HOW TO GET GIRLS TO LIKE YOU: 20+ Best Easy Tips in 2022

how to get girls to like you
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I’ll show you how to get a female to like you in this article. Making a female want to be your girlfriend might be as simple as having an amazing life, but there are many different seduction strategies and persuasion ways to use. You should have your crush drooling to date you by the time you finish reading this.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that they are ethical and non-manipulative, but they will, in the end, unconsciously attract a girl to you and make her want to be around you more. Learning how to make a girl like you, as well as enhancing your own likability, will make your life a lot easier in the long run, and you’ll definitely enjoy it more!

How To Get A Girl To Like You

#1. Talk To Her

Do it today. Not tomorrow. Also, not when she’s away from her friends and all alone. Not when you feel the moment is just right as if you’re in some fairy tale Disney storybook. After you’ve gone over what to say in your head or even strategized on how to approach her.

Let’s face it; women want a man with balls. Having balls means taking action and pulling the d-mn trigger. Virtually all couples in this world talk to each other in a relationship. If you can’t even do that, then I seriously don’t know what to tell you. Either you’re going to accept the risk or avoid it! Period.

I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: You know instantly if a woman is hot or if she is not! Act immediately, don’t be a stalker who waits around. Never second-guess your gut!

I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: You know instantly if a woman is hot or if she is not! Act immediately, don’t be a stalker who waits around. Never second-guess your gut!

#2. Dress To Impress You Slob!

It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of women on the earth prefer a wealthy man: not all, but the vast majority. Save your graphic shirts and raggedy jeans for when you’re at home acting like a d-mn peasant.

Have a little respect for yourself by paying attention to what you wear if you want to come off as a man who isn’t a bum. Put on a clean dress shirt and, at the very least, a pair of stains-free pants.

Washers, dryers, and irons are all common household appliances. You should give them a shot. Please don’t use perfume or, worse, body spray to cover up scents. Be a responsible adult.

#3. Groom Like A God

Believe it or not, but there’s a lot of men and women out there who forget about things like brushing their teeth. Gross, I know, but it doesn’t end there. A lot of guys ignore the responsibility of trimming their beard, taking a shower, combing their hair, trimming their fingernails, and so on.

In fact, it goes above and beyond the fundamentals. Do you use a moisturiser at all? Do you feel comfortable applying concealer or brow gel under your dark eye circles? If the phrase “brow gel” makes you wonder “what the h-ll is that?” then you need to learn how to properly maintain yourself.

It’s not about looking and feeling your best; it’s about looking and feeling your best. While clothes and cologne might enhance a man’s appearance, they are useless if he does not know how to groom himself. If a man refuses to cut his beard, even the thickest, most macho beard can seem like total and complete sh*t.

It becomes the dreaded neckbeard. If that wasn’t enough, just imagine a woman’s reaction to kissing a man with a brillo pad on his face. That’s what happens when you don’t maintain your beard; it turns to sandpaper and leaves a big red rash on her face.

Acne treatments for pimples, shampoo for oily hair, a beard razor, and so on are all inexpensive. It all boils down to personal accountability. Either you will take care of your body or you will not. It’s easy to get a girl to like you if you show her the finest version of yourself.

#4. Be a Gentleman and Have Manners

When you get in the car, go ahead and open her door first. Allow her to enter first by giving her a small push on the waist from behind as you walk into a restaurant. You pull and push in her chair first as you sit down at the table. When she returns from the restroom, you remain standing until she sits down. You don’t eat anything until she’s been served a plate.

It’s likely that some of you need to be reminded that purposeful burping and farting are both unpleasant and unsightly. You must make her feel unique.

It makes no difference how much the meal costs, how much you order, or how much she orders. The f-cking dinner is on you, the dude. I’m not interested in hearing about your equality nonsense. This has been done by men for millennia, and no one has ever died as a result! Money is earned and is the outcome of our efforts. It’s a tiny gesture of admiration for a woman. Don’t be a c-nt who is greedy or servile about it.

#5. Take Charge And Initiate

It’s okay to playfully touch; it’s called flirting.

It becomes a problem when you become extremely aggressive and believe the RSD nonsense they teach you. You become weird and rude when you make a woman feel uncomfortable like that.

Some of you are terrified of making eye contact. I assume you believe it’s just as dangerous as kissing a woman and making that first move. The truth is that two individuals in a relationship don’t converse all the time. It would be quite dull if they did. Those two people would be referred to as “friends.” Touching, in fact, elevates things to the next level.

Many women use excuses like “I don’t sleep around,” “I don’t sleep with men on the first date,” “I’m not like other females,” and so on in the bedroom to avoid having sex with you. It’s a game, a sort of test, and a type of flirtation that most men completely ignore.

In reality, she’s looking to see if you’re a lazy subservient who doesn’t want to work. When faced with a challenge, you can either come to bat or give up a loser. Don’t cry over the fact that we all know the difference between right and wrong.

You walk away if she appears to be uncomfortable at any stage. Period. Remember that she needs to be at ease.

#6. Don’t Be A Doormat

It’s the quickest method to be removed from your friend list. Don’t get caught up in the “good man” trap. Women do not desire a clingy, needy man who is incapable of making independent decisions or thinking for himself. More so, the truth is that you must be able to defend yourself and stand your ground. You won’t always agree with what she says or what she believes in.

Weak men simply accept anything and act as if they are her best friends. They are, without a doubt, her best friends… One who isn’t able to find a date!

Have some self-respect and don’t be too accommodating. You are not required to be a “yes” man. On the other hand, don’t be so fearful that you can’t take any chances. If she wants to go skinny dipping at two in the morning at a place you probably shouldn’t be, don’t cry about it. Just have fun and stop worrying so much.

Don’t be a money bag she can milk whenever she wants if she wants you to take her to the mall and buy her things. When it’s convenient for them, certain women will take advantage of you.

#7. Have Goals For Yourself

Don’t be that guy who seems to have nothing going on in his life. Women don’t want to date losers unless they think a man has potential and that they can help him improve.

Working as a grocery store bagger does not imply that every lady on the planet will refuse to give you the time of day. It also doesn’t imply you should feel bad about yourself. If you aspire to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 business and are actively working toward that goal, you have a leg up on the competition.

In order to get to where they want to be, everyone begins their lives doing something they don’t want to do. You should never be ashamed of your place of employment. It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve as long as you’re working toward it!

#8. Create an Exciting Life

Hobbies are quite beneficial. There’s only so much “Netflix and chill” before it becomes tedious. Men who don’t have hobbies have nothing better to do than spend the majority of their time with her. She’ll become tired of sitting around for a long time.

It doesn’t matter if you spend your weekends at the shooting range or painting. Both pique my attention. Invite her to participate in your pastimes. They will provide excitement and fun to a life that is otherwise dull.

Remember that women are drawn to guys who live extraordinary lives. You can’t spend the entire day with one on your buttocks!

#9. Surround Yourself With Other Women

Welcome to the world of magnetism.

The majority of today’s men believe that the only way to achieve this is through jealousy. You’ve seen the movies when the male has a hotter, better-looking lady by his side, causing another girl to lust over her. Let’s be honest, though. That isn’t going to work for you if you’re looking up how to get a female to like you!

What works is talking to a woman you would have passed over otherwise. I’m referring to a woman who is either elderly or young and for who you have no romantic feelings.

In reality, it’s about demonstrating how well you treat other women, specifically her. When you strike up a conversation with a lady or a group of ladies, the other women in the room will take note. It’s almost magical.

You cast a halo around yourself. It reminds me of how celebrities attract hordes of fans, despite the fact that their music or talent may be mediocre at best. The truth is that perception is everything.

If you want to be loved by her, be liked by others, regardless of your relationship with them. Consider this scenario: a man walks into a coffee shop, orders a drink, sits down, and approaches a woman.

Consider another man who enters into a coffee shop and strikes up a discussion with the barista; she laughs, grins, and appears to be in good spirits around him. The man takes a seat and walks up to a woman. Which of the two males do you think will have a higher chance of attracting a female admirer? You, c-nt, are number two!

#10. Relax And Have Fun

It shouldn’t feel like a business deal when you’re dating. Not all transactions work out, so be ready to move on!

So many of you are concerned about things that don’t really matter. So, what if she doesn’t like you or the relationship doesn’t work out? It makes no difference. There are countless numbers of women in the world. There aren’t going to be many people who are “the one.” Don’t get caught up in the what-ifs and what-might-have-been.

Don’t focus on exchanging resumes with a woman when you’re out on a date. When individuals go out to a restaurant to eat, it happens all the time. Make sure your dates are enjoyable for both you and her.

Some of you, I’m sure, will try to organize a complete date. A word of caution: don’t do it. It’s part of the joy of dating that things don’t always go as planned. It’s about being open to new experiences and things with someone who is completely different from you.

Simply unwind and take it easy. There’s no cause to be worried or worked up over insignificant details. What do you have to fear if it isn’t going to kill you? Nothing.

#11. Pay Attention To Her Body Language

Most guys miss a lot of indications that women leave behind. Her leg motions, hand movements, eye stare, and the way she walks, among other things, might reveal a lot about how she’s feeling. Use that information to your advantage rather than ignoring it because you’re too lazy or unwilling to be present at the moment.

#12. Go Easy On The Compliments

Yes, compliments are wonderful when they are genuine. If she appears to be attractive, you should have the courage to say so. There is a delicate line, though, between a few and much too many. Please, for the love of God, don’t legitimize her and lavish her with so much attention that she drowns.

Gifts are in the same category. A man who delivers rose flowers is thoughtful and charming. After a first date, a man who sends flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry, a hand-knit sweater, and other gifts is suspicious and reeks of desperation. Consider what it would be like if a lady did that to you. You’d be in complete panic mode, and you’d probably need to acquire a restraining order.

#13. Pay Attention and be in the Present Moment

When you go out on a date or try to chat to a woman, some of you act as if you had ADHD. As if it doesn’t matter, you ignore whatever she says.

Look, I get that having a discussion with the ladies can be dull and mind-numbing at times. That isn’t to say you should just drift away and think about what’s beyond them.

You’ll collect information that will aid in the snowballing of future conversations and events. You gradually build-up to the Disney storybook fairytale she’s been longing for. It all adds up in the end, just like interest.

#14. Be Yourself

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the most confident or intriguing man on the planet. Every man out there is striving to improve himself in some manner. Not everyone is faultless. There is only so much time in this world; why waste it by pretending to be someone you aren’t?

You can’t keep putting on a show indefinitely. It will eventually run its course, and you will be exposed as a fool. Sure, a white fib here and there, like a good salesman, is OK, but don’t lie your way into her trousers. It’s not even about morality. Instead, it’s all about accepting yourself for who you are. Demonstrate your true self to her. Be truthful.

Simply put, don’t try to play that character if you don’t believe in yourself. Authenticity and being a true gentleman can never go wrong. Most women will respect you far more for it than for pretending to be someone you’re not.

#15. You Don’t Need a Mother F-cking Script

Her leg motions, hand movements, eye stare, and the way she walks, among other things, might reveal a lot about how she’s feeling. Use that information to your advantage rather than ignoring it because you’re too lazy or unwilling to be present in the moment. I understand that if you want a female to like you, you have to talk to her. It’s a serious issue for the vast majority of the world’s socially incompetent population. It’s a huge issue. They have no idea where to begin

The truth is that starting a conversation is completely unnecessary and unproblematic. Some of you make it seem like a tremendous ordeal; it isn’t!

There’s no need for pickup lines. There are no RSD tips, field documentaries, or mother f-cking case studies required. Do you believe your grandfather said such sh-t to your grandmother when he picked her up? No! He had balls, which is something that most modern men lack.

#16. Note Body Posture and Movement

Don’t slouch over and mope around like a depressed c-nt.

When you chat to a woman or go out on a date with one, you should feel good about yourself. It makes no difference how humiliated you are, how scared you are, or whether this is your first or thousandth time!

In one way or another, you’re taking a risk, and that’s always something to be proud of. It’s a deposit in your emotional bank account whether you win or lose.

Women, if you haven’t noticed, walk slower than males. When they’re trying to run in high heels, it’s even more obvious. Slow things down a bit and walk at her own pace. You do it if it means strolling down the sidewalk like a turtle!

It’s a lot like sex, to be honest. Most men want to rush in and declare victory as soon as possible. Women enjoy being teased in a gradual progression from slow to full speed. Slowness has the ability to establish serious romance.

Recognize that men and women work at different speeds. Take a look at her for a change and stop focussing on yourself. It will significantly broaden your horizons.

#17. Be Sure of Your Words and Your Actions

Trust your gut.

Never give into doubt or announce it! Be confident in what you say and believe it. Women want a man who doesn’t just convey his words strongly but is d-mn sure of them.

Don’t be the person who says, “Well, I don’t know…” or “I’m not sure…” or “You should decide…” Be willing to take her by the hand and guide her. Don’t be afraid to say, suggest, or do something if you think it’s a good idea. What you should do next will be guided by your instincts. Please, for the first time in your life, trust yourself and stop allowing fear to rule your life.

Never confide in her your doubts. Don’t tell her she’s too good to be true or that she’s out of your league. Don’t stress or worry about how much she likes you, and don’t pester her with questions. She doesn’t need to reassure you that every flaw you have is unimportant.

#18. Tease Her Back

If she’s pushing your buttons, don’t be hesitant to do the same. It’s lighthearted, flirtatious, and playful, with plenty of laughs. Too many guys nowadays act as though doing so will ultimately irritate her and ruin their chances with her.

Remember that dating and relationships are supposed to be enjoyable. You should be able to distinguish between having a nice sense of humor and being a terrible jerk.

#19. Never Bring Up Your Ex in a Negative Light

I couldn’t care less about how awful the relationship was or what you or she did wrong. You don’t start a thirty-minute narrative by whining about how she irritates the living h-ll out of you. You don’t explain how she’s a complete crazy who also happens to be the world’s wildest female. None of it is true.

When women ask questions like that, they pay attention to your response, whether it’s positive or negative. They think about how you’ll talk about them if they become one of your ex-girlfriends in the future.

#20. Don’t Over-apologize

Except if you’re from Canada, where it’s the standard. Sorry!

If you spill a drink on her, you apologize and, like a gentleman, get her something to dry off with. You don’t apologize incessantly if you accidentally bump into her or say something stupid. You don’t apologize for enjoying a passion or hobby that she despises.

#21. Let Her Speak!

Don’t go on and on about yourself, day after day, describing your entire life narrative. She isn’t interested in hearing any of it. Allow enough time for her to tell you about herself, her day, and so on.

Be a great listener, not just a decent one. In fact, strive to be the world’s best listener. Show that you’re interested in what she’s saying.

Women, let’s face it, enjoy f-cking talking. Allow her adequate time to complete her task. It’s not all about you! It’s not all about you! Some ladies will actually talk you out of your mind. Over the course of an hour, you can answer a few questions here and there, and before you know it, she’s attracted to it. f-cking f-cking f-cking f-cking

What a lot of today’s guys don’t realize is that there are a lot of ladies out there who will continue the conversation. There’s no need to be concerned about what to say. If you let them, most women will do the most of the talking and questioning.

#22. Know How to Text a Girl Properly

You are not required to hear from her every morning, afternoon, or evening. Take a break! She isn’t Facebook, so don’t dump your entire life on her! To avoid going overboard, aim to text her as much as she texts you.

Keep track of how long the chat lasts. If she only responds with a phrase or two at a time, don’t send her a thousand-word text explaining how you feel. The truth is that most modern men are excessively text-obsessed. They hurry the process in an attempt to persuade her to change her mind.

They aren’t joking about it, and they take it quite seriously. Most people obsess over what they say, wondering if they should have said this instead of that.

As a general rule in life, when it comes to big announcements, achievements, or important things, don’t text call. When you text, it’s like saying, it isn’t all that important that I tell you specifically; you’re probably not the first to know either. Please pick up the phone and dial it.

If you spill a drink on her, you apologize and, like a gentleman, get her something to dry off with. You don’t apologize incessantly if you accidentally bump into her or say something stupid. You don’t apologize for enjoying a passion or hobby that she despises.


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