HOW TO BE HAPPY AGAIN: Best Easy Tips to Follow Now!!!

How to be happy again

You might be going through one of those difficult periods in your life right now, the kind in which you allow yourself to become overcome by melancholy and believe that you will never experience joy again.

Keep in mind that you have experienced happiness in the past and that it is possible for you to feel that way again. We want to reassure you that it is possible to lead a happier life. It may take some time and work on your part to figure out new ways to enjoy life, but we are confident that you will be able to do so.

Continue reading if you want to understand how to bring happiness back into your life and learn how to let go of the melancholy plaguing you to be happy once more.

Discover What Makes You Happy as Opposed to What Brings You Down.

Finding out what makes us happy demands us to first determine what makes us unhappy so that we can then move on to finding out what will make us happy.

You can be experiencing stress, pain, anxiety, or general dissatisfaction as a result of a relationship, a job, a living condition, or anything else in your life. The first step in determining how to move forward toward attaining a life full of joy is to determine what has changed or what is contributing to your lack of happiness.

The creation of a straightforward list that features side-by-side comparisons can be an extremely useful method for determining which aspects of one’s life should be altered or eliminated and which should serve as the primary focus of one’s efforts and time in order to achieve the level of inner tranquillity that one so deeply desires.

For instance, you might be having issues in your romantic relationship, have a buddy who is a source of anxiety for you, or even have feelings about yourself that contribute to your level of dissatisfaction. You might benefit from gaining some perspective and focusing your efforts if you try literally listing out both sides of the coin.

Things that could perhaps bring you happiness:

  • Getting in shape
  • Eating well and meditating regularly
  • Doing Yoga Journaling
  • Having a strong network of supportive friends and family
  • Putting a premium on one’s own well-being
  • Being optimistic
  • Doing things like reciting mantras first thing in the morning and avoiding social media.
  • Getting outdoors
  • Having an inventive mind
  • Things that have the potential to make you miserable:

Things that could bring you unhappiness:

  • Being unduly pessimistic about the future
  • Putting yourself in a vacuum
  • Considering oneself in relation to other persons you’ve encountered throughout your life.
  • Putting yourself down by not taking the time to do things for yourself
  • Neglecting your own physical health and well-being
  • avoiding receiving medical care or attending scheduled appointments
  • A critical dialogue with oneself
  • Having doubts about yourself
  • Spending an excessive amount of time on social networking platforms.

Tips on How to Regain Your Sense of Happiness

After you’ve produced your list, you’ll be able to see clearly any components of your life that you should minimize (or get rid of entirely, if you’re able to), as well as the facets of your life that you can concentrate on to increase your level of overall happiness. There are many paths to finding happiness once more, and the first step is to concentrate on the things that already make you happy.

Read on for some additional pointers on how to get back to feeling happy in your life; each of these suggestions can serve as a useful tool for regaining happiness in your everyday activities.

1. Try Out a New Hobby!

When it comes to leisure activities, the options are virtually limitless. The finest aspect is that it is fully up to you to decide what to do.

You are free to be as daring, innovative, mysterious, or outgoing as you see fit. You can embark on a brand-new activity on your own alone or with some companions.

Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., F.T.O.S., a professional psychologist, is quoted in an article as saying:

“It (having a hobby) can be a delightful distraction, but it also helps relieve stress and puts our emphasis on something exciting and unusual, so it serves a dual purpose. The important thing is to look for anything that can do that specific job for you.”

2. Always Put Yourself First

A surprising number of individuals fail to practice self-care despite the apparent ease of doing so. A significant number of people, particularly women, receive very little to no time for themselves because of their hectic work schedules, marriages, children, extended families, animals, and friends.

It will undoubtedly be apparent when you prioritize your own happiness over that of others.

Taking time each day for yourself can positively affect your disposition, stress level, focus level, and overall productivity level. Giving yourself time to relax and rejuvenate enables you to be the greatest version of yourself and makes it possible for you to assist other people in need.

3. Exercise

Let’s face it: not everyone enjoys working out, but there are a lot of reasons why it’s a good idea. By engaging in physical activity, you are doing your body a favor because it delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, which in turn benefits your cardiovascular system.

Endorphins are like small sprinkles that are put on top of a cupcake when you get them from exercise and other forms of physical activity. Also, simply moving around for thirty minutes can help release natural “feel-good hormones” that will boost your mood and physical health.

4. Eat Healthily

Because the food you put in your body impacts how your body reacts, maintaining a healthy diet is more important than working out regularly.

A diet that is both healthy and balanced will have a good impact on your mood as well as your overall well-being.

Because of this, you will get either hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, or even worse, all of these conditions simultaneously.

5. Choose Your Company Wisely

It is of the utmost importance in life to select the people you surround yourself with carefully. It is essential to keep in mind that not everyone has your best interests in mind, as unfortunate as that may seem.

According to Goldman,

“Knowing that others are there for you goes a long way toward improving your happiness and well-being.” “Having a good support system is recognized to assist boost our happiness and well-being.”

You should make it a top priority to limit the individuals you let into your life to those who are good for your mental health, just as you should be for the mental health of others.

You might not even recognize that certain acquaintances are harmful to your well-being until you cut ties with them.

Your personal and professional decisions in life have a direct bearing on your level of happiness.

6. Give Therapy Some Thought

Even though this might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to figure out how to be happy again, therapy might be a good place to start if you’ve been through some kind of traumatic experience or if you’re recovering from a loss or grief.

If any of these apply to you, then therapy might be a good place to start. Therapy can have a beneficial impact and help you concentrate your energy, accept an unpleasant or painful event, and move on in a healthy, constructive way so that you can experience happiness once more.

7. Eliminate or Severely Restrict the Amount of Time You Spend on Social Media

Recent studies have found a correlation between using social media and an increased risk of developing depression, particularly when users use social platforms late at night.

Studies have shown that people who limit their time on social media are happier overall and have a greater sense of fulfillment.

If you find yourself mindlessly browsing through social media throughout the day or staying up late at night to check it, you might want to think about giving up social media altogether or at least establishing time restrictions on how long you spend on it.

8. Journal

The practice of journaling has earned a lot of respect over the years as a method that can help people enhance their life satisfaction, concentrate on the positives, and recover from the effects of previous trauma.

According to research, the consequences of keeping a thankfulness diary have been shown to result in pleasant emotions and an increased ability to adapt to changes in one’s life.

9. Meditate

The efficacy of meditation has been demonstrated time and time again by a plethora of different studies.

The practice of mindfulness meditation is an effective method for letting go of anxiety and tension. You may learn how to meditate more effectively by downloading straightforward software.

You should make it a goal to meditate as frequently as you can; sessions first thing in the morning or right before retiring for the night are both excellent opportunities to practice your meditation abilities and take advantage of all the benefits that this period of peaceful time offers.

10. Spend Time in the Company of Happy Individuals

Spending time with happy people can help us retain a positive attitude and bring us out of a funk.

If we are the company that we keep, then spending time with happy people can assist us. Put some space between you and folks whose constant negativity puts you down.

Instead, you should make an effort to spend time with people who value things similar to yours and are intent on focusing on the positive aspects of life.

11. Pursue Your Passions in Life

Putting your passion into action is a tonic for the spirit. This could refer to a pastime, your employment, the activities you participate in outside of school, or anything else that brings you happiness. Invest the necessary effort into making these things a top priority.

Can I ever be happy again?

We can’t control the unpredictability of life, and we aren’t guaranteed happiness every single day, but we can work toward having more happy days than sad ones. But even when things are going poorly, we can look back and enjoy our excellent times.

Why can’t I seem to be happy?

Sometimes, the underlying causes of our unhappiness are problems with our mental health, our substance misuse, or our mental disease. If you are having these thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at the toll-free number 1-800-273-8255. Their area of expertise includes the prevention of suicide as well as topics pertaining to mental health and mental illness.

Why is life so hard?

The anxiety and fear that we feel stem from the fact that we are not happy with how our lives have turned out, making life difficult.

We are worried that we are not maximizing our potential, pursuing our dreams, doing jobs that we are passionate about, or making enough preparations for retirement. Life is challenging because we always desire more and are certain that we are falling short.


If you want to find true happiness, you need to get rid of anything in your life that isn’t contributing to your happiness.

This can refer to relationships of any kind, whether they be familial, platonic, or romantic, such as a spouse or partner. It won’t be easy, but ask yourself if the trade-off is worth it for your mental health.

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