PLATONIC DATING: Meaning, Sites, Apps & All You Need


Today, spiritual love or platonic dating is typically between two people who are just friends, and their love for each other is devoid of physical lust or romantic involvement. This is especially hard if one person in the relationship starts to like the other person.

What is Platonic Dating?

Spiritual dating is when two people have a close bond but no sexual relationship. The term derives from the ideas of Plato, an ancient philosopher whose name is derived from the concept. Whereas Plato believed this type of love could bring people closer to a divine ideal, the modern definition focuses on people being close friends.
A sexual or romantic relationship is the polar opposite of platonic dating. While it is sometimes assumed that the term only refers to opposite-sex friendships, it can also refer to same-sex friendships.

Is platonic dating a thing?

Yes, platonic dating is possible and common as long as both people have the same intentions and understanding of the relationship. Of course, there may be times when one person’s feelings emerge and interfere with the relationship. It is not uncommon for one or both people to flirt, but these “speed bumps” should not derail the path of a platonic relationship. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but it’s certainly doable.

Signs of platonic dating

Platonic dating is distinguished from other types of relationships by a number of characteristics. Aside from the lack of a sexual component, this type of relationship is also distinguished by:

  1. Closeness: Both partners in the relationship feel close to one another and believe they have things in common.
  2. Sincerity: Both individuals believe they can share their true thoughts and feelings with the other.
  3. Acceptance: These relationships are easy and comfortable to be in. Both individuals believe they are safe and free to be themselves.
  4. Comprehend: People in platonic relationships have a connection, but they also recognize and respect each other’s personal space. They don’t try to make the other person do things they don’t want to do or be someone they aren’t.

These kinds of relationships are frequently friendships. And, while the lack of a sexual relationship is what distinguishes this type of relationship, it does not necessarily imply that the individuals in the relationship are not attracted to each other or could not begin to feel attracted to each other.

Platonic Dating Sites

If you are an asexual person looking for friendship, a relationship, or love, you are probably aware of how difficult it is to find a dating site that can meet your needs. This is due to the fact that the majority of online dating sites are geared toward romantic relationships, hookups, and so on. Though platonic dating sites are difficult to come by, they do exist. If you’re looking for love or a romantic relationship that isn’t all about sex, here’s a list of the best platonic dating sites for you.

#1. Meetup

Meetup may be the most common entry on this list. Since its inception as a website in 2002, it has made its way onto both Apple and Android devices while upgrading features to stay ahead of the curve. Its continued relevance is especially impressive given that Meetup turned 18 just two months ago.

#2. Bumble

I understand what you’re thinking. I’m not taken in, writer. One of the most popular romantic dating apps is Bumble. I’m not looking for a date; I’m looking for friends. You’re terrible at making recommendations. I’m hurt, but I’ll brush it off as a true professional and keep explaining. Just know that I’m in pain.

#3. We3

Let’s face it: one-on-one conversations can be nerve-racking for both parties. You are to blame for all of the great one-liners and overall chemistry. The other person is most likely in the same situation. It’s a veritable cesspool of stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand over the reins to someone else and not feel guilty about it?

#4. Patook

They are concerned that your app’s other users have more sinister motives than friendship. I’m here to assure you that your concern is legitimate. While most people are genuine, most mobile friend finders don’t have any safeguards to prevent their features from being used as makeshift dating apps.

#5. PlatonicPartners

Suzie King, a counselor by profession, founded PlatonicPartners, which has a solid foundation. This dating platform currently has over 6,000 active users. It accepts both physical and non-physical relationships. If you want to base your relationship on genuine friendship, PlatonicPartners will come in handy.

How to start dating when you are in a Platonic Marriage

There are no ‘rules’ for platonic dating per sec, but the following themes must be present for spiritual dating to be healthy:

#1. You are truthful and open in your platonic relationship.

To keep a platonic relationship healthy, you must be open and honest with the person with whom you share this relationship. The key difference is that, unlike in a romantic relationship, you are never threatened by the idea that this person will end or leave the relationship because they were never ‘with you’ in the first place.

#2. Know your limits and respect others.

While platonic relationships aren’t as dangerous as emotional, romantic relationships, that doesn’t mean there aren’t boundaries. Even if these boundaries are never openly discussed, they exist, are always present, and must remain so.

#3. There should never be any pressure or expectations placed on anyone.

As a follow-up to my second point, it’s critical not to expect or demand more from the person than you would from a typical friendship. The concept of ‘expectation’ distinguishes a platonic and romantic relationship. With a romantic relationship, you hope that the early stages will develop into something more than “just friends.” Your expectations are much lower in a platonic relationship (or spiritual love).

#4. Platonic love must be selfless to function.

When you have platonic love, you want what is best for your friend, regardless of the circumstances or the path they choose to take. You have their best interests at heart and encourage them to pursue what they want, irrespective of how it may or may not affect the relationship. There is far less emotional risk when doing this in platonic dating because there is no romantic sentiment involved.

Just as you’ve grown accustomed to using dating apps as a primary source for meeting people romantically, there are some really solid apps out there that can help you vet people for friendships as well. Here are some dating apps with platonic searches:

#1. Yubo

Yubo is a social networking app that allows you to swipe to find new friends, chat with them in-app, explore different interest groups, and even live video stream with your new acquaintances if you prefer to take your time getting to know new people before jumping into a friendship.

#2. Nextdoor

It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood, but do you even know who your neighbors are? Nextdoor, a private social networking app, is your window into everything going on in your area, whether it’s block parties, furniture swaps, or even car break-ins. However, the app is more than just a news source; it encourages in-person meetings, which leads to new friendships.

#3. Facebook

Great communication channels are one of the qualities to look for in an online dating service. If you sign up for Facebook, you’ll discover that this unique dating site has excellent messaging features. The best part is that it is intended for asexual individuals. Aside from standard messaging, the service also allows you to post on its forum.

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#4. Skout

Do you want to make more friends in your neighborhood or meet people who share your interests? Skout, founded in 2007, allows you to chat, send photos, and exchange virtual gifts with new friends. On the app, you might find your new book club group.

#5. Pawdates

You own a dog. And he’s a fantastic listener. Is he someone who responds to you and can discuss The Crown with you? Set up play dates with your dog using Pawdates, a social networking app for pet owners. This way, the next time you go for a walk with Prince Hairy, you won’t have to go alone.


If you are the one who wants to extend platonic dating into something more, it is essential to be open and honest with the other person. Please express your interest without putting them under any pressure. Discuss what it might mean for the relationship and how it might affect your friendship in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to Platonically date someone?

Yes, platonic relationships are possible and common, as long as both people have the same intentions and understanding of the relationship. Of course, there may be times when one person’s feelings emerge and interfere with the relationship.

Is kissing platonic?

Platonic kissing is divisive, but it’s not as rare as you might think. You give your friend a hug… Kissing or other displays of affection with friends are acceptable as long as both parties agree and set parameters, according to experts – and the decision is entirely up to the respective parties.

What is an example of a platonic relationship?

In its modern popular sense, platonic love is an affectionate relationship in which the sexual element does not play a role, even in cases where one might easily assume otherwise. A deep, non-sexual friendship between two heterosexual people of opposite sexes is a simple example of platonic relationships.

Do platonic relationships last?

People in platonic love may have a strong bond, but have no physical or sexual attraction to each other. The platonic love relationship can be deep and intense, resulting in some of life’s longest and most rewarding relationships.

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