HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH SPIRITS of Loved Ones (Detailed Guide)


I was talking to Erika Gabriel, a spiritual medium, on the phone about how to speak to the spirits of loved ones who have died. Suddenly, she told me that she had gotten a message from my grandmother. “Your grandmother wants to say something to you,” she says, taking me by surprise. “She’s telling me to ask you why you haven’t married yet—she wants to see you married and have a family.”

Let me tell you. I was trembling. And I’m not the only one. As we lose loved ones, some of us want to communicate with our spirits in the spirit world, and Gabriel’s job is to serve as a guide. While not everyone believes in the existence of a spirit world, for those who do, there are a few things to clarify before diving into how to communicate with spirits—specifically, what spirits are and, perhaps more importantly, what they are not. Let’s go over the fundamentals first.

What Exactly are Spirits?

“There are such things as ghosts,” Gabriel says. I’ll begin with that. “Ghosts or those types of spirits are usually the first things that people bump into because they’re stuck here on the Earth plane,” she explains, explaining that the “bumping into” feeling is essential to the energy you feel when you visit a historical site (AKA spirits). The negative reputation that is constantly reinforced in scary movies is reflective of an infrequent occurrence. “Spirits cannot hurt or harm you,” she explains. “They can make you feel strange, but that’s all; you can get strange vibes and strange feelings from them, but they’re harmless,” which is good.

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Because spirits do not “cross over” to the other side after death, they remain in the Earth element, which allows you to communicate with them. “Our spirit lives on after we die,” Gabriel says, “but we do see instances where people have something that is tethering them down to the Earth, and so they get stuck here and can’t move on.” Or when you’re in an unmistakably strange environment.

Why Would You Want to Communicate With Spirits?

The medium says that the spirit world is full of guides who can help you if you listen to what they say. “There’s so much more to the spirit world than ghosts,” Gabriel says, “and if you can get past your fear, it’s wonderful.” If you can elevate and quiet your mind, you will be able to connect with the higher-vibration spirit world—you will be able to focus on that vibration and connect with loved ones. That is where you will find this incredible connection and beautiful energy that will assist you in your life and healing.

According to Gabriel, your lost loved ones may be carrying messages for you. “And there isn’t just one way to connect with them,” she explains. “Everyone I’ve ever read for is already connected to the spirit world without me—so, as I always tell people, your loved ones are with you, not with me.” Accessing them is analogous to turning on and tuning into an old radio. “It’s about raising your vibration while the spirits lower theirs, and you meet in the middle so you can hear them,” she says. She shares her best tips for communicating with spirits below.

How To Communicate With Spirits Effectively

Here are some tips for connecting with your guidance team and recognizing their signs and synchronicity:

#1. Be more present in your daily activities.

Recognizing the messages your spirit guides are already sending is part of receiving more guidance from them. Many times, the messages our guides send us to go unnoticed because our lives or minds are too busy.

Steps to take:


If possible, free up some time in your schedule or delegate some responsibilities. You’ll notice more messages from your guides when you’re not rushing around. Find a meditation practice that works for you to help quiet your mind and improve your ability to create more space between your thoughts.

#2. Every day, keep an eye out for signs from your guides.

The more you look for signs from your guides, the more you’ll recognize them. But something magical also happens: because you are more aware of your principles and their helpful messages, they will send you more.

Steps to take:

Remind yourself on the train or in the shower on your way to work that your guides send you messages daily. If you’re trying to make a big decision or if you’re going through a lot of changes or challenges, expect more guidance to come your way to help you navigate the situation.

#3. Begin a journal for your spirit guides.

Make a particular journal to increase communication between you and your guides. This is a sacred space where you can write a letter to your principal and ask for specific assistance.

While your guides are familiar with you and your life, it can be powerful to use your free will to ask for assistance and guidance. You can also use this journal to keep track of any significant signals they send.

Steps to take:

Write a letter to your guides at the start of the week, thanking them for a sentence or two about anything in your life that you think they’ve helped with recently. Then, in a few sentences, ask them for help or advice on a specific matter. Keep an eye out for synchronicities from your guides regarding this issue for the rest of the week.

#4. Learn about your guides and give them names.

You could give one of your guardian angels a name you’ve always wished for, such as Emily. Or you could think of your guardian angel while reading a name in a novel, such as Javier or Gigi, and that name would become their name.

Giving your guide a name makes them feel more natural and may encourage you to communicate with them regularly. You may also get to know the personality of one of your guides after working with them for a while.

Steps to take:

See if a name for one of your guides comes to you through intuition or synchronicity, or get creative and give them a name.

If a guide is constantly assisting you in taking your career to the next level, they may be severe and motivated. Another direction might be fun and always send you funny advice, telling you to lighten up and enjoy the ride.

#5. Present something to your guides.

When you’re frustrated with a situation, unsure of the best next step, or feeling like you don’t have enough control, turn it over to your guides, even if it’s only to give yourself a break. This can allow new insights to come to you and share your guides more freedom to do their work and assist you.

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Steps to take:

Experiment with energetically releasing an issue to your guides, even temporarily. Instead of strategizing and worrying, try to quiet your mind. Use a mantra like, “I’m handing this problem to my guides to see what they can do.”

#6. Find out more about spirit guides.

Simply researching spirit guides will improve your ability to communicate with them. Look for experts and information that is positive, empowering, and healing to you.

Steps to take:

Attend a workshop, take an online class, or read a book about spirit guides, such as Angel Intuition, which I recently finished. Consider whether simply learning more about them opens the door to more communication. Your guides will be overjoyed that you are paying attention to them!

#7. Enhance your intuition.

Everyone has intuition, and studying and practicing can improve it. There are four main intuitive pathways that you can experiment with and develop. Guidance can be heard as soft voices in your mind (clairaudience), seen as images in your mind (clairvoyance), known as breakthrough thoughts or mental downloads (claircognizance), or felt as energy, emotions, or physical sensations (clairsentience).

Steps to take:

Practice using intuition to make small decisions that don’t significantly impact, such as where to go for lunch with a coworker.

You can also play a game with your intuition by asking which method you should emphasize to communicate more with your spirit guides. Request a number between 1 and 10. Did you hear a number, see a number, have strong knowledge about a number as a thought, or feel drawn to a specific number as you read through this list?

#8. Create spiritual practices on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Spirit guides are spirits who can ground you in your spirituality or help you discover it.

Regular spiritual practices, such as drawing an oracle card for inspiration every morning, attending a meditative yoga class once a week, or attending a spiritual gathering once a month with other people, will foster greater intimacy with your spirit guides.

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Steps to take:

Do something in the coming weeks, such as a new moon or complete moon ritual, to establish more consistent spiritual practices.

Make a list of your most critical spiritual beliefs as well. For example, you may believe that the soul lives on after the body dies, or you may feel more connected to the spirit when you spend time in nature.

#9. Simply send a thought message to your guides.

This may appear to be the quickest and easiest way to communicate with the spirit guide, but it works. In a few sentences, you can make a formal prayer or blessing or tell them what you need in your thoughts.

Steps to take:

Ask your spirit guides for assistance in your thoughts about something you’ve been worried about as soon as you finish reading this article. Then, enlist the aid of a loved one, coworker, expert, or health care professional. You deserve all the help you can get!

#10. Make use of a divination tool.

For as long as humans have existed, they have used divination tools to communicate with spirits. There are many divination tools, such as oracle cards, tarot cards, and runes. Experiment with various methods to see what works best for you.

Steps to take:

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To center yourself before working with your divination tool, take your cards or anything else in your hands and hold them for a minute, closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Then, quietly request that your spirit guides send you a helpful, healing message via this tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you communicate with animals that are in spirit?

Yes, I am capable. Remember that humans and animals are both highly energetic beings. Communicating with spirit animals is very similar to sharing with those who are physically present. Physics and psychics say that energy can’t be made or destroyed. Instead, it changes from one form to another. When an animal crosses over, its spirit does not die; instead, it changes.

How to Talk to Ghosts

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