What Are Soulmates? Psychological Facts About Soulmates

what are soulmates

Have you ever met someone and felt as if you had known them your entire life? Some people we meet during the most difficult times in our lives appear to make things better.  Such persons are commonly referred to as soulmates; they are people with whom we appear to have a strong emotional bond. In this article, you’ll learn several psychological facts regarding soulmates that will help you determine if you have one in your life.

Key Takeaways

  • There are six kinds of soulmates: soul tie, karmic soulmate, twin flame, sul partner, past-life soulmate, and friendship soulmate.
  • A soulmate is someone you feel naturally drawn to, with whom you share a deep level of trust and affection.
  • A soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. It could be friendship or on a platonic basis.
  • Even though a lot do not believe in the idea of a soulmate, numerous psychological facts say otherwise.

What Is a Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone you have an intense and natural attraction to. You show a great level of intimacy, trust, and compatibility toward them. A soulmate could be a platonic or romantic partner with whom you should develop a unique bond that could last a lifetime.

It is often considered that having a soulmate is the most powerful connection you can have with another person, and people frequently report feeling whole and fulfilled when they meet their soulmates.

To learn more about soulmates via the lens of spirituality, I recommend Dr. Yudit Kornberg’s study titled ‘Soulmates’. Their research will teach you how different world religions view soulmates. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Soulmates?

When it comes to soulmate facts, it is important to note that your soulmate might be anyone. They could be family members, colleagues, or pals. Here are the various types of soulmates so you can effortlessly recognize them in your life.

1. Soul Tie

Anytime you feel a soul tie, it could mean that another soul is in your life for a specific reason. They can be romantic relationships that teach you something important and improve your life. 

They frequently appear at an important moment in your life, and it seems like you have already encountered them in the past.

2. Karmic Soulmate

A karmic soulmate is someone with whom you have an intense connection that may be difficult to maintain due to the heated passion you both feel. 

When you meet your karmic soulmate, you feel an instant connection with them, and you are more willing to ignore their flaws since they seem perfect for you.

Martin Schulman’s book is a fascinating read that will help you understand more about Karmic soulmates and relationships. This book, named ‘Karmic Relationships’, discusses how to identify such connections and steer them in the proper path. I highly recommend it.

3. Twin Flame

Your twin flame is a reflection of your soul. You are two parts of the same soul, and your life experiences have transformed you into complete people. When you meet, you feel an overwhelming energy that indicates a deep emotional bond.

I can say for certain that I have met mine, and the simplest way I can express how it feels to be around this person is that we feel like we are the ‘same person’. Strange, isn’t it?

4. Soul Partner

You can be romantically or intimately linked with a soul partner, and they usually stay with you for the remainder of your life. They could be your romantic partner, family member, or close friend. You recognize and respect one another’s differences.

5. Past-life Soulmate

When you meet your past-life soulmate, you will recognize them right away because you have a feeling that they have been in your life before. You will find that you share similar interests and hobbies. You may also have disagreements and conflicts, but these should be easily resolved. I’m sure we’ve seen a lot of this in movies.

6. Friendship Soulmate

A friendship soulmate is someone you have a special connection with. This friend appears to understand you better than other people in your life. With them, it appears that they hold your life’s manual, which contains everything about you, including your characteristics, strengths, and flaws. In the little time I have spent on this planet, there are two people I can say are this for me. It feels like they were sent specifically to me by the universe.

What Distinguishes Soulmates From Twin Flames?

People frequently mistake soulmates for twin flames due to their similarities. When you have a soulmate, it indicates that you both have a deep connection. Having a soulmate grants you healing, fulfilment, comfort, and growth.

In contrast, Twin flames are typically mirrored souls. They are usually thought to have been one soul before being divided into two pieces. Twin flames also share a powerful emotional connection, which draws them closer together.

If you’re still not sure what the difference is between twin flames and soulmates, I recommend Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s book. The book, titled ‘Soul Mates and Twin Flames’, examines the spiritual side of Love and Relationships.

Fascinating Psychological Facts About Soulmates

Not everyone thinks soulmates exist. However, some incredible psychological facts about soulmates suggest otherwise. Here are some psychological facts that may help you fully understand the definition of soulmates. 

1. Soulmates can get obsessed with one another.

One of the most common soulmate facts is that they may have difficulty living apart. This is what some specialists may call addiction. Soulmates share a deep bond and love with one another. 

As a result, they will constantly want to be together since it makes them feel complete and elated. Soulmates will always want to travel together and pursue the same interests and hobbies since they cannot function without one another.

Watch this video to see whether someone is obsessed with you but not romantically inclined:

2. Soulmates give each other confidence.

When you have a soulmate, you are likely to feel more confident than you have ever been. When soulmates spend time together, they feel at ease and calm. As a result, they may feel more comfortable expressing themselves without fear of being criticized or labelled. 

Being with your soulmate gives you the courage to make risky decisions that no one else will encourage. With your soulmate, you may feel more confident in confronting life’s challenges. This is exactly how I get with my soulmates: the friendship soulmates.

3. They bond immediately.

One of the wonderful psychological facts about soulmates is that they usually have an instant connection whenever they meet. Their energies are on the same vibrational level thus it appears that they have known one another for a long time. 

When you meet your soulmate, you will most likely realize that this is the person you have been waiting for your entire life. Meeting your soulmates may result in a very different connection than meeting even close friends. The day I was introduced to the person who turned out to be my twin flame by a mutual friend, we clicked almost immediately. We talked the same way and reasoned the same way, it was awesome!

4. They could have feelings of déjà vu.

When you meet your romantic soulmate, you may both have a sense of déjà vu.

You may recall memories that occurred to you individually, which may be comparable even if you were not in the same location. When you and your soulmate experience separate sets of these emotions, it’s possible that you were together in a prior life.

5. Soulmates may meet in their saddest hours.

When it comes to the subject of what forms a soulmate connection, it often comes to light that when they are in their lowest moments, they always manage to meet. 

If you are in your darkest phase and find someone who resonates with your soul, they are probably also going through a difficult time.

As a result, the two of you are meeting at this time to pool your resources and overcome your challenges. When soulmates meet in their darkest moments, their lives will take a positive turn. During my research, I came across a story where the couples met in a cemetery, both attending a separate funeral. It was a sad time for both of them but it brought them together and they stayed together since then.

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6. They are vulnerable to each other.

Soulmates are more prone to be vulnerable with one another than with anybody else in their lives. The fundamental reason they display such a high level of sensitivity is that they believe they are speaking to someone who knows everything about them. 

As a result, they will automatically share their worries, shortcomings, and strengths with them.

This helps to solidify their relationship. If one of them is going through a difficult period, telling their soulmates can make them feel better. One of the psychological characteristics of soulmates is their vulnerability to one another.

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7. Their life goals may be similar.

It is worth noting that having identical life goals is one of the psychological characteristics of soulmates. Even if people do not pursue the same path or actions to reach their life objectives, the desired outcomes are always the same or similar. 

As a result, there is synergy and understanding while making plans to attain their goals because they both know what they want to achieve. As a result, they will most likely provide encouragement and incentive to achieve these goals. My twin flame and I bonded over a school project. We had the same goal, line of action, and energy towards the project.

8. They enjoy helping each other grow.

One of the psychological facts regarding soulmates to consider is that they support one another’s growth. Soulmates are rarely stagnant since they always desire the best for one another. 

When it appears that one of them is losing motivation to pursue their goals, the other person steps in to urge them to keep trying. Soulmates bring out the best in each other, seeking opportunities to help them excel in their respective careers or industries. Lord knows how much my friendship soulmates have pushed me to grow and I, them in the years we’ve been together.

9. They don’t hold secrets from one another.

Soulmates rarely conceal secrets from each other since they have no reason to. They feel comfortable discussing their most intimate secrets with their soulmates since they know they will always have their back. With my introverted character, I tend to want to keep things to myself, but when it comes to those special ones, I never hold back because I know I can trust them.

When soulmates share secrets, they do not inform anyone else in their life because they grasp the value of trust.

10. They’re best friends. 

It is vital to note that one of the psychological facts of soulmates is that they are best friends. When soulmates first meet as friends, they often have a deep and lasting bond. However, in rare circumstances, this friendship may develop into a romantic relationship. 

As best friends, I and my soulmates look out for one another and assist each other in improving in all areas of our lives. That is what it means to have a soulmate.

11. Soulmates make each other feel positive.

When you meet your soulmate, you will most likely feel better about yourself and the circumstances around you. They make a positive difference in your life from the moment you meet them, and they motivate and support you to grow, which is one of the psychological facts about soulmates.  

With your soulmate, your bad energy eventually disappears as you become more positive. 

12. You feel safe with your partner. 

When asked what soulmates are, a popular response is that they are people who have a special bond that makes you feel safe with them. 

You can feel content and secure with them since you know they will always have your back, regardless of the circumstances.

13. There may be certain differences in personality traits. 

Even while soulmates appear to complement each other due to their deep emotional bonds, they typically have different personalities. Soulmates, as opposed to twin flames, have distinct personality traits.  

When you meet your soulmate, you may believe you are the same person, but as time passes, you will notice some differences that set you apart. I, personally, am close to a couple whose personalities couldn’t be more different. The lady is a sporty, outgoing person, while the guy is an anime fan, quiet, and an introvert. They are so different, but they work. When anyone sees them together, they never doubt that these two are soulmates.

14. They may not be ideal for each other in a romantic relationship. 

When some people meet their soulmate, they may believe they have found the ideal romantic partner. However, the case may not be the same each time. 

With time, you may learn that, while your soulmate is a wonderful person, they are not the best fit for your romantic relationship. Sometimes, soulmates split up and go on to have healthy relationships with other people.

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15. Soulmates do disagree.

Soulmates do not have to always agree. They may have opposing viewpoints on a certain issue. Soulmates eventually find a way to compromise because of their special connection.  

When a soulmate knows they are in the wrong, they do not hesitate to inform the other. It’s actually one of the unspoken rules I and my soul friends have.

16. Their relationship works better with communication.

Soulmates, like all other relationships, benefit from regular communication. If soulmates do not maintain good communication, they are likely to drift away, regardless of how strong their emotional bond is. To continue their relationship, they must communicate frequently, openly, and honestly.


17. Soulmates may share similar opinions. 

Sometimes, you can find soulmates who agree on a concept or subject matter. Their points may not be the same, but they share some commonalities. They may also make similar decisions when confronted with a challenging situation. This is typically due to the emotional bond that they share.

18. Spiritual soulmates have a stronger connection.

The concept of a soulmate can be understood via the perspective of spirituality. When soulmates share a spiritual foundation, they are more able to understand one another. This suggests that if they share the same spiritual ideals and are committed to improving their spiritual life, their relationship will improve. I believe we can take an example from the relationships of most spiritual mentors known worldwide.

19. They may have an intense sexual connection with each other. 

When it comes to soulmate love, it is important to remember that soulmates can develop into romantic relationships in which they are passionate about each other.

They may have a deep sexual connection with each other that they have not had with anybody else. This profound sensual bond that they have is one of the psychological facts about soulmates. I came across an article during my research about an old couple in their 60s/70s. They mentioned that they still excite each other sexually, and their sex life is still holding strong. Now, doesn’t that spell special to you?

20. They might have the same beliefs and values. 

One of the most important psychological facts about soulmates is that they are likely to share similar beliefs and principles. This suggests they have the same viewpoints on certain important parts of their lives. 

Soulmates who share values find it easier to go through challenging times since they believe in similar things.

How Do You Know If You Are Soulmates?

To determine whether someone is your soulmate, look for different signs of having a soulmate in your life. Make sure you have a strong emotional connection with them. 

If you feel like you’ve known them before and have similar déjà vu, they could be the one.


Is Your Soulmate Your True Love?

The phrase “soulmate” is frequently used interchangeably with true love, yet people may define each idea differently. A soulmate can also have a platonic connotation, as a person may consider a friend, family member, or pet to be their soulmate. As a result, a person’s life may include multiple soulmates.

Can Soulmates Break Up?

Soulmates do not necessarily end up together because this type of relationship helps us grow, connect on a deeper level, and transcend the boundaries of ordinary relationships. They don’t necessitate a “forever relationship.”

Can Your Soulmate Be Married?

A soulmate, karmic, or twin flame can totally marry someone else. It’s possible they’re your twin flame but married to their soulmate. That is just another beautiful feature of this entire journey.

How Do You Know You Met Your Soulmate Spiritually?

You always sense a powerful, deep soul connection. When soulmates first meet, they may feel like they already know each other. You get the impression that he or she completely understands you. Your soulmate makes you feel whole, healed, and whole, as if no piece of the puzzle is missing.

How Long Does It Take To Fall in Love With Your Soulmate?

Katie Ziskind, a holistic licensed marital and family therapist in Niantic, Connecticut, says it can take anything from 2 weeks to 4 months to love someone.

However, it may take longer for a person to consider telling their partner that they love them.

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