Relationships can be so scary because all that love and emotion can be quite terminal just as it can be quite lasting as well. However, not all relationships end for good, so the question is how do you restore yours if there are still sparks. How do you fix a broken relationship?


At the beginning of a relationship, the thought of a broken relationship would never really cross your mind. However, fixing a broken is not always easy or something people often plan for. Can you ever imagine that one day you will need to know how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend? Hell no! But in reality, no relationship in life is free from turmoils and even the best couple, who seems so perfect, might be going through internal conflicts and arguments that no one else sees. However, this is an actuality because, in the beginning, you go through the honeymoon phase and would never imagine such a thing. But, as time wanes the level of passion or even intimacy in your relationship starts decreasing, all those things you paid a blind eye to earlier to catch up with you. So now you’re left hanging with the question, how do I fix my broken relationship with my boyfriend?

1. Take a trip down memory lane:

When you try reminiscing on the good times of your relationship, it can help undo the damage a little. However, before you make any efforts to move forward, you both need to step back to see the initial stage of the relationship, that honeymoon phase where your partner can do no wrong. Were there conflicts in the initial period? If yes, then how did you both handle them? What is it that you are doing wrong this time? Try to look at those things so you can understand where or when everything started going sideways.

2. Relive your beautiful memories:

Although you can always fix a broken relationship by reconnecting with each other. However, it’s not as easy as that. When trying to fix the relationship, you should try reliving those memories you had with your partner. Reliving those good times helps lessen the pain from a “said broken relationship”. Basically, this will remind you both of the wonderful times you have spent together in the past and why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

3. Open your heart to each other:

When you trying to repair your broken relationship, it is important that you have a heartfelt conversation with your partner. When doing this, try at best to talk freely and honestly to your partner, don’t cover or hide anything. It’s simple basically. Just pour it all out, how you feel, whatever your partner did to offend you, don’t hold it. However, it is a mature conversation, so don’t demean or belittle each other.

4. Try gaining a new perspective:

Generally, all relationships can only work when all parties involved are fully in, and it is not one-sided. And this is only possible when you create that space in your relationship. Your intention is to fix your relationship right, then it is important to listen, communicate and understand your partner. Whether you’re having some mixed feelings or not.


Generally, how can you fix a broken relationship with your girlfriend? Basically, a girl would want the following;

1. Be Clear About Your Intentions:

A girl loves a stern and clear guy who is scared to say what he wants even though it is restoring your relationship. Basically don’t be scared to ask for forgiveness if you’re wrong.

2. Love is All You Need:

Girls love to be showered with love and affection even though it is in the case of a broken relationship. Show her that you still care and you’re ready to do anything to restore his relationship, “girl-math” is quite easy basically.


1. Set Clear Boundaries:

Don’t rush any process when trying to fix a relationship. Everyone takes the time they take, don’t rush anything basically. Feel your stuff and balance it. However, it can seem easy to avoid crossing paths with an ex. But when fixing a broken relationship after a messy breakup, setting boundaries can help you rebuild your relationship.

2. Respect each other’s emotional needs:

If you want to stay friends but your ex doesn’t want any contact, you need to respect that. Don’t call, text, or ask their friends to talk to them for you. Just give them the time they need off, for now, then you can worry about fixing the broken relationship later. Because if you force it, it’d never happen.

3. Express your feelings:

A breakup can be quite messy though. Generally, it is common to experience a lot of emotions after a breakup, like;

a. Anger
b. Sadness
c. Grief
d. Confusion
e. Depression
f. Loneliness

Generally, you have to learn to acknowledge your feelings.


1. Have a willingness to work on the relationship.
2. Openly apologize.
3. Reflect on the experience.
4. Create new memories.
5. Remember that people can be trusted.
6. Ask for what you need.
7. Be willing to be vulnerable.
8. Try to reignite that spark.


You lied to your partner or spouse and got caught red-handed. You feel horrible and don’t want to lose the person you love, but you know you have worked hard to rebuild trust.

1. Get real with yourself:

You’ve lied to your partner, but don’t lie to yourself. There’s no justification for the lie though, especially when he or she caught you in it and is hurt or upset. Own up to what you have done and think about why you felt the need to lie to your significant other. What does the answer reveal about you and your relationship though? Recognize that the truth usually catches up with you, and the consequences of lying only compound the pain of the situation. Without a doubt, lies only make things worse.

2. Apologize… not just once but twice:

Now you need to own up to your partner. Apologize first for the lie. This apology may be daunting especially when you’ve done something really damaging to the relationship, like having an affair. Additionally, answer any questions your partner has with total honesty. Don’t repeat the same mistake by lying again though.


Infidelity is truly hard to forgive but it’s not impossible. However, you can try;

1. Being honest about why it happened:

Generally, this is the hardest task and will largely dictate whether or not you’ll both be able to move forward. We all make mistakes right? The answer largely depends on the motivating factors behind the affair. However, this is a step to healing your broken relationship.

2. Make sure there is remorse:

There needs to be an adequate level of remorse in general. So if you’re the partner that has cheated, you really do have to feel deeply sorry. It can’t be something that can in any way come off nonchalant. There has to be a deep sense of regret and remorse for what happened. And if your partner has cheated on you and you’re not feeling that remorse from them, that’s going to be something you’re going to want to look for as the starting point for you to get back on the same track.

3. Remove temptations to re-engage with the affair:

If the affair is really, truly over, taking the physical steps to cut off contact with the person and set up boundaries is crucial to your partner’s healing process. “Deleting contact information, blocking numbers, and removing social media contacts will be essential.

4. Move forward with brutal honesty and care:

Being cheated on is damaging for a plethora of reasons, but one big factor that needs to be addressed in order to move past it is lack of honesty. The lying is a huge part of the betrayal which is why she encourages the person who cheated to be brutally honest about all the details of the affair to move forward not just the ones that will hurt his or her partner the least.


Breakups are often rough basically. However, our friends and family can help us go through this phase by showing us love and affection. Even though, trying to fix your broken relationship doesn’t work, then focus on yourself and your mental health. Additionally, you can also try seeing a therapist to help you;

1. Identify positive coping mechanisms.
2. Address persistent negative emotions.
3. Deal with the effects of manipulation or abuse if there was such an occurrence in your past relationship.
When you are working through a breakup, don’t be scared to ask for help.


How do you fix a broken relationship?

Well, it’s quite simple… Honesty is the best policy especially when the relationship was ruined from infidelity.

How to regain trust in a broken relationship?

Try to communicate clearly with your partner especially if you’re the one responsible for the lack or loss of trust in the relationship.

What exercises are used to restore trust in a broken relationship?

Give your partner opportunities to be trusted. Have your partner tell you when they are going out, and do not write or call or check-in.

Can you love someone but not trust them?

Basically, it’s impossible. Because even the littlest relationships need trust for it to work.

What can break trust in relationships?

The leading cause is infidelity but jealousy and possessiveness can also be a common cause.

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