WHY GET MARRIED: 9+ Reasons You Should Know


Marriage is not suitable for everyone. Today, many people choose to be in long-term relationships and never marry, or they live happily single, surrounded by a strong group of friends and family members. So you’re not alone if you’re wondering if marriage is right for you. In this article, we have analyzed the question of why people get married.

Marriage is a deeply personal decision that varies according to personality and lifestyle goals. What, after all, makes someone want to marry? That’s why we turned to date expert Barbie Adler for an answer to this and other questions. She explains the most common reasons for marriage, as well as how to tell if your partner is ready and what to do if marriage isn’t for you.

How People View Marriage Today

Nowadays, seeing happily married couples may seem unbelievable. Nowadays, we see men who have a hard time deciding if they will marry or not. It’s because men who marry appear to be on their way to a life of incarceration with their wives. Even women believe that marriage is sometimes just a formality that will only cause more problems if they decide to end the relationship. Nowadays, couples would rather anticipate the consequences of a divorce when they are married than the reasons for getting married.

This inhibition, in turn, raises questions such as ‘why is marriage important?’ or ‘why do people get married in the first place?’ Some may believe that ignoring legal reasons to marry and simply living together will make them cooler, more independent, and realistic, but does it?

Before you jump to any conclusions, you should consider why you want to marry. Ask yourself questions like, “Do you want to marry the person you love?” Is marriage a burden rather than a blessing?

Believe it or not, the true meaning of marriage has changed today, but there are still couples who value and understand the importance of marriage, which is always a good thing. This is because being married to your partner is far superior to being single your entire life.

Why is getting married important in life?

Before delving into the reasons for getting married, it is critical to understand why people are afraid of getting married. As follows are a number of counter-questions to marriage. Why get married when you can simply live together? Why get married if you’re going to have a difficult time getting divorced?

These are just a few of the reasons why people nowadays regard marriage as a burden rather than a source of pride. Marriage, by definition, isn’t just a word that can be dismissed. Continue reading to find out why people get married. Even today, our society flourishes and recognizes the importance of marriage, creating conditions in places and situations that ultimately protect the union of a family by law and religion.

Sure, some may argue, “Why get married?” It’s still their choice not to marry, and that’s perfectly fine. However, for those who still believe that getting into marriage is important in sealing the union of two people, here are some more reasons to reaffirm your faith in the institution of marriage.

Why Get Married

Those who are in marriage or planning to marry may find themselves relating to the following positive reasons for getting ntomarriage.

We all understand how important it is to be the legal spouse, not only because you want your children; to bring the legitimacy of their birthright, but also because it plays a vital role in your assets and all kinds of marital rights; including retirement funds and similar. If you’re still wondering why it’s so important to get married, keep reading!

2. Marriage marks the start of your new life together.

Marriage is more than just a legal contract. As you and your spouse will now decide together, it is a physical, spiritual, and emotional union. and you will no longer think selfishly, but for the benefit of your family. It provides you and your partner with a legitimate opportunity to commit to your relationship.

3. Marriage teaches you the value of dedication.

Though affairs do cause divorce in many marriages, there are many couples who have successfully overcome the temptation to cheat. Wouldn’t you cherish what you have with your spouse if you’re in a marriage? Wouldn’t you be hesitant to ruin your marriage simply because of temptations? So, why get married if you don’t know what commitment is?

4. Marriage will strengthen your family’s bond for the sake of your children.

Let’s face it: when you’re not bound by marriage, it’s much easier to abandon your partner and your child. Statistics show an alarming rate of absentee parents, which can have serious mental and behavioral consequences for a child.

When you’re in a marriage and have children, even if you’re having problems, there are more than enough reasons to reconsider your priorities and your life. So, why get married? It’s still one of the foundations of a happy family. You should also work on strengthening your relationships if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

5. It is the ultimate expression of your love for your partner.

Will you not imagine your future with someone if you truly love them? Won’t you want to start a family with your partner and tie it together with marriage? Is there any other reason you won’t marry the person you adore? Aside from commitment, respect, and, of course, love, it is one of the strongest ties that any couple can have.

6. Marriage is not the final step in achieving a happy ending.

Marriage does not work for everyone, which leads to divorce. However, there are still people who understand how sacred marriage is and the significance of getting into marriage. Marriage, of course, is not the final step toward that happy ending, but rather the first step toward creating your own love story, which will require a great deal of patience, understanding, commitment, love, and respect.

There are still some people who do not feel compelled to marry — and we are not here to judge or tell them what they should do with their lives. When you’re young and successful, why get married? If you ask someone about marriage, this is one of the most common reasons you will hear. The truth is, we live the life we want.

7. Financial Advantages

When considering the reasons to get into marriage, it may appear unromantic to discuss money; however, marriage is as much a business transaction as it is a spiritual and emotional one. Traditionally, families would marry their children in order to secure financial and political arrangements. Nowadays, stepping into marriage allows you to share your income, property, and assets, and in many cases, it also provides tax benefits.

8. Health Insurance

When you getting into marriage, you make a promise to stick together in good times and bad. It’s also true that you and your spouse can share medical benefits. Perhaps only one partner works, or perhaps one partner has better medical insurance—if you’re in a marriage, you can share it.

According to the Pew Research Center, legal reasons are a major commitment motivator in 23% of marriages.

  1. If a couple is legally in a marriage, they can exercise hospital visitation rights and make caregiver decisions with fewer administrative hurdles.
  2. Parental and property rights, including issues such as employment sick leave, next of kin, and homeownership, are also easier to manage legally when the couple is in a marriage.
  3. In some cases, citizenship can influence the decision to marry.

10. Religious reasons account for nearly one-third of all marriages.

According to the Pew Research Center survey, approximately 30% of couples choose to marry for religious reasons. In some religions, if a couple only has a civil ceremony, they are not considered married. A religious ceremony requires them to confirm their union in God’s eyes. If a couple shares the same or similar faiths, they may want to honor their relationship with that religious commitment; if their faiths are different, they may want to plan an interfaith marriage ceremony to blend their spirituality together.

11. Some people marry because of societal pressures.

Although there are no statistics to show how many couples marry because of societal expectations, it is undeniable that many couples face intense peer pressure to marry from their parents, relatives, or other married friends, especially if they already have children or plan to start a family. Single people may also feel pressured to “settle down” and marry, and for some, the prospect of throwing a party to celebrate their union is enough to persuade them to do so.

How to Determine Whether Your Partner Wants to Marry You

Do you want to get into a marriage but aren’t sure if your partner feels the same way? Here are some things to look out for:

1. You and your partner communicate openly.

“Healthy, open communication is the primary indicator of a relationship that is ready for marriage,” says Adler. “You want your communication to be clear rather than opaque.” Have you spoken openly about your life goals? Is it comfortable to bring up these topics? Has he or she mentioned it as well?

2. You are involved in major decisions.

“When it comes to making big decisions, another gauge is being included and valued,” Adler adds. Did your partner consult you before purchasing a new car, accepting a new job, or moving into a new apartment?

3. You’ve met their relatives.

If your partner has proactively introduced you to key people in their life, such as family members, close friends, and mentors, he or she may be ready for marriage. It’s a step forward in the merging of two worlds that occurs when you marry.

4. They have emotional intelligence.

“Consider your partner’s emotional intelligence or EQ,” says Adler. Questions to consider include: Are they interested in your overall happiness? Are they open to you? Do they share their failures as well as their successes? Are they willing to put in the effort when conflict arises?


While love is the most common reason people marry, it is not the only one. In general, people make the commitment to spend their lives together for more than one reason. Every couple chooses marriage to meet their needs and to support their values and dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 purpose of marriage?

Marriage’s Three Gifts: Companionship, Passion, and Purpose

Is marriage necessary in life?

More than half of Americans believe marriage is important but not necessary for living a fulfilling life. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in the summer of 2019, fewer than one-in-five U.S. adults believe marriage is necessary for a man or woman to live a fulfilling life.

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