CREATIVE DATE IDEAS: 100+ Best Fun Ideas in 2023 (+ Free Tips)


Let’s face it: coming up with creative date ideas that are as entertaining and unique as your relationship can be as difficult as finding someone to date. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking the steps from your bed to your desk and back, most of us don’t have much creative juice left after the day is done. You can only take so many dinner-and-a-movie nights, and if you’re anything like me, your couch is shaped like you from all of the great time you’ve spent together. When children are involved, the situation becomes even more complicated.

If you’re very lucky, you have someone who cares about you and wants to spend time with you, even if it means staring at a screen for the millionth time. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We came up with a bunch of options since we love to love, in case you’d prefer to give the sofa some alone time. There’s something for every couple’s personality, activity preference, level of DIY ability, and budget with all of these creative date ideas. We’ve got enough selections to keep you busy for a few weekends.

Creative Date Ideas

Here’s a list of some of our favorite creative date ideas to get you off the sofa and into a fun activity with your partner.

1. Explore a new dining establishment.

If you’ve memorized the menu at your favorite restaurant, try something new. Pretend you’re restaurant critics, and pick apart the cuisine instead of your partner.

2. Act as a tourist in your own town.

When was the last time you took advantage of the sights that everyone wants to see when they come to town? That was probably the last time you had out-of-town visitors. Spend an afternoon or evening visiting local landmarks or must-see sights as if you were seeing them for the first time.

3. Invent a fresh recipe that you’ll enjoy.

Even if you’re not a great cook, attempting a new dish may be a lot of fun. Not to mention the fact that you get to consume the end result.

4. Have a picnic with your friends.

If the weather is nice, there’s nothing more romantic than bringing some al fresco food and Bev outside, putting it out on a blanket, and taking in the scenery. If the weather is bad outside, host the party in your living room.

5. Go for a walk.

Exploring outdoors with your significant other gets the heart pumping in unexpected ways if you know what we mean.

6. Take a trip to the beach.

The sun, the sand, the waves, and a lot of skin. Make it a better afternoon for yourself. We challenge you to do so. These are some fantastic date suggestions.

7. Take a ski trip.

Is it too cold to go to the beach? Instead, hit the slopes. It didn’t count if you didn’t have hot cocoa afterward.

8. Choose a board game to play.

For a healthy dose of competition, bring out the old favorites or try something new. Make a friendly wager to add a little spice to the proceedings.

9. Organize a casino night.

If they nickname you Lady Luck, check if your lover can win your heart by rolling snake eyes. That, or play cards with the chore list for the week hanging in the balance.

10. Make a fire in the campfire.

Gather around a bonfire in your backyard to fan the flames of desire in a Smoky-approved fashion. If your municipality prohibits flames, gather around the fireplace or cook s’mores in the microwave.

11. Indulge in a spa night.

For a DIY pampering session that will strengthen both your bond and your skin, head to the drugstore for face masks, mani-pedi materials, and massage oil.

12. Go on an outing for the day.

Get in your car and see how far a single tank of gas will take you. Even a trip to the next town over might feel like an adventure, especially when you’re with your best friend. These are also excellent date suggestions.

13. Go food shopping with your friends.

Do you require eggs and bread? Make a mundane task into a delightful pair activity. Split your list in half and compete to see who can finish it first, or simply stroll the aisles together.

14. Teach yourself a new skill.

To try anything new, you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. Try your hand at origami, sketching, or even card tricks. At first, you’ll have a blast giggling about how horrible you’re both.

15. Take a look at old photographs.

Get the CDs out and prepare for an awwww-fest. To learn something new about your sweetie and grow to love them even more, share memories from your childhood and awkward adolescent years.

16. Go on an antiques quest.

You’d be surprised at what kind of treasures you can find in an antique store, let alone the spooky AF knickknacks you’ll come across.

17. Enroll in a dance class.

Taking a dance class may be a fun date, even (or especially!) if you have two left feet. When you break a move at the next wedding or party, you’ll be the talk of the dance floor.

18. Come together to volunteer.

Sign up to volunteer at a soup kitchen, a clothes drive, or another local project to help others and see how hot your honey looks while doing so.

19. Pay a visit to a zoo or an aquarium.

Even fish are cute, right? Squee over some new fuzzy or finned companions to show your sensitive side.

20. Read romantic novels to each other.

Take turns reading to each other from a spicy novel from the library or a secondhand book store. Before you can say “once upon a time,” you’ll be in the mood.

21. Set up a scavenger quest.

These are some fantastic date suggestions. If you make one that recreates your first date and includes all of your favorite sites, you’ll get bonus points.

22. In a bar, command the jukebox.

Taking control of the jukebox at a local bar will ensure you have danceable music all night. Don’t forget to join in the singing.

23. Collaborate on a craft project.

When you work on a project with your sweetie, creativity feels even more rewarding. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional artist; beauty can be found in flaws.

24. Attend a comedy performance.

Laughter releases endorphins, and comedy is generally less expensive than other forms of live entertainment. Even the worst standup can be entertaining in its own right.

25. Go to a garage sale or an open house.

Even if you have no intention of purchasing a property, peering into someone else’s residence is the best (and least intrusive) form of voyeurism.

26. Work together to declutter.

Cleaning isn’t fun, and no one claims it is. However, channeling your inner Marie Kondo with a friend is more enjoyable, and doing the chore together will make it go by faster.

27. Visit a berry or apple farm.

There’s definitely something edible growing out there depending on the season. Pick whatever you want: apples, berries, pumpkins, etc. It’s a festive, Instagram-worthy adventure that concludes with delectable treats.

28. Organize a baking contest.

Challenge your beau to a baking competition, just like Paul Hollywood. Everyone wins once you’ve consumed the goods.

29. Explore a new part of town.

For a free and unique date, drive or stroll to a different location and see what’s there. Choose your favorite houses and make up stories about who lives inside, or pick the one you’d like to live in.

30. Take a horseback ride.

These are excellent creative date ideas, and they provide a greater workout than you might anticipate, not to mention an unusual way to enjoy some fresh air.

31. Try rock climbing.

Many cities now have at least one climbing gym, thanks to its growing popularity. Don’t belay; instead, chalk up your hands (sorry, not sorry).

32. Try a new upscale coffee.

If you’re used to drinking it black or with just sugar or cream, try something new! Visit a neighborhood coffee shop and order the most unusual item on the menu.

33. Reserve a room at a bed and breakfast.

Bed and breakfasts are like sneaking into someone else’s house, except you’re fully permitted to be there, whether you go old-school or rent an AirBnB for the night.

34. Pay a visit to a water park.

Return to your childhood and splish-splash to your heart’s content. The hoopla around water slides is well-deserved.

35. Experience a new workout.

Drop in on a kickboxing class if you’re a Spin fan. If you generally prefer free weights, give Zumba a try. Giving a new class a try with a friend is less frightening, and if you don’t want to pay for one, you may use an app instead.

36. Take a brewery tour.

You’ll discover how your favorite suds are made, and there will generally be samples. Win-win!

37. Go to a record store and look around.

Support your local bookstore instead if you don’t have a record player. Or, hey, why not do both?

38. Participate in karaoke.

At karaoke, everyone is a celebrity, especially if you can find one with private rooms. The more sappy songs you can croon, the better.

39. Take a stroll in the botanical gardens.

When the mercury drops, wandering the hothouses where exotic flowers are kept is even better, but looking at gorgeous plants makes for a romantic date at any time.

40. Assemble a puzzle.

It’s quite satisfying to finally click that last piece into place, and it’s also good for the noodle.

41. Go see a movie at a drive-in theater.

Many drive-ins still show double features, allowing you to see two films for the price of one. It’s also deliciously retro.

42. Go on a winery tour.

Enlist a designated driver if you live near wine country and get your grape on. If not, pick up a few bottles of varietals you’ve never tried before, print off some instructions from the web, and do it yourself. Don’t forget to include the cheese.

43. Attend a live performance.

Even bad cover bands may make for a good time, especially if you dance like a fool the entire time.

44. Schedule a double date.

Gather a group of buddies and prepare for double the date fun. When you add another couple to the mix, even the most mundane dates become exciting.

45. Consider going on a dinner cruise.

On the water, a candlelit dinner? Did someone say “most romantic night ever?” I’m sorry.

46. Rent a canoe or kayak.

Although your arms may become fatigued and your lap will undoubtedly become damp, guiding a tandem kayak or canoe will provide new insight into your collaboration skills.

47. Making your own pizza

Yes, the dough is included. Top it with all of your favorites, or make individual pies and compete to see who can come up with the greatest new combination.

48. Go on a date with a dollar menu.

For a fun twist on a traditional dinner outing, go to a fast-food restaurant and order everything from the dollar menu.

49. Take a trip to your hometown.

It’s quite sweet to show your main squeeze where you grew up (or went to college if you’re from the same town), and it’s guaranteed to trigger some mushy thoughts. Go ahead and tell us about your embarrassing childhood anecdotes.

50. Put them to the test at an arcade.

For an unusual night out, play a few rounds of Ms Pacman and Big Deer Hunter. These are some fantastic date suggestions.

Creative Date Ideas Los Angeles

We asked our readers to share their most unique date ideas in Los Angeles. We received a diverse range of comments, including picturesque treks, landmark exploration, and unusual dining options. While “my house” and “In-N-Out” were also popular responses (and delightful in their own right), we focused on destinations that were easy to get to and would almost certainly generate a conversation. In addition, we had to give up some of our favorite creative date ideas.

So, whether you’re a hopeless romantic (or just dating one), this list has a few Angeleno-approved methods to dazzle your special someone. With creative date ideas in L.A., you’ll at the very least renew your love connection.

Here are some of our favorite audience suggestions, along with a few of our own:

51. A Walk Through Venice’s Canals

It’s nearly impossible not to find the Venice Canals charming as you stroll across the charming bridges with vivid sunsets reflected in the waterways below. We also suggest taking a gondola ride in Long Beach.

52. A Swan Boat Ride in Echo Park at Night

A quintessential L.A. experience is pedaling about on a spring day surrounded by lush vegetation, lotus flower beds, with the Downtown cityscape in the background. On a warm summer night, however, the swans are lit up, and city lights dance across the dark waters, turning the lake into a sparkling pool of reflections.

53. Dining on an Island’s Cliffside

Santa Catalina Island, located southwest of Los Angeles, is famed for its wildlife, dive locations, and Mt. Orizaba (its highest peak). You may spend the day kayaking, snorkeling, or paddleboarding in the crystal-clear ocean before relaxing and enjoying a delicious meal. If you’re looking for something a little more land-based, visit Wrigley Memorial Botanical Garden and marvel at rare Channel Island plant species while admiring the amazing vista of Avalon Bay. These are some fantastic date suggestions.

54. A Hollywood Bowl Picnic for Two

While there’s nothing quite like seeing outdoor music at this historic venue for a romantic evening, you can still enjoy your wine and picnic in the exterior park while reminiscing about your favorite Bowl performances.

55. Griffith Park Observatory

Without the Griffith Park Observatory, no list would be complete. While you won’t be able to stare at the stars within it, for the time being, the views of the city from the outside are equally as stunning (especially at night). The park’s hiking paths offer plenty of gorgeous sites if you’re looking for something a little more athletic.

56. Angel’s Point

The not-so-hidden secret swing at this location in Elysian Park is well-known. It was recently removed, but it reappears every now and again. Regardless, it’s an excellent choice for active people who wish to be rewarded with breathtaking vistas.

57. Order Tito’s Tacos takeout

For years, this Culver City institution has won over the hearts (and taste buds) of locals, and one bite of their famed hard shell tacos will show you why.

58. Dinner at Il Cielo

This award-winning restaurant in Beverly Hills is renowned as one of the city’s most romantic establishments. Modern Italian food with a Japanese twist will be served to you and your date in a stunning setting with panoramic views of the sky above.

59. Sunsets at the Korean Friendship Bell

The Korean Bell of Friendship, located in San Pedro, is an elaborate structure with magnificent sea views and a dash of history to keep the conversation going.

60. The Santa Monica Pier

Admiring the neon-kissed pier and watching the surf crash into the beaches below is another quintessential L.A. experience. The nostalgic appeal of the Ferris wheel and other rides is irresistible.

61. A Walk Through The Huntington Garden

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens are open all year and provide beautiful views. While all inside sections will be closed, the themed gardens will have a vast assortment of flowers to admire. If you can’t secure a reservation, there are plenty of other beautiful gardens in the city to visit.

62. A Short Drive To One Of SoCal’s Beautiful Beaches

Beaches may seem like an obvious choice, but with Southern California’s great selection of sandy jewels and cliffside havens, it would be a travesty to leave them out. These are some fantastic date suggestions.

63. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane On Buena Vista Street

The charming neighborhood exudes old-world charm and transports visitors to a simpler time, evoking Walt Disney’s early years in Southern California. It’s difficult to resist the allure of Buena Vista Street, especially when Disneyland is closed.

64. At Paradise Cove, sipping cocktails and eating calamari on the beach

Why spend money on a vacation when you can simply drive down the California coast to a Malibu cafe on a private beach? Despite the fact that many restaurants in the 90265 claim to be beachfront, Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is the only one where you may eat with your toes in the sand.

65. A Mulholland Drive Adventure

The Hollywood Sign, the San Fernando Valley, and Downtown Los Angeles are all visible from this iconic drive. It’s guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day, whether you go out to catch a sunset or the flickering city lights.

Creative Date Ideas for Married Couples

When was the last time you went out on a date with your partner? Married couples, more than any other type of relationship, require regular creative date night ideas. Date nights allow you to focus exclusively on one other, strengthening your friendship and just assisting you in creating amazing memories together.

But what if food and a movie aren’t enough to keep you entertained? Don’t worry, I’ve got some fantastically creative date ideas for you and your companion. These are some of our creative date night ideas for married couples, great for igniting flames of romance and affection in your marriage, whether you choose to remain in or go out for a fun evening on the town.

This is a simple and inexpensive date idea, but it’s easy to overlook. Museums and art galleries can be a lot of fun, and exploring them with your family is even better.

67. Revisit your wedding day

Remember one of the happiest times you’ve ever shared? Your wedding day was such a memorable occasion that it deserves to be remembered not just on your anniversary.
Spend time together remembering about your wedding and what your marriage has become for a beautiful date night. Bring out the photo albums, watch your wedding video, and go over every detail of the day. Bring any unique memories from your wedding day out as well.

68. Make a bucket list with your partner (or check off an item)

Creating goals to work for as a couple is extremely rewarding and beneficial to your marriage! Making a bucket list together is one of my favorite suggested date nights. What should happen next? Really, the sky’s the limit, but I recommend including a variety of goals, some of which will be simpler to obtain and others for which you will have to work hard. Doing this with your partner is not only a lot of fun, but it also makes you think more deeply about your shared existence.

69. Book a staycation on AirBnb.

These are some fantastic date suggestions. You don’t need to travel the globe to have a memorable romantic date. Here’s an excellent suggestion: spend the weekend in your own city. The trick is that for a pleasant change of scenery, you’ll stay at a local AirBnb.

70. Have a picnic at midnight

One of the most romantic date ideas for couples is a midnight picnic. Even busy couples with children at home can fit this in. (It’s also one of my all-time favorite creative date night ideas.)

71. Coffee and chit-chat

For married couples, a visit to a local coffee shop is often a welcome activity. You might simply sit next to each other and read a favorite book or magazine, but why not try something new and exciting? Change things up by focusing on each other to make it a romantic date. Put your phones and other distractions away and just sit, sip, and speak. This is a creative date idea that goes back to the basics, and it’s a terrific way to connect.

72. Schedule a massage for the two of you.

I firmly feel that getting pampered together is an excellent approach to strengthen bonds. We try to get a couples massage whenever my spouse and I go on a trip together. It’s quite calming, and it sets the tone for a fun, laid-back date night ahead.

73. Slow dancing and cocktails

Dinner and dancing is a traditional creative date night concept for married couples. You don’t even have to leave your house with this new approach. Just make sure you have everything you’ll need before heading out on your date.
Make a romantic playlist with all of your favorite songs, especially ones that are meaningful to you and your spouse. Make sure you have all of your favorite liquors and mixers on hand. Get some foods that you and your partner enjoy.

74. Organize a classic film marathon.

There are hundreds of fantastic films available, particularly older classics. There’s a strong chance that there are a few you’ve never seen before. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to watch! On this fun date night, you’ll have a blast exploring some old favorites together, and you could just find a new favorite.

75. Try something completely different (and outdoors, if possible)

Why not do something you’ve never done before on your next creative date? There are so many wonderful (and even a little wacky) ideas for couples here!
You don’t have to get on your bike and ride out into the sunset anymore. You are not obligated to participate in any outdoor activities if they do not appeal to you, but there is something unique about sharing an outdoor trip with the one you love. Hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and geocaching are all possibilities.

76. Combine your efforts to prepare a magnificent meal.

Looking for some unique date ideas for your husband and wife? Cooking together is always romantic (and, let’s face it, very practical!) To create the ideal ambience, you’ll want to use candles and other ambiance items.

77. Make dinner reservations at your city’s most upscale restaurant.

Not every date for married couples has to be completely original and creative. There’s nothing wrong with getting together for a good supper. However, if you want to make a truly memorable date night, skip your normal dinner haunts and go to one of your area’s best and fanciest restaurants. One of those restaurants where you have to make reservations a month ahead of time.

78. Dinner by candlelight with takeout

Here’s a different take on your typical restaurant date night: Takeout your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants and enjoy them with your family at home, on your couch (or even on the floor!). Let your imagination go wild!) When it’s just the two of you in your “restaurant,” chances are you’ll enjoy your cuisine even more than usual, and you’ll undoubtedly be able to spend more attention on your spouse.

79. Go to a trampoline park that is indoors.

We spent our last anniversary together at an indoor trampoline park. On a weekday morning, to be precise. It was amusing, to say the least. You haven’t experienced humor until your husband dives headfirst into a pit of foam blocks. This is a must-add to the list of energetic, quirky, and creative date night ideas for married couples.

80. Play some board games, possibly some that are a little risque.

When was the last time you had a two-person game night? Now’s your opportunity to shine. Gather your favorite games, crack up a bottle of wine, and begin the competition. This is one of my favorite married couple’s ideas. There are always a lot of laughs, and it’s a very relaxed evening.

81. Go on another “first date”

Finally, go on a “first” date! This is the final of our creative date night ideas. Obviously, your first date was probably years ago, but you can start over with this one. This one contains a small amount of roleplaying. You’ll meet in a pub or restaurant and “pretend” that you’re strangers meeting for the first time. In essence, you’re receiving a second chance to make a good first impression, a chance to “meet” your spouse for the first time again.

82. Stay in bed for the entire weekend

How often do you just sit and be with your partner? Allow yourself to be free of all regulations and interruptions, hire babysitters for your children, and simply play. Is this going to be one of the most ideal dates you’ve ever had? Maybe it’s just what your marriage requires. You’ll experience the same feelings you felt when you first started dating.

Creative Date Ideas NYC

Whether you’re trying to impress someone new or rekindle the flames with your longtime love, coming up with the perfect creative date ideas in NYC might be difficult. In New York, there are so many things to do that it can feel like there are too many options. We’re here to help, with a selected list of fun things to do no matter what your interests are, whether it’s food, drink, nature, art, or something a little different.

Sure, you may take your date to one of New York’s greatest restaurants — particularly the romantic ones — but sometimes you have to go outside the box. To get things started, take a stroll around a romantic location in New York, then check out this date-worthy itinerary and watch the sparks fly. We may also offer these cheap creative date ideas in NYC if you’re on a budget.

83. Have a meal at Minetta Tavern, then go to Marie’s Crisis Café to drink and sing.

Minetta Tavern, a West Village institution with beautiful surroundings, dishes up that famous burger on your bucket list. Following your splurge, head down the street to Marie’s Crisis Café, a legendary piano bar. Once you’ve had a few drinks, you can listen to some show tunes and participate in the singing. Who knows, maybe you and your date will be a match made in heaven!

84. Go to the Slipper Room to see a burlesque show.

At this sensual, nostalgic lounge, you may let go of your inhibitions. You and your date will be left smiling, wondering, and perhaps a little aroused by sassy performers. Expect the unexpected as aerial performers, singers, comedians, dancers, and sexily clothed lads and laddies perform circus and sideshow stunts from your table near the stage (the room is tiny enough that there isn’t really a terrible seat in the house). You won’t find anything like it in the Lower East Side—or anyplace else for that matter.

85. During the Dreamland Roller Disco, a couple skates together.

Dreamland Roller Disco in Prospect Park puts a contemporary spin on a classic date. Isn’t it funny when you both fall on your butts at the same time? Dreamland is distinguished by its themed nights. From Lady Gaga vs. Madonna to Soul Train to Y2K Disco, whatever your skating abilities, you’re sure to find the ideal tune to get you going.

86. Visit Gallow Green for a drink on the roof.

Many of the city’s numerous rooftop bars rely primarily on their vistas to sell their pricey cocktails. This highly planned romantic garden party meets martini lounge is located above Chelsea’s McKittrick Hotel (site of the legendary Sleep No More).

87. Attend a risqué carnival

Behind closed doors at the Museum of Sex, there is always something intriguing going on. With its 4-D immersive “Tunnel of Love” ride, the Love & Lust Deity Derby game, an erotic fortune-telling machine (modeled after RuPaul), a kissing booth, the Glory Stall game, an immersive “Stardust Lane – the Erogenous Kaleidoscope,” an erotic mechanical bull, and a lit-up climbing structure, “The Climax,” and more, “Super Funland: Journey into the Erotic Carnival” is back and

88. Porcelain is a great place to get comfortable on the cheap.

Porcelain is a wonderful first-date option because of its Austrian-inspired cuisine and lived-in but elegant decor. The costs are also pleasantly modest, with platters starting at $10. Take a seat in a couple of huge, soft seats, then divide breakfast and a few pastries. If it isn’t the sweetest thing on the planet, we don’t know what is.

89. Stay in a glamping tent on Governors Island.

To enjoy luxury camping, you don’t have to fly out west or cruise up to the Adirondacks. This fall, travel to a tranquil camping sanctuary on historic Governors Island for a quick respite from the concrete jungle. The luxury campground on the western side of Governors Island, Collective Governors Island, reopened last month, and you can now plan a stay well beyond Labor Day Weekend.

90. Chikarashi Isso serves delectable tempura and sukiyaki.

Chikarashi Isso’s third form, a boomerang to its first location, bridges the difference between new restaurants and relaunch. Its tiny, 30-seat dining area is as charming as ever, and exciting tipples like Suntory whiskey highballs on tap, as well as wine and sake, will be available. Kobayashi’s menu, on the other hand, is brand new. For example, the chef’s seasonal tempura might have shrimp, scallops, and chrysanthemum, all of which are identifiable even beneath a finely tailored coating.

91. Work together to solve an escape room

Learn more about your date by committing a bank robbery, a botched science experiment, or escaping from an ancient Egyptian tomb—that is, by completing an escape room! Because most escape rooms are climate controlled, these games are also a great way to pass the time on a wet day. Check out the greatest puzzle games and escape rooms in New York City below and prepare to put your wits to the test.

92. Hone your Kick Axe Throwing skills.

Do you want to go on an out-of-the-ordinary daytime date that doesn’t entail drinking all afternoon? In Gowanus, Kick Axe Throwing is an urban experience that will make you appear badass—plus, it opens at 11 a.m. on weekdays. Before you bury your hatchets, stop by the Runner & Stone café a few blocks away for a cup of coffee or a croissant.

93. Visit a drive-in with a spectacular city view.

Though drive-ins are generally thought to have gone the way of tail fins and 25-cent gas, there’s something wholesome about the concept in NYC. Skyline Drive-In, located at 1 Oak Street across the river from downtown Manhattan, operates on a site that’s been used for shooting Fendi and Converse ads, as well as the opening credits of Saturday Night Live. Every evening, it hosts movie nights, sometimes with multiple screenings, and reserved seating is available if you can’t drive-in. There is also a concession stand.

94. Visit to the Virtual Reality World in New York City

Unique and fascinating activities abound in New York. Bring your date to VR World, a theme park with 50 mind-bending interactive experiences, if you’re looking for something truly cutting-edge.

95. Play a game of laser tag

Recreate your tenth birthday celebration, except this time add a beer to your pizza.

96. Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

Yes, it’s a tad on the costly side. However, this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime dates that you’ll never forget. It’s a great idea for an anniversary or other special event.

97. Take a spin on the go-karts.

Expert Mario Kart players and drivers of vehicles other than the carpool minivan can both dominate a go-kart track.

98. Prepare for a 5-kilometer run.

Having a goal to strive towards will motivate you both, and you’ll be able to hold each other accountable as you log miles.

99. Look for an open mic.

The majority of the performances will most likely be subpar, but even a bad show may be a fun way to spend an evening.

100. Make a housing swap with a friend.

By switching dwellings with a neighbor, you can get a free staycation. Even if you only sleep next door, slipping into someone else’s shoes for the night or weekend seems like walking into someone else’s life.

101. Shop for a good cause.

All year long, food banks, homeless shelters, and community organizations require supplies. Spend quality time with your mate while spreading the love.

102. Take public transportation to a new location.

Take the metro to the end of the line or the bus to a different part of town for a budget-friendly excursion.

103. Each of you places an order for the other’s supper.

By ordering for the other at dinner, you may see how well you know your loved one’s preferences. When the food arrives, there will be no switching back!

104. Podcasts should be listened to.

Cuddle up and listen to a podcast instead of watching a movie for a change of pace.


Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or simply spicing up a blessedly-free weekend, these are the greatest creative date ideas that bring you fun quality time with your hubby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ideal date?

A nice date is usually fun and laid-back. A cooking class, paint and sip, and other activities all sound like a lot of fun. Whether it’s a first date or a hundredth date, it’s all about having fun with someone, relaxing, and getting to know each other.

What is a perfect first date?

Take a stroll. Yes, the simplest date ideas are sometimes the greatest. According to Zoosk’s study, a stroll is the third most popular date choice for women in their 30s, 50s, and 60s after dinner and coffee.

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