SELF LOVE AFFIRMATIONS: 125+ Affirmations & How to Use Them

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Self-love is the best form of love because it not only helps you to get more for yourself (which is lovely and powerful), but it also attracts more into your life from others. Love is a magnetic high vibration, and your energy shift will attract others with similar vibrations.

Self-love affirmations are just one method you can use to love yourself more. What’s the best part? They are the most basic techniques you can use in your life to increase your self-esteem!

You can use these self-love affirmations every day, and with consistent use, you can expect to have more happiness, confidence, joy, and so on. You will increase your self-esteem, recognize that you deserve love, let go of negative ideas and welcome compassion, have more constant positive thoughts, and develop your relationship with yourself and others.

Are you ready to begin loving yourself more? Let’s get started, honey.

What are Self-love Affirmations?

First and foremost, our mind believes what we tell it. And when we tell ourselves something (good or terrible) over and over, it molds our ideas, actions, and, ultimately, our future. (The wonderful law of attraction)

Affirmations that enhance confidence, love, and self-esteem are known as self-love affirmations. We repeat them daily and with sincerity.

Looking in a mirror/camera or finishing a cold shower has the greatest effect on me. Many others have had success by taping them to their shower, bathroom mirror, or another location where they will be sure to see them.

125+ Self-Love Affirmations

  1. I love myself and my individuality.
  2. I am well-cared for, and it is safe for me to be myself.
  3. All that matters is how I perceive myself. (Contrary to popular belief)
  4. I take a break when my body and mind urge me to.
  5. I think and say nice things to myself.
  6. It is OK to seek assistance when necessary.
  7. I don’t have to be perfect.
  8. I pay attention to my emotions and express them when necessary.
  9. It’s okay to feel lousy every now and again.
  10. I pay attention to the voice inside of me.
  11. I have a lovely soul.
  12. Loving myself comes naturally to me.
  13. I let go of the things I can’t alter.
  14. I’m proud of my own individuality.
  15. I am receptive to love.
  16. I love my body and everything it does for me.
  17. My love is limitless.
  18. I am sufficient.
  19. I am aware of my own limitations.
  20. Today, I chose myself.
  21. I love the woman/man I am.
  22. I am adored.
  23. Nobody else possesses the same abilities that I do.
  24. I am worthy of love.
  25. I am gentle with myself.
  26. Love emanates from within me.
  27. I am stunning on the inside and out.
  28. I deserve to be happy.
  29. My power is hidden within me.
  30. I got rid of my pessimistic self-talk.
  31. I am complete.
  32. Everything I require is already within me.
  33. I have control over my happiness.
  34. I am capable of achieving my goals.
  35. I’m surrounded by love.
  36. I accept myself completely.
  37. I don’t allow my fears to stop me.
  38. I’m thankful for what I have.
  39. I make time to take care of myself.
  40. I love and accept myself completely.
  41. It is easy and natural for me to love myself.
  42. I am a strong and resilient person.
  43. I am prosperous.
  44. My capacity for love is limitless.
  45. I let go of those who are not interested in my best interests.
  46. I’ve let go of the past and am living in the present.
  47. I am deserving of love
  48. I forgive myself and strive to learn from my mistakes.
  49. Every day, I learn something new.
  50. I am a piece of art.
  51. I let go of all desire to suffer.
  52. I am appreciated.
  53. I allow myself to be deeply moved.
  54. I love the body I was given at birth.
  55. I’m capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to.
  56. I handle obstacles with grace and ease.
  57. I have a kind and kind heart.
  58. I’m willing to receive love.
  59. I send love to my doubts and anxieties.
  60. I deflect negative energy.
  61. I’m exactly who I need to be right now.
  62. I have faith in myself.
  63. When something does not serve me, I can say no.
  64. I let go of everything that no longer benefits me.
  65. I am easily pleased with praises.
  66. My life is a place of harmony and balance.
  67. I have a great deal to offer the world.
  68. I love every aspect of who I am.
  69. My life is full of love and joy.
  70. I am enveloped in the Universe’s loving warmth.
  71. I have always tried and will continue to try my hardest.
  72. I’ve accomplished a lot.
  73. I value myself.
  74. I have the ability to alter the course of my planet.
  75. My existence is a mirror of the love that exists within me.
  76. I admire so many aspects of myself.
  77. I am not my defects or mistakes.
  78. Others accept and love me exactly as I am.
  79. I put myself and my needs first.
  80. I exude confidence.
  81. My mind is overflowing with lovely thoughts.
  82. I draw folks who are positive and loving into my life.
  83. I opened the door to love.
  84. Every day, I allow my love for myself to grow.
  85. I respect my own life path.
  86. I acknowledge and respect my limitations.
  87. I’ve decided to quit apologizing for being myself.
  88. I only require my own approval.
  89. I exude love.
  90. The more I practice self-love, the more lovable I am.
  91. I love being in my own company.
  92. I don’t need someone to make me feel worthy.
  93. When I don’t succeed, I practice self-compassion.
  94. I am attracted to love and brightness.
  95. I let go of the need to berate myself negatively.
  96. Today, I’m going to start loving myself more.
  97. I am capable of unconditional love.
  98. I love and care for my body.
  99. I’m strong and self-assured.
  100. I have faith in my ability to persevere in the face of adversity.
  101. I believe in my instincts.
  102. My life is brimming with prospects for achievement and happiness.
  103. I give myself a reward for my hard work and devotion.
  104. I am well-balanced.
  105. The universe is always there for me.
  106. I have an affectionate relationship with my body.
  107. I have the option of choosing self-love whenever I want.
  108. Loving yourself allows me to love others more.
  109. I have a calming and soothing influence on others.
  110. I have so much to be thankful for in my life.
  111. I’m proud of the person I’m becoming.
  112. I am pleased with myself.
  113. I chose to see my life in a good light.
  114. My physique is the best.
  115. I make the decision to nourish my health.
  116. I am the one who heals my own life.
  117. Love pours freely from within me.
  118. I am in love.
  119. I apologize to myself.
  120. I’ve made peace with my history.
  121. I am stunning on the inside and out.
  122. My inner world gives birth to my outer world.
  123. I’m doing everything I can.
  124. I am always a work in progress.
  125. Every day, I learn to love myself more.
  126. I am willing to see myself in a new light.
  127. I let go of old notions that were no longer useful to me.
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Self-Love Affirmations: How to Use Them

Self-love affirmations are simple to use, and while simply repeating them is beneficial, the actual secret to using affirmations effectively is how you feel when you say them.

Yes, you may not believe the assertion at first, but can you get into that feeling, even if only for a moment? This is where the true power of using self-love affirmations comes into play. Immerse yourself in the sensation. Even if you don’t feel it yet, it will come and get stronger, but you have to think it’s coming or that you already have that feeling (which you do!).

Place your hands where you find yourself hanging onto opposing self-beliefs to what you’re attempting to create, and allow yourself to let go of them while repeating the affirmation.

These are some examples of how you can use positive self-love affirmations in your daily life.

#1. Make a Note of It.

Take time every morning, evening, or both to physically write out your top 5-10 self-love affirmations. Actually, writing rather than typing is more effective and will help you connect with yourself more.

2. Play around with Mirror Work.

Mirror work is a strong technique that you should incorporate into your morning routine. All you have to do is stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say your chosen love affirmations. If you do this daily, you will see effects.

#3. Use Mantras to Meditate.

You can meditate on your own by repeating these simple sentences to yourself as a mantra while focusing on your breathing. Alternatively, you can follow a guided meditation in which you repeat affirmations in your brain or aloud.

#4. Listen to the Recording While You Sleep

Record yourself or find a recording to listen to while sleeping. Listening to affirmations while sleeping is an effective approach to train your mind to accept a new belief.

The first few seconds after you wake up in the morning and the last few before you fall asleep are when you are most receptive to new thoughts, so listening to affirmations when waking up and going to sleep is a game changer!

#5. Create Reminders for Yourself

Do whatever it takes to remember to repeat these affirmations to yourself! Some wonderful ideas include incorporating them into your morning or evening routine, leaving sticky notes throughout the house, or setting several alarms on your phone or calendar that go off every day to remind you.

This simple daily exercise is quite effective, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s too simple. The best things in life are straightforward. Just remember that you are worthy of loving yourself and that you are worth devoting the smallest amount of time to yourself that this practice necessitates!

Benefits of Self-Love Affirmations

1. Self-compassion: Research proves self-love affirmations improve self-compassion. They motivate us to treat ourselves with more kindness and understanding, allowing us to develop better relationships with ourselves.

2. Self-esteem: By challenging negative self-talk, we can develop a healthier view of ourselves and boost our self-esteem.

3. Positive thinking: Self-love affirmations allow us to replace negative, pessimistic viewpoints with more positive and loving beliefs. Peña suggests that replacing negative thoughts with affirmations could result in healthy thoughts, actions, and habits over time.

4. Motivation: According to Santiago, self-love boosts confidence and drives us to attain our goals. “Affirmations are the first and easiest step toward manifestation because the more you think it and believe it, the more you will work toward it, and the more likely it is to happen for you.”

5. Resilience: Affirmations help build emotional resilience. Loving oneself improves our mental health and gives us the power to recover from difficult times.

6. Emotional well-being: Self-love affirmations encourage happiness, gratitude, and inner peace.

Do Self-Love Affirmations Work?

Affirmations, however, do not work for everyone. And, contrary to popular belief, good thought isn’t all-powerful. Keep in mind that poor self-esteem and other negative thought patterns are frequently linked to mental health issues such as sadness and anxiety.

When Self-Love Affirmations Are Not Enough.

While self-love affirmations can be a powerful approach to cultivating a positive mindset, they may not always be enough. Here are some coping techniques that might be beneficial:

Seek professional help. A mental healthcare provider can listen to concerns without judging and help you navigate the challenges.

Construct a support network: Connect with friends, family members, or support groups who share positive principles and encourage each other.

Limit negative influences: Identify and reduce your exposure to negative influences, whether individuals, media, or environments that contribute to self-doubt. Surround yourself with encouraging, positive voices and inspiring content.

Do I Have to Say Affirmations Out Loud?

Affirmations do not have to be stated or spoken out.

Where Do Humans Get Their Self-Worth From?

According to the self-worth idea, our self-evaluated abilities and success in one or more activities that we feel valuable determine our self-worth the most. People, on the other hand, frequently use other yardsticks to assess their self-worth.


You already have all the love you need; you simply need to learn how to access it, and these affirmations are one method to do so. Enjoy your journey, darling, and I admire you for allowing yourself the time and space you need to embrace and bring more love into your life.

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