It’s simple to make friends with a Pisces, but taking your relationship with this idyllic water sign to the next level is more complicated. Pisces make it their mission to create a romantic and fulfilling partnership for everyone involved when they fall in love. “Pisces have a very high level of emotion, which they are all too willing to express generously towards their lovers; a relationship with Pisces will be memorable because it will be, at the very least, highly romantic and remarkable,” write Julia and Derek Parker in “Life Signs: An Astrological Guide for the Way We Live.” This post will look at who Pisces is compatible with.

Pisces, the poets of the zodiac, move through the world compassionately and romantically. And, in both life and love, Pisces always looks at the big picture and doesn’t waste time fussing over minor details. They prefer to keep their rose-colored glasses on and see the beauty and love in everything, everywhere, all at once.

And, while they are incredibly loving and charming, Pisces is not always an easy sign of understanding romantically. Dear, this romantic sign requires someone who has truly tapped into their emotional side. So, which characters are the most sexually compatible with Pisces?

Who Are Pisces Compatible With the Most

Pisces is looking for the perfect partner to share their life with. They are empathetic, intuitive, and emotionally connected to the world. But which sign is best compatible with Pisces? You’ve come to the right place—we’ve listed the zodiac signs compatible with Pisces so that you can know the ins and outs of every possible match-up.

Pisces and Cancer

“Because Cancer, like Pisces, is a water sign, a relationship can result in excellent communication and peace, as Pisces requires a partner who is grounded, protective, and spiritual,” Newman says.

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Pisces and Cancer are two of the zodiac’s most sensitive and emotional signs. Cancer is a good match for Pisces because they understand how they feel and know how to comfort and help them. It’s worth noting, however, that their emotional tendencies differ: “While Pisces is calm, peaceful, easygoing, and adaptable, Cancer is temperamental, emotional, and overly concerned,” says Newman.

“However, they balance and complement each other’s characteristics and have an excellent connection,” she says.

Pisces and Taurus

“Taurus is an earth sign and is well-grounded, meaning they are thoughtful, sensual, and passionate, which makes Taurus one of the most compatible with Pisces,” Newman says. “They will get along well because they have similar interests.” They both enjoy the same foods, music, and activities, and as a couple, they are more realistic and prioritize their love over everything else.

Taurus, on the other hand, is a bit conservative and doesn’t like change, so they may be too reserved for Pisces at times. On the other hand, Pisces can handle it and may even be encouraged to feel more passionate, mystical, and imaginative, inspiring them to try new things for joy in all that life has to offer.

Newman explains that Taurus will motivate Pisces to dream and establish social contacts, while Pisces will safeguard and assist Taurus in dealing with others, so both share well-balanced chemistry.

Pisces and Virgo

“They are endearing, intelligent, empathetic, romantic, and passionate partners, and Virgo possesses all the attributes that Pisces needs,” Newman says. “Both partners can enjoy an exceptional conversation.” Virgo is an earth sign, and they help ground Pisces by being very attentive and loving to their partners.

Together, they are emotionally in tune and invested in their partnership. What’s more, Virgo and Pisces are both humble. Newman says, “They are always willing to help others, which shows that they are humble and selfless.”

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The slight difference is that Pisces focuses on more significant, big-picture matters, whereas Virgo focuses on smaller, more trivial, or minor issues. This is a good thing when used positively, she says! “When they combine their strengths, they balance each other out, and as a result, they complement each other well.”

Who is Pisces Least Compatible With?

Pisces and Gemini

Gemini is an air sign known as “the twins” of the zodiac for their “split personality,” according to Newman. “Geminis are both intelligent and friendly; however, clever and curious Gemini cannot manage Pisces’ emotional side well,” she says.

Pisces is less willing to provide freedom, emotional distance, or lightheartedness when something is bothering them or on their mind. Meanwhile, “Gemini is extremely disciplined, and these contrasts make it impossible for them to form a harmonious connection, so while they both have the finest physical chemistry, their differences make everything bitter,” Newman says.

Pisces with Aries

Aries is a fire sign that’s headstrong, self-serving at times, and attention-seeking. It can be abrasive when arguing, which is a significant relationship red flag for Pisces, who is highly emotional and gets bruised easily. Newman says that Aries is one of the least-compatible signs with Pisces, as “Pisces is sensitive and unselfish, whereas Aries is smart and can be egotistical.”

Furthermore, “Aries people are reckless and do not think before acting, so they may repeatedly and negligently harm Pisces’ feelings,” she adds.

In general, Aries is not a good partner or friend for Pisces. According to Newman, this is because Aries may find Pisces manipulative, too easily swayed (which goes against their bold, self-assured personality), too emotional, and stupid. As a result, they cannot form a strong relationship, she says. There are exceptions to every rule, and any two sun signs can create a dynamic duo depending on the other placements on a couple’s birth chart.

Aquarius and Pisces

“Aquarius is an air sign, and the only thing they have in common is that they both like to dream big; however, Aquarius would struggle to deal with Pisces’ emotional side,” says Newman. Furthermore, Aquarius gets a bad rap for being overly detached, aloof, and “emotionless,” but they feel deeply for those around them and the world. After all, they are the zodiac’s humanitarians!

What sign should a Pisces marry?

Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer are among the three zodiac signs where Pisces can meet their true love. Taurus and Pisces both appreciate love. They both firmly believe in the value of a committed union and strive hard to maintain it. Their same ideals might be a strength since they are the same for both of them.

Who is Pisces perfect match?

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn have strong Pisces compatibility. So exactly who is Pisces best suited with? The greatest astrological partners for Pisces are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

What age will Pisces find love?

a 19-year-old
At the age of 19, the passionate Piscean will meet their ideal partner. Being 19 when they fall in love ensures that this romance will be filled with intense meaning for them and intense feelings. Their love story will be treated no less than an old-fashioned romance by Pisceans.

Who should Pisces avoid?

A Pisces would have a difficult time getting along with Geminis or Libras. Pisces, a water sign, is adaptable and appears to be a good match for either of these gregarious, joyful signs, but Pisces actually values solitude more than a Gemini or a Libra.

Who is Pisces enemy?

Due to their monetary mindset and propensity to prioritize money over feelings, Capricorn, Leo, and Libra are typically viewed as Pisces’ antagonists. Pisces is frequently surprised by this approach.

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On the other hand, Aquarius tends to bottle up and hide their emotional side, which means it may take some time for them to open up and figure out how to express love and emotion to others. As a result, Pisces’ extreme emotions may be too intense for Aquarius to master quickly—if at all.

“Aquarius fails to properly comprehend Pisces, leading Pisces to believe they are not receiving the attention and care they require,” Newman writes. “Because Aquarius likes to be free and gregarious, and Pisces is more grounded and patient, both partners may find it difficult to understand each other.”

Who Are Pisces Compatible With Sexually

Pisces is a mystical and intuitive sign, and the fish are always eager to engage in sexual interludes. They prefer to court their partner with storybook romance and magic, which can be pretty appealing, but they must be careful not to become too engrossed in their ideas; they don’t want to disappoint their partner.

Here are four zodiac signs that are sexually compatible with Pisces.


These two water signs resonate simultaneously, making them excellent bed partners. When it comes to sex, Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac. Pisces can handle Scorpio’s intensity and enjoy all of Scorpio’s sexuality without being taken over by it. Scorpios will value and be more attracted to partners who can take what they want in the bedroom.


Pisces and Capricorn make an excellent sexual match. Capricorn prefers to lead and be in command, whereas Pisces’ sexual attitude is more fluid, flexible, and open to new experiences. This couple may discover natural sexual chemistry when Pisces feels at ease following Capricorn’s lead.



Because they find fulfillment in being in a relationship, Pisces and Sagittarius are the most sexually compatible zodiac signs. And they shower each other with love and affection, strengthening their bond. These two are eager to discuss their sexual fantasies. Their open-mindedness helps them experiment with various positions, toys, and fetishes.


Aquarius is the zodiac sign that is most known for being different, and Aquarius people can have strange interests and fetishes. Again, finding other characters who can meet Aquarius’s needs in the bedroom can be challenging. Pisces is comfortable with the strange and unusual, as well as the mundane and everyday. Aquarius will finally have a partner eager to try new and exciting things in bed with them.

A Pisces lover is like a chameleon, adapting to your needs and desires. They’re physically extraordinary. They are emotional rather than intellectual. A Piscean sweetheart isn’t very practical, which, along with their loving personalities, enthusiasm for all things sexual, and natural empathy, makes them good at pleasing others and enjoying themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pisces soulmate with?

Pisces can find their soulmate in the following three zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer. Pisces and Taurus place a high value on love. They are both believers in a long-lasting relationship and work hard to keep it.

What are Pisces attracted to?

Pisces is drawn to artists and dreamers (and occasionally drifters) who express their creativity through their dreams, music, and romance. Pisces, after all, loves to be in love, so unending adoration is an essential component of any relationship.

What does a Pisces do when angry?

A Pisces is always a thunderstorm of emotions and can be pretty self-destructive when angry. They frequently adopt a passive-aggressive posture rather than expressing their feelings directly. They will never come forward and solve the problem unless you do something about it.

Who should Pisces avoid?

Geminis or Libras would be a formidable combination for a Pisces. Pisces, the water sign, can go with the flow, so it appears that either of these sociable, happy signs would be a good match, but Pisces prefers peace and more privacy than Gemini or Libra.

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