HOW TO GET OUT OF FRIENDZONE: 11 Simple Steps to Get Results

How to get out of friendzone

Being in the friendzone isn’t easy. It’s aggravating and perplexing, and it can be really painful at times. Why can’t she understand that you’re the one who’s always there for her when she’s upset with guys who don’t treat her well? And all the while, she’s asking you, “Why can’t men be like you?” as you try to muster the confidence to ask her why she can’t just date you. But all you manage to provide is a sliver of a smile. Well, by the end of this post, you’d be able to get out of the friendzone with the methods mentioned below.

How You Put Yourself in Friendzone Without Realizing

You must first understand what it means to get out of the friendzone. It’s when you have affection for a girl or guy, but they only see you as a buddy.

Perhaps she confides in you about her issues with the guys she likes, and you nod and provide suggestions.

Maybe he tells you how you’re different from other girls and gives you a friendly pat on the hand or shoulder if you’re a girl.

They greet you with a kind hug and look at you as if you were a pet. Every day serves as a new reminder: you’re only a pal.

Here are some ways you may be putting yourself in the friend zone without even realizing it:

#1. You Pay Attention to His/Her Girl/Guy Issues

Up until someone you’re interested in tells you about their most recent date, becoming everyone’s go-to person for love advice might make you feel unique.

Opening up about one’s love interests is a type of closeness, but it’s the kind that might permanently mark you as “that buddy.”

You’re sustaining your role as the listener and comforter when you listen to their guy or lady troubles.

#2. You Gladly Assist them with their Errands

Do you respond to their every whim? It’s possible that your willingness to be accessible to them is what’s sabotaging your chances in the first place.

If the other person sees you as their go-to shopping companion, designated driver, or the person to whom they vent about their issues, your romantic efforts may be serving primarily to strengthen your friendship rather than your relationship.

Sign That You’re About to Enter the Friendzone

You must first determine whether or not you are in the friendzone before devising a strategy for escaping. Let’s face it; women are more difficult to read than guys.

We’ve compiled a list of frequent signals that you’re approaching the friendzone to assist you in determining your current “friendzone” status:

#1. You have a Nickname for yourself

Yes, pet names are adorable, and many couples have one for their partners. Make sure her pet name for you doesn’t include words like “brother,” “buddy,” “friend,” “poo head,” or anything like that.

#2. You’re her “Shopping Companion”

Have you ever encountered a guy who, in his right mind, goes shopping with a girl? Apart from the other guys in the friendzone, and the partners and wives who have no option, nope, not yet. Women do not bring men to fitting rooms or allow them to choose what to buy. Men, in general, despise shopping.

So, when you’re her “shopping companion,” she’ll most likely assume you’re just a wonderful friend who enjoys lugging her belongings.

#3. She’s Your Go-to Wing-Woman

When she sets you up on a date with another female, it’s clear that she doesn’t see you from a romantic perspective. Basically, if she likes you, she won’t tell you about her infatuation with one of your friends.

#4. You Are Her Sore Shoulder

You’re probably just her best friend if you’re the guy she calls after a bad breakup or a silly dispute she had with someone she likes.

She is so at ease with you that she confides in you in her most vulnerable moments, which can be dangerous, especially if she is unaware of your affection for her. Even the fact that she is crying about another guy in front of you is a red flag.

The Reasons You’re in the FriendshipZone

Girls don’t automatically categorize males into the friend zone or non-friend zone for no reason. The following are major reasons why this happens.

#1. You’re a Tad too Accessible

Don’t get me wrong; being available for someone is a good thing. However, being overly available is another story. Saying yes to all of a girl’s requests and invites is a common blunder.

You’re probably already her go-to guy, her shopping buddy, her lunch buddy, and the one guy she can bring as a last-minute pretend-to-date to a wedding. The guys who are always available usually get the best spots in the friendzone. They are taken for granted simply because they have been there since the beginning.

#2. You Haven’t Made Your Objectives Obvious

You’ve been friends for months, if not years, and she still has no idea what you’re up to.

Most of the time, guys act courteously to women without implying any sexual or romantic intentions. Guys often believe that their good deeds should speak for themselves. But, in case you weren’t aware, the majority of women will interpret any good gesture as platonic.

Either way, the real question is, what if the person you like has already put you in the friendzone? While our initial recommendation would be to try again with a new person, we recognize that you may not always be able to pick what your heart wishes.

This brings us to the age-old subject of how to move out of the friendzone, and whether or not it is even possible.

Can Friendzone turn into relationship?

Keep in mind that if you were never in the friend zone, to begin with, you would not have to put in the same amount of effort to challenge the boundaries of the friend zone as you would if you were already a part of it. Even though transitioning from friendship to a romantic partnership is not impossible, most people find that skipping the friendship stage altogether is a more convenient option.

How to Get Out of the Friendzone

In short, getting out of the friend zone is entirely doable, but it will require a significant amount of time and work. The following tips will help you get started in no time.

# 1. Determine Whether or Not They Are Interested

You can’t force someone to love you back with pure willpower, no matter how much you love them.

So, even if you were the finest version of yourself, would they be interested in you?


  • Find out what your mutual friends think.
  • Consider your relationship with them: how close are you really?
  • Look at their former relationships to see whether you have anything in common with them.

#2: In Their Minds, Redefine Your Category

Changing their perceptions of you is perhaps the most challenging element. And this transformation must appear and feel natural.

Remove yourself from the behaviors that make you a simple buddy, and begin to alter your attitude and approach in all of your encounters. Make a new person out of yourself, someone people won’t befriend.

#3. Look for Guidance that is Peculiar to Your Situation

While this article focuses on the most common methods for escaping the friend zone, it may be beneficial to consult with a relationship coach about your specific circumstance.

You can obtain guidance tailored to your life and experiences from a professional relationship coach…

#4. Concentrate on Yourself

There’s a reason you ended yourself in the buddy zone to begin with.

There’s something about you that has to be improved, whether it’s your confidence, attitude, or social skills.

Take a break from trying to please your admirer and concentrate on yourself for a bit. It might take a while, but the wait will be well worth it.


  • Concentrate on improving the aspects of yourself in which you are least confident.
  • Allow yourself the room and time to make long-term changes that are broader than your romantic relationship.

#5. Be Patient and Wait

It’s now time to wait. Allow time for the changes from steps 2 and 3 to take effect.

This is because some level of change has to take place in both minds—yours and your buddies’.

You must learn to actually regard yourself as someone deserving of being loved without begging, as much as you want them to perceive you as a potential partner.


Re-examine your reasons for liking this person so much. Do you like them now that you've made the changes?

#6: Fire Your Shots

It’s difficult to determine when it’s time to implement Step 5, and only you will fully know when the opportunity arises, if ever.

Remember, you’ll miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, but the worst mistake is taking them before you and your possible partner are ready.

Meanwhile, don’t be scared to acknowledge the relationship’s former friend zone status. It’s actually more embarrassing if you act as if it never happened. It’s your job to gently persuade them that there might be something more here.

#7. Stop Thinking of Yourself as “Simply” a Buddy

Stop being a buddy if you want to be more than that.

Begin to flirt with her. Let your hand linger on her shoulder for a moment longer as you make a comment about her appearance.

Choose embraces that are less welcoming and more… personal.

Don’t touch her — OK, don’t be a creep. You understand what I’m talking about.

Dress to impress and flaunt your personal style. You can still be her friend while presenting yourself in the manner of a future partner.

Make yourself a contender by treating her like a girl you’d like to ask out, not your younger sister.

#8. Make Eye Contact and Make Physical Contact

Assume you’re attempting to build a home. To construct this house, you’ll require various tools.

When it comes to breaking free from the friend zone, your two most powerful tools are eye contact and touch.

When you speak to her, look her in the eyes and smile at her. Allow the romantic tension to grow. As long as she responds positively, you can touch her affectionately from time to time.

#9. Learn to Be a Man of Few Words

Make her treasure the next gem by pretending she’s a world-famous archaeologist who has just made a world-changing discovery.

The point is to be flirty when texting her. Add emojis as needed, but not too many; after all, a buddy would do the same thing.

#10. Schedule a Date With Her With a Specific Time and Location in Mind

This is the traditional move. You invite her out and give a time and location.

Try to choose something she enjoys, whether it’s a restaurant, a concert, or a stroll around the park.

Also, try to be as natural as possible. Make it apparent that you’re on a date by avoiding phrases like “hang out.” Say it as it is.

“Would you like to go on a date with me at Burgerama this Friday?” I know you enjoy their extra chocolate milkshake, and it makes your eyes sparkle.”

So there you have it.

#11. Set Your Priorities

Don’t be afraid to get away from your pal for a while. Even if it hurts you, giving your friend some distance will allow him or her to miss you and appreciate your worth. You can use this time to focus on other elements of your life, such as your work, hobbies, family and friends, and so on. This will encourage your friend to communicate with you more frequently.

How to Get Out of Friendzone FAQs

Why am I getting Friendzoned?

For a variety of reasons, people become trapped in the friend zone because; They don’t always make themselves appealing to other people. They can choose the wrong partner, one who does not suit them as a lover. They are not always bold enough to demand a fair deal in which their wants are addressed upfront.

Is the Friendzone permanent?

So, whether the friend zone is a permanent destination or a stepping stone to romantic satisfaction, the jury is still out. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding love, and there is no single optimum way to meet someone.

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