SPIRITUAL LOVE: 20+ Signs of Spiritual Love Connection and Quotes

Spiritual love

Spiritual love is unconditional love that emanates from both the heart and the head. As intellectual beings, we often mix what is in our heads with what is in our hearts. The distance between our head and our heart is sometimes the longest in the world. Knowing we should love and care for others and actually doing so are two wholly different things. Our deeds, not our intentions, are used to judge us.

Continue reading to learn the definition of spiritual love, as well as the signs and strength of the spiritual love connection.

What is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual love is a love that is rooted in a spiritual connection that helps us find meaning and purpose in our lives.

These spiritual loves can serve a variety of functions: some are supposed to accompany us on our journey through life, while others are meant to teach us lessons.

Their purpose isn’t always clear straight away; nonetheless, our spirituality can help us better comprehend our relationships.

In reality, whether we set out time for spiritual practices or not, our spirituality strongly influences all of our interactions.

Finally, spirituality connects us to something larger than ourselves, and our spiritual connection either strengthens or weakens our connections with others.

Top 21 Spiritual Signs of Love that Indicate a Genuine Connection

If you find several of these signs correct, you’ve discovered a kindred spirit with whom you share a soul tie.

This is a rare find and a sacred flame, so treat it with care.

#1. You can converse for hours without recognizing the passage of time.

When you have a spiritual love connection, you sort of break free from the typical “rules” that govern everyday life.

Time flies, routine interactions become extraordinary, and time together is more valuable to you than money, accolades, professional development, or any other external element.

You can converse for hours and not feel like a minute has passed.

Albert Einstein expressed it best when he said,

“When you put your hand on a hot burner for a minute, it seems like an hour. Sitting with a lovely girl for an hour feels like a minute. That’s how relativity works.”

Albert Einstein

#2. Making direct eye contact creates a powerful spark.

It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s true!

When you have a strong spiritual connection with someone, you can see it in their eyes.

You lock eyes with them – even from across the room – and feel a magnetic, tremendous force tug you to them.

It is more powerful than your conscious mind because it connects to the soul level.

Regardless of what you say, your eyes are communicating with one another and encouraging you to connect.

“The light that shines in the eye is actually the light that shines in the heart. The light that fills the heart is God’s light, which is pure and distinct from the light of intellect and sensation.”

Rumi, a 13th-century Sufi poet

#3. A true psychic confirms it.

Could you receive even more clarity if you spoke with a real psychic?

Obviously, you must locate someone with whom you can place your trust. With so many false psychics on the market, it’s critical to have a decent BS detector.

I recently met with a psychic after going through a difficult breakup. They gave me the life advice I needed, including who I was destined to be with.

I was astounded by how friendly, concerned, and knowledgeable they were.

A true psychic can not only affirm the existence of this spiritual connection of love but also expose all of your love possibilities.

#4. You get a feeling you know them from somewhere.

When you find spiritual love, the sensation is not the same as being “attracted” or “interested” in someone.

You have a sense of belonging.

It’s as if you were destined to meet or know this individual from somewhere.

I know that’s a common pickup line, but this is the real deal. They are actually familiar, soothing, and almost like an old friend.

There may be a deeper meaning to this than just esoteric affinity.

According to A Conscious Rethink, this person may even be connected to one of your previous life.

“It’s possible that you’ve spent a lot of time together, so it’s no surprise that you’ve found each other again.”

“Just as you can often discover a close friend in a crowd simply by sensing them, members of a soul family can find one another again, even if they’re on different sides of the earth.”

#5. You have two dreams about each other at the same time.

Sharing a dream with someone is one of the most strange and fantastic experiences you can have.

Lachlan Brown just wrote about this at Nomadrs, describing his recent experience:

“I’ve had two recent incidences when I dreamed about someone and they dreamed about me at the same moment.”

I believe that sharing dreams is feasible and that it can be an indication of a strong spiritual link.

It’s one of the spiritual signs of love, indicating that this connection is genuine.

You meet someone and click in real life, but you take it to the next level when you interact with them in your dreams.

#6. Your professional and life trajectories are inextricably linked.

When you experience deep spiritual love, you will frequently observe incredible synchronicities and alignments.

Not only do you have a wonderful bond, but your life hopes, and goals appear to fall into place effortlessly.

Even those ideals and desires that have been brewing in your soul for a while now seem to have crystallized and become a reality.

You have a spiritual – and life – companion, and it feels fantastic!

#7. You are completely open and honest.

When you have a spiritual connection, it’s as if you can look into another person’s heart and vice versa.

The lies fade away, and honesty takes their place, even in minor matters.

You really don’t want to lie to this person, and you can tell they feel the same way about you.

Even the thought of deceiving them makes you feel nauseous and repulsed. You’re just not going to do it.

Spiritually connected people don’t have to worry about each other violating their trust since “the true ones will never do anything to damage your trust.”

#8. You honestly and profoundly understand one another.

It’s almost as if you’ve finally met someone who speaks your language when it comes to spiritual love.

Of course, you’ve developed strong friendships and connections throughout your life, but this is something special.

It’s as though you’ve finally met someone who “gets” you on a deep level:

“There’s just something in our energy signatures that attract individuals of like mind/spirit, from shared interests and passions to prior traumas.”

“This form of connection can be immensely gratifying for folks who have always felt very alone in their hobbies and experiences.”

#9. You feel linked even when you’re not together.

When you’re spiritually linked, it’s more than just a fleeting feeling or happy emotion.

It’s as if an invisible thread has been woven between you that is as strong as titanium steel but as liberating as gossamer silk.

You want to be connected to them, but you will continue to be amazed at how time apart and distance do nothing to reduce the intensity of your emotions and thoughts about this person.

You don’t choose to have a spiritual connection. It’s either there or it isn’t.

#10. This person assists you in discovering your life’s mission.

A person with whom you spiritually fall in love can assist and guide you in addition to uncovering remarkable synchronicities in your life and work path.

And you assist in guiding them.

Your connection is far from static, and you will help each other discover and expand each other’s horizons, talents, affinities, and future opportunities in a variety of ways.

As Jennifer Bennet puts it:

“A spiritual connection can assist guide you to your true life purpose.” Have you always felt that you could take the stage by storm but have never taken the time to do so?

“This person can assist you in recognizing your inner “stage actor” and assisting you in getting onto the stage and realizing your aspirations.” They offer a sense of purpose to attain your goals and give it your all.”

#11. It is significantly more than merely physical in nature.

Physical chemistry is nothing to scoff at, but when you are in love on a spiritual level, you will experience it as well.
Your attraction to this individual will extend far beyond kissing their lips or penetrating their body.

You’ll want to get into their soul and mind.

As Solancha points out, while sexual chemistry is frequently there, the link extends far beyond the physical.

“Sex is only one aspect of the bonding.” Others may say that finding someone who understands their intellectual perspective is sufficient or preferable to sharing a bed every night.”

#12. There is constant hilarity between you.

Humor and laughing together can be a very powerful indicator of a spiritual love connection.

We’re not just randomly chuckling when we appreciate and like another person’s humor; we’re validating and sharing in a sort of experience or “lens” through which they see the world.

That has the potential to be extremely meaningful.

Holly Riordan, a relationship writer, explains it perfectly when she says that you can laugh together freely and endlessly:

“Because you share the same sense of humour, you’re always exchanging smiles. The world feels lighter when you’re together. It’s less morbid. More optimistic.”

Holly Riordan

#13. There is no jealousy, animosity, or neediness.

If you find someone with whom you share an amazing spiritual love, you will cherish them more than everything else in your life.

However, you will not be possessive or clingy.

It may sound contradictory, but as much as you value them above all else, you will also greatly respect their individuality and independence, surpassing your desire.

True soul love is characterized by a desire to share and give rather than to possess and take.

It may sound trite, but it’s true.

#14. You are more concerned with what you can both give than with what you can ‘get.’

As I mentioned in the previous indication, soul love is not the same as egocentric “what can I have” love.

You want to give that individual everything you have.

You want to love and support them but also give them space and time when needed.

Also, you have the “auto-balancing” that you may have found lacking in previous partnerships.

But with this kindred spirit, it just clicks…

#15. You’re passionate about spiritual themes, truth, and leading meaningful lives.

Your soul mate is someone with whom you can share anything.

You’ll find that you’re both really excited about what’s true and that you help each other explore and discover spiritual issues.

This can lead to new perspectives and studies of history, human destiny, extraterrestrial life, and a variety of other themes.

Nothing is off-limits because you trust and discuss everything with this person and enjoy informing them of your most recent discoveries.

#16. You keep ‘bumping into them’ by chance.

Finding love at the soul level does not usually happen right away.

It may take a few nudges for us to notice this wonderful person who has been close to us all along and recognize the love journey that we intend to undertake with them.

In many cases, this can take the shape of bizarre coincidences and bumping into this person in the most unlikely of locations, or thinking of them and then having them unexpectedly bump into you when out shopping or meeting with friends.

Listen to spiritual teacher Noelle Goggin’s excellent words on this one:

“You’re thinking about someone, and then you get a phone call from them or run into them on the street. Nothing happens by chance. It is the greater organizing capacity that makes it a reality.”

Noelle Goggin

#17. You both love being outside and connecting with nature.

Nature is a powerful force, and being in it may provide spiritual people with a lot of energy and inspiration.

When you develop a spiritual love connection, you will treasure your time with them and in nature.

You can enjoy your connection to one another and communicate with the biosphere that connects us all here.

Drinking in the fresh air and hiking in the mountains will be like water to your spirit and deepen your love for them.

#18. It is possible to converse without using words.

Words have a lot of power. After all, I’m writing this post and sharing my thoughts with you through words.

However, when you find soul-level love, it is often beyond words.

Sure, you’ll enjoy conversing, but you’ll also love those times when you’re together in complete stillness.

You’ll be like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with no need to speak and complete contentment.

As the soulmate points out:

“One of the ways the two of you communicate is through silence. You don’t need to communicate your excitement, concern, or fear when you’re with someone with whom you have a spiritual connection. They simply understand. They recognize and respond to your moods.”

The soulmate

#19. You have virtually superhuman physical chemistry.

I believe that our civilization greatly underestimates the strength of physical chemistry.

Yes, there is sex on the silver screen, and we value external beauty.

However, there are far too many assumptions in physical chemistry. Genuine, flashing, red-hot sexual chemistry isn’t only common and unimportant; it’s incredible.

When you encounter a spiritual love, it is common for it to manifest physically as well.

Sometimes, it’s not even a person you believe was your “type,” yet something about them turns you into a roaring monkey with uncontrollable need.


#20. You have astrological compatibility.

I understand that not everyone believes in astrology, but I believe there is something to it.

And when you’re in spiritually deep love with someone, you’ll often realize that you’re astrologically connected.

If you obtain a reading on your horoscope, you’ll be surprised to see so many congruences and links that point to a profound bond and romantic destiny.

That, in my opinion, is quite unique.

#21. You just have a feeling about it.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, a spiritually deep love connection is something you simply feel.

You can feel it in your bones, gut, and heart whenever you see them.

There is no true intellectual perplexity or doubt since the enduring emotion deep within is that this is your person.

You are deeply in love, yet you are also deeply at peace.

You feel as if you’ve returned home to the person who was always meant to accompany you on this adventure.

22 Ways Spiritual Love Can Transform Your Life

  1. You will form more meaningful relationships based on genuine respect and love rather than what you can do for them.
  2. Resentments will fade—and eventually vanish—as your expectations of others and yourself fall.
  3. You will learn that you require less to be happy (materially and emotionally)
  4. No matter what is happening around you, the world will appear much more tranquil.
  5. Happiness and peace will be your reward as you adopt a more selfless viewpoint.
  6. Others will naturally gravitate toward you.
  7. You will draw abundance in areas where you had no idea you were lacking.
  8. You will get more rest.
  9. People in your life will understand how much you value them.
  10. You will notice things in people and environments you were previously unaware of.
  11. Gratitude will begin to take precedence over dread and loneliness in your heart.
  12. You will realize that everyone is doing their best at any given time.
  13. You will feel real joy for others’ good fortune rather than envy.
  14. Your past will become your most valuable possession.
  15. You’ll learn that very little in life is truly difficult; it’s only uncomfortable sometimes.
  16. Each moment will be brimming with unfathomable possibilities.
  17. Your favorite word and action will be “love.”
  18. Exercise and healthy living will become more vital as self-love rises.
  19. You will discover what you were looking for all along.
  20. Food will be more flavorful.
  21. You’ll never be lonely again.
  22. You will always feel on the verge of grandeur rather than tragedy.

Is Love Spiritual or Physical?

Love is both physical and spiritual in nature. Physical love is merely a biological attraction that is conditional in nature, whereas spiritual love is divine and does not change depending on the situation.

Can Your Soul Fall in Love?

Connecting with another person’s soul is a highly profound and frequently unusual experience. As terrifying as it can be, falling in love with (someone’s) soul is about as good as it gets in this life. I believe we only get one (or maybe two, if we’re lucky) chance to fall passionately in love with someone…a SOUL connection.

How Do You Know When It’s Love?

If you’ve discovered your life’s mission lately, it’s a sure indicator that love is coming. People who have identified their true calling have a better probability of meeting their soulmate. Humans get uninspired, hollow, or lost when they lack a purpose or something to be enthusiastic about.

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