WHAT TO ASK FOR FOR CHRISTMAS: Best 21+ Ideas for 2022/2023


There are numerous blogs that may assist you in finding gifts for the man in your life, your wife, your parents, siblings, and even your friends. But what about Christmas present ideas? But why isn’t anyone assisting you in determining what you want? When it comes to deciding what to ask for for Christmas, you want to select something that you would never buy for yourself, but that you’ve wanted all year.

However, things that are both particular to you and extremely memorable gifts can be excellent selections. So, whether you’re asking someone special in your life for a long-awaited gift, hoping to spoil yourself with the nicest Christmas gift ever, or thinking about what to get my hubby for Christmas, here are some ideas. You may be sure that these Christmas gifts will make you feel festive!

What to Ask for for Christmas

This revelation suggests, among other things, that unless you want to wake up to an empty void beneath the Christmas tree, it’s time to start thinking about what to put on your Christmas wish list.

1. A Unique Christmas Present

This personalized whiskey stone gift set will ensure you’re 100 percent sure you’ll be in the Christmas spirit this year! Nothing beats sitting by the fire with your giftee, sipping a wonderfully chilled whiskey or bourbon, to bring you holiday joy. You’ll always remember the exact Christmas you received this gift because of the customization on the glass and box combo!

2. What should I ask for as a Christmas present? This Beer Set is Awesome!

Are you stumped as to what to ask for for Christmas? If you even have a passing interest in beer, this beer mug box set is a must-have! Because this set comes with two personalized beer cups, you’ll feel like Santa messed up and brought you too many presents, because each glass of beer you consume will be better than you could’ve ever hoped!

3. A Cigar Humidor with Engraving

Since October, the question “What should I ask for Christmas?” has been circling through your mind, and the holidays are almost here! Instead of just giving a present, why not make one of your favorite pastimes even more enjoyable with this personalized cigar humidor? A cigar will never be as dry as a fall leaf again; instead, it will always be exquisite!

4. What to Ask for Christmas: A Steal of a Gift

One thing you can do to ensure you discover the perfect Christmas gift is to make sure it is a gift you will use all year. These personalized stainless steel wine glasses will undoubtedly become your go-to glasses for years to come, especially after seeing them in person!

5. An Elegant Cigar Whiskey Gift Set with Monogram

Make yourself feel wonderfully aristocratic with this monogrammed cigar and whiskey gift set, which you figured out you needed after you finally answered your question, “What to ask for for Christmas?” When you can smoke your Fuente and sip your Makers 46 with one hand while opening presents with the other, there’s no one who won’t think you’re the coolest person in the room!

6. Outerwear for All Seasons

We could go on and on about the benefits of an overshirt, but suffice it to say that they should be a staple in every man’s cold-weather wardrobe. This is a gift that will be used more than most because its uses aren’t limited to winter layering.

7. A Beard Trimmer is a tool that is used to trim the beard.

Now that the world has returned to normal, and many of us are heading back to work, there’s no excuse for messy, unattractive facial hair – even if you’re still sticking to your lockdown beard. A beard trimmer is the perfect stocking filler for the hirsute male, so add it to your Christmas wish list.

8. A Weekend Bag Made of Leather

It can be difficult to fit all those gifts in your backpack on the way home if you’re going to see family for Christmas. But not if one of the presents is a brand-new holdall. A weekend bag, on the other hand, isn’t just for the holidays.

9. Wireless Headphones

A good pair of wireless headphones is something that everyone should have. A comfy pair with a hint of vintage appeal that isn’t menacingly futuristic should suffice. Noise cancellation, a long battery life, and, most importantly, comfort are all desirable features.

10. Shades

In the cold, wearing sunglasses may give the impression that you’re a bit of a jerk. However, getting this vacation expense out of the way early allows you to save more money for when you’re finally poolside. They can be used to help with the inevitable New Year’s hangover till then.

11. An Interiorgoals Throw

Being frigid has nothing to do with manliness. Leaving your business to shiver as you sit there in a Christmas sweater, glib and ignorant. It’s also definitely past time to conceal those sofa stains.

12. A Comfortable Down Jacket

Come on, admit it. It’s chilly outside. You’re free to say it. This is a secure location. On the way home from the pub, there’s nothing masculine about risking frostbite. So this year, invest in a men’s puffer jacket, which is far warmer than a beer coat.

13. An Excellent Cookbook

It’s the twenty-first century, and you’ve got some catching up to do if you haven’t yet cooked a supper that isn’t toasted. We recommend starting with one-pot meals (a home-cooked meal is still a home-cooked meal) and working your way up to more complex dishes.

14. A Lovely Lamp

Still deciding between two lighting extremes: pitch black and operating room? With a fashionable lamp, teach your family how to sort you out, and learn the art of hygge, candlelight, cushions, and throws while you’re at it. You will not be disappointed, so put it on your Christmas wish list.

15. Bedsheets for Adults

If you have to, make a joke about being 27 and 72, but trust us when we say you’ll never look back. Aside from the fact that no one will want to jump your bones if the ‘place where the magic happens’ is covered in race cars, there’s no greater reason to sleep through your morning meeting. This is not just a gift for you, but it’s also a gift for your girlfriend.

16. A Clock with an Alarm

It’s much more difficult to drag oneself out from under the covers on a dark winter morning. Others are simply obnoxiously loud yet get the job done, such as a wake-up light alarm clock that replicates a real sunrise to entice your body into getting up and at ’em.

What to Ask for Christmas Teenage Girl

This may or may not apply to the young lady you’re shopping for; regardless, deciding what to get her for the holidays might be difficult. Should you keep an eye on her Instagram followers? Do you want to follow her favorite Tik Tok influencers? Why not take the joy out of it all and simply ask for a list of what to ask for for Christmas?

17. Delicious Heatable Plushie

These heatable plushies may appear to be ordinary stuffed animals, but they are so much more. For days when she needs a little comfort or something warm to place on her belly, simply microwave the lavender and flax seed pouch. This sloth is especially lovable.

18. Wooden Stars Hanging Photo Display

“OMG cutttteeee”—what all her friends are going to say when they see this photo display situation hanging in her bedroom.

19. 20 Mochi Mini Squishies

Do you know what the term “cute aggressiveness” means? It’s why we want to squeeze things we find cute, which is why your daughter will love this squishy Japanese toy set, which includes a range of pudgy tiny animals she can poke and pinch to her heart’s content.

20. Shampoo Brush for Hair Scalp Massage

She’s always enjoyed a relaxing scalp massage, and now she can have one every time she shampoos her hair! Silicone brushes make their way into the scalp, producing an ooh-aah sensation while also boosting blood circulation and providing a deep clean.

21. Jewelry Box with Personalization

Simply choose between white and grey, and personalize the lid with her name, and you’ve got yourself a practical but also incredibly special present. There’s a place for everything in this jewelry box. Add it to your list of things to ask for for Christmas, from easily tangled necklace chains to earrings and bracelets.

22. Mixing Bowl for Face Masks

With this affordable set that includes brushes, bowls, measurement instruments, and more for a peaceful beauty ritual, she’ll be able to create any mask with flair.

23. Hair Barrettes in Fashion (set of 20)

Hair clipped back with large barrettes is still a popular Instagram trend, so you know she’s itching to try it. With charm, pearl, and geometric designs, she’ll have plenty of options with these elegant barrettes.

24. Pearl Headbands in Velvet (set of 3)

Statement headbands are back in a major way, and Blair Waldorf (if you don’t know who she is, look her up right now) would approve of these velvet ones adorned with a slew of tiny pearls.

What to Ask for Christmas as a College Student

College is all about making the most of your money, which means you’re probably hoping for some fantastic gifts this Christmas season. And we all know that the best gifts are the ones you’ll actually use, so you won’t have to lie to Grandma about how much you liked that strange fuzzy sweater at the bottom of your wardrobe. Here are some of the best Christmas gifts that a college student would be thrilled to receive…

25. Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike

It appears to be charming and does not necessitate monthly insurance payments. Is there anything else I can say?

26. Variety Pack of Essential Snacks

I guarantee that any college student will enjoy this, even if you have no idea what they’re into. (And don’t worry, I wouldn’t mind if you sent one to me.)

27.HD Mini Projector with HDMI, USB, and SD Memory Support

With this sick projector, even the tiniest dorm room becomes an instant party zone.

28. AirPods Pro is a new version of the AirPods.

To study more effectively, you’ll obviously need some high-end noise-canceling headphones. But seriously, these puppies have incredible sound and can be engraved for free! As a result, it’s fine to include it on your Christmas wish list.

29. K-Mini Brewer (Limited Edition)

When you get to your 8 a.m. class, you’ll thank me for this. Plus, in a dorm room, this brewer with removable Brewmoji decals will look lovely.

30. Gift Set for Hair Heroes

Consider this a complete hair makeover. It’s like going to the salon from your dorm bathroom with a detangling brush, hair mask, and microfiber wrap.

31. Varsity Backpack

I won’t even attempt to explain this one; the neon logo speaks for itself.


So, whether you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or for the gentleman in your life, we’ve got you covered. When Christmas finally arrives, these are a few gift ideas that everyone will appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put on my Christmas wish list?

My Christmas Wish List is comprised of items.

Soap Dispenser…

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Illustrated Edition….


Car Phone Mount….

Quilted Jacket….

A set of birthday dishes…

What is the 5 gift rule for Christmas?

What is it, exactly? The first four gifts are all the same in the 5 Gift Rule: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

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