31 Weird Unusual Soulmate Signs & What You Need (Detailed)

Weird soulmate signs

Your relationships can be quite serious, but nothing compares to the soulmate connection between two people. If you’ve ever had a true soulmate, you know they’re more than just a person. And if not, you could be astonished at how weird soulmate signs can be!

The realization that another person is your soulmate often does not occur during a particularly romantic or tender moment. Instead, we frequently discover our actual match in bizarre, hilarious, or difficult situations. Let’s discuss some weird soulmate signs. 

Key Takeaway

  • Weird soulmate signs occur unexpectedly, leaving us questioning the universe’s plan for our love life.
  • From meeting through a heated argument, never agreeing with or not being each other’s type, to a strong sense of peace, trust, and synchronicity, meeting your soulmate can get very unconventional.
  • When you do meet your soulmate, do not lose yourself; do not lose your individuality.

What Exactly Do You Mean by Weird Soulmate Signs?

When we talk about “weird soulmate signs,” we mean those unusual indicators or experiences that hint at a deep, profound connection with someone—indications that go beyond traditional love gestures or compatibility measures. 

These can involve strange coincidences, such as meeting your soulmate on the same day you both go through a life-changing event. 

Or maybe you both have a highly unusual hobby, interest, or even phobia. Weird soulmate signs may also include uncommon means of communication, such as understanding each other without speaking or discovering you’ve been penning the same thoughts in your diaries for years without ever discussing them. 

These signs may push the boundaries of what we typically consider to be evidence of a soulmate, making the relationship feel extraordinarily unique or fated.

31 Weird Unusual Soulmate Signs

How do you know you’ve found your soulmate? This list of weird soulmate signs demonstrates that the moment may arrive when you least expect it. Perhaps you’ve encountered a strange sign or two in your relationships. Check them out!

1. Things aren’t that great at first.

You don’t share many common views or hobbies. Sometimes you frustrate each other. Logically, you realize you have nothing in common. Despite this, you and they are inseparable. You eventually start to like each other. The amazing thing about this type of relationship is that it develops slowly but typically ends up being deep and committed. I know it sounds like something out of a K-drama, but it happens this way in real life. It’s how a mentor of mine met her soulmate, and they’re still going strong even after a decade.

2. You enjoy debating your differences.

When it comes to romantic love, you may believe things aren’t working out because there are too many differences between you and the one you love. However, if you love joking and debating about your differences, I know I do. You can put it up to another of these weird soulmate signs. 

3. They’re not your physical type.

When you envision your perfect lover, you may have a rather clear picture in mind. That’s very natural. Most people have a preferred physical appearance. A lot of my friends would say they want to be tall, dark, and handsome with a lot of money, of course. This isn’t a terrible thing, but you might be surprised to fall in love with someone who doesn’t fit that stereotype at all. They may even have what you might consider physical faults.

That’s because unusual soulmate signs, like this one, imply that you connect with someone on a much deeper level than physical looks. It’s not that you just ignore something about their appearance. Instead, you find yourself oddly drawn to those features.

4. You do not like the way they make you feel.

This could be the most unusual of all the weird soulmate signs. How come you feel horrible when you meet your soulmate? When two souls unite, they can experience sensations of uneasiness and imbalance. You may feel vulnerable and have deep feelings that are difficult to process.

This may appear as negative feelings or conflict. It is rather usual for someone to clash bitterly with their soulmate at the start of a relationship, at least until their emotions are resolved.

5. You have a surreal sense of peace.

When you meet your soulmate, in addition to annoyance, you may experience serenity. That’s a sense of comfort and safety that comes from your immediate connection. If you’ve had an experience like this, it means you feel complete when you’re with them.

6. You Cannot Stay Mad (Even If You Try).

Everyone has shortcomings, but another unusual soulmate sign is the inability to remain angry at each other about them. No matter how much you get on each other’s nerves, there is a deep connection that keeps you together. You cannot help but return to your genuine love. A few years back, I knew a couple exactly like this. They argued a whole lot but somehow never stayed mad for long. It is a beautiful yet strange phenomenon to witness.

7. What you have goes beyond even a very loving relationship.

One of the most intense weird soulmate signs is when you discover your feelings are a mix of deep respect, physical attraction, spiritual connection, and true affection. This individual is your buddy, lover, intellectual sparring partner, and, finally, your strange soulmate.

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8. No Topic is Off Limits.

Have you ever had someone with whom you could be completely honest? That includes strange and unpleasant things like bodily functions. Yes, it is true! The embarrassing things that make us all human are also strange soulmate signs when we can connect with another person over them. Now this is something I find weird about my guardians. There are no boundaries to what they share to talk about with each other. Sweet but weird, don’t you agree?

9. Awkward silences are common.

Who is this individual? What have I gotten myself into? Why am I feeling this way? What should I even say to them? You and they both wonder about these things. This results in awkward silences, which define our next weird soulmate sign. 

10. You have a deep gut feeling that this is right.

Not all soulmate signs suggest that everything is coming into place. Much of this is based on your intuition and strong connection. From the outside, this relationship may appear to be inherently flawed. The time may be off, you may have a different personality type than them, and the world may appear to be against the two of you getting together. You’ll realize that in your situation, most individuals would move on.

That doesn’t matter. When the two of you lock eyes, remaining together makes perfect sense. This sounds like the telenovelas I indulge in. Keep in mind, however, that movies are not entirely fantasies.

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11. You trust each other deeply almost immediately.

Sometimes a person enters our lives and we immediately feel safe with them. When that emotion is mutual, that individual could turn out to be your soulmate for life. It’s as if you don’t hesitate to share details about your life and fully let them into your universe. You know you both want to assist each other in becoming a better version of yourselves. So don’t worry about oversharing.

For those of us having trust issues, this video will help:

12. You Feel Seen And Heard.

Even if you have amazing friends and family, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Without realizing it, you start to feel invisible. You may have people to chat with, but everyone is busy with their own lives. Thus, the interactions may appear shallow. After all, everyone wants to have fun. They do not always have the time or emotional energy to engage in meaningful interactions or conversations. Or you could be like me, an introvert so used to being alone and hidden.

Then, you meet someone who genuinely wants to know about your life and emotions. Regardless of how crazy their lives are, they are willing to converse or simply sit with you. We believe that is a pretty deep soulmate sign.

13. It feels so wrong to be apart from each other.

Words cannot truly express what it is like to be apart from your soulmate. Sure, if you don’t see your best friend for a while, you’ll miss them terribly. However, when it comes to your soulmate, things are different. You find yourself spiralling, wondering, “But what should I do now?” It’s tough to explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself, but once you find your soulmate, life will feel strange without them.

14. Making up can be very strange.

Don’t assume that you and your soulmate will never argue. You both keep things far too genuine to be always serene. The good news is that you always make up; nevertheless, making up with the one you love might be awkward.

For example, when you reconcile with a friend or partner, you may apologize, smooth things out, and then the incident is swiftly forgotten. Making up with your soulmate may include:

  • Making eye contact and simultaneously breaking into tears. Honestly, I find this the weirdest.
  • Looking at each other and exhaling a sigh of comfort because you both know everything is well.
  • Bringing your lover the gift of food.
  • Listening to a favourite song
  • Awesome makeup intimacy without speaking.

You and your soulmate rarely need to engage in a lot of conversation following a quarrel. You almost have your secret code for communicating what you need to after a disagreement.


15. You are oddly in sync.

Your soulmate is not someone you need to explain things to. They simply get you. Sometimes, all you need is a little eye contact and subtle body language to conduct a full conversation with someone. They comprehend the true meaning behind those little signs and recognize your weird moods. This is the person you exchange inside jokes with, and they always seem to know what you’re going to do next. I’m sure some of us, like me, have seen this cute character in a lot of older couples or our parents, so you somewhat understand what I’m talking about

16. You might make others uncomfortable.

You and your soulmate don’t mean to, but you occasionally make those around you uncomfortable. You’re so linked and into each other that simply being in the same room may make others feel voyeuristic.

If a friend says they feel like a third wheel or invasive, it could be a sign that you’ve found your soulmate. That’s a fantastic thing but take care. You do not want everyone else in your life to feel like an outsider. I’ve been there, just try not to lose your friends too.

17. You allow one another to get away with things.

When sleeping together, they take up the entire bed. They borrow your favourite shirt and take weeks to return it. Meanwhile, you munch in front of their living room television despite their severe rule about eating outside the kitchen.

You wouldn’t let anyone else in your life do these things, yet you let each other push the boundaries. This is generally because minor details do not worry you about one another.

18. Synchronous life events.

Imagine finding out that your first heartbreak, job change, or other life-changing event occurred on the same day or within the same time range for both of you. Such synchronized life events may indicate a deeper cosmic connection, which is why they are one of the weird soulmate signs. I read the story of a couple on the internet who discovered they visited an amusement park at the same time years before they met. They each had a photograph of that day with the other person in the background. Isn’t that just wild?

19. Bizarre birth details.

At first sight, having the same birth date may appear to be a coincidence, but what if it extends beyond that? What if you were born at the same hour, or perhaps at the same moment? 

It’s as if the cosmos had timed your births to make your lives parallel from the start. For many, this strange alignment of birth information represents an extraordinary omen that you were meant to meet and form a connection unlike any other. I once met a person like that, born within the same hour that I was born. However, it wasn’t it for me. It could be for you though, so, watch out.

20. Parallel Dreams.

Some psychologists view dreams as windows into our psyche. So, what does it mean to have parallel dreams with your soulmate? These repeated dreams, which involve travelling to the same imaginary places, encountering the same characters, or even reliving the same incidents, indicate an extremely rare subconscious link. 

It’s as if your brains are meeting in a parallel dream world to the physical one, adding another layer of connection that extends beyond waking life.

21. Out-of-place memories.

You both have recollections of places you’ve never been or experiences you’ve never had, yet they’re remarkably similar. This could be viewed as previous life experiences or profound spiritual connections. I, myself, have someone who gives off this vibe. However, he is a platonic soulmate, like my older brother from a past life. Remember, you can have a platonic as well as a romantic soulmate.

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22. Mirror moods.

It’s not uncommon for couples to empathize with one another’s emotions, but yours goes well beyond that. When one of you is joyful or downcast, the other appears to mimic that attitude almost instantly. 

Deep emotional synchronicity could be an odd sign that your lives and souls are more connected than you realize.

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23. Mysterious attraction.

Your connection is difficult to describe because it is neither physical nor emotional. When you’re separated, you sense a magnetic pull that is difficult to resist, almost as if a piece of yourself is missing. 

Perhaps the ethereal yet felt desire exists in another plane, implying that your souls are magnetically matched in a way that traditional relationships rarely are. I recommend watching ‘The Circle, ‘ a movie that goes into this sort of weird connection.

24. Matching handwriting.

Handwriting is often regarded as a window into a person’s personality. Discovering that your handwriting styles are strikingly similar may seem like a little detail, but it can be viewed as a visual embodiment of your compatibility. 

It’s as if your subconscious traits have found a match, making this one of the strangest yet most intriguing signals of a deeper bond. I mean, anyone who could match my crazy handwriting is definitely my soulmate.

25. Animal instincts.

Animals are frequently thought to be more intuitive than humans, so keep an eye out if pets or other creatures of nature appear to be drawn to your relationship. 

Whether it’s a dog that gets noticeably calmer or a cat that appears friendly just when you’re together, animals may be perceiving a specific energy or connection that human senses aren’t developed enough to detect.

26. Same childhood imaginary friends. 

Imagine being surprised to discover that you both had identical or strikingly similar imaginary companions as children. Such a rare shared experience could indicate a deep spiritual connection that existed long before you met. A very unlikely possibility, I know, but it has happened. I discovered a similar story during my research for this post.

27. Repeating numbers and symbols.

Whether you see the same sequence of numbers every time you’re together or come across a special symbol that appears to follow your relationship, these repeated patterns could be viewed as the universe’s acknowledgement of your unique bond.

This could be a distinctive signature of your connection that brings you together on a deeper level. For some, it’s the number 7, or so I hear.

28. Niche shared interests.

Perhaps you both share an unexpectedly strong interest in a very specific and obscure topic—such as a rare kind of art, an unusual recreational activity, or a specific historical era.

29. A common experience of déjà vu.

When you’re together, you frequently have a strong sense of déjà vu, as if you’ve already experienced this moment. It is not a transitory feeling but a strong, shared belief that this friendship transcends time and distance.

30. It is okay to eat off of their plate.

Even if Joey doesn’t share food, you accept it because you are the exception. Even if they are still acting out for amusement, you may decide not to get yourself a box of fries because you can always eat theirs. Naturally, of course! Because courtesy such as finishing what you serve yourself are nonexistent, you finish each other’s meals.

31. You had a dream about them.

That reoccurring dream in which you were about to die from suffocation but were saved by someone. Even though that person did not have a face at the time, you now see them as your saviour in your dreams. Consider this a quirky, weird soulmate sign.

Don’t Be Too Excited About These Unusual Signs.

Now is the time to confront these signs with reality. It’s amazing to find someone who is your soulmate. However, avoid wishful thinking. The truth is that arguing, being incompatible, and feeling uneasy around one another usually signals that you aren’t meant to be. So, don’t rush things simply because you perceive numerous signals that this is your soulmate.

Furthermore, please do not stay in a relationship that is making your life miserable because of wishful thinking. Give things some time to settle, but don’t squander valuable months or years of your life on something that isn’t meant to be.

Never lose yourself, even if you find your soulmate.

When you have this type of relationship, you may believe that this new person has everything you need in life. They may appear to be the sole purpose for your existence. This feels amazing at first, and it’s yet another evidence that you’re both deeply connected. 

Even if this is true, it is important to keep your individual personality. Be careful not to become so entwined that you lose your sense of self. You should keep your interests, hobbies, and friendships as you enjoy having this wonderful new person in your life.


How Do You Know You’ve Found the One?

Here are my top three signs to assist you know when you have found the one.

  • The relationship flows and has been effortless since you met.
  • Aside from attraction, there is mutual respect and appreciation.
  • You think similarly and can talk about things for hours without being bored.

How Do You Know if Someone Is Your Person?

You know you’ve found a keeper when you’re open enough to divulge your secret traumas and pain, and they handle it with care and empathy. Once they have that information, they do not use it against you; instead, they use their words to boost your confidence.

How Do Soulmates Connect?

Soulmates feel they are inexplicably linked on a soul level. It’s the notion that your connection goes beyond the earth plane—beyond the practical specifics of your relationship, such as being coworkers or lovers—and that something far greater brought you together or is at play. 

What Does a Soulmate Feel Like Spiritually?

When you meet your soulmate, you may experience an instant sense of harmony and peace. Souls with comparable energies and vibrations are said to attract each other. When you meet your soulmate, you may feel instantaneously comforted without knowing why, as if a sense of serenity and happiness emanates from your spirit.


The nice thing about unusual soulmate signs is that they can lead you to something very extraordinary. One of the signs given here may indicate that you have found your soulmate. On the other hand, you may discover that your soulmate connection is founded on something unique to your relationship. It’s very great when that happens because you’ll have a one-of-a-kind connection with each other, which is something that honestly cannot be put into words.

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