12 LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE: Explained!!!

12 Laws of the Universe

The law of attraction is a concept that we have all heard about, but what about the laws of polarity, spiritual oneness, or correspondence?

The rule of attraction is simply one of the 12 universal principles, and learning the other 11 can help us live lives that are more in line with our spiritual selves.

This article will help explain in detail the 12 laws of the universe.

What Are the Origins of the Twelve Universal Laws?

The 12 universal laws are believed to be fundamental, immutable principles of our universe that have always been intuitively known by past societies.

The laws are frequently linked to Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian meditation practiced to achieve liberation. However, some of the laws have also been linked to the hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt.

Kaiser, Kumar, and many other people all across the world still use the list of old laws, proving that it has endured the test of time. the laws are all about controlling your life with love and joy.

The themes and foundations of each are described here, along with suggestions for how you might use them in your life right now.

Why Are the 12 Universal Laws Important?

These 12 laws of the universe describe the way things work in our time-space.

Being unaware of these universal principles puts you at a disadvantage in life because they apply whether or not you are aware of them.

In a sense, they are similar to the game’s rules. To succeed in the game, you must first become familiar with the rules.

You can survive and perhaps prosper in the universe if you are aware of the laws of the universe.

What Governs the Universe as a Whole?

The Law of Divine Oneness is the fundamental rule of the universe.

According to this law, nothing is truly independent of everything else, and everything links to each other.

This law aids you in remembering that, regardless of what transpires in this worldly existence, you are always in spiritual connection with God and to one another.

Because you may maintain your grounding in the knowledge that everything is okay on a spiritual level, which is the truth of who you are, the Law of Divine Oneness gives inner serenity and alleviation to any earthly concerns.

#1. The Divine Oneness Law

Everything is in a close connection, according to the Law of Divine Oneness. The universe’s initial and most fundamental law is this one.

Nothing in the universe is separate spiritually since everything is an extension of Source energy.

When you show compassion and deliberately acknowledge that ultimately we are all one being, you are living by this law.

#1. The Law of Vibration

According to the Law of Vibration, all substances in the cosmos, whether tangible or intangible, consist of energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

This implies that everything you can see, such as your phone, pets, and friends, as well as everything you can’t see, such as your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, all depend on energy that is continually vibrating.

When you combine the Law of Vibration with the Law of Attraction, you have the formula for attracting your wishes into your reality through vibrational alignment, which may sound unusual on its own.

#3. Correspondence Law

Your exterior environment is a direct reflection of your internal reality, according to the Law of Correspondence.

This law makes it simple to determine how well your vibrations align with each other.

Your vibration is not in harmony with the universally loving energy if your life seems to be out of order.

Your vibration is in harmony with the universally loving energy if your life seems to be thriving.

#4. Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, what is similar to itself gets drawn.

Everything that exists in the universe, including ethereal things like thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as tangible things like things, people, and circumstances, is subject to this law.

Because of this, some people are subject to events like a lucky run or a negative spiral.

It is not a coincidence that things get better when things are going well. And when things worsen, they worsen significantly.

Everything is dependent on your energy because you can use the Law of Attraction to explain all of these phenomena. Situations, events, and experiences that are a perfect match for your energy are constantly drawn to you by your energy.

#5. The Inspired Action Law

The Law of Inspired Action asserts that when you are in alignment with who you are, an extension of Source as described by the Law of Divine Oneness, inspiration will occur.

The key to applying this law is to take your time, be still, and make room for divine insight.

There are fresh ways of attaining goals that we might not have thought of otherwise when we let go of our urge to control how things will turn out and are instead open to all possibilities.

#6. The Law of Perpetual Energy Transmutation

According to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, energy is always changing or fluctuating.

Given that everything is energy and that like attracts like according to the Law of Attraction, this law makes complete sense.

#7. The Cause-and-Effect Rule

According to the Law of Cause and Effect, there is an effect for every cause.

Our experiences in life are the results of our thinking, which is the cause.

Because all negative experiences are only the results of our thoughts, any attempts to alter our experiences are merely a band-aid fix.

Therefore, we must start by changing our thinking if we wish to change our experiences.

#8. Compensation Law

According to the Law of Compensation, you get back what you put in.

You will receive what you give to others.

Also, you will not receive from others what you demand.

You will get the highest and best reward if you give your best to everyone and everything in life.

#9. Relativity Law

Everything is relative, according to the Law of Relativity, since each of us sees the world differently.

This law clarifies how it is possible for two people to encounter identical circumstances but have very different experiences.

Knowing this law enables you to put inner tranquility before truth-telling because “truth” is a relative concept.

#10. Polarity Law

Everything in life has its opposite, according to the Law of Polarity.

Each and every issue has a fix. Every difficulty presents an opportunity.

This law grants wishes, but it also grants new ones.

This law reminds you that the item you want already exists and is only waiting to come into your life whenever you encounter something you don’t want.

#11. The Law of Rhythm

According to the Law of Rhythm, cycles are a fundamental aspect of the universe. Your life also has seasons, just like the four distinct seasons.

Allow life to flow through you and allow your inner wisdom direct your words, deeds, and thoughts.

#12. Gender law

According to the Law of Gender, life functions most effectively when your divine masculine and divine feminine energies are in harmony.

The aspect of our consciousness that links us to traits like intuition, feeling, emotions, creativity, and spirituality is represented by the divine feminine.

The divine masculine energy, which connects us to traits like rationality, authority, confidence, objectivity, and action-taking, is completely opposed to this feminine energy.

It’s important to remember that one is not superior to the other. To develop answers for the utmost good, the divine masculine and feminine must coexist peacefully.

However, historically, society has valued male traits over feminine ones.

For this reason, in order to bring balance back into our lives, we must reconnect with our divine feminine.


Before you become overly stressed out, remember that incorporating things into your life is more about comprehending and conceiving them in a way that makes sense to you. It doesn’t need to be as analytical, adds Kumar; instead, to learn how to use them in everyday situations, “get the notion and keep it on the back burner of your mind.”

12 Laws of the Universe FAQs

Where do the 12 laws of the universe come from?

The 12 universal laws are believed to be fundamental, immutable principles of our universe that have always been intuitively known by past societies. The laws are frequently linked to Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian meditation practiced to achieve liberation.

What are the 12 Spiritual laws?

These include the laws of vibration, attraction, divine oneness, compensation, polarity, correspondence, inspired action, cause and effect, relativity, gender, and the laws of rhythm and perpetual energy transformation.

Who discovered the 12 universal laws?

The phrase “A quantity will always proceed on in the same straight line (without changing the determination or celerity of its motion) unless some external factor diverts it” is an early draft of what Newton subsequently formulated as his first law of motion. 3 A force, such as a push or a pull, is the external cause.

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