NEW THINGS TO TRY IN BED: 31+ Amazing and Fun Ideas for Couples in 2023


Being in a relationship, especially if it’s a new one, may be an exciting journey for both you and your partner. Every relationship goes through a phase where you’re both madly in love and can’t get enough of one another at first. Regardless of whether the couple is married or not, the ‘honeymoon phase’ will eventually pass. Your relationship will become stale if it is not properly cared for. In this article, we discuss lists of new things to try in bed with your partner to spice up your relationship.

New Things to Try in Bed

Even better, all the adventures you’ll be enjoying will improve your sex life. Take a look at the following suggestions for new things to try in bed with your partner; if you’re seeking fresh ways to spice up your bedroom activities.

1. Experiment with different positions

The Kama Sutra lists 64 different sexual positions. After three or four, most couples are exhausted. There are a couple of things that work for him and a couple of things that work for her, and they adhere to them every time.

A sexual routine like this can easily get boring. Do you want to try something new in bed? Change your sex position. Each of the three sex positions starts from one of these three spots.

2. Keep the lights turned on… or off

Single people preferred having sex with the lights on, according to a survey of nearly 2,000 people. Intercourse in a dimmer, darker setting is preferred by persons who have been in a relationship or are married. In a second study (A Griffin 2016), researchers discovered that men who were exposed to bright light for a while during the day had a higher sex drive and higher testosterone levels.

Doing the reverse in bed is another novel thing to explore. Keep the lights on if you normally prefer the cover of darkness. For him, this is very good to try in bed.

3. Experiment with light bonding

According to research conducted by Magliano (2015), anything from 2% to 62 percent of couples embraces BDSM. If that gap is bothering you, keep in mind that the way the question is phrased matters. Anything from lightly holding your partner down to handcuffs and ball gags could be considered BDSM.

The abbreviation “BDSM” is a portmanteau. “Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism,” it says. The rush of power or the feeling of powerlessness is both appealing to couples. In most couples that do not practice BDSM, one spouse chooses to be dominant while the other prefers to be submissive. Couples may switch roles on occasion.

Do not immediately resort to handcuffs or ropes. It’s really easy for someone to get hurt. Instead, try tying silk scarves around each other and using one as a blindfold. No slipknots, as they might constrict circulation and cut it off. Use a knot that stays put, such as a square knot or a bowline.

4. Disseminate Fantasies

Don’t neglect the best source of all for new things to try in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend—asking your boyfriend or girlfriend. In the wrong setting, some fantasies may be politically inappropriate or even offensive. Consider making your partnership a safe area for discussing each other’s darkest impulses.

5. Get Down and Dirty

Many individuals are uncomfortable talking nasty in bed, but if you’re bored in the bedroom, it might be a great way to liven things up. You can be worried about seeming silly if you’re not used to talking nasty. Indeed, if you yell “Give it to me!” or “You’re a naughty girl!” half-heartedly, you can get laughter instead of moans.

The key is to be present at the moment and talk from the heart about the emotions you’re experiencing. Don’t be hesitant to tell your partner what you want him or her to do to you or vice versa. Many people do not want their sex relations to always be lovey-dovey.

6. Be Brave

Rough bedroom play, like BDSM, can be daunting. You can be in love with this person and don’t want to hurt them. Despite this, 62 percent of women who responded to an OKCupid poll indicated they like rough sex.

Consider rough play exclusively with a trusted partner, and gradually increase your roughness until you know how rough you can go safely. Another type of rough play is verbal rough play, which involves calling your partner a slut or assaulting him or her verbally. This could be a nice starting point. If one or both partners don’t like it, you can always make up afterward with minimal damage.

7. Swallow

According to informal polls, the majority of people who give climax blowjobs swallow the ejaculate. If you or your spouse have previously opposed this, give it a shot. Swallowing sperm is dirty, taboo, and intimate—in other words, a fun new way to experiment in bed with your partner or boyfriend.

Semen is 97 percent water, non-fattening, and includes roughly 2% sperm for the health-conscious. Zinc, an important mineral, is responsible for metallic flavor. If a partner dislikes the taste of sperm, the guy can improve the taste by doing a few things. Drinking fruit juices or eating a lot of fruit is said to improve the flavor of sperm, whereas drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are said to degrade the taste.

8. Anal Game

Anal is taboo, the last frontier, and the domain of gay men. Women aren’t meant to like it, and straight males aren’t supposed to like it either. The numbers, on the other hand, reveal a different narrative. According to a National Institutes of Health survey, 43 percent of men and 37 percent of women have experienced anal intercourse at least once in their lifetimes. According to an NSSHB survey by Herbenick et al. (2017), 43 percent of men and 37 percent of women said they had anal intercourse in the previous year.

Many couples commit two major anal-sex blunders:

  • Insufficient lubricant – Unlike the vagina, the anus is tighter and does not self-lubricate. Lubrication is required, especially a viscous, long-lasting lube consisting of oil or silicone.
  • Begin with anal intercourse – A penis in the butt is something you gradually build up to. Start small, perhaps with a lubed finger in your partner’s anus during routine sexual activity. Small butt plugs, then larger butt plugs, are inserted during different sex actions.
  • Keep an eye on each other while masturbating.

Many people are shy and evasive about their masturbation habits, which they developed when living with their parents during adolescence. From Mom and Dad’s house, we’ve gone a long way. Masturbation is more physically satisfying than sex with a partner, according to studies, even if relationship sex is more emotionally satisfying.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t have to worry about anyone else but ourselves. Maybe it’s because we’re the only ones who know how to best pleasure ourselves. As a result, make masturbation a partner activity. If you’re bored in bed, don’t feel obligated to please each other and simply enjoy yourselves in each other’s company. You may find that the way you were touching the penis or vagina in issue differed greatly from how your partner prefers to touch himself or herself.

10. Massages are exchanged

After a long day, sex may feel like too much pressure, but who doesn’t enjoy a massage? Aromatic perfumes, calming music, and velvety linens are all options. It’s a terrific way to appreciate each other’s physiques and make each other feel good without having to engage in sexual activity. Who knows, maybe sex will happen in that relaxed, dopamine-rich condition.

11. Try on different outfits

If you commit to it, sexual roleplaying may turn every sex session into a new adventure and an opportunity to explore deep, possibly taboo passions like intergenerational relationships, power dynamics, or ethnic fetishization.

12. Alter your power roles

Many couples have one dominant partner, but having the submissive partner take charge for a night—initiate, choose the position, act rough, and talk abusively—can be a welcome change of pace.

Even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll have a better understanding of what it’s like to be in the other partner’s shoes.

13. Get out of the Bed

Leaving the bedroom is one of the most effective strategies to explore new things in bed. When you’re sure of your privacy, have your sex session wherever you like in your house.

You can’t keep your hands off each other and can’t be bothered to make it to the bedroom when you’re having sex outside of the bedroom. You may have had sex like that early on in your relationship. Also, you could always repeat those heady days of sex on the ottoman if you run out of things to do in bed!

14. Include something delectable

Consider food play—chocolate sauce, marshmallows, strawberries, eating sushi off each other’s body, splashing champagne all over each other’s bodies… the possibilities are endless. There are also edible lubrication and edible underpants.

15. Locate lube

Lube isn’t just for anal sex; it can also improve handjobs, toy play, and vaginal sex. Even if they don’t like roleplaying or toys, lube should be in every couple’s sex arsenal. Adding lubrication to intercourse makes it more pleasurable for everyone, resulting in more frequent sex.

Lube is available in three primary types:

  • Water-based lubricant that can be used on condoms and toys.
  • Silicone-based lube – Silky and viscous, long-lasting, excellent for both anal and underwater sex. Condoms are safe to use, but silicone sex toys are not.
  • Lubricant with an oil base – Silky and long-lasting, ideal for masturbation and toys. It’s okay to use with sex toys, but not condoms.
  • Organic lube – Silky smooth, suitable for condoms and toys, pH adjusted, and made entirely of natural materials.
  • Go to bars and pick each other up.

Relive the exhilaration of being single without rejection or regret. Dress up, go out separately, and act as if you don’t know each other. Every pick-up line will be effective. Get each other drunk and in the mood to make some terrible judgments on the spur of the moment. “This is something I never do!” “Do you want to go to my place or yours?” (It’s in the same location.)

17. Have fun with toys

Many long-term partnerships rely heavily on sex toys. Women shouldn’t have to give up their beloved vibrators just because they have a partner in bed with them regularly. A trip to your neighborhood adult store could open up a world of options for enhancing your sexual interactions with play opportunities.

18. Be unpredictable

Chores, bills, meals, and must-see TV all contribute to the suffocation of once-sparking relationships. When you run out of things to do in bed, here’s an idea: use those dull routines to your advantage.

Are you preparing a meal? Break down the door and yank her over the counter. Do you have a work assignment due tomorrow? Interrupt him in his home office chair with fellatio—guess you’re working late. Are you planning a long road trip? Take a detour and book a stay at the nearby motel. Look for ways to include hot sex into your daily routine.

19. Experiment with sex in public

Now we’re entering a dangerous zone that only experts should enter. For many couples, having sex in public is the ultimate rush—the thrill of spontaneity, the danger of being caught. Let’s talk about becoming discovered. Public indecency laws prohibit sex in many public settings.

Even though the love nest is technically on your private property, intercourse on a public-facing balcony or in front of a public-facing picture window is still considered public. Many couples aspire to be members of the mile-high club.

20. Make a sex tape

Knowing you’re acting for the camera can add some spice to the situation. Make your homemade porno and come back later to see how hot you appear. Just keep security in mind. Unless you’re a reality TV star, you probably don’t want your handmade sex tape to end up on your favorite porn website.

21. Invite others

This is a sensitive topic. Many couples are sick to their stomachs at the thought of their loving spouse touching another person. This is a relatively common occurrence, and it is not something to be ashamed of.

If you aren’t comfortable with non-monogamy, don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. But let’s face it: we’re hardwired to be possessive of our spouses, but we also have wandering eyes.

22. Make a game out of it: see who can last the longest.

If you’re a pro at the quickie, you’ve undoubtedly developed a pattern that allows you to enter and exit the bedroom without waking up the kids, roommates, or neighbors. However, this pattern might become monotonous, so why not try the polar opposite? You and your partner can play a game the next time you want to have sex…

23. Include music

There’s something about music that has a profound effect on us. You’ve probably heard a song that made you feel very sensual or seen an exotic dancer writhe on stage to a brilliantly chosen tune, or can understand how the music made a scene in a movie sizzle. So, what are you waiting for if you haven’t incorporated music into your hot times yet?

24. Take a deep breath together

The concept of breathing together is one of the notions in tantric sex. One of you takes a deep breath out, while the other takes a deep breath in. You can also work on synchronizing your breathing. Begin by gazing into your partner’s eyes before sex. This might feel quite personal and vulnerable.

If you tend to hyperventilate during sex, focusing on your breathing can assist. Breathing exercises can also help you stay in the present moment, which is an important aspect of mindfulness. Sex might be more joyful if you are conscious and present at the moment.

25. Have Some Fun With His Prostate

The prostate gland in a man’s body is a sensitive region that can be stimulated via his anus or perineum to cause intense orgasms. Prostate stimulation has led to some men becoming multi-orgasmic. With your finger or a gadget, such as a strap-on, you can reach your prostate.

26. Go to the restroom

The bathroom may not be the most enticing area in the house, yet it can be a source of immense joy. You may start with sex in the shower or in the bathtub to see how sensuous it can be. You can light candles, put your hands all over your lover while subsiding him up, and feel the water on your skin during these times.

27. Get Sensual

You can enjoy sex that is more lovemaking than “fucking,” from an intimate massage lighted by candlelight (or dim lighting if you prefer less of a fire hazard) to slow dance. If you enjoy power exchange, you can even try sensuous bondage.

28. Put together a sexy scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are often associated with family activities, but they can also be enjoyed by adults. You may take it up a level by making it romantic, sexual, and/or crazy for a special occasion or simply to spice up your relationship a bit.

29. Include a Toy

If you haven’t yet tried out any toys designed exclusively for use in the bedroom, now is the time to do so. They’re great for pampering yourself when you’re alone, but don’t be afraid to include them in the enjoyment you’re having with your spouse.

30. Do you want to be tied up or do you want to tie someone up?

Now, this is a hot one! It may seem scary at first since it involves giving up control and trusting your lover to treat you well while you’re bound, but it can be oh-so-sexy and some of the most exciting sex you’ll ever have when done with the right person. Your lover may be willing to let you tie them up in exchange! In any case, it’s one of the strangest things you should do on your sex bucket list.

31. Snack on a quickie

To be clear, quickie refers to sex that lasts only a few minutes. It may not sound appealing to some, but it has a surprising number of advantages, aside from the fact that it is sex that can be done when you are short on time. It’s wonderful for reducing stress, for example, which has several health benefits. Furthermore, it can also help you sleep and give you a confidence boost. A quickie could be exactly what you’re looking for!


It’s well worth the effort. To put it bluntly, sex is significant. It’s the bond that binds the two people together. According to studies, modern partnerships can fizzle and end after just five unpleasant sexual encounters.

Your partner will not express their unhappiness until it’s too late. Don’t put off having the difficult chat. Now is the time to spice things up and reap the benefits of revitalized sex life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do new things in bed?

  • Take part in a game.
  • Candles should be lit.
  • Take Away Your Senses.
  • Bondage is a game that you can play.
  • Purchase new lingerie.
  • Let’s get down to business.
  • Make A Romantic Music Playlist. Musiq Soulchild’s “teach me” Jodeci’s “Freek’N You” Trey Songz’s “Can’t Help But Wait”…

How do you tell your partner you want to try new things in bed?

  • Maintain a positive attitude. The most terrifying aspect of it all isn’t having the talk – it’s starting it.
  • Reduce the number of complaints…
  • Make it a contest….
  • Make use of “I” expressions.
  • Avoid making allegations.
  • Wait patiently…
  • Don’t just chat.
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