10 Best Tips on Sexual Relationships

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Maintaining a loving relationship with physical intimacy and sex has been proven to have immense health benefits. However, one problem is peculiar with most spouses: the difference in sexual preferences, libido, tastes, and kinks. This makes maintaining a healthy sexual relationship all the more difficult. It basically limits one of the most vital aspects of marriage.

However, this post offers a way out of the problem without going through the rigorous divorce process.

But the first step out of this complication is solely based on the realization that having a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse goes beyond frequent intimacy or orgasms. It focuses more on feeling safe, loved, and, most of all, confident. It also talks about finding the perfect physical and emotional balance.

So below are the ten best tips on sexual relationships to help you out;

Best Tips on Sexual Relationships

Express love and trust

A satisfying sex life is key to a healthy sexual relationship in marriage.

Both parties should always strive to have a satisfying sexual experience with each other and to achieve each other’s ultimate goals.

A simple way to achieve this is to ensure your marriage is full of love, affection, and trust. This helps to create a healthy sex life.

Spend time with each other

While regular sex is necessary to maintain a happy relationship in marriage, bear in mind that a great sexual relationship has nothing to do with having sex all through the week.

If your average sex is only once a week or once a weekend, that’s great. Just ensure you spend time with each other often.

Furthermore, getting along with your spouse is important both mentally and physically.

Stay Confident

It’s easy to say, right? Totally a different ball game in the real world.

Well, confidence does play a major role in ensuring a healthy sexual relationship. Talking about confidence with respect to your body.

Most couples are usually embarrassed about their bodies and go as far as putting off the lights when fully undressed. This places a restriction on how free you’d be with your partner.

Sexual relationships demand a high level of intimacy, which is easily developed with this level of confidence in the picture.

Don’t feel threatened by your spouse’s Ex

Jealousy is a natural phenomenon in relationships. After all, if you love your spouse, you can easily guess that he or she is close to someone else. However, there are healthy jealousies and unhealthy ones.

The latter should be avoided at all costs.

In other words, maintaining a happy relationship means that you should worry less about your spouse’s past or sexual life. Instead, work on the present to ensure you enjoy every bit of time spent together.

Show Respect

Respect cuts across bothers. Ranging from how you communicate your feelings to how you relate with your partner in the open and in private. It also talks about respecting their decisions and boundaries.

So, outrightly persuading or coercing your partner to do something they are not comfortable with is just an indication that the level of respect you have for them is pretty low.

Do not lie about your feelings

As partners, being open about your feelings should not be a bother. If it is, then it needs fixing.

On the other hand, lying about them is usually a bigger problem. It would be difficult to know what your partner needs and, in turn, satisfy those needs if they are clueless about what you want.

As a matter of fact,

Both parties should be willing to open up about their sexual desires, needs, and fantasies.

However, being judgmental should be avoided while at this.

Communicate with each other even if uncomfortable

One of the hallmarks of healthy sex is communication. If something goes wrong in bed, tell your partner.

However, be gentle, playful, and relaxed when communicating. You don’t want to do anything that would prevent effective communication with your spouse in the future.

Schedule sex

A common problem with long-term relationships, or rather marriages, is the luxury of time. They basically find it difficult to create time for sex. If you fall under this category, you should think about trying out scheduled sex.

Scheduled sex may not sound like much love, but it’s an easy fix for couples who work full-time or have children.

However, have fun while at it. Fun could include role-plays or planning a sensual evening to entice your partner. 

If done rightly, it could become something to look forward to.

Try new things

Of the 10 best tips I’ll be giving you, A basic ingredient of healthy sexual relationships is the desire to try new things together.

It is almost impossible to really enjoy sex as a couple if you do not try new things. The idea of new things is the actual spice and fun of marriage.

Where is the fun if you practically follow the same routine every single time? Sounds boring, right?

So a step in this direction could include using toys to generate new ideas, trying out new technologies, engaging in really dirty talks, or having a go at porn occasionally.

In the long run, trying out new things is a great way to take a break from your normal routines and prevent boredom in the bedroom.

Don’t fixate on perfection

A peculiar problem with most couples hangs on the excessive unmet expectations. More often than not, these expectations are usually fueled by movie scenes and exaggerated stories.

So, fixating on perfection usually leads to disappointments half the time.

However, don’t get me wrong; expectations are not entirely bad, but ensure they are just the right amount.

What are the 4 types of intimacy?

The four types of intimacy you should cultivate to develop a more holistic connection and closeness with your mate are listed below:

  • Emotional intimacy.
  • Intellectual intimacy.
  • Experiential intimacy.
  • Spiritual intimacy.

What is a sexless relationship called?

Celibacy implies a decision but does not reveal whether both spouses are content. Anecdotally, there may be many more married or cohabiting couples who are joyfully, or resignedly, not having sex than statistics reveal. Another element to consider is asexuality, which has become somewhat of a buzzword.

What are the 4 types of relationships?

Family ties, friendships, acquaintanceships, and romantic partnerships are the four main forms of relationships. Work ties, teacher/student partnerships, and community or group relationships are examples of relationships.


In the end, healthy sexual relationships in marriage are largely a function of conscious efforts from both partners.

For professional help, you can reach out in the comment section.

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