WHAT IS SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: Meaning, Signs, Stages, & Causes

Spiritual awakening

It’s a norm these days to more concerned about earthly attachments and human concerns. Although these things are totally mundane, don’t we want to know and understand our true nature? Life is so much deeper and more mysterious. As you can tell, there are tons of things that science can’t fix or explain. You’ll find various themes in this text that help you understand what spiritual awakening means.


“Awakening” is like a realization of something or someone. In this sense, spiritual awakening is the realization/transcendence over the physical and earthly desires and wants. Simply said, he or she is no longer pushed or moved by what they see because their eyes are set on a new target. In Christianity, any man coming to be spiritually awakened is coming to know his true nature and understand the Creator, the Heavenly Father. Simply said, it is.
A spiritual awakening, as self-realization, is a journey of knowledge to know and understand the true nature of man as it concerns you. So, what are the signs you’d see from someone who is going through a spiritual awakening?

spiritual awakening


There are a lot of signs you’d notice when you or someone around you is going through a spiritual awakening.


If you have a friend that you feel is going through a spiritual awakening, these are the signs you see;
a. Changes in their personalities
b. Little or no worry of earthly attachments anymore
c. Silence in regular hangs, unlike before
You have to be able to understand your friend. Don’t judge them if you want to begin a walk on their spiritual paths.


As someone going through a spiritual awakening, these are the signs you’d notice;

a. Your dreams are much more actual:

You’d start to understand the meaning of your dreams and connect with them. Furthermore, your daily life (physical life) would be simplified through your dreams.

b. Relationships might shift:

Basically, spiritual awakening is very transformative. Your life and relationships would change. And basically, not everyone would appreciate the changes in your life.

c. Spirituality becomes a huge part of your life:

It becomes impossible for you to ignore spirituality. Your profound desire to understand your true nature becomes your true drive.


Trust me, you’re not going crazy. You’re just waking up to reality. Spiritual awakening often does that. Generally, the stages of spiritual awakening are;
1: Strong confusion and frustration
2: First work starts. Beginning of transformation
3: Self-examination and internal tug of war
4: Feeling detached and lonely
5: Ray of Hope
6: Spiritual journey/growth
7: Understanding Truth
8: Becoming more in touch with the spiritual side
9: Realizing your true nature
10: Acceptance
11: Gratitude
12: Consciousness


A spiritual awakening can be triggered by many things. However, anyhow it happens, it is completely normal. Some causes of spiritual awakening are;
a. Life-changing experiences: Like losing a job or life-threatening situations like a car accident. However, it usually ends up quite revealing.
b. Near-death experiences or mental or medical illnesses like depression, anxiety pandemics, etc.
In addition, spiritual awakening can be really spontaneous… So, ultimately, it can be anything that pushes or encourages you to “look at your life from a more spiritual perspective.”


Stage 1: Strong confusion and frustration:

This is the first stage of a spiritual awakening. You’d feel strong frustration about your life and even stronger confusion about who you are. In addition, you’d feel a burning desire to change all the elements in your life.

Stage 2: First work starts:

OK, here, what would you see? Transformations, how? Looking deep into yourself, you’d see something meaningful still, and you might want to tap into it.

Stage 3: Self-examination and internal tug of war:

What causes internal wars, though? Well, a simple answer: an imbalance. Your physical and spiritual life comes crashing down. Basically, you are not in touch with your spiritual side, and constant turmoil brings doubts to your heart.

Stage 4: Feeling detached and lonely:

Basically, trying to understand your purpose is not easy. But this process is necessary. However, you can lose some friendships and relationships.

Stage 5: Ray of Hope:

Generally, here, the turmoil is reduced. Answers are coming in. Most people here change their beliefs and values to get what they want.

Stage 6: Spiritual journey/growth:

Basically, it’s a new road. A new journey of your life. But this does not mean you are taking a physical journey. However, it is a spiritual one. Spiritual growth is bound to occur, but it hasn’t started yet.

Stage 7: Understanding Truth:

How do you understand truth? And what truth? In general, you’d begin to understand deep truths about yourself and your existence.

Stage 8: Becoming more in touch with the spiritual side:

You are coming to understand your true purpose, basically. Here, you’d begin to see a little of it more vividly.

Stage 9: Realizing your true nature:

When you start realizing who you are and that a huge part of your life is spiritual, then you are definitely at stage 9 of your spiritual awakening journey.

Stage 10: Acceptance:

Surrendering and giving yourself in total. Remember when I said the journey has begun, but no growth yet? Basically, this is where the growth starts. When you have totally surrendered to this newfound treasure in your life, and then your spiritual growth starts.

Stage 11: Gratitude:

You’re happy about what is going on in your life. Happiness and joy in your heart best explain this particular stage of spiritual awakening.

Stage 12: Consciousness:

When you start living with the understanding of what you’re learning in this journey. What understanding, though? Understanding who you are and how spirituality is a huge part of your life and your totality. Well, then, you are at this final stage of spiritual awakening.

How does spiritual awakening benefit you, and what is its aim?

Experiencing a spiritual awakening can fill you with feelings of bliss, understanding, forgiveness, and peace. You might have enhanced self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, or cosmic understanding. Some people think that a spiritual awakening can help them become more conscious, leading to a feeling of acceptance or even helping positive things come into their lives.

How to Make Room for Spiritual Awakening

While spiritual awakenings are not always simple, many believe they are worth the effort. So, if you want to carve out time in your life to begin your spiritual journey, Richardson suggests adopting daily, weekly, or monthly spiritual practices (like meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude, for example).

In addition, she recommends “finding spiritually compatible persons with whom you can communicate.” You might also browse for books or podcasts about spirituality that speak to you.

“Exercise self-love and kindness,” Kaiser advises. “Be kind with yourself and trust the process; all spiritual awakenings occur to bring us back into alignment with our actual selves.” She goes on to say that you should also pay attention to your inner guide and intuitive nudges because “they’re helping you harmonize and remove what’s no longer real in your life.”

How do you know you are having a spiritual awakening?

There is a strong longing for a change in reality. Closing the gap between separation and being one with All That Is. A spiritual perception of reality that extends beyond the physical senses. A profound sense of inner serenity, joy, and relief.

What should I do after spiritual awakening?

Your ego will find a method to reintroduce you to materialism. Don’t lose momentum simply because you’ve awakened spiritually; continue with your spiritual activities such as meditation, yoga, or some peaceful alone time to avoid becoming lost.

Why do we lose friends during a spiritual awakening?

People do not lose friends as a result of spiritual enlightenment. Illusions are what they lose. If those illusions were serving as a tie that held them near to some people, that force is no longer present, and such people may begin to drift away organically. But it’s possible they weren’t buddies, to begin with.


Spiritual awakenings are complex, powerful, and nothing short of life-changing in the greatest possible way. While they may not be easy, with patience, trial and error, and a little time, they will improve your life. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you must trust the process, hold on tight, and prepare for a newly awakened existence.

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