VALENTINE’S DAY DECOR: Best 35+ DIY Decoration Ideas in 2023 (Updated)


It’s difficult not to fall in love with Valentine’s Day, even if you’re not sentimental. It’s the ideal time to tell everyone you care about how much they mean to you with charming DIY Valentine’s Day cards, and if you’re feeling festive, deck your halls with Valentine’s Day decor.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for romantic bedroom ideas or charming, simple Valentine’s Day projects for kids. We’ve compiled a list of our all-time favorite easy Valentine’s Day decor projects, and we’re confident you’ll find at least one that you’ll want to get started on.

Valentine’s Day Decor for Home

Valentine’s Day Decor for Home

Here are the best Valentine’s Day decorations you can make for your home to make you feel oh-so-loved.

Rag Wreath in the shape of a Heart

To make a delicate statement piece that says “I love you!” wrap strips of soft flannel around a heart-shaped foam wreath form.

DIY Ring Plate

This DIY ring plate is made from oven-baked clay and is perfect for keeping rings or other jewelry. It will remind that special someone how much you care about them every time they use it.

To Make: Make a shallow heart-shaped dish out of modeling clay. With a skewer or sculpting tool, etch a saying in the bottom of the plate and add a decorative edging. Bake according to the package directions.

Iron-on Dishtowels with a Love Message

These handmade dishtowels are both beautiful and functional, bringing love and joy to the most used room in the house – the kitchen.

To make: Create imagery on your computer, incorporating photographs if wanted. Use iron-on transfer paper to create your design. Cut out the imagery and iron it onto cotton dishtowels according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wreath in the shape of a heart wrapped in gingham

Hang this bright gingham-wrapped wreath over a headboard or on the front entrance.

Mason Jar Lantern (Painted)

With this decorated glass jar, you may give gifts of light and love.

To make: use acrylic paint to paint stripes on the interior of a mason or other glass jar. Place a battery-operated tea light in the jar once it has dried. Attach the lid and decorate it with a strand of colored twine or ribbon.

Chalkboard for Valentine’s Day

This heart-shaped blackboard will look cute on your wall and serve as a terrific place to put love notes for your loved ones.

Vase for Valentine’s Day that has been hand-painted

On Valentine’s Day, add a dozen red roses to this simple DIY vase to make it even more beautiful.

Cane Webbing with a Cross-Stitch Heart

With some spray paint and thick yarn, give a piece of old rattan cane webbing Valentine’s Day makeover.

XO Valentine Door Decor

This XO artificial flower wall hanging is subtle and stylish and can be left up all spring.

Valentine’s Day Kiss Treat Box

The only thing nicer than Valentine’s Day kiss is Valentine’s Day hug. A charmingly adorned box brimming with kisses.

Hoop for Embroidery Heart Decorations for Valentine’s Day

If red and pink aren’t your thing, this simple craft will allow you to commemorate the day more discreetly.

Dollar Tree Love Shack

With some craft paper and a few other things, turn a lovely little wood-frame house into a great piece of Valentine’s Day shelf decor.

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Create a romantic atmosphere with these Valentine’s Day decor ideas. There are over a hundred decoration options for the home, ranging from rose wreaths to heart garlands! These DIY Valentine’s Day decorations will ensure that you and your special someone have a memorable day.

There’s nothing easier than this conversation heart garland made of felt for last-minute Valentine’s Day decor ideas. String, glue, and a fabric marker are the only additional items you’ll need.

Heart Arch with Balloons

A gigantic heart made of balloons is the perfect addition to all of your Valentine’s Day Instagram pictures. For an added special touch, this one features artificial flowers.

Table Setting in Blush Rush

You don’t have to buy all new tableware just because you’re having Valentine’s Day dinner. Instead, place a blush tablecloth and some lovely flowers on the table. Metallic napkins and gold silverware provide a bit of sparkle to the tablescape.

Straw Toppers with the phrase “Be Mine”

No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without adorning every inch of your home with hearts, including your straws. All of your guests’ Snapchat selfies will be instantly improved with these cute toppers.

Broken Heart Piñata

Throw Valentine’s Day party with your best friends this year! Make this charming piata to celebrate how wonderful it is to have a bunch of friends with whom you can enjoy anything.

Sequin Heart Marquee Light

This year, marquee lights are the “it” decoration, so your friends and family will go crazy for this one, which is wrapped in sequins.

Setting a Simple Table

The nicest part about this romantic tablescape is how easy it is to put together. Make do with whatever plates and silverware you have on hand. Then add tulips and pink linens.

Heart Wreaths with Mini Flowers

Add a few flower wreaths to your walls to brighten them up. Artificial blooms and wicker wreath forms are all you need to make these.

Table Runner with Hearts

Do you need a standout Valentine’s Day table in a hurry? To construct this simple table runner, cut out a number of foam hearts and hot glue them together.

Cake toppers in the shape of hearts

Attach honeycomb hearts to your Valentine’s Day desserts with wooden skewers to make them extra delicious.

Target Valentine’s Day Decor

Target Valentine’s Day Decor

We’ve picked up some of our faves cute (but not tacky) Valentine’s Day decor below. Whatever your decorating taste, one of the Target pieces will undoubtedly capture your heart.

Woven Heart Wreath by Threshold

Take one or two of these basic wreaths and hang them on your front door. The minimalist wreath has character thanks to the simple woven feature, which is devoid of distracting elements. It’s also very light, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your walls when you hang it.

‘I Love Us’ Lumbar Throw Pillow Blush

There is no limit to how many throw pillows you can have in your home. Expand your pillow collection with this adorable “I love us” lumbar pillow, which looks excellent on any bed, chair, nook, and so on. The pillow is technically pink, but it has been lightly blushed. It also features tassel detailing that is simple to match your existing decor.

Heart Filler Threshold

Fill some of your favorite decorative bowls with these colorful heart fillers for a simple decorating solution. Two red, two pink, and two natural-colored hearts are included in the set. They’re easy to put together and look fantastic on a kitchen counter or nightstand.

Spritz 3-Tier Valentine’s Day Heart Tray

There’s nothing like throwing a party for your closest pals. Even if you don’t want to go all out with your apartment decor, this heart three-tier tray is perfect for displaying goodies and hors d’oeuvres. The hearts that run the length of the tray add festive seasonal flair and are visible from every angle.

Red Pink Pom Garland Threshold

This pink and red pom garland would look great in any room. To elevate the simple strand of poms, place it on your TV stand and incorporate your favorite blooms.

Heart Throw Pillow with Shag Frame

You’ll want to get this heart pillow for your living room if you don’t want to add any red or pink to your home this February but still want a few Valentine’s Day touches. The shag material is luxuriously soft and looks great on your couch.

Melamine Heart Bowl Red

These $3 bowls demonstrate that nice decor doesn’t have to be pricey. The charming heart shape is ideal for holding candy or little confetti hearts for your Valentine’s Day party.

Spritz Mercury Lit Glass Valentine’s Day Tabletop Decor

If you live in a smaller house, the key to decorating is to incorporate elements that compliment your current aesthetic so that your already cramped living area does not appear cluttered. This Valentine’s Day, add a gorgeous sheen to your room with this charming glass tabletop heart.

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

You may wonder how we can be so certain that these are the best DIY Valentine’s Day decorations available. That’s for starters: they’re just simply adorable!

Wall Art for Valentine’s Day

The best part about this one-of-a-kind wall decor is that you can change out the pink and hearts for different holiday decorations or images throughout the year.

Wreath made from a Valentine’s Candy Box

It only takes five minutes to turn a heart-shaped chocolate box into a wreath (which means you can devour the entire box of chocolates beforehand!).

Kiss Balloons (DIY)

Do you have any lipstick? You almost have everything you need to make this adorable Valentine’s Day decor, which will be a big success for your visitors.

Valentine’s Day Globe (DIY)

What’s better than a pun and a cute decorative idea? We’ve made up our minds.

Garland of Candy Hearts

This garland is inspired by those traditional conversation heart candies, which we like. If you put a few of your own inside jokes in the texts, you’ll get bonus points!

Heart Garland (DIY)

Make this garland, and you’ll be halfway to a Valentine’s-themed home! It’s a lot easier than it appears.

Mason Jars with Thumbprints

Make your partner’s thumbprint on half of each of the painted hearts on this Mason jar!

Balloon Tails with a Heart Doily

This year’s heart balloons can be easily spruced up with these doilies.

DIY Succulent Valentines

You’re not obligated to give these delectable Valentines away, though it’s certainly an option! On a windowsill in your own home, they’ll look lovely together.

DIY Conversation Heart Tassel Charms

It’s all about the initial impression when it comes to romance! With this beautiful craft, give your guests something to talk about as soon as they step in the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you start decorating for Valentine's Day?

When should you start planning your Valentine’s Day decorations? At the very least, February 1st! If you’re going to put in the effort to decorate for a holiday, you want to be able to enjoy it for more than just one day. Decorate early, so you may enjoy your Valentine’s Day decorations throughout February!

What are the rules for Valentine's Day?

An indispensable daily guide to living a happy existence

  • Don’t take Valentine’s Day lightly; make it a big deal! …
  • Give or receive a gift.
  • Love in its purest form…
  • There Must Be a Surprise Element…
  • Know your partner’s preferences.
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