RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: Most Common Issues, Fixes, Signs & All You Need


Intimate relationships that last seem to be becoming increasingly rare these days. They can only survive if people can find common ground, commit to one another, and overcome obstacles. Relationship problems are common, but there are several tried-and-true solutions. We’ll look at the most common relationship issues that couples face, as well as what you can do to solve them and signs of relationship issues. You and your partner can be on the path to a happy and healthy relationship if you have the right mindset and knowledge.

When Do Common Relationship Issues Begin?

However, for some, that phase of love eventually fades. What was once intoxicating becomes intolerable as time passes and both parties in the relationship make their fair share of mistakes. Many of the typical relationship issues that couples face are minor and easily avoidable with mutual effort, understanding, and respect. Although bumps in the road to marriage are unavoidable, if you are aware of them ahead of time, you will be able to overcome them without bringing your relationship to its knees.


Nobody is perfect, and no two people are the same on every level. On the other hand, some flaws in a character will be natural and acceptable. However, if there are behaviors, such as a small lie here or there, it is critical to consider them on a larger scale as the relationship progresses.

Signs of Relationship Issues

Even the happiest of relationships have highs and lows. There is no avoiding them; if not handled correctly, they can lead to chaos and destruction in your relationships.

Here are ten signs that your relationship is in trouble:

  • You and your partner spend less time together.
  • There is very little communication.
  • You both criticize each other.
  • One partner expresses concern about the state of the relationship.
  • Disagreements are criticized rather than addressed.
  • You’re both constantly defensive in front of each other.
  • You’ve both stopped talking about long-term goals.
  • Keeping the relationship alive feels like a duty.
  • You prioritize other things over your relationship.
  • When they are not present, you are happier, and vice versa.

Most Common Relationship Issues

Learning about the most common relationship issues will ensure that you and your partner are better prepared to deal with the lemons. A tumultuous relationship is thrown at you, and comes out with a jug full of lemonade. To be sure, navigating relationship difficulties isn’t as simple as making lemonade, but it doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker.

Learning about the most common relationship issues can help you understand how to work through your issues and restore your bond to its original strength:

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#1. Inadequate communication

You’ve been annoyed by the wet towel on the bed. Soon, something insignificant becomes a source of constant contention between you and your partner. Every morning, a fight breaks out. Such typical relationship squabbles can cause you to withdraw and become distant. Conflicts, frustration, and misunderstandings take hold, and you face life’s challenges.

#2. Overwhelm

When life becomes too much for you, you become overwhelmed. Perhaps you’re in the process of pursuing a promotion at work. Maybe they have a troubled adolescent son or daughter. Whatever the reason, your relationship will eventually take a back seat. Then the relationship issues pile up.

#3. Taking one another for granted

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s easy to take each other for granted. Before you know it, you’re only talking about the mundane details of everyday life or eating your meals while staring at your phones. This is one of the most common relationship issues that cause partners to drift apart.

#4. Financial stress

Money is a significant source of conflict in relationships. Perhaps there isn’t enough. Or perhaps there is enough, but they prefer to spend it while you like to save. Maybe you think they’re too tight with the purse strings. Whatever the issue, money can quickly become a source of contention.

#5. Chore warfare

What are the most common relationship issues? You don’t expect the pile of dishes to be one of the answers when you’re looking for one. It turns out that dividing the chores you and your partner must complete may help you maintain harmony in your relationship.


#6. Not putting each other first

It’s too easy to take your partner for granted, incredibly when busy. Before you know it, you only see each other at a hurried family dinner or as you rush out the door in the morning.

#7. Mistrust

One of the most common relationship issues is a lack of trust. Cheating or infidelity does not always cause a lack of confidence. Perhaps one or both of you have underlying trust issues. Maybe your partner has lied to you, and you find it difficult to trust them.

#8. Lack of appreciation

Does it surprise you that bad bosses force good employees to quit? Up to 75% of employees quit their jobs not because of the job itself but because of their boss, who never expressed gratitude. One of the primary causes of breakups is being taken for granted.

#9. Mismatched sex urges

Another of the most common and normal relationship issues. Our libidos become unpredictable as our bodies undergo numerous changes due to stress, hormones, and aging. Sexual compatibility may become an issue in that case. Couples who lack intimacy may become estranged and dissatisfied.

#10. Children

Having children is a blessing, but it necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. When partners disagree on how they want to raise children, address problems, and spend family time, this can strain the relationship.

#11. Approach toward parenting

Raising children together can be a blessing and a litmus test for a relationship. These tiny humans can take up so much space in your life and mind that your relationship with your SO suffers. To top it all off, disagreeing on parenting styles and values to instill in your children can be a recipe for disaster.

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#12. Over-involvement

When we find someone we adore, we want to share everything with them and have them reciprocate. This, however, can lead to feelings of losing one’s individuality, freedom, and sense of accomplishment.

#13. Infidelity

What we define as infidelity and where we draw the line can vary. To different people, infidelity means other things. Aside from the sexual act, infidelity can include flirting, sexting, or kissing. When there is infidelity, trust is broken, and a person may feel betrayed. This can lead to a slew of other issues and problems.

#14. Jealousy

A fleeting pang of jealousy is acceptable if your partner gives or receives too much attention from another person. Feeling a knot in your stomach if they succeed at something you haven’t been able to do is also expected. However, if jealousy becomes a stronghold, it can make your relationship toxic. Constantly checking in on your partner’s whereabouts, stalking their social media, snooping through their phone, and picking fights over trivial matters are all signs that jealousy is out of control.

#15. Addiction can be one of the most challenging aspects of a relationship.

Most people underestimate the prevalence of addiction to alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances. Being in love with an addict is no easy task. When your partner’s life revolves around finding their next fix and getting high, it can be one of the most difficult challenges to overcome in a relationship.

#16. Being overly controlling

When one partner decides how the other should behave in the relationship, this is controlling behavior. Not only that, but they also believe their decisions are binding on the other person. This is also one of the primary indicators of relationship toxicity. While it cannot be classified as a typical relationship issue, it is certainly prevalent.

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#17. Growing apart

There are a lot of tasks on the list, and only one of you is there. When did you stop including activities with your partner on that list? We don’t notice as we drift apart bit by bit.

#18. Unrealistic expectations

Everyone has unrealistic expectations because they are human. Nowadays, we may expect our partner to play multiple roles, including best friend, trusted companion, business partner, lover, and so on. We may expect our partner to know what we want without saying it, always to be fair, or to strive to change the other into what we want them to be.

 #19. Lack of assistance

When life hits us hard, we do our best to deal with it. However, our coping skills are insufficient, and we require assistance. Loneliness, anxiety, and overwhelm can result from a partner’s lack of support. Long-term lack of support also impacts how we value our relationship, and satisfaction suffers significantly.

Fixes to the Most Common Relationship Issues

Overcoming relationship difficulties takes a lot of effort and work because there is no single solution you can try. However, if you’ve found someone you truly love and want to see your relationship succeed, you’ll work together to resolve your issues and support each other. Here’s how to get started:

#1. Improve yourself.

To be truly happy with your partner, you must be content with yourself. Taking steps to improve yourself will reflect on your relationship, from changing negative behaviors and habits to working on personal growth.

#2. Develop your communication skills.

The key to resolving problems and conflicts is communication. Don’t be afraid to speak up when something bothers you, and truly listen to your partner. Discuss your issues openly and refrain from criticizing your partner.

#3. Maintain your integrity, openness, and calm.

It is critical to remain calm during an argument to solve a problem. Try to keep your anger under control and express it healthily. Furthermore, keep your promises and be truthful at all times.

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#4. Show your gratitude.

If you notice that your partner is trying to change and improve your relationship, express gratitude. Make sure to reciprocate any other gestures they make for you. If your partner feels unappreciated, it can hurt your relationship and self-esteem.

 #5. Be patient.

Resolving relationship issues takes time, especially if you need to change long-standing behaviors.

#6. Consider relationship coaching. 

If you don’t feel like you’re making any progress or can’t pinpoint the exact problem in your relationship, consider hiring a coach or attending an intensive workshop.


Hopefully, now that you’ve learned the most common issues in a relationship, you’ll be able to navigate through some of them with a little more finesse. Some of these typical relationship issues are innocuous, while others are far more dangerous. Take small steps every day to keep your relationship from imploding. If you and your partner are dealing with any of these issues and cannot resolve them on your own, couples counseling can be a helpful solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are normal relationship issues?

It is normal to have disagreements in a relationship.

Any source of stress or pressure, including health, work, parents, children, or money. Different objectives and expectations mean different points of view or values. Insufficient time to spend together or a lack of interest

What are the signs of a relationship failing?

Examine the following signs that your relationship is failing:

  • There is no communication.
  • You are constantly fighting.
  • Running away from the fight.
  • Your partner disregards your emotions.
  • There is no team planning.
  • There is no affection.
  • Lack of trust.
  • You don’t make time for one another.

What are the causes of relationship issues?

Reasons for Relationship Failure

  • Trust has been lost.
  • Communication breakdown.
  • Lack of esteem.
  • A Distinction in Priorities
  • There isn’t enough sex and intimacy.
  • What factors influence the durability of a relationship?

Why do I feel uneasy in my relationship?

There are numerous reasons why someone may be concerned about their relationships. They may be afraid of being abandoned or rejected, or they may be concerned that their feelings are not reciprocated. Some people are concerned that their partner will be unfaithful or that the relationship will fail.

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