RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING: Everything You Should Know (Detailed Guide)

Relationship counseling

The phrase “relationships are difficult” has become a cliché. However, it is also correct. Even when individuals get along swimmingly, stress and everyday life can lead to confrontations that seem impossible to settle. People in these challenging situations can get help from relationship counseling to work through their problems, get past them, and become better partners. This article discusses the basics of relationship counseling, including when it may be helpful and what to expect from counseling.

What Is Relationship Counseling 

Relationship counseling, commonly referred to as couples counseling or couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy to assist people in improving their romantic relationships. Teams can address challenges in their relationship, work on communication, enhance relationships, and resolve disagreements by working with a therapist.

Relationship counseling can be beneficial at any relationship stage, not only when issues arise. Counseling that enhances communication and connection can still benefit people in healthy, happy relationships.

Online Relationship Counseling

A healthy romantic connection necessitates effort. It’s not uncommon for couples to seek professional assistance to overcome difficulties; that develop during a relationship.

Couples and marriage therapy, prenuptial counseling, and relationship coaching are all available online, just as they are in person. We reviewed many platforms that provide counseling aimed exclusively at couples and relationships to assist couples in selecting the best approach for them.

We arrived at our list of the best online relationship counseling services of 2023 by studying the most significant qualities of people seeking these services.

Our Relationship — Best Overall

Our Relationship is a research-based, psychologist-designed program that teaches individuals, opposite-gender couples, and same-gender couples the skills they need to create healthy, meaningful relationships.

Growing Self Counseling and Coaching — Best for Premarital Counseling

Relationship counseling is available at Growing Self Counseling and Coaching in a variety of forms. The service provides private premarital counseling sessions as well as a guided assessment and learning program for engaged couples.

BetterHelp — Best for Individual Counseling

Focusing on yourself can help you develop a healthier connection. BetterHelp provides individual therapy to clients in order to help them learn new skills and obtain fresh perspectives that they may apply to their relationships.

Couples Learn — Best Trial Option

Couples learn offers a free consultation to couples who are unsure about relationship counseling to help them examine their requirements and choose whether online relationship therapy is suited for them.

The Relationship Suite — Best for ESL Speakers

All couples, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or language, might face difficulties in their relationships. With services in Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Farsi, the Relationship Suite can assist many non-English speakers.

ReGain — The Most Flexible

With live sessions available through phone and video chat, as well as limitless messaging between them and their counselor, ReGain’s platform allows couples freedom in how and when they connect.

Talkspace — Best for Convenient Communication

Clients and counselors connect primarily through audio, video, and text communications through Talkspace, allowing all sides to share their opinions and receive feedback from anywhere, at any time.

MDLive — Best for Insurance Coverage

MDLive connects with many major health insurance carriers in the United States as a full-service telehealth platform, allowing covered consumers to use their insurance for behavioral needs such as relationship counseling.

E-Therapy Cafe — Best for Short-Term Counseling

Relationship counseling has no set duration; however, for some couples, a few sessions are adequate. E-Therapy Cafe provides three different short-term plans: three, five, or eight sessions.

Relationship Hero — Best Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching may be a better option for some couples than counseling. Furthermore, Relationship Hero is a supervised, intense program for couples who want to get the best out of their relationship.

Free Relationship Counseling

Most consumers start searching for free relationship counseling services on Google. A fast Google search for free relationship counseling near me will throw up several choices, including the free relationship counseling hotline.


There are a variety of therapeutic choices to consider, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Therapists specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can assist patients in understanding their thought and behavior patterns and then supplement their behaviors for better results. CBT is very effective at reshaping negative or distorted thinking processes.


Just like CBT, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) strives to provide professional guidance and support by reaffirming a client’s strengths and augmenting harmful thought habits.

Clients in this cognitive behavior therapy are encouraged to attend group and individual sessions. Look for a certified therapist with experience in DBT when seeking a therapist who will work with you on these types of therapeutic treatments.


Regardless of the sort of psychotherapy or other forms of professional help you seek on your own, whether for free or for a fee, relationship counseling can help you work through unresolved issues in your relationships.

Where Can I Find Couples Counseling Online?

Couples and families that participate in free online marriage counseling receive limited counseling services and access to a number of self-help materials, such as free online marital counseling worksheets, diagnostic tools, web articles, and blog entries. These free internet counseling services help point couples on the correct path for improving their relationships.

A fast internet search for “marriage counseling online” or “free marital counseling near me” should provide the top free online counseling options accessible in your region to help you locate the ideal online marriage therapy for you. The following organizations offer free online marriage counseling and related support services to marriage builders.

  • Life coaches
  • Churches
  • State-owned enterprises
  • Benefits of a work-life balance
  • Providers of mental health benefits

Calling a free marital counseling hotline is another popular way to get free marriage therapy online. Many private organizations and businesses run 24-hour call centers to assist married couples and people in need.

Toxic Relationship Couples Counseling Worksheets

Using a printable worksheet to give your relationship a boost, highlight areas that could use some work, and connect with each other on a deeper level is a fantastic method to do it. If you’re having trouble communicating or being intimate with your partner, relationship worksheets can help.

Please keep in mind that these worksheets should only be used as a supplement to speaking with a certified counselor or therapist.

Getting Started

Opening up to your partner might be difficult, especially if you’ve been injured in the past. This worksheet is perfect for people who are in a serious, committed relationship and want to find new methods to connect with each other on a deeper level. Here is a link.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution abilities are typically one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome in any relationship. Furthermore, conflict is complicated because each person interprets circumstances through a unique lens. A circumstance may appear neutral to one individual but be triggering to another. This worksheet will assist you in better understanding each other’s viewpoints and learning how to share your ideas healthily. Here is a link to the form.

Increasing the Levels of Intimacy

You may feel that your relationship lacks depth or needs a boost in terms of intimacy after you’ve committed to one other. Many people aren’t taught how to cultivate intimacy and a sense of safety in a relationship. These crucial abilities might help you deepen your relationship and feel more connected. Here is a link to the form.

How much is Relationship Counseling

The typical cost of relationship counseling in the United States is $80 to $90 for each session or $800 to $900 for ten sessions. The overall cost is determined by the type of counseling or therapy (marriage counseling, couples therapy, or family therapy), the counselor’s qualifications, and whether you meet in person or online.

Relationships make life sweeter and bring comfort and support during difficult times, whether it’s marriage or a serious commitment. Relationship issues, on the other hand, might lead to emotionally charged communication mistakes and discontent at home when things aren’t going so well with your loved one. Many couples find that receiving relationship, family, or marital counseling can help them avoid or resolve conflicts in their relationships.

What is a Dual Relationship in Counseling

In psychotherapy, a dual relationship arises when, in addition to the usual client-therapist link, a therapist has a second, considerably distinct relationship with their client. A therapist, for example, may discover that the person seeking treatment is a neighbor.

Dual relationships are sometimes unavoidable, such as when a therapist is required to testify in court. Others, on the other hand, are voluntary or coincidental, such as when a therapist and a client are in a small town shopping at the same business. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the development of a dual relationship, a therapist must adhere to ethical rules and establish appropriate boundaries.

Can you pay for relationship counseling with insurance?

Insurance can help you save money on out-of-pocket expenses. Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna are among the health insurance carriers that many therapists accept. Call your insurance company to discover if your plan covers couples counseling or family therapy if you want to save money on counseling services.

Is it possible to seek single relationship counseling?

Relationship counseling is available to singles. If their partner does not want to counsel them, a person in a relationship may seek individual treatment. After a separation or divorce, several singles seek counseling to understand better and improve their relationship habits. Singles might seek treatment in order to develop a happy, healthy relationship in the future.

Is relationship counseling effective?

Couples therapy, according to Psychology Today, is roughly 75% effective. Relationship counseling provides many couples with the tools and insight they need to repair their relationship and talk through marital issues in a safe environment. Relationship counseling may be a first step toward a happy life together if both or all of the people involved are willing to work on the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does relationship counseling do?

Relationship counseling is a sort of psychotherapy that is also known as couples therapy or couples’ counseling. Couples of all types can benefit from this type of counseling since it enables them to investigate, acknowledge, and overcome difficulties in order to strengthen their relationships and interactions.

Can counseling fix a relationship?

While counseling is often effective at mending even the most shattered of relationships, there are some underlying issues that may make rehabilitation impossible. One of the partners may have determined that they want out regardless of what happens; they don’t want to mend the relationship, and counseling is unlikely to help.

What is the best therapy for relationship problems?

Individual counseling can be a useful option for couples counseling for addressing relationship issues, depending on the circumstances. In fact, there are situations when this alternative is preferable to couples counseling.

How do you fix a relationship?

5 Steps to Restoring a Relationship

  • Face your differences and embrace them.
  • Work on your communication abilities.
  • Love your partner in the way that he or she wishes to be loved.
  • Make it a habit to love.
  • Thank your companion for “the things he or she is supposed to do regardless.”

Should couples go to counseling before getting married?

You can become acquainted with each other’s future expectations by attending counseling sessions before to getting married. Then you can look at how each set of expectations fits together and try to make them as smooth as possible.

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