A conversation involves dialoguing which helps bring two people close. Basically, with the right words, you can cover a lot of distance and gain trust in each other. For some people, a perfect conversation starter is a piece of cake; it’s just to meet, talk, and boom, the magic starts. But for shy and introverted people, starting a conversation topic could be really scary and dreadful. However, there is no proper or improper way to start a conversation. But still, we all want to get it right? So what are perfect conversation starters?

Deep Conversation Starters For Couples

It is essential to know who your partner really is. Basically, deep conversation starters help couples to understand each other’s core values. Here are a few conversation starters, which can help you dig a little deep into your partner’s mind.

  1. What is your opinion on giving back to society?
  2. Assuming you won a lottery, what is the first thing you’d spend with that much money?
  3. What does family mean to you in general?
  4. What do you like the most in your best friend and why?
  5. When you think of a role model, what is the first image that pops into your head?
  6. How important is my career to you?
  7. Who is it that you look up to in your life and why?
  8. Generally, if you could describe yourself in two words what would it be?
  9. What is your best childhood memory though?
  10. Who was your first high school crush?
  11. What do you think is the best quality in you?
  12. When you think about me, what is the first thing you imagine?
  13. If there is something you like me to work on, what is it?
  14. Do you like flirting in general?
  15. Generally, do you have any secrets that you have kept from everyone in your life including me?
  16. Generally, what’s your take on transparency between couples?
  17. What is your definition of success in life?
  18. Everyone has a fear/ phobia, what is yours?
  19. What are you grateful for in life?
  20. If given a chance, will you choose someone else as your partner?

Basically, such conversation starters help you and your partner understand each other better. Being able to speak from the heart, say things you’re not proud of, and others in general. Just talk to your partner freely, don’t let it seem too sequential. Trust me, it will open up a whole new window in your relationship!

Fun Conversation Starters for Couples

conversation starters

When it comes to fun, spunky and funny conversation starters for couples, dramatization must be involved. Here are some interesting and spontaneous conversation starters for couples. Let’s play make-belief shall we?

21. You have been chosen to live in space for five years. But you are only allowed one movie, one book, and one lifetime supply of one specific type of food. What do you pick?

22. You were bitten by a poisonous snake when you were on an adventurous trip in a safari. But here’s the twist, the snake venom gives you a choice to either die or turn into a bug, what kind of bug would you choose to be?

23. While checking out a new home you’re thinking of moving into, but as soon as you open a closet that magically teleports you to the Middle Ages. Then, a wizard finds you and tells you that you must start your own shop in order to save up money to buy his teleportation serum to get back to your time. What would you choose to sell?

24. Cayenne, paprika, chocolate, or all kinds of meat, but, you must remove one of these on every dish for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose though?

25. You get a phone and when you answer it, it’s world records calling. Then, they tell you that they are scouting for new talent/ content, what’s the one thing you’d love to make a memory of you?

26. You decide to visit Las Vegas. Unfortunately, a giant geo-electrical storm erupts with a mass amount of lightning. A bolt strikes the entire city, causing all the power to go out except the nightclub you are currently in. But everyone else is going crazy from the power outage and they are all rushing to the tiny nightclub, what would you do?

Intimate Conversation Starters for Couples

When people hear the word “intimate”, they often think that it only relates to bedroom conversations. But intimacy covers a much wider range. Basically, they can be anything from our childhood dreams to how we picture our future. Some intimate questions are;

27. What is the first thing you noticed about me?

28. What role does physical attraction play in whether or not you pursue a relationship?

29. Generally, what type of scent do you like on a woman?

30. Would you say you have a “type”? Do I fit what you thought you were looking for?

31. When you are trying to describe me to other people, what’s the first word, you’d use?

32. Have you ever cheated on a partner or simply considered it but changed your mind?

33. How many past partners have you had in general?

34. When you wanted to ask me out, was it a tough debate?

35. What were you thinking on our first date?

36. Have you ever been in love before me or even as minor as a crush?

37. Where do you see this relationship headed in the next year? What about the next five years?

38. Generally, what is your opinion on marriage and children?

39. Would you stay with me if you found out I was unable to bear children?

40. What are your occupational goals in general and how could they affect our relationship?

41. When you think of retirement, what do you see?

42. Generally, how or what particular way would you like to be loved?

43. Do you believe in soul mates? What about love at first sight?

44. Generally, have you ever been in love in the past or questioned the possibility of being in love?

45. Is our relationship physical enough for you? What would make it better in your eyes?

46. How and where and when do you like to be touched?

47. Generally, do you have any fantasies you would like fulfilled?

Conversation Starters For Couples Texting

conversation starters

Texting is quickly becoming very important and a primary form of communication for many couples in general. It’s not a surprise that you can have deep and intimate convos via text. Basically, it is now easier and more preferable for some to ask intimate questions via text for those who become embarrassed with intimate conversation when face-to-face.

48. What do you miss most about me right now?

49. What’s something you’ve always wanted to say to me but couldn’t?

50. What would you like me to do the next time we’re together?

51. What’s one of your fetishes?

52. What is the closest you’ve ever felt to me?

53. What one word would you like to be the theme of our relationship in general?

54. Generally, how can do you think I can be a better partner to you?

Dinner Conversation Starters for Couples

When it comes to dinner convos we are always stumped. Because we don’t know if we should lean too formal or more intimate. But dinner conversation starters should be really intriguing that they can slice open your partner’s personality when there is an awkward silence at the table.

55. What are your most important personal values though?

56. What is your biggest insecurity generally?

57. When you think of happiness, what comes to heart?
58. What is your deepest fear in general?

59. What is that you regret in life?

60. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “inspiration”?


You don’t necessarily ask all the questions on here and not in this sequence as well. Just pick and ask based on the intimacy in your relationships. When you want to build intimacy in your relationship, pick the questions based on the kind of intimacy you look to build. Generally, It takes a lot to expose your vulnerability in front of someone. What could be a non-issue for you might turn out to be your partner’s biggest weakness, and talking about it will illuminate a greater sense of understanding around how both operate, highlighting a healthy path forward for your relationship in general.

Sure, you might think you know your partner but you can’t fully know a person. Digging deeper to know what makes your partner truly happy can make your relationship strong generally. Basically, with conversation starters, you can not go wrong.

Conversation Starters FAQ’S

When is the perfect time to start a conversation?

Well, it depends on you and the mood of the person you are probably having the conversation with but either way, let it flow.

What is a conversation starter?

It can either be fun, spontaneous, or deep. It can also be all of these things. But a conversation starter helps take the edge off when you are trying to talk with someone.

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