Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By using the Application, the User is indicating that they unreservedly agree to all of the terms outlined in the Privacy Policy.

The following are the pieces of information received by the Administrator:

The Administrator will collect the User’s own data, as well as technical and other users’ information that is relevant to the User, will have access to this information, and will use it for the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy.

Any information that the User sends to the Administrator while using the website is considered to be personal data. This includes the following categories of information:

The User’s name and their date of birth;

  • the relevant telephone numbers
  • email addresses;
  • postal addresses
  • Personalized messages, including those displayed in Support Services and elsewhere;
  • Survey data.

When a user makes use of the application, the administrator receives technical data, which can be understood to refer to the information that is received from the user.

User contact dates;

Details regarding the manner in which the User interacts with the website, including any search terms entered;

information on the User’s device, such as the model of the device, the type of operating system, the unique identifiers of the device, and the data regarding the mobile network.

IP address

Information on the events that occurred with the components, such as actions and failures of the device, malfunction reports, as well as preferences, web browser type and language, time and date of this request, and URL changeover.

Disclosure Regarding Affiliates

This website may include links to affiliate programs. When you make a purchase through one of these links, we might receive a small commission. You will incur no additional expenses as a result of this commission. In addition, we do not endorse anything that we do not personally believe in.

You recognize that access to the Website is provided to you at no cost. We will continue to receive funding from a variety of third parties, including government entities both inside and outside of Nigeria. These money have already been received. We may share any data or information that you provide with any of our affiliates, subsidiaries, or joint ventures that are dedicated to meeting your requirements and providing you with services that are connected to those requirements anywhere in the globe. To the extent that these organizations have access to your information, they will treat it with at least the same level of confidentiality as the information that they get from their other users.


The management of any and all third-party advertising that appears on this website is now handled by Google AdSense. When you visit the website, adverts served by Google AdSense are displayed. This website may place cookies on your computer, as well as gather your IP address and location, in order to provide you with more relevant advertisements.


Using a variety of different technologies for the purpose of calculating coordinates, information on the location of the user;

The following are the reasons why the Administrator will make use of the information that is provided by the customers:

The Administrator of the website makes use of the text information that is submitted by site users, in particular for the following purposes:

The completion, on the part of the Administrator, of any duties owed to the User as a consequence of the User’s usage of the Website or Application;

establishing and sustaining communication with the User, as well as providing the User with information;

Registration of users and identification of them;

Enhancing the overall health and quality of the content service while simultaneously modernizing the application;

directions to the user’s email address and telephone number for the purposes of advertising and providing information;

Putting on a marketing campaign

accordance with the requirements of the legal system governing the International Federation.

The administrator does not independently verify the correctness of the information that is provided by customers, including their ability to legally transact business.

Processing of Users’ Personally Identifiable Information

The gathering, storing, systematization, storage, growth, explaining (updating, changing), extraction, practice, transfer, provision, distribution, depersonalization, blocking, and deletion of the User’s personal own data are all considered to be forms of processing that are performed by the Administrator of the User’s personal own data.

The Client grants the Administrator permission to process the personal data of the User, which the User provides when using the Application. This permission extends to the transfer of the User’s personal data to any third parties in accordance with agreements made between the Administrator and the User, even when such a transfer occurs on the territory of other states.

With the exception of situations in which a decision can be made regarding the User that affects his rights and interests and/or has legal repercussions for him, the processing of personal data happens in an automated fashion.

Security measures taken to protect the information supplied by the User:

Even the Administrator will take the adequate and required legal, technical, and organizational precautions to protect the private information of customers from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, or disclosure.

The changing, obstructing, copying, providing, and supplying of in addition to other prohibited activities carried out by third parties.

Even when access to such Advice is restricted by other Clients of This Program, Workers and Spouses of Their Administrator, and third parties (with the exception of Offering information Necessary for the Satisfaction of Duties from the Administrator),

Information about Users is never sold or otherwise transferred by the administrator;

This Policy is applicable to each and every user that navigates to The Administrator does not have any control over the information of third parties, which clients can access by clicking on the links that are provided in the Application, and the Administrator is not responsible for any of that information.

In addition to performing other operations that are possible on such websites, the user has the ability to acquire or request more private information for themselves or others.

Rights of the Administrator:

The Administrator retains the right to carry out statistics and other studies based on the User’s information after it has been anonymized, and they are permitted to do so;

The Administrator retains the discretion to decide whether or not to comply with a law enforcement agency’s or another state body’s request for valid information on a user in a situation where such a request is mandated by international rules or domestic legislation.

If the User has provided his consent and such a transfer is essential for the Administrator to fulfill his responsibilities to the User, then the Administrator has the right to offer valid access to information about the User to third parties, including other users of the Application.

It is within the purview of the administrator to divulge accurate information regarding Users to third parties in order to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, as well as to solve any issues with functionality or safety.

The rights of users:

The customer has the ability to modify or delete any information that he has provided at any time by following the steps outlined in the appendix or, if those steps aren’t available, by sending an email to This right is afforded to the customer under the terms of the service agreement.

In addition, the customer is aware that the Owner retains the authority to proceed with the use of such evidence in circumstances that are sanctioned by the legal framework of the International Federation.

The user’s consent to receive newsletters and other promotional materials can be revoked at any time by sending the required communication to the Administrator in the manner specified in this Policy. This will cause the cancellation of the consent.

Adjustments to Policy:

This Online Privacy Policy may be changed at any time by the owner without providing the User with any prior notice.

The continued use of this Program by a participant after the publication of this article and a new and improved version of the coverage constitutes acceptance by the participant of the program’s terms and conditions as well as the requirements of the policy.

In the case that the user’s actions contradict any of the Policies, they are not required to make use of the websites in question.