Generally, the idea of being with someone for the rest of your life sounds really beautiful. However, the reality is that staying married, fulfilling that huge commitment to your partner is not so easy as laying on an amazing bed of roses. A normal marriage is filled with ups and downs. Therefore, it takes a lot of work effort, and commitment from both partners to maintain a long-lasting and healthy marriage. However, there may come the point where you may think and look for signs your marriage is over. Unfortunately, for some marriages, divorce is inevitable no matter the effort both parties put in. However, this is not always an easy decision to make.

Signs Your Marriage Is Over for Men

How do you know your marriage is over with your wife? There are some basic signs like;

#1. Dreading Spending Alone-Time Together:

Normally in new relationships or marriages, there is always the “butterfly/ honeymoon phase”. But as the relationship advances the true test begins. When your marriage starts experiencing a profound degree of boredom, then your marriage is shaky especially when it’s constant. But boredom is normal though, that’s why some couples opt for open marriages or even a trial separation. When you start feeling this way try and find out why and fix it. But if it still doesn’t work then it’s a sign your marriage is drawing to its end.

#2. Lack of Respect:

For any relationship to work, both parties involved must be ready to fully respect each other. Although, it’s purely mundane to have disagreements with your partner. But respect and value must be there. Respect in a marriage is fundamental. When you always disregard your partner’s feelings, this can ruin your marriage. Basically, you need to be able to recognize that everyone is wired in different ways, this helps you build mutual respect. But when there is a lack of respect, it can lead to a divorce.

Signs Your Marriage Is Over for Her

#3. Lack of Sexual Intimacy:

Sexual desire can wane from time to time. When people are newly married, they may have a much stronger sexual desire than they might later on in their marriages. Some couples have differences in their sexual desire, with one partner wanting sex much less frequently than the other. But marriage is all about understanding and compromise. Marriage is all about intimacy, all kinds but when one with such importance as sexual intimacy is missing, your “marriage can go missing too”.

#4. Frequently Feeling Angry or Irritated with Your Partner:

It is normal to feel anger towards your spouse. However, if you find that you are continuously feeling anger towards your partner, it is not a good sign for the health of your marriage. When your wife is always constantly irritated or easily angered by you. Then, it’s a problem. In situations in which constant anger turns into physical or emotional abuse or even domestic violence, it is time for you to end your marriage.

#5. Lack of Trust:

Like respect, trust is another important value in any good relationship. When spouses do not trust each other, emergency alert, that marriage is in trouble. In any human relationship, it is normal to make mistakes to make mistakes like infidelity, but earn back trust in the relationship. But when your spouse has been unfaithful, you will need to decide whether you are willing to work on rebuilding your trust or if you cannot do so. When men distrust their wives, it can be really annoying, this is another sign.

#6. When you start living your life as if you’re single and not married:

When you and your husband are going back to the ways of your single life regularly like hanging out in bars, nightclubs, etc., without each other, it may be one of the signs that it is probably over.

#7. When you think about the future, you do not see your partner in it:

If you sit and visualize how your life will be in the next ten years or twenty and you don’t see your spouse in your future, then this is another sign that your marriage is over.

#8. Making important financial decisions without discussing them with your spouse:

Money is a big deal. Financial planning, taking important decisions together is a big part of staying in a committed relationship. When you find yourself making these huge financial decisions without involving your partner in any way at all, your marriage is definitely drawing to its end.

#9. Being involved in an emotional affair:

If you have interactions with someone else over calls, face-to-face, or via texts very often, and you don’t think it would be appropriate if your spouse saw these conversations, then you are probably having an emotional affair. This is a sign that your marriage is over too.

#10. You don’t feel invested in working on your marriage:

When you and your partner see no future in your marriage and you’re not willing to fix your marriage, it may be one of the signs that a divorce or separation is on the cards for you.

#11. There is no compromise:

Basically, compromise from both ends and the willingness to reach a middle ground through negotiations is essential in making a marriage work. When this is not happening, it may be time to consider that your marriage is ending.

#12. When therapy no longer works for you and your spouse:

Say you’ve thought about going for couple’s therapy or marriage counseling. Still, either of you doesn’t feel like going for therapy, or you feel like therapy isn’t helping, your marriage may be at a very rocky stage.

#13. When you are always upset with your spouse and divorce pops into your mind:

Does the thought of legally separating from your partner keep popping in your mind or get brought up when you two argue? Then this is another one of the signs your marriage is over.

#14. You don’t feel like listening to what’s bothering your partner:

Either or both partners don’t feel concerned or interested to listen to their partner’s problems– does this happen to you? This is yet another sign of a marriage that is falling apart.

#15. There’s no friendship between you and your spouse:

The basis of a healthy marriage is good emotional intimacy through a close friendship. A lack of emotional intimacy is a big sign too.

How to Accept That Your Marriage is Over?

Now let’s take a look at what to do when your marriage is failing. A broken marriage is a complicated reality to come to terms with. You may be thinking about how to accept that your marriage is over. To begin with, please be kind to yourself. This was not an easy decision to take. Allow yourself to feel hurt and process the pain. Grieving is important too. You must understand that everything in life happens for a reason, ok, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. In all probability, the purpose of your union with your spouse has ended. Therefore, it may be time to move on.

Signs Your Marriage Is Over Quiz

1. How many times do you fight during the month?

A. At least 5 times
B. At least 4 times
C. At least 2 times
D. You almost never fight

2. Do you trust each other with your


A. No
B. Absolutely
C. You used to but not anymore
D. Yes


3. Do you trust each other with your lives though?

A. Yes
B. Not really
C. Sometimes
D. No

4. Do you feel accomplished thanks to your marriage?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Sometimes though
D. You don’t really think about becoming an accomplished person anyway

5. Do you have hopes concerning your marriage?

A. Yes, that it could last forever
B. Yes, that your in-laws could mind their business once and for all
C. Not really
D. It is too soon to say

6. Do you have your roles already set from the beginning?

A. Yes
B. No
C. You don’t really know
D. The marriage is so chaotic that you couldn’t even answer this question

7. What are your fights about most of the time?

A. Money
B. The kids
C. Work
D. You don’t really fight like that

8. Generally, you enjoy your intimacy with your partner?

A. Yes, a lot
B. Just a little bit
C. It depends on what you decide to do on that day
D. Not really, it’s so boring

9. Do you spend enough time with together?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Just enough time together
D. Maybe, you don’t really know

10. Generally, do you feel that you have been emotionally mislead by your partner?

A. Yes
B. No
C. It’s possible
D. Sometimes though
If all your answers is option “A”, then your marriage is still ok. But any other thing simply means your marriage is over.


When your marriage is showing clear signs of divorce, then it’s a sign that your marriage is over. You can try to fix it but always remember your happiness is important too. When it becomes a issue of life and death in cases like domestic violence, then it’s time to call a quit.

Signs to Know That Your Marriage Is Over FAQ’S

What do I do if my partner is constantly cheating?

Well, there is quite a number of things you can do. A lot of people try open marriage, trial separation, and therapy. So just do what works for you before calling a permanent quit.

The most popular cause is infidelity. When one or both parties are constantly unfaithful, then this marriage is begging for a divorce.

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