Tips On Picking The Right Shoes For The Right Terrain

Tips On Picking The Right Shoes For The Right Terrain

Running is an extremely popular form of exercise, but there are actually lots of things you need to consider when taking it up as a hobby. Your shoes in particular are super important, as they can make or break (literally in some cases) the performance of your exercise. Without the right shoes, you can easily cause yourself damage, and it can then take you a long time to recover. You also need to think about the types of running shoes that you wear when out on different terrains. So, if you want to ensure your feet are protected, keep reading and discover how to choose the best sneakers for running no matter what terrain you’re on.

Indoor Running

A lot of people just buy standard running shoes when using a treadmill at the gym, but you do actually need to take into consideration the fact that you’re not running outside. The treadmill does its best to try and absorb the impact that your feet will feel when running, but you can’t be 100% certain how well it’s doing. So, it’s a good idea to go for a cushioned running shoe so that your feet are protected no matter how fast you run or how high you put the incline. You’ll find that you can perform better for longer on the treadmill when you have the right shoes too. Although it’s not really a terrain, it’s still a very common running surface and it can easily cause damage to your feet if you aren’t careful.

Hard Ground

The other most common terrain for running is outside on the tarmac, so you really need to check that your sneakers are suited for doing so. You’re going to need a lot more cushioning than you think when running on hard ground, so it’s important that your shoes don’t feel thin. These trainers also need to be sturdy and durable, as the impact of running on such hard ground will cause much more wear and tear than if you were running on a treadmill. You don’t have to worry about the grip so much when running on this terrain, and instead need to opt for something with the best cushioning. To avoid getting hurt, you want your shoe to absorb as much of the impact as possible. When running on hard ground, you should always choose a sneaker with cushioning.

Mixed Terrain

If you’re going to be running on a more mixed terrain, then you’ll need to choose your shoes carefully. For instance, if you’re going to be running on a mixture of path, mud, and grass, then you may need a shoe that does it all, rather than focus on one area. You’ll want to ensure that they have enough traction to stop you from slipping, but they also need to be cushioned enough so that when you’re on the harder ground, you aren’t getting hurt. Mixed terrains will require a mixed type of running shoe, so don’t wear some designed for running indoors or purely on soft ground and opt for something that can do it all in one shoe.

Wet Terrain

Some runners love a challenge, and that challenge can come in the form of wet terrain. This can be anything from muddy hillsides to wet riverbanks. Whichever wet terrain you prefer, you need to make sure that your running shoes can keep you upright and stop you from slipping over. Running shoes that have a high amount of traction are ideal, and even going for ones that have studs on the bottom to really help you get a good grip on the ground are a smart choice. Lots of injuries can occur on wet terrain, so you want to do your best to avoid them, and opting for running shoes with excellent grip is the best way to do so.

Soft Terrain

There is one terrain that’s often said to be the hardest to run on, and that’s sand. Although it’s incredibly soft on your feet, it is very slippery. So, you probably want to go for a shoe that isn’t as cushioned but has a good deal of traction. The sand will act as a natural cushion and absorb any impact that you would have felt from running. But it can something put your ankles into a difficult position and cause you to roll them over. To combat this, you’ll need to go for a shoe that has a lot of strong support in that area, and you’ll find it much easier to run on the beach. Another soft terrain is grass, and again, it poses a few problems. Although it’s quite cushioned, it can be uneven and cause you to trip over. This is where shoes with high ankle support can come into play, just like with sand, and you’ll be able to keep yourself upright and free from injury for longer. It’s important to remember that when grass is wet, it might as well be an ice rink. So, always wear shoes with a good amount of traction to keep yourself from slipping should it suddenly start raining on your run.

Finding the right running shoes is all about the terrain, so you always need to take it into consideration when choosing. Different terrains will require a different sort of trainer, so it’s always smart to stick to one kind of terrain and have a shoe specifically for it or have multiple and buy multiple pairs of shoes. You might think that running in your non-cushioned sand running shoes on the treadmill just once will be fine. But you can actually do yourself a whole lot of damage. So, if you’re an avid runner, make sure you don’t choose the wrong shoe and end up with an injury. Always buy the right shoes for the terrain you’re running on, and you’ll be able to prevent pain and enhance your performance!

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