-old, who was going through a divorce from her spouse of eight years, encountered someone she liked online, it became increasingly difficult for her to admit she wasn’t there yet.

“We’d been dating for a month when I eventually told him, and he was so hurt and angry that he ended it with me, saying, ‘How can I trust you?'”

#10. You should not date unless you are emotionally divorced.

The first consideration is whether you are still emotionally attached to your prior spouse.

Dani* announced during a session that she was going on a blind date two weeks after catching her spouse of 15 years cheating on her and filing for divorce practically immediately. We talked about why she was jumping into the fray. “I need to show Jeff that other men are interested in me,” the 38-year-old added. It’s his fault.”

I counseled her to take her time before entering the fray. After the trauma she’d just experienced, she was naturally a walking emotional wound in need of time to heal and go on a journey of self-discovery. Dani gave in and stopped dating for a year.

How to tell if you’re emotionally divorced and ready to date:

  • You have no desire to make amends with your ex.
  • You’ve weighed the benefits and drawbacks of your marriage and determined why you stayed and why you’re ready to go.
  • You are not wanting to fill a gap and relieve your loneliness as a single person.
  • At this point, you know what your romantic aspirations are – an opportunity to mingle and meet new people or finally find a new relationship.


It is feasible to date while separated but not divorced, but only if you are completely honest with yourself and your potential partner. First, take some time for yourself. Allow yourself to recuperate and become accustomed to your own company before looking for a new relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does separation always lead to divorce?

Separation can be beneficial to a marriage depending on the couple’s circumstances. Separation can be an excellent approach to addressing individual difficulties before reconnecting if both partners are prepared to work through current challenges. Having said that, around 80% of separations end in divorce.

Are you single if you are separated?

To establish the date of separation, no separate documents or orders must be signed or submitted to the court. You can practically act as a single person in the dating scene once you are legally separated. Yes, you may date while divorcing.

What if you are married but separated?

Separation means you are living apart from your spouse but are still legally married until you obtain a divorce decree. Although a separation does not end your marriage, it does alter your and your spouse’s financial duties until the divorce is official.

Is it adultery to date while separated?

It is not adultery to be in a marriage relationship with someone while dating someone else. Dating independence is offered during the separation phase. When you have removed yourself from your husband for this one reason, you have committed adultery.

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