HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN WANT YOU: Top 10 Ways, Revealed!!!

How to make a woman want you

When 99% of men take a look at a lady, they are often affected by her beautiful looks, and they decide whether or not they are attracted to her within the first few minutes of meeting her. While this may change in the future, they may initially be infatuated with her and later decide whether or not she is worth it and become distracted by someone else. However, how you treat her when you first meet will determine a lot about how your relationship with her will turn out. Either way, it’s not tough to make her want you, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared. And here is the first thing you should keep in mind; “The guys who don’t chase are the ones who get the girl in the end.”

Without further ado, let’s hit the road…

Tips to Attract A Woman’s Attention & Make Her Really Want You

So here are a few pointers to make a woman want you.

#1. Make a Good First Impression

Have faith in yourself. Do not stutter. Have a point to make. You can’t afford to screw up your first date with her because it might be your last. Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what to say and the other person becoming asleep or blabbering alone. That’s something you don’t want to do. So my advice is that you start chatting to keep the tempest within your thoughts from getting any worse. Inquire and show that you’re interested. By the end, you’d have piqued her interest to the point where she wants to know more, and you’ve learned enough to paddle your boat further.

#2. One Woman Aspires to be a Great Leader

Women like to feel as if they are in the company of a leader (but not a dictator!). Women want to be able to trust the man with whom they share their lives.

#3. Women want a Man who Pays Attention to them

Communication is simply the exchange of ideas, wants, and wishes without being too technical. This principle is simple, but understanding how to attract ladies via listening is not. Ladies dig guys who pay attention to them by listening and by action.

The mastery of this skill ultimately draws them closer to you and makes them want you more.

#4. Women want you to be Considerate

When you be thoughtful, you demonstrate that what she values is just as important (if not more so) than what you require.

Thoughtfulness is the cousin of selflessness, and it allows you to navigate the emotional spectrum. Unfortunately, many men overlook it. Overlooking this singular act means throwing into the wind the need to be wanted by women.

#5. Women admire a Gentleman

What could be worse than hanging around with someone who has a bad attitude? A person who is oblivious to proper etiquette.

It doesn’t matter if you grew up in a predominantly male household or participated in exclusively male-dominated sports. When learning how to make a woman want you, a simple “please” and “thank you” can go a long way.

Manners can be displayed in a variety of ways by men:

• Chivalry

I was astonished by the number of ladies who have never had a door opened for them in the story.

• Being Nice

Harsh remarks said in an unpleasant tone can make her shut down. Being courteous will always work in your favor while interacting with a woman, whether it’s your first or 500th conversation.

• Dating Etiquette:

Pull her chair out, guys. Wait until her plate arrives before eating. Focus on her face rather than her chest, buttocks, or legs.

#6. Women Adore a Man who Prioritizes His Family

Although not all women want to marry and start a family, the vast majority do. Being a man who wants to start a family (or who already has children and is a good father) makes you more appealing.

Children are no longer as much of a deal-breaker as they once were. So if you already have children, your chances aren’t necessarily zilch.

Allowing her to observe how you and your family interact is another approach to demonstrate that you are a family man. Make it clear to her that you want to be around your children.

#7. To Show Vulnerability

For most men, this is a challenging task. They take pride in their masculinity, but the truth is that they have the same emotions as women.

Ladies must see and feel that you are comfortable with them being candid. Trust will grow if you show her your sensitive side.

It demonstrates that you entrust her with your deepest and darkest secrets.

Do not do this while you are just getting to know someone. That can often be too much, too soon. When the timing is right, you will know. Remember that being vulnerable allows you to be fearless.

#8. Women are drawn to men who are well-informed and educated

Knowing what is going on in the world demonstrates that you are a global citizen. To know how to attract women, you don’t have to be a political analyst or a philanthropist.

You must, however, demonstrate that you are interested in learning about and understanding other cultures and ways of life.

A gentleman who is aware of his surroundings demonstrates that he recognizes that he is a part of something larger than himself. It demonstrates that you understand that the world does not revolve around you or your experiences. Being compassionate necessitates this quality.

#9. Be a Striker

Create scenarios where she has to do the chasing instead of doing the hard work. Don’t be the person who is desperate, needy, and eager to please. Present yourself as a powerful man with a lot on his plate who wouldn’t go after a woman. Instead, create a sense of mystery to entice people to get closer to you.

#10. Ask the Appropriate Questions

If your first question is, “Do you have a boyfriend?” you’re doomed for life. Period. Women often assume you have a one-track mentality, and now is your chance to disprove them. Never get caught up in frivolous questions or details. Instead, inquire about her pet preference. Alternatively, find out what her favorite musical genre is and see if you can play her favorite song once she agrees.

#11. Please don’t linger

It’s never a good idea to have too much of anything. And believe me when I say that women don’t appreciate men constantly hovering around them and “babying” them. Allow them to be enamored with you. Stay close but not too close. Allow them to pursue you once you’ve made yourself scarce. To put it another way, make her heart grow fonder by being absent.

#12. Pay Attention To The Little Things

Buying her a bunch of roses every day or showering her with blatant comments will not win you any brownie points. Women are obsessive about minutiae. Tell her her dress reminded you of your favorite love tale author, or send her a text telling her she’s on your mind even when you’re not with her. She’ll most likely return for more of those.

#13. Know Where The Line Is To Be Drawn

You like her, and she likes you in return. What’s the next step? You go on a date with her! But don’t do it again and over again. Allow her to miss you for a while. Play around with her if she asks you out for dinner one night. Tell her you’re not sure and will have to double-check. Of course, you shouldn’t continually reject her; else, she might lose interest in you. You could be the actual boss if you figure out the right way!

#14. Learn More About Her

When both sides have doubts, and both of their doubts are clarified in an interview, a balance is struck. Do not continue to tell her everything about yourself without first asking her a question. Discover her likes and dislikes, as well as whether or not she matches the bill. It’s essential to do this because it shows women that you’re equally invested in moving things ahead. You’re on the right track, my friend if you add a dash of humor to the inquiries.


Don’t publicly tell a woman you want her if you want her to want you more. Instead, imply that she subliminally likes you.

The problem is this: It’s unusual for a woman to look at a man and say, “I like him,” on the spot.

“I like her,” men can think merely by looking at a lady or having a brief interaction with her. However, a lady must be persuaded. This is because women and men operate in quite different ways. They are more emotionally touched by how a man makes them feel. Therefore, they don’t plunge right into emotions.

To put it another way, even if you adore a woman, you must create an environment that allows her to fall in love with you, and here is where most guys fail. They believe that their attraction to her is sufficient. That isn’t the case, however.

It’s more than just leaving things to hormones and intuition when it comes to intensifying desire for a woman. It’s about creating an experience for both of you.

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