15 Ways of Building Intimacy With Your Partner in Relationships or Marriages

building intimacy

Half the time, people are usually scared of building intimacy with their partners or even getting into relationships in the first place.

To a large extent, a predominant factor is tied to sentiments from personal experiences or others. You hear phrases like “It gets boring; it gets tiring; the fun stops after you get too familiar with your partner.” The list is endless.

One will start to wonder if it’s as bad as they claim or if they merely exaggerate. However, judging from the fact that we all come across partners who’ve been together for more than half a decade, even though that’s risky, I think it’s safe to say that the secret ingredient is intimacy.

Now, for the brave ones who put heart, soul, and body into their relationships or even marriages, and it seems to be failing, these are fifteen ways to get back on track.

Building Intimacy in Relationships and Marriages

The following are prominent tips when it comes to building intimacy in relationships and marriages;


Patience, they say, is a virtue. It’s no news that mood swings are common with ladies and even some men.

Changing these moods does not come magically. They demand a level of patience that depends on the level of mood swings.

Yeah, I need to mention that there are extreme mood swings, especially with the ladies. So, oftentimes, what they need during this phase is nothing.



You shouldn’t always act like your partner is the enemy when you’re down. If you do not want to talk, give them a sign. Don’t push them away in silence.  

Keep it Interesting

Go out for the occasional dates, trips, and vacations. Drop the ‘Mommy and Daddy’ titles for a while and just be lovers.

Support Your Partner

As singles, we dream a lot, but barely a few of us achieve those dreams. Now, you should neither cling to those dreams to become a bitter partner nor should you obsess over them.

But do not let it get to this level because becoming bitter is almost unavoidable at this point.

However, It doesn’t entirely mean you should give up on your dreams and goals.

Break the Boundaries

You’re in a relationship with the girl or guy of your dreams. Go out of your way to surprise her. Buy her that red lingerie. Get that gift for him as a surprise. Do not let money be an excuse for your shortcomings in this respect. Go the extra mile over those obstacles. 

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Don’t Jump into Conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is the foundation of most relationship and marriage problems. They basically go against one of the vital rules of any relationship: trust.

Seeing your partner in questionable locations could be suspicious, but jumping to conclusions just makes matters worse. Calm chats are a better option. It helps you see and read situations clearly, even if your partner decides to lie.

Be Spontaneous

Ladies love spontaneity, and shockingly, most guys, too. This revelation may come as a surprise, and I feel you should take a few minutes to process it.

We seem to forget that guys are also emotional beings. So, send him flowers at work.

Yeah, flowers or, better still, something you think he needs because, in the part of the world I come from, things could get messy from sending a guy flowers.  

However, I think it’s pretty romantic, though. But hey, not all guys are like me. Just study your partner and decide what works.

Show Appreciation

The wide grin that pops up on your face after getting appreciated is priceless. Basically, everyone wants to feel that way all day long. It could range from gestures to nicely organized pieces of words or poetry.

If you’re thinking of how to start out appreciating your partner, the little things like telling her how she looks lovely in her jeans and great in that gown could help you get started.


Trust your partner in ways you do not trust your B.F.F. or your sister. It’s the most vital part of any relationship. It also saves you a lot of stress at the end of the day, having to deal with insecurities and jealousy.

But know that love and trust are not synonymous. 


A common attribute lacking in relationships today is honesty. Finding relationships where partners are sincere with each other is almost impossible. That’s not to say they do not exist. We just need to employ the use of microscopes to find them.

Honesty is the foundation of trust. However, I do not wish to undermine the fact that there are scenarios where individuals feel lying is for the best of their partners. The thing is, in those scenarios, lying only makes things worse.

It’s like postponing doomsday because the truth pops up in the long run.



You know you care for him; show him. Ladies and guys love it when their partners show affection verbally and in actions.

In the course of any relationship, it is important that you do not bottle up your affections or leave your partner to speculations or assumptions.

While actions may often get the job done, being vocal about your affection for your partner is vital. The ladies always love to hear you say the words.

Overcoming the Fears

As I said earlier, two parties make up a relationship. You would need to realize at this point that You are no longer alone. So, make those fears of the times past known to your partner, defeat them together, and understand each other better. 

Do Something Together

Renovate the house together. Try that new recipe together. Cut the onions while he washes the vegetables. Bond with the family in ways more than one. 


Be safe in the knowledge of not being alone again. Don’t worry too much about the future. Get him to know how safe you are in his embrace. 


Pray, talk to God, and write those prayer requests together. Spiritual intimacy is none like other.

In conclusion, building with your partner is a no-brainer if you desire a long-lasting relationship or marriage. Neglecting these are the major causes of breakups and divorces, especially divorces.

Quite a number of these tips are usually thrown aboard after marriages.

However, if you feel I skipped anything, reach out in the comment session.

What Does It Mean to Build Intimacy?

It entails being honest, talking through your feelings and thoughts, letting your guard down (vulnerability), and telling someone else how you feel and your hopes and dreams. Building and maintaining intimacy takes time and demands both partners’ patience and effort.

Is Kissing Considered Intimacy?

The term “physical intimacy” refers to sensual proximity or contact. Being inside someone’s personal space, holding hands, embracing, kissing, caressing, and sexual relations are all examples of physical intimacy.

What Is Healthy Intimacy?

Healthy intimacy helps you to strive to comprehend what is going on for others rather than taking what they say personally and reacting emotionally. We all think and act differently, so learning to empathize and understand others requires open dialogue between you and others.

What Is the Most Intimate Kiss?

The French kiss is known as the lovers’ kiss. It’s the most intense and sensual kiss you’ll ever have. This kiss necessitates the use of your tongue.


celebrate the good things in your relationship. Remind your partner, in words and actions, how much you love and appreciate them. Let your partner know what you value most about them and your relationship. That way, you are giving your relationship a safe landing if issues arise.

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