ONLINE MARRIAGE COUNSELING: Top 2022 Free Programs To Pick From

Most times, it’s difficult for partners to see a therapist in person. This may be as a result of their job or the nature of their business. This is where online marriage counseling comes in. You can attend your sessions at your own convenience.

This form of therapy may be an option if you and your partner are open to it.

Online marriage counseling has proven to be as effective as that of in-person. You can choose to attend your sessions with your partner or solo as the case may be.

Top Online Marriage Counseling Programs In 2022

Here are some online options for you and your spouse.

#1. Talkspace:


Is a good option for a cost-effective therapy from the comfort of your home. It offers both couples therapy and mental health issues.

They usually recommend talking to your partner about the issues you are meant to work on before your therapy session. Their area of specialty includes issues with infidelity, sex, parenting, and chronic health issues.

Talkspace gets you connected to a licensed therapist. They are the best for unlimited messaging.

#2. Regain:


Has a board of certified and licensed marriage and family therapists, psychologists, clinical social workers,s and professional counselors.

They are trained to address all related issues. You will be assigned to a therapist once you sign up, identify your goals and share any specific preference of a therapist for you and your spouse.

You can choose to be private and also leave messages for your therapist at any time.

#3. Couples Therapy Inc:

Couples Therapy Inc

They offer both online therapy and couples retreat. A major advantage of signing up is the ability of couples to participate in therapy sessions despite being miles apart.

The site has 24 therapists referred to as online specialist. They are trained to help couples in troubled relationships. Therapy is also available in nine different languages.

#4. E- Therapy Cafe:

E-Therapy Cafe

E- Therapy Cafe offers a variety of issues but specializes in couples counseling. Their site also shows they offer not just marriage counseling but also relationship counseling.

Their services are mostly for couples on the look for a chat with a therapist on a short-term basis. They offer therapy via phone calls, video chats, etc.

#5. Growing Self:

Growing Self

This site offers dating coaching, pre-marital counseling, and marriage counseling. You can get a free consultation session to learn more about their services before paying for an appointment in case of doubt in couples therapy.

Free Online Marriage Counseling

Is there anything like good and cheap or free online marriage counseling?

There are four types of available online help for your marriage:

#1. Downloads And E-mail Series:

Most sites offer online information pages, articles or e-mail series, and e-books. They are much cheaper than a CD/DVD set. Unfortunately, it’s easy to read, get inspired or motivated, and then forget it.

This may not provide a much lasting effect despite being affordable.

#2. Audio And Video Files:

Many online counselors or therapists have a collection of audio files you can listen to. They can also be videos of live group sessions.

They are very expensive. One advantage is that you can watch the video or listen to audio over and over again at any time. It comes in form of CD and DVD programs.

#3. Live Online Counseling:

This session can be very expensive. You are required to schedule sessions to meet your therapist’s working hours. But it is great as it can be done at the comfort of your home.

#4. Power Of Two Online:

This is not yet a very reliable and effective option. However, it is the only program that had been proven scientifically to improve your marriage or relationship. It costs less and consists or combines all marriage programs.

Best online marriage counseling programs 

#1. Best Overall:’s counseling programs

Over 10,000 tools for healthy and happy relationships are available on One of these is its expert-developed pair marriage counseling programs.


Three courses are available on the platform, one for each stage of marriage. You can choose from the platform’s Pre-marriage, Marriage, or Save My Marriage courses, depending on your life stage.

Experts created the courses with the goal of providing you with the necessary skills and information to help you decide if you’re ready for marriage, how to maintain a healthy marriage, and what to do if you suspect it’s in crisis.

Best online marriage counseling programs of 2022

The best online marriage counseling programs this year can be divided into several categories. 

They are listed below:

#1. Best Overall:’s counseling programs offers over 10,000 resources for healthy and happy relationships. One of these are its couple marriage counseling programs developed by experts.


The platform offers you three courses – one for each stage of marriage. Depending on the phase of life you are in, you can opt for any of the Pre-marriage, Marriage, or Save my Marriage course at the platform. 

The courses are designed by experts and aim to equip you with the right tools and information to help you decide if you are ready for the commitment, how to sustain a healthy marriage, and what you can do if you think it is under trouble.

How it Works

All three courses can be on the platform’s website. 

  • Pre-marriage course: It provides helpful resources for transitioning from the single life to married life, helps improve communication, and manage expectations.
    It includes activity worksheets, communications starters kit, 30-day marriage calendar, recommended books, and more.
  • Marriage courses: It touches upon important points such as how to have shared goals, have intimacy back, set marriage traditions, etc.
  • Save My Marriage Course: It offers a guide on how to have a happier marriage. It includes videos, worksheets, an e-book guide, and more to help you recommit to, and restore your marriage.

#2. Best for Long-Time Couples: ReGain


This platform allows you to talk to a therapist about relationship problems from the comfort of home, and all providers on the platform have a professional license. 

It could include licensure as a psychologist, clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, or professional counselor. 

How it Works:

To utilize the platform, couples begin by completing a questionnaire, and the results automatically match couples with a therapist who is a strong fit for their needs.  

The partners share an account and receive live therapy sessions together with a therapist, with the option for each person to have individual sessions if there is a need. 

You must have access to a webcam to use the service, and you and your partner need to be in the same room during sessions, as the platform cannot support three-way video conferencing. 

Text messaging is also available, but couples’ participation in live sessions is preferred.

#3. Best for LGBTQ+ Couples: Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to participate in online marriage counseling


Therapists on this platform are specifically to work with LGBTQ+ populations, and all providers on the platform have professional licenses. 

How it Works: 

Within a few days of signing up for Pride Counseling, you will be matched to a licensed marriage counselor. 

But if the counselor is not a good fit, the platform allows you to switch to a different provider. 


The cost of the program ranges from $90 to $120 weekly and is monthly. 

Users have the option to communicate with their counselor via live chat, exchanging messages, talking over the phone, or using video conferencing

#4. Best for unlimited messaging: Talkspace

Talkspace offers extensive online mental health treatment options to cater to your needs.


Talkspace ranks as the top online marriage counseling program for those who want unlimited messaging.

How it Works: 

To get start with marriage counseling at homecomplete a short assessment, and then choose a counselor from a list of providers that have been to you. 


Talkspace offers a program that runs $396 per month, which allows for unlimited audio, video, and text messages with your licensed marriage counselor, as well as four 30-minute live sessions per month. 

You can purchase additional 30-minute video sessions for $65 each. 

#5. Best self-help program: Our Relationship

Some couples may prefer self-help options for online marriage counselingIf this is what you’re in the market for, the top choice is ‘Our Relationship’. 


This program is not therapy but rather a self-paced program that allows you and your partner to complete relationship-boosting activities online at a speed that works for you. 

Most couples complete the program in about two months. 

How it Works: 

The program involves working through lessons on the computer and then applying them to your relationship. 

If you work with a coach, you will also have weekly phone calls to help you use what you have learned to improve your relationship

Among the marriage services available online, Our Relationship is one of the top marriage enrichment programs


You have the option to work through the program without a coach for $50 or with a coach for $150

Sign up on their website and pay to begin the program, which offers options for same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples, and individuals. 


Is marriage Counselling worth it?

Marriage counseling can be worthwhile for any couple who wants to find ways to make their partnership better. It can be helpful at various points in a relationship and can address a wide variety of issues that might exist in a marriage. Couples who want to work on changing themselves can also benefit.

What happens on the first day of marriage counseling?

During the first session, expect to discuss the history of your relationship distress. The therapist will want to know the main problems you are experiencing, and what causes most of your stress within the relationship.

How long should marriage counseling last?

The length of a session can vary, but 75 to 90-minute sessions are pretty standard for performing couples therapy or marriage counseling on a weekly basis. 50 to 60-minute sessions are generally for individuals and can be too short for couples.

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